i'm just stressed out with school and crap

anonymous asked:

so uh I know you need art related asks to your art blog but the ask button is closed so I hope you don't mind me asking here. so as an artist, do we have a right to decline commissions?? because someone commissioned me a lot of money, but they never treat me right and just as a "put in money get art" kinda thing, and I'm stressing because I have school and other things so I don't know what to do and I'm honestly freaking out

It’s not closed.  Hasn’t been for some time.

At any rate, I don’t mind answering your question here, though.

My advice: you don’t owe this person squat.  Return their money – you do not owe them your service if they don’t treat you well.  Don’t accept the commission, put your foot down, and let that be that.

Do you expect a waiter to serve somebody if that person berates them and treats them like crap?  The answer is “no.”  You ABSOLUTELY have the right to decline service.

Standardized Tests
  • School Board: Hey, let's give these kids who are taking advanced math courses a test filled with the curriculum they learned 2 years ago without giving the teacher with mixed grade classes time to go over each grade level's test's separate material so that the students can have a reminder. Then let's base the funds the school gets over these poor, unprepared, stressed children who are taking time out of learning useful stuff to go over inverse variations and linear equations. That makes sense!

omg so for graduation the school gives everyone a candle that has their name on it and they only told us this today and that we can’t get a name on it other than the name in the school records, unless we have some proper reason because of family stuff or if everyone knows you by a different name or something idk and I was sitting there like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! trying to think of how to explain with my name, but I was thinking… okay, so there’s still almost two months until we graduate so that’s okay… but then the teacher was like ‘oh and if you’re gonna ask to get your name changed on it, you have to let me know BY THE END OF THIS WEEK’ and I was just like AHHHHH BUT IT’S ALREADY WEDNESDAY OMG and then she said she’d have to speak to those peoples’ house coordinators and my house coordinator SUCKS and I DO NOT want her to know anything about me and I would usually talk to the assistant principal who is the only teacher who knows I’m trans, but she’s on leave or on holiday or something and I am STRESSED AS FUCK about this damn.