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this is a very underdeveloped thought but consider the lynch bros hosting a mbmbam style podcast

oh goodness. oh gracious. I mean their personalities are so dramatically different from the McElroy brothers’ so it would be a completely different show and I swear I’m trying to imagine just what kind of show it would be but all I can think about is whether, assuming Ronan and Declan would agree to sit down and do this at all, are they even able to get through a single question without fighting?

Because if we’re being honest, Matthew is the only Lynch brother capable of True Goofs in anything close to the McElroy style. I could see Ronan maybe pulling a little of their brand of wordplay (I swear I can hear him saying “one time i saw a rancho molt its skin and my eyes went to hell” but maybe i’m thinking more of “trc characters as things the mcelroys have said” idk idk) but most of the humor he brings to the podcast comes in the form of scathing sarcastic bitterness and the rest is just him and Declan verbally sparring and referencing past sibling-inflicted trauma. Declan might like to actually stick to the plan and rip apart these weird questions and the idiots who ask them but Ronan inevitably twists something into a jab at him and then Matthew starts goofing on that and it all spirals, horribly, into a bizarre off-topic mess–

yeah I would say the appeal of their show would familial schadenfreude. People literally listen to it just to listen to Ronan and Declan fight, and I guess they get the added bonus of Matthew being a goofy sunshine child in the background.

That said, there needs to be a beautiful moment in at least one episode where all three of them are completely helpless with laughter over something, because boy howdy do these boys deserve it.

(Also, running with @gaybluesargent‘s tags on this, we really need to address whether the clown box is like. a dream object. or more accurately some sort of terrible night horror creation)

re: my & @transpersephonepoldma‘s tags on this post!

types of marvel fans i have seen on my dash during my time as a marvel fan
  • type 1: really love loki to a disturbing degree. probably joined around the time the first avengers movie came out. are rare nowadays but you occasionally still see one and cringe a lil bit but u do u fam
  • type 2: think the winter soldier is one of the greatest films ever made. would literally take a bullet for bucky barnes
  • type 2a: people who enjoy steve rogers (just kidding, this is everyone)
  • type 3: people who are in love with our lord and savior peggy carter
  • type 3a: people who are in love with our other lord and savior sharon carter
  • type 4: the guardians of the galaxy-ers. i'm pretty sure they're high like at least 40% of the time when they're not making fantastic edits
  • type 5: the Tony Stans™
  • type 6: the deadpool fans. interestingly probably the most respectful of the bunch
  • type 7: the comic book fans. always good for a good movie/comic comparison thanks guys
  • type 7a: the fraction!hawkeye fans. would die for kate bishop and think clint barton is A Mess™ (he is)
  • type 8: the Netflix Fan™. the only people capable of being adults here
  • type 9: never in my five years on this site have a seen an exclusively thor blog. but they must be out there. they must
  • type 10: people who have seen uncle ben die like three times too many. stop making origin stories for spiderman
  • type 11: people who needed the black panther movie yesterday (just kidding, this is also everyone)
  • type 12: people who would let natasha romonov kick them in the face
  • type 13: people who do not enjoy brucenat (just kidding, also everyone)
The Fic Writer’s Beatitudes

Blessed are the readers, for theirs is the archive.

Blessed are the betas: for they help us write the stories we see in our hearts.
Blessed are they that kudo, for they reassure us that someone likes what we’ve done.
Blessed are the rebloggers and reccers, for they help the readers find our work.
Blessed are they which leave comments on a WIP that say something other than “write more please”: for they comfort us when we feel taken for granted.
Blessed are the commenters; for their words bring us joy.
Blessed are the loyal fans, for they keep the fandom alive.
Blessed are the fan artists, for they bring our worlds to life before our eyes.
Blessed are they which read an entire long fic and comment each chapter, for the string of comment notifications fills the writer’s heart with delight.
Blessed are ye, who rec our fics in public and tag us, for seeing that we made somebody squee is the light in our days.
Rejoice, and be exceeding glad; for great is your reward in fandom.


oh I super did not think about the lines while making these

SO here’s one of those drag things (there’s a lot though so I would recommend taking a screenshot)  Many of the features can overlap (ex: A nose can be broken and flat; eyes can be small and piercing; so forth) but I didn’t want it to be very constricting.  Most of the stuff I upload is anime looking uguu girls BUT you may or may not know I actually enjoy making caricatures.  Issue is that everyone I see on my dashboard is trying way to hard to look pretty, and I don’t draw in public so I can never really capture people raw.  I’m not creative enough to think of unique faces so here!

yoongi: what was up with jimin last night?

jungkook: he was really upset, he was feeling insecure again… i wrapped him in a warm blanket and sat with him til he stopped crying… afterwards we just talked for a bit til we fell asleep. i hope you didn’t mind me staying over for the night hyung

yoongi: it’s nothing, don’t worry bout it, i’m sure jimin appreciated you staying with him..

jungkook: i just don’t understand how he cannot see how perfect he is?? everytime he’s sad i just want to tell him how amazing he is and how much i like him but.. it’d probably make things worse..

yoongi: ???? wtf how????

jungkook: he probably doesn’t like me back an-

yoongi: ?????? are you blind ?????? Jimin is literally all over you most of the time???

jungkook: i don’t know hyung…

yoongi: *done af with jk at this point*

People need to understand sending hate to a ship and his fandom will not made people sip a lighter ship. It will just push them to a darker one.

People have left the Storpilot and FinnRey ship because of very violent hate and turn to Kylux and Reylo (even if Reylo has shipper before). With hate they will not come back to Stormpilot and FinnRey, They will fall in the darkest side of the shipping. If Snoke x Finn or Snoke x Rey became the most popular ship, Tumblr (and ao3 users) could only blame themselves. And I will say “I told you so” and eat popcorn.

I’m serious. Pushing people to the dark side is not a joke. It’s dangerous. They became Anakin Skywalker. They want to stop corruption, slavery and save their loved one and end killing children. They will not became Luke or Leia.

I have see similar thing before. With the rise of Voldemort/Ginny or Voldemort/Harry in the Harry Potter fandom. But now some people try to  justify the houself slavery, or push the “ Dumbledore is worse than Voldemort” theory. The dark side is really a terrifying thing.

Remember this quote from Yoda : “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

It’s funny how films (or books) about a theme as simple as “hate is bad, love save everyone” manage to have a fandom full of hate.  I should say full of Palpatine.

BTS: types of friends

Namjoon: The clever one. You guys ain’t a gang or something, but he/she is lowkey the leader. Also always gets the good marks, doesn’t even have to study hard, you always ask him/her a math question you don’t get.

Yoongi: The cool one. Is usually quiet and doesn’t like to show emotions, seems like a cold and heartless person to others, but you know that he/she is an actual very sweet and caring person.

Hoseok: The moodmaker. Is always energetic, smiles 24/7, whenever you feel down he/she would do the most embarrassing stuff just to see you smile, but still is secretly the most depressed and sad person who doesn’T GET ENOUGH ATTENTION!! (gotta calm down)

Jin: Hands down a better mother than your actual mother. Feeds you like you’re his/her baby. Checks on you, asks about your day and if you have any problems. Is always up for bad knock knock jokes.

Jimin: The caring angel. Always, and I mean ALWAYS shares his/her food with you. No srsly, you don’t even have to ask, he/she will just give you his/her lunchbox food.

Taehyung: Is actually 7 y/o. Will always group up with you in group projects, bc bff. Loves to cuddle, is super clingy tho. Will go to the toillet with you, bc that’s what real friends do.

Jungkook: Superman. Srsly, he/she is that one friend that always gets whatever he wants. Always succeeds at everything, even if he/she is doing it for the first time. Teachers pet, but secretly s real rebel that wants you to skip school to go have breakfast or go to the arcade.

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the phantom thief AU got me thinking... I can totally see Ouma consistently stealing stuff (probably jewels or something) and then leaving an exact replica behind, but he's so good at it that no one ever realizes that the pieces have actually been stolen and that amuses but also infuriates him? Saihara being the first one to notice something was wrong would pique his interest. This is not a question, I just wanted to contribute to the headcanons lmao.

Okay, this would be absolutely perfect actually. The sheer boredom of getting away with theft after theft and no consequences and no one playing along with him or realizing exactly how smart he is would piss Ouma off to no end, and then Saihara would come along and be the first one to even notice that the pieces left behind were replicas and he’d be completely over the moon.

He’d also be insufferable from that point on and dropping a trail of breadcrumbs for the police a mile wide, but even if they took him into interrogation or holding he’d still refuse to play ball with anyone except Saihara, and Saihara would be running on maybe three hours of sleep in all this thanks to Ouma and very, very tired and done with his bullshit.

Also thank you! I’m always welcome to hearing other people’s headcanons or ideas on things, so no one needs to feel hesitant if they ever want to share any other headcanons or fanfiction ideas with me!

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hey so recently i found this post that claimed su was the worst show because it has faux progression. it says the show claims to support women and race, but the gems have no gender or race. it also said the show only has one healthy gay canon ship and we rarely see them on screen. what are your thoughts on this?

Did that OP have nothing better to do than be really gross and accusatory?

Yeah, they’ve only had so much gay representation, but they’re doing as much as they can without getting taken off the air. And yes, they’ve also been insensitive with some of their racially-coded characters (of which I won’t discuss; I’m not POC and it’s really not my place to talk of it. I know when to stay in my lane.)

But … fuck, dude. Do you see really see that many other shows on TV that’s doing all that SU is doing? Especially considering that most of this was all planned and written back in 2013-2014 when society was much less accepting of the LGBTQ+ community?

Kids are seeing gay characters like them. Kids are seeing POC characters like them. They don’t always look that deep into the fact they’re genderless gems with no race. They’re just caring about having fun and learning new things.

If SU is “faux progression”, then I have some bad news for you, ‘cause you’re unlikely to find whatever you consider to be “real progression”. Almost every other show on TV right now is rampant with queerbaiting and poor handling of POC cast.

The Crewniverse is being rather gentle with heavy subject matter and doing really well with most of it. These “fans” are being so disgustingly harsh. Find some new shows to watch or books to read or something if SU isn’t progressive enough for you. I’m getting tired of people attacking the Crew, it’s uncalled for.

You can’t expect SU to be perfect, and it’s your problem if you do expect it to be perfect.

yeah insecure lance is good bc it’s #relatable but also like…he actually does matter a lot

every one of the paladins has a talent and lance’s is social skills. like. he brought everyone together and is (from what i’ve seen) the most relatable paladin and represents all the good things you associate w humanity.

personally?? i want to see insecurities from the other paladins too. there is a significant amount from shiro to be fair, but not the others. things like keith feeling that he doesn’t have anything real to add to the team, he’s just an ok pilot/fighter. expanding on pidge’s doubt in episode one that she’s not even a pilot?? and also way younger than the others and thinking all she has is her intelligence. hunk not realizing how much he contributes to the team with his own genius and friendliness.

idk it just feels like lance’s contributions are made out to be lesser and they’re really really not :(

Ok this might sound stupid but honestly one of the most exciting things for me with post-kiss!Malec is the super subtle details we might get to see in season 2??? Like:

-The gang needing to contact Magnus for something, and not even having to question who’s going to call because they assume Alec will do it.

-Alec being absent from a meeting or a scene and it being offhandedly mentioned that he’s on a date with Magnus or helping Magnus with something.

-Them being in scenes together and not necessarily being all over each other but just LOOKING at each other, communicating with their eyes.

-Alec coming up behind Magnus while he’s bent over searching for a spell in a book, resting his hand on Magnus’ back as he talks to him. 

-The initial step either or both of them will take when a dangerous situation arises, stepping out in front of the other, bow drawn, or palm alight with magic, ready to protect their boyfriend.

-Bumping shoulders (✿◠‿◠)

-Soft Smiles (◕‿◕✿)

-FOREHEAD KISSES (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  • Me: *waiting in purgatory*
  • Me: *sees God*
  • Me: God, can I ask you a question?
  • God: Of course.
  • Me: Why wasn't my ship ever canon?
  • God: *damns me to hell*
Oh my - for a good laugh, go into the anti-Tony Stark tag, where the mewling and roiling jealousy is on mini-boil amid the rapidly shrinking ranks. Of course "Spider-Man: Homecoming" - just on the strength of the few scenes in the trailer - looks poised to become one of the MCU's biggest hits and make Iron Man even more of an icon for kids and the adult crowd. Marvel does these things wisely - they know RDJ is the most popular movie star on the planet and will draw legions of fans to see the movie. The scenes of Peter with Tony are adorable and hilarious, and the father-son vibe will increase audience engagement exponentially. Mentoring Peter, a new young superhero with zero baggage and tons of genuine optimism, will work wonders in healing Tony from the scars of Civil War. It's so brilliant I can't even...(and when *I* can't even find words, you know it's something!). Tony mentors Peter; Peter's guileless enthusiasm brings new life and hope to Tony. I love it so much. It's all we hoped for! Haters can suck on it - this will skyrocket Tony's popularity off the charts (especially since Spidey is Marvel's best-loved character - who better to pair with the founding father of the MCU? It couldn't happen to a greater pair of heroes.

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saw your post abt bokuaka fic recs being all the same most of the time and while i don't check rec lists bc they never appear on my dash, cAN I JUST REC TO NEW BOKUAKA FANS WORKS BY NORIO ON AO3 OMG HER RECENT SHIROBAKO BOKUAKA AU GRIPPED ME SO HARD I CAN'T EVEN and also, ofc, your works are amazing essie tysm for writing and posting them ;;; every single work of yours inspires me a lot <3 have a great day ahead!

the ones i’m talking about are just random recs that come up in the bokuaka tag (with xkit you can track them better). all these rec blogs keep coming up and i swear to god if i see that polaroid fic one more time… it’s not even bad, just the opposite in fact, but  you do not have to look to find it. that’s the point of fic recs, to enlighten people!

anyway, tbh i am not sure of norio’s pronouns so we’re gonna go with they here (please correct me if you definitely know). i’m also not sure what “shirobako” means because i am an anime infant. BUT, my guess is it’s jump into fire. i haven’t actually read this one yet so i feel inclined to do so now. and everyone else should too!

and thank you! i’m glad you like my stuff. which, if you’re following this blog should be easy enough to find. 

Am I the only one who thinks that people who choreograph their attans gas them up too much? I see so many people writing captions under their attan videos on IG making attan seem like the most badass dance, while their videos feature a bunch of people that are confused about when and which way they are supposed to spin. Either that or they’re so heavily choreographed that there is no dynamic in the dance or no communication between the dancer. Oh, and don’t forget the extra, non-attani moves that some add because it’s supposed to look cooler. Usually they make the dancers even more off beat. There’s so much lol, this shouldn’t bother me that much but it does. I can’t be the only one though? Or am I??

I would just like someone who’s down for raw, spontaneous and very much traditional attans, you know.

Guys, gals, and non-binary muffins near and far: As you may have gathered, the Penumbra Season 1 finale will be upon us come November 8th. But GET A GRIP ON THOSE TEAR DUCTS (or not, ew), because you can get bonus episodes before the Season 2 launch in March and even influence the content! Wanna know how? Read on!

Our show spreads most effectively via word of mouth, and we want to reward you for word-of-mouthing. So over the next two weeks, we’re asking you to post a review of the Penumbra to your friends and followers on Tumblr, Facebook, and/or Twitter, which must include:

  1. The phrase “The Penumbra Podcast,”
  2. A character you want to see featured in a bonus episode and why you love them, and
  3. The tag #welcometraveler.

If you have the space to tag us, do it! Feel free to gush! No minimum or maximum length requirement, because we trust you. Only one recommendation per platform, please, but if you use all three, we will count all three of your votes! Phenomenal cosmic power! (Itty-bitty living space!)

On November 9th, we will count all of the reviews we’ve received. If we get at least 100 across all three platforms, we’ll produce a bonus episode featuring the character people request most in their reviews! If we get at least 200, we’ll produce a second bonus episode featuring the second-most-requested character! (Please don’t choose Rita, Sir Talfryn, or Nureyev, though, because they are already getting bonus episodes during the off-season. Also please don’t choose Juno, because the lil lady is just plain tuckered out and needs a nap.)

If you love the Penumbra, want to support us, and want to grow the fandom, this is your chance to make a big impact! Your support really does mean the world to us. We won’t let you down.

And remember: keep it queer AF.

lovely zaiba @jemcarstoirs tagged me to do this tag meme I did a few days ago and seeing how most questions seem to be the same, I’m just gonna do the last couple ones!! Thanks for tagging me, sweetheart <33

36. spotify or pandora: spotify!
37. zootopia or inside out: uhhh inside out
38. winter or summer: winter
39. red or blood orange: neither
40. favorite book?: this is very hard and im not answering this
41: favourite character/story from mythology?  uhhhhh a very good question??? i’m gonna go with elektra, atlas and maybe even prometheus (i only know a poem from goethe about prometheus which is very amazing and nice i love it + he and epimetheus are my uni’s logo!)
42: favourite fictional characters: OH BOY LETS GO pretty muc everyone on the flahs but barry allen the most, john diggle, SIMON LEWIS, kara danvers!!!! (but also almost everyone on sg lbr), mick rory + jax jackson, dick grayson !!!, tim draKE, luna lovegood, noah puckerman!!!, zed martin, ravi chakrabarti etc etc it’s just so many i love so many ppl
43: original version of music or acoustic version: ACOUSTIC MY PEOPLE

Ignorant Comments on North Korea Declaring War

Note: This is a long post. I do not claim to know the ins and outs of Korean politics.

So I just wanted to address some of the thoughtless and ignorant comments i’ve seen amongst kpop fans, in response to the sudden news of North Korea declaring war on South Korea.

It was only a few hours ago that I first heard news that North Korea is declaring war on South Korea. Now my first reaction to this was “Oh shit, this is really serious.” But it seems like some had other concerns.

The first thing I see on Tumblr in a kpop related tag is a text post of someone saying “I hope my oppas and unnies will be safe and healthy!!” Now there is so much wrong with that whole sentence. Do you hear yourself? One of the worlds most dangerous dictators is deciding to go to war on another country, and you’re only thought is about IDOLS? For real? Did you forget about the other 50 Million people who live alongside your biases or did you think the whole of South Korea was populated by celebrities? 

Let me paint a picture for you. A little under 30% of the South Korean population live in rural areas. In a worst case scenario, those who live in such areas might not be in the financial state to buy a plane ticket and evacuate to a safer environment. On the other hand, “GD oppa”, “CL unnie” and the rest of the yg squad can use their money, hop on a private fucking jet and buss out real quick. Not everyone is as lucky.

And to add, when you were thinking all about your precious idols, did you think about their families? Many of them are normal people same as you and me. Most probably live far away from their children. Just think about a war starting in your country and you are not able to check up on your family because you live too far away. We all care about the idols, but lets give some thought to all the others out there.

So to all you thoughtless and ignorant assholes who don’t give a fuck about what’s going on, go read a book and get your IQ up a bit. And to those who think they know the ins and outs of Korean politics, keep their politics out of your ugly koreaboo ass mouth. Thanks ^_^

p.s: South Korea and North Korea have been at war for years and years and still are. Technically, North and South Korea are still in a “war-state”. So don’t freak too much.

Edit: There have been numerous articles about the situation. Some state that the North has declared war and some say that no such thing has occurred. Since I don’t personally know what is true I advise that you only go to trusted news sources and just keep yourself educated. ;) 

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I'm just chiming in to say that I love your tags too. I'm not online much these days, but when ever I see a post of yours I always go straight to the tags ❤ Never fails to make me smile!

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Let’s talk spamano

Am I the only one that’s bothered when people portray Spamano abusively?

So like okay… Romano can have a bad mouth on him (not really)… but he doesn’t like… constantly call Spain names and demeans him like that’s just mean wtf

I only recall Romano being outright mean to Germany and sometimes N. Italy. There are tons of reasons why Romano wouldn’t like Germany, the most obvious one being that Germany is bossy with him and Feli. As for Feli, they’re brothers. It’s not unheard of for siblings to not get along, especially considering how Romano is the oldest and yet is constantly brushed aside because of his brother. (Note that I said because of his brother and not by his brother.)

And Romano actually likes Spain? He humours Spain’s eccentricities like in the April Fools episode when he agrees to take a picture with his head stuck through the tomato thing, and when Spain’s queen was “punishing” Spain for his failures, Romano worried about him and wanted to help him get better so Spain’s queen wouldn’t hurt him anymore.

Romano cares a fuckton about Spain and Spain cares a fuckerton about Romano. Sure, Romano would call Spain an idiot once in a while, but the general tone of it is always “but at least you’re my idiot” and Spain will take that little bit of abuse because he likes how the tone shows that Romano cares in his own emotionally constipated way damnit, and yeah, “I’m your idiot, so stick your head through that tomato already so I can take a picture of you.”

TL;DR: Romano doesn’t swear and insult people like an Italian fucking trucker, and although Spain is enough of a softy with the people he loves to allow name-calling and belittling, Romano would never do that to him because he actually fucking cares.