i'm just starting out with photoshop


“I will hunt you down wherever you are hiding, and I will eliminate you.

I am justice.”


so, after a bit of a mess up with a job today, i decided to spend 8 hours starting to (kinda) learn photoshop. i’m pretty good at editing photos and stuff but this sort of thing’s completely new to me. i’m just starting with like, really simple backgrounds and stuff, plus i had a go at removing a few backgrounds which turned out… ok :’3 there were a few more that were so bad i didn’t save though~

so yeah i guess this can be considered my head start for the monty oum project, on monday i think i’ll start writing again for the first time in nearly a year :3

also i’d kinda like @angie-collective to see these since she kinda sorta maybe inspired me to even try

anonymous asked:

how are your gifs so nice and not over sharpened! Do you have any tips for complete beginners. haven't started but i wanna start out strong

disclaimer: i’m not a pro, i’m just a lonely chicken nugget with access to photoshop and these are merely my personal experiences and opinions.
lets go ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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Me in the middle of my exam:

-what if Jooheon pierced his dimples
-brain proceeds to Photoshop jooheon with his dimples pierced
-zoned out thinking about Shownu rocking a baby
-started thinking ‘be quiet brain’
-gets Be Quiet stuck in my head
-zones out thinking about ideas for the really angsty Changkyun story I’ve been writing
-put myself on an emotional rollercoaster just thinking about it
-sighs in frustration because I only slept for 3 hours and I couldn’t concentrate