i'm just super upset right now

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Sonja I'm feeling super conflicted and upset. A lot people on my dash have been saying that harry tweeting that pic was to bait us and yes I do see how that may be especially since it was never talked about again. But people are also talking about Harry's image right now and how much they hate it and won't endorse his music and products. I'm just seeing a lot of negativity and sadness toward harry and his team and I'm not saying they all hate him but I just don't know what to make of everything

this isn’t in response to your ask per se but it is in response to things i’m seeing on my dash:

i think people in this fandom need to be really careful about lumping groups of people together whose opinions might share a common thread (i.e. sony is trash and the fact that harry is signed to sony is very concerning) even if they’re coming from completely different places overall.

i don’t hate harry. i don’t blame him for louis’ situation because i don’t think it’s his fault. that being said, i am not going to turn a blind eye to sony’s involvement because it’s the major common thread linking solo harry and louis’ never ending bullshit stunts (and after this weekend you have to be blind not to acknowledge how coordinated solo harry is w/elounor and het louis).

there are absolutely people in this fandom who are blaming harry or who hate him. i am not one of those people and i never have been. and yet for some reason i keep getting lumped in with those people even though it should be clear as fuck that the bulk of my ire is directed at sony (and while i do question the azoffs role in this because clearly they want to make as much money as possible, i don’t think we have enough information yet to make any kind of definitive statements about their intentions/what parts of this shitshow they’re actually responsible for or in control of).

i also completely understand the people who are having trouble dealing with solo harry’s rollout while louis is still so stuck. it’s not fair to accuse them of hating harry or sabotaging him because what the fuck that’s so clearly not what’s happening or where those people are coming from! it’s heartbreaking to see the contrast. and no one in this fandom has the right to police anyone about whether or not they choose to buy/stream harry’s material. 

the same applies for all of the boys, btw, and that’s how it should be because they are people yes but they are selling us a product and as consumers, we get to choose whether or not we want to pay for that product.

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I've been liking Heine a lot from The Royal Tutor so...your opinion on Heine Wittgenstein :3 (just wondering ^^; )



he’s soooo cute and sooo cool at the same time. how does he do that. I mean seriously, he goes from cute chibi plush to gonna-kick-your-butt serious in 0.3 seconds

it’s so cute how he gets upset about being called short or a kid :’D and I love how (aside from the short thing) he always keeps his cool while still looking adorable as heck >w< like, when prince leonhard was saying all that angry stuff? no big deal, time for a quiz. he’s very devoted to his duty as the royal tutor and it’s admirable ^^ I love how he makes sure to give the princes equal attention, and also help them whenever they have extra problems. (that is, life problems, not homework XD)

like all fans, I’m interested to know his backstory, but I’d kinda rather it never come to light if it means him leaving the palace. :’3 i’m afraid of that happening, he did say those were his terms… seems like he might be another protag with a dark background, i love those character types (like Kenshin, Koro-sensei, Kuroko, Train Heartnet)

anyway i love his outfit, and he’s fantastic in general. you saw the newest ep, right? he’s so cool. i knew he’d be an amazing fighter. *w*

(also! I tried a couple eps of the Funimation dub, and not very happy with it…. their dubs anymore aren’t as good as they used to be… BUT they picked a good voice for him. I was worried about that, but it’s so good i considered watching more even though licht’s makes me wanna cry X’D)

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How would the S' brothers react if the older brother of (s/o) spend a week in the mansion but he is overprotective with her? (Hi! I'm new here and I don't speak very well english but I just wanted to tell you that you are super beautiful and I love your blog ❤ >w<)

Ooh welcome! Your english is lovely, and thank you so much! I’m blushing really hard right now because these compliments are so sweet! ^///U///^

-Admin N

Shu: He wouldn’t talk to the brother much. When the brother refuses to let Shu touch his lover, he gets upset and tells his lover to make their brother leave. This doesn’t happen, so he refuses to be around the brother the entire week.

Reiji: He would introduce himself and try to be as nice as possible at first. However, once the brother gives him sass, he would politely invite him for “tea”. The lover doesn’t know where their brother is for the rest of the week. They ask their brother where he was when he starts to leave, but he doesn’t remember anything.

Ayato: At first he was nervous and a bit excited. He could hang out with his lover’s brother! Maybe they could play soccer or basketball? But as soon as he heard “No touching s/o for a week”, he became quite jealous. He didn’t like that his lover was spending more time with their brother than him. He would play pranks on s/o’s brother and do anything to interrupt them.

Laito: All he could think was “who does he think he is?” S/o’s brother had put cameras in s/o’s room to make sure Laito didn’t go in. Each night, Laito would meet up with his lover somewhere private to talk and give each other affection. He didn’t get caught, either.

Kanato: Oh hell no. His lover’s brother slapped his hand when he tried to grab his lover, and all hell broke loose. He started screaming and demanding that the brother leaves. However, this makes the brother concerned about the life his sibling lives with Kanato. The other Sakamaki’s have to force the brother out of the house before Kanato does something…rash.

Subaru: The moment his lover’s brother is rude to him, he says “whatever” and walks away. He doesn’t want to get in a fight with someone he should consider family, but he can’t stand that guy. He waits the week out by isolating himself.

tbh i'm really upset gamzee died.

I’m upset about everyone’s death, especially gamzee’s though. No matter how strongly you feel about his personality or decisions you have to admit he was a super interesting character, and probably the one of the best written antagonists i’ve come into contact with.

The idea of his unexplainable “immortality” gained from watching cherubs mate, or however you think he acquired it, was just really scary and unsettling and the fact that it may be something that’s gone now doesn’t sit right with me. It just added an element of mystique to an already unstable and interestingly terrifying guy.

And in the end, if he really must die, he needs to go out in a much grander fashion. One that truly suits the “most important character” in homestuck.

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I know that the actors don't know much about s4, but they know SOME things (like marie said octavia would become an assassin) so e/liza saying "bellarke is never going to happen obviously" like idk she must have some clue?? she doesn't know everything, but she must know some details. plus why wouldn't they try and do damage control after she said it? (not the 'she said ship' tweet) BC not happening makes ZERO sense, it's clear they are meant to be. but I'm done watching and supporting

Anon, I know you’re upset, but let me try to put BTS (which means behind-the-scenes) situations in perspective for you:

  • Writers just finished (?) or are writing 4x04 right now. (So what the heck does Eliza know about bellarke being endgame)

  • Writers and Eliza pandered CL to no end ever since season 2. We (the fans who were ignoring BTS like crazy and actually reading the text) kept saying L.exa was going to die. Would you look at that?

  • Last season, Christopher Larkin gave out an interview saying that he thought the season finale was super dark and that it made him sick. This is one of the reasons why many people “knew” Jasper would die.

(meanwhile a lot of us said he WOULDN’t cause the text was heading somewhere else).

Well, in the end, as said yesterday at the SDCC they were planning to kill Jasper, yes. But decided against it

This is to say 2 things that people never listen: 1- Writers change their minds and they do it at ANY TIME. 2- Even when actors “know”, they don’t

  • ON the famous show HIMYM, its last season was devoted entirely for the wedding of Barney and Robin. The fans, worried that these ship had some very hard times and on and off relationships, asked the writers if those two would really be together. If the wedding would work.

The writers/producers answer? No matter what happened, Barney and Robin would get married and be happy.

The end of the show? Barney and Robin do get married, then they get divorced and go on complete separate ways.

BTS doesn’t matter.
Writers CHANGE THEIR MINDS (this can be good or bad)

The text is the ONLY thing that can MAYBE guide you towards where the story is going.

(and I’m not saying this just because I’m trying to be positive. I’m seeing this because it is my experience. Because i’ve liVED this SO MANY TIMES>.

If you wanna stop watching and supporting, it’s okay anon. I know you’re hurt.]

 I personally don’t know how i’ll see Eliza now. I know i can’t defend her anymore and don’t feel like it, she was unprofessional.

But those are my feelings For Eliza. BUt Eliza isn’t Clarke.

 and none of it doesn’t change the way I see Bellarke. None of it changes what is already written.

But anyway, I think that everyone should just cool off and focus on other things if they’re too upset :) It’s good.. it’s like breathing fresh air after all of this.

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Ok ok ok so I have this headcanon that APH India is super passive aggressive. Like, super passive aggressive. Like, "i'm always smiling -ALWAYS- even tho i'm super angry right now" passive aggressive. When he's upset and someone asks him to do something, he'll just be like, " ^v^ omg yaaa sure of course I'll do that". And then he just goes right back to drinking his tea. Basically, APH India is done with all this shit yo. peace out.

I think you and @gwen-chan need to write some fanfiction on APH India.
Honestly though, I agree. I like to think more of England’s former colonies pulled stuff like this while under his rule.

-Admin Castiel

This is all still sinking in for me right now, all the moments from this season, good and bad, they all could be worth it on Monday. We’re one win away from another cup. It’s incredible. I keep trying to make this post without sounding super cheesy and emotional but i can’t. There were points i didn’t know if we’d get past the first couple rounds of the playoffs let alone make it as far as we have. Each player on this team is so special to me even the ones that sometimes upset me. The fact we could do it in Chicago, i can’t stop smiling at the thought 

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I'm so sad about the wasted Delphine potential like we don't have puppy Delphine anymore we have Delphine who will do anything in her power, who'll fucking claw her way until she's dead to save Cosima bUT THEY ARE JUST BEING LIKE "baddie delphine sketchy dyad Rachel" AND IM SO UPSET

And the thing is I feel like it’s not super bad that they are separated right now in reality because like Delphine needs to protect Cosima, she doesn’t want her to be around what she’s going to do for her. But Cosima would rather die than give her biology up and she thinks that’s what Delphine is trying to do but Delphine is just trying to save her any way se knows how. Like she’s using her position to save the love of her life. It’s just a battle between I need you/I need myself.

And like what else is Delphine supposed to do?? Watch Cosima die no fucking way. I mean all of us we’d do anything to save the ones we love. If melody was dying and I could do something? YEAH I’d do it even if she was pissed as hell because I’m gonna save her. Really Delphine is being so selfless right now I mean she’s giving up someone she loves so much and like needs to have in her life so she can save her even if they are never on good terms again

i mean, i would argue that “puppy delphine” never existed in the first place. from day one, delphine was crossing moral boundaries left and right. remember, as a monitor, it was her job to undermine her subject’s rights to privacy, and while she did make some judgments that proved she was sympathetic to the plight of cosima and the other clones (withholding kira’s existence from leekie, for example) for the most part, she did as she was asked. it’s only after the situation became personal for delphine that her love of cosima eclipsed that ambition–and not for a second does that mean delphine at any point abandoned that ambition; her desire to be at the top of the ladder professionally is still very much alive. 

as for the argument that delphine’s behavior is selfless, i have to disagree. i see where you’re coming from when you say that you would act similarly in delphine’s place–and that’s one of the moral grey areas the show has tried to tackle wrt cosima’s illness: her right to bodily autonomy. it is very much a natural and human response for delphine to want to do everything in her power to save the woman she loves; that’s something anyone whose lost a loved one can understand intimately, and i speak from personal experience when i say this. but delphine’s love of cosima does not translate into ownership of cosima or her body. there’s a reason the tagline of cosima’s promotional videos during the second season was “my biology, my decision.” it’s cosima’s right to choose how to handle her illness, whether or not delphine agrees–and cosima is a grown woman and capable scientist, perfectly capable of making that choice for herself. keep in mind here that no medical “cure” is a guarantee; undergoing any process has risks associated, which is why so many patients with terminal illnesses choose not to accept treatment. again, this is one of the many reasons why delphine cannot make biological “choices” on cosima’s behalf. delphine knows this, but goes ahead and acts as she sees fit anyway.  this–what you call selflessness–i call selfishness. and, again, this selfishness is understandable! in her place, any one of us might do the same, or at the very least consider doing so in a moment of weakness. but in the end, no matter what does happen, i’m utterly positive cosima will be at the wheel; that’s her right, not delphine’s, no matter how much delphine may care for her. 

as far as their break-up is concerned, i don’t think delphine left cosima because she wanted to somehow shield her from the unethical decisions she planned to make on her behalf. after all, delphine certainly didn’t shy away from doing exactly that while she and cosima were not only still dating, but frequently working together in the lab as well. when cosima confronted delphine about her actions, she didn’t try to cover for herself, and she didn’t apologize either; she knew she was wrong, but she was prepared to do what she felt she had to in spite of that. actually, i think delphine was being honest with cosima when she said, “i’m keeping my promise to love all of your sisters equally.” in my opinion, that’s why delphine broke it off with cosima–and of course, her ambitions and sense of professionalism factor in here. delphine knew that she was biased in favor of cosima; she knew that, if it came down to it, she would sacrifice any of the other clones in order to keep cosima safe. and that’s not how someone currently occupying her position should behave. it would also render her earlier promise to cosima yet another empty lie, so you could argue that on some level, delphine did want to make a genuine effort to fulfill it. of course, delphine is obviously coming to the realization that cutting cosima out of her life won’t make her feelings just vanish into thin air. and we’ve seen, over the course of the past few episodes, that she’s going out of her way to initiate contact with cosima, sending people to track her whereabouts and showing up at her current girlfriend’s home uninvited. as far as i’m concerned, her half-hearted attempts at “impartiality” will blow up in her face by the end of the season, but that’s a whole different issue.