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I was saving assets provided courtesy of @josephdaddy (who I’m going to thank every time), and there’s this one of Robert’s bedroom.

And, wait, what’s that?

That’s a yoga mat. There is a yoga mat in Robert’s bedroom amongst his discarded alcohol containers and cigarette butts.

I don’t have anything clever to say about it. I just wanted to point it out.


We reached 20k today! Thanks to all of you ♥

I don’t know what we could do to celebrate, so I’ll go with something someone said last time?

I’ll reply to anything you send me via asks! I’ll tag all answers with #20kQA if you want to blacklist it! It can be questions regarding the blog, questions about me or random stuff, just ask ahead and I’ll do my best :’)


~*Inktober Day 12*~

Based on one of first decent doodles of Ryuji/Skull I made, with said doodle posted again :v And here I was thinking I got better at drawing him… XD
//Also there’s just a normal crappy lineart there too, you’re free to color it or sth if u wanna :v Just let me know tho bc that would be cool XD//

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anonymous asked:

😞oh no I didn't think I'd ever have to see a mention of cry on this blog. I'm sorry to ask but if it ever happens again can you tag it with something? After all his awful drama just seeing the name gets me really down in the dumps.

Sorry, lovely! You got it. I don’t think I’ll bring him up again, it was kind of a random inclusion but no worries. I’m not connected at all to that fandom so I didn’t know anything bad happened. I apologize! Please accept a Dan kiss as an apology.

weavingmemories  asked:

haha this feels so totally random I'M SORRY but i just wanted to say i love ur zer0/rhys stuff and... yes... your art is so great holy (also if you ever wanna talk about the Ship I love bouncing headcanons... but its ok if not too...!!!) have a nice day aaaa

THANK YOU!!!! :’D!!! so many nice people in my inbox lately, hoo dang

I check the rhys and zer0 tag a lot so if you have any headcanons, POST THEM!!!

i just love talking about headcanons… ahaha mine are incredibly silly… here’s one.. uh, thought train I had

  • Rhys is probably one of those people who would stalk his crush on echonet facebook (this one!!) haha god…
  • Zer0 only posts haikus… emojis… funny copy pasted jokes/old memes from other websites… but hardly updates
  • Atlas!Rhys now owns all of atlas and all its side businesses which include its contribution to the canned skag meat industry
  • Through status update locations, Rhys can find out where Zer0 is in that moment, there’s… not much he can do with that information…. but he tries to initiate contact by sending Zer0 cans of skag meat
  • (he wonders if Zer0 even eats, but this is the only way he can think of to contact them ~~casually~~)
  • (Rhys thinks he’s being suave and mysterious)
  • (every can has a gushy fan letter taped to it)
  • since Zer0′s always on the move it never gets to them in time
  • alongside managing his company, Rhys makes it a miniproject to try again and again to send care packages to Zer0 (it slowly gets in the way of productivity and his employees, especially those in packaging/mailing, start noticing)
  • after three months of trying they just… won’t reach Zer0
  • One desperate, lonely night, Rhys sends out a bounty on a longtime enemy of Atlas and messes the echonet’s bounty coding so it only appears on the board nearest to Zer0
  • Zer0 ACCEPTS!! and Rhys waits in anticipation for them to finish the job because THIS IS HIS CHANCE!!
  • ZER0 WILL VISIT HIS OFFICE TO CLAIM THE BOUNTY!! MAYBE THEY CAN CHAT!! talk about guns!! he can peacock his atlas ceo perks! show off his infinite coding knowledge!! or… talk about guns!! (because… Zer0.. uses guns.. and maybe likes them? really what else could he talk about)
  • but hahaha.. the target happens to be INCREDIBLY WEAK and it ends up being the most boring kill Zer0 has ever experienced that they don’t even pick up the reward money
  • Zer0 stops contacting him
  • Rhys spends the night staring up at his ceiling

not even a headcanon, see this is what i’m saying, i could TOTALLY PUT THIS IN FIC FORM, I REALLY WANT TO BUT MAybe just… maybe when i’m not suffering through university essay hell one weekend i can… get something down…

Here’s a random atlas!rhys headcanon…

  • Rhys is a good sweet talker but is totally shit with the money-side of marketing… and has to ask vaughn to help him manage his accounts and whatnot and it’s hard because the echonet wifi is really crappy at the children of helios basecamp

what would he do without his moneyman…

anonymous asked:

I'm a huge Daryun/Arslan shipper. Yet I couldn't find much Daryun/Arslan fanart until... I came across your wonderful blog. It's also nice to see that you also ship them. ^^ Also... On Pixiv, is it alright if you tell me some artists that draw Daryun/Arslan?

Aaah when you say that I feel kind of bad because I feel like I don’t do much in the way of romantic Daryun/Arslan stuff^^;;; I love to play with the loyalty, protective and devotion part of their relationship more. This blog… is very self-indulgent, isn’t it? eeps

I don’t really take note of Pixiv artist that specifically draw this ship, I just raid the ダリュアル tag on random blue moon days. Sorry I’m not very helpful OTL

Don’t look at me TTATT I just want everyone to lovingly hug my cinnamon roll

moirakoro  asked:

Hello! Just wanted to let you know that I really love your art! :3 (your deathshipping art especially makes me supeeer happy. also I feel like I'm gonna reblog like your entire art tag, I hope you don't mind xD your art is just too pretty and cute!) In any case, thanks for sharing your wonderful work with us! I can't wait to see how your angstshipping WIP will be once finished >w< (aaand sorry for the random ask from a random stranger orz)

Aww, Thank you so much! Your message made my day!  (´∀`)♡ 

(You don’t have to apologize for asking. everyone is welcome in my blog. ♥)

I’m glad that my deathshipping stuff makes you happy even though my portrayal of the ship is um, out of context/weird, haha. (I like turning abusive ships into reverse mode or something. What is wrong with me? ) Anything to spread the love in the deathshipping community, I guess.  (●´ω`●)ゞ

anonymous asked:

Can I request an Exo imagine about how they like to cuddle with you? Thank you so much!

(I hope this is what you want!!)

Xiumin: I don’t think he’s much of a cuddler but if he does I think he likes to cuddle with you sitting between his legs, with your back against his chest. He would rest his head on your shoulder, his and your fingers weaved tightly together and inhaling in your scent. I think he would really like to do this on the couch while watching dramas or reading books together. 

Kris: I see him as a person who really likes cuddling under blankets, all warm and cozy. You would have your arms around his neck, your fingers messing with the hair on the back of his neck. He would lean forward and kiss you multiple times on the forehead too. He gets quite sentimental and I see him saying how much he loves you over and over again.

Luhan: Spooning, spooning all the wayyyyyy. He loves holding you from behind and being able to nuzzle his face into your hair because your hair always smell really good, like of strawberries or something. I think he likes to pepper kisses on the side of your neck and just be a warm cuddly person omg

Suho: Another face to face cuddler, he’s the kind where he likes you to bury your face into his shoulder and the type who can feel you smiling into his shirt which makes him all warm and fuzzy because wow, what did he do to deserve such an angel. Likes looking at your face because he’s so tired of looking at the members face all the time (whoops)

Lay: Lay would probably cuddle you anyway you wanted because he just wants to make you happy and feel safe. I see him as a face to face cuddler, hands positioned at your waist as you talk about your day. I also see both of you just staying quiet, just staring into each other’s eyes.

Baekhyun: He’s really bouncy and off the walls in his waking hours that when he comes home to you, he’s a little tired and kind of not in the right mind. He holds you really really tight and just snuggles his face against your collarbones. If you’re wearing his hoodie, he’ll probably be like “jagi, why do you smell like me?” “I’m wearing your hoodie.” “Oh.”

Chanyeol: He’s going to cage you in his arms and use his long limbs to make sure that you’re not going anywhere without his permission. I see him tucking his head into the crook of your neck, and occasionally blowing hot and cold air against your skin to make you squirm, probably wouldn’t stop giggling either and makes all kinds of lame jokes.

Chen: I also see him as a spooning person but he’s the kind who sometimes like to be the small spoon cause he likes the feeling of you curling around him, your cheek pressing against his back. If he’s the big spoon, I think he’ll be a bit playful like Chanyeol and Sehun, poking at your weak spots just to hear you laugh

D.O: Like Xiumin, I don’t think he’s big on cuddling rather he likes to hold hands with you. But when he does, I see him with one arm thrown around your shoulders as you snuggle into his side on the couch. He’ll look down at you with a really soft expression on his face that makes you blush and you’re like “stop being so cute” and now its his turn to blush

Tao: Another one who’s going to trap you in his arms, and uses his wushu strength to make sure you’re not going anywhere. I think he likes to cuddle by lying on top of you on the couch, his head resting on your chest as he listens to the sound of your heart beating. He’ll sigh every time you run your fingers through his hair, I see him looking up at you adoringly from his position too. 

Kai: he has no problem with skinship whatsoever, so he’s just going to grab you and drag you to wherever is closest and comfortable. Likes to rest his head on your arm and he’ll just fall asleep like that with his arms around your waist. Your arm would go numb bc heads are not light at all but you’ll see his content sleeping face and you know its worth it.

Sehun: this little brat is going to make you cuddle him whether you like it or not. His favourite position would when your legs are tangled together on the bed and he can just use his finger to poke random places and continuously try to get your attention. “Jagi..” /pokes your nose “what?” “I love you” “… I love you too, NOW STOP POKING ME”

Build It All
Build It All

So I did the thing. Yeah. I’ll do the Spaceship one another time. Excuse my crappy singing/recording. Oh, and that picture’s not mine. I saw it on Twitter and I had to use it.

Enjoy :)


It all goes quiet on the site tonight

Not a worker still remains

My friends have left me all alone

Well, at least it shouldn’t rain

My instructions toss and turn like…what’s a good metaphor?

I can’t get a grip

I should really have more…

Wait, who’s over there? Who could they be?

Hey! You’re acting very suspiciously!

I guess I should report you

Yes, yooooooouuuuuu…

Who are you?

Who are you?

You’re beautiful, it’s true

Who are you?

Who are you?

You know, I can help you too

What are you trying to look for?

I can help you out!

Whoa, I didn’t see that hole before…

So Wyldstyle, am I just like you?

Being a Master Builder sounds really cool

And being The Special too!

Ok, I lied. But I’ll explain!

I’m a nobody, what’s there to blame?

No friends, no family, only me

And Planty!

Give a speech?

Give a speech?

Please, repeat that all again

Give a speech?

Give a speech?

Ok, guys, we cannot win!

I am the least qualified person here!

I am not special…

I tumble and turn through air into the Void

Don’t know about where I went, but I can do this! I believe!

And one thought constructs itself like this Master Build

No more instructions now

This is how I want to live

Build it all

Build it all

You can stop the Kragle’s wrath

Build it all

Build it all

You can construct your own path

You are capable of amazing things

Just take my hand

You have the power to change everything.