i'm just starting out with photoshop

I can’t currently Photoshop out the imperfections, so why bother trying to hide them! I’m starting to have more fun working by hand though, (-^ w ^-) which is nice. so have yet more punk!Keith/theatre!Lance from my modern AU. they are my happy place right now while everything feels so messed up.

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Hey I've been struggling with my art for a long while, both in drawing and coloring equally, but I really wanna learn how to color well instead of just whipping out lineart and posting it. How would you say it's the best approach to coloring an art piece? I'm a photoshop user (I think you are too, sorry if I get this wrong XD) so from your knowledge of this software: What's the best way to color/How do YOU color?

I don’t know what’s the best way to color but I do it like this!  And here’s how I do colored lines.

I use a shadow layer on top of my lines+flats and almost always start with big gradient shadows first and add details on the same layer afterwards. (Also I adjust shadow layer color and properties in the process because digital art is magic and you can change stuff halfway in, wheee!)

I add light, texture, color correct and that kinda fancy stuff afterwards.

But yeah I just stack a bunch of layers on top of each other for shading. (Hence why my flat painting-paintings are all b/w lol - I suck at colors otherwise!)
I’m gonna be one of those artists who say “don’t shade with black”. Sorry. Imo it’s muddy and boring looking <___<

I do a mix of hard and soft shadows. You’ll have to experiment with your brushes to find the ones best for the job. I use a PS default soft airbrush and my inker brush. I know some artists use the lasso tool+fill for cel shading.

I hope this made sense! :D Tbh the tutorials I linked probably answer more of your questions than this post itself…


the many faces of a dk stan!!!

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And how does this story end?

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Hi~ so I've just been dying over your sets as of late and was wondering if you could ever make a tutorial that focused on the layers themselves and how it is to isolate a certain color by still making it vibrant but also not having it affect the parts that you don't want to be colored? I'm just having a real hard time trying to figure it out and it's overwhelming me to say the least. Thank you in advance :) 💕

hey pal !! of course i can!!! firstly, thank you so much for being so kind about my gifs, it really means a lot :). i use photoshop cc and we’ll be going from this

to this

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Well would you look at that! It’s my submission for @gemsonaresources Fuse-A-Palooza! My lovely Gold Pearl fused with @amethystwereraven‘s wonderful Black Onyx and together they make Stromatolite! I chose Stromatolite because it aids in personal growth and acceptance, letting you move forward without being bound by past negativity. Based on both of their backstories this sounded like a perfect fit to me! Plus the colors were an aesthetic blend of both gems! Stromatolite takes Gold Pearl’s clumsiness and optimism and refines it with Black Onyx’s calm and calculating behavior to make an elegant, deliberate, merciless warrior. Their weapon is a great axe made from Gold Pearl’s chakram and Black Onyx’s longsword. I had a blast working on these precious children and I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do!

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Hi! So I finally got my art tablet yesterday and have been wondering if I should get Paint Tool Sai or another program. There are so many mixed reviews for Sai that I can't get a sense of how good it is. Could you please help me out? I want to use the right program. Any recommendations will also help. Thank you! (And your art is fantastic for someone so young. I'm so excited to see what you post in the future!)

I’m glad you’re asking me for this! In all honesty, Paint tool sai is a very basic program, but perfect when you start on digital art. It’s very easy to understand and once you’re comfortable with it, you can make very lovely art. So if you just bought your tablet, I highly recommend PTS to you! I tried different programs like medibang, krita, photoshop etc. Paint tool Sai is the easiest to use in my opinion. 

If you want some good tricks on this program I recommend you check out this video of theodd1sout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjElkM_NPkw

Don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any more questions! :)

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Do you have any tips for getting photoshop a little less expensively? I'm just starting out as an artist but the monthly cost seems really prohibitive /:

I’m sorry D: I don’t know any other way. Maybe borrow a friends?

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How do you do your art like what tablet do you use or programs? I'm so new at this but I want to draw for fun

Hi there, anon! I currently do art on Photoshop Creative Cloud (CC) and pay for this every month! Because I use it quite a lot, I believe it’s a worthwile purchase - but there are also other programs such as FireAlpaca and Clip Studio Paint at cheaper (or free)? I started out with SAI as an ‘introductory’ thing to digital art - I feel like SAI is a bit less ‘daunting’ than Photoshop, or at least just for me, because of it’s interface, you kind of get used to things like layers and opacity and brush settings etc. 

As for tablet, I use a wacom bamboo tablet! It’s fairly cheap and it does the job right and I’ve had it for about a year and a half! I recommend getting a ‘travel size’ tablet, one that’s fairly small because it’s easier to carry around and use! 

It’s awesome that you are drawing for fun! That’s what it should be! I wish you all the best of luck getting started, and creating amazing things! I’m here if you have any more questions, ye?


Process of the Undertale animation background piece by piece. I didn’t time it, but if I were to guess, I would say it took me about 8 or more hours to get this done. That’s not counting the many days of procrastinating.

Anyways, I’m really excited about getting this first background done. I already have two more that are already nearly done as well, so I’m definitely speeding up as I motivate myself more on this project. And I just got permission from a musician for the score I’m using. It’s all starting to come together!

I hope for those of you trying to learn, that this is helpful in some way… I know I’m not the best you’ve seen, but i know sure as heck i couldn’t do something like this a year ago.


“I will hunt you down wherever you are hiding, and I will eliminate you.

I am justice.”

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Could you show us your process?? I'm trying to get into photoshop but it's still so unusual to me! Love your work!!

i’ve started posting speedpaints on my youtube channel, and i’ve made a few tutorials

i draw my lines with black ink on paper, scan it, bring it into photoshop and erase the white background. then i simply color the image on a layer underneath the lines. just keep messing around with photoshop and you’ll find out how you want to use it! almost no two artists use the same technique!

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Why is "nude fakes" worse than fanfiction? Should we not report all blogs who post fanfics too? Please inform me as I'm not very familiar with either. (sorry if there's bad english)

For those of you out of the loop, click here for what anon is referencing to.

The blog is posting photos photoshopped to look like sexual photos of RT employees. That is both humiliating, and also problematic on the small chance they start surfacing the web with people thinking they are actual nude pictures. As horrible as it is, the person doing it is pretty talented and that scares me because that makes it a possibility.

Fanfics are exactly that: FICTION. Firstly, not all fanfics are sexual, just a friendly reminder. They are written for fun and enjoyment, and keep things to your imagination. The majority of RT has said at one point or another they have no issue with it, and even make jokes about it, for example the Risingwood segment during On The Spot.

Fanfics are stories, and treated as such. They’re usually kept relatively PG13, and when they aren’t, it’s still just words on a paper (or screen) that aren’t hurting anyone.

The photos are trying to blur the line between real and fake, which is not okay.

The other issue is that the photos can easily be used to harass members of Rooster Teeth. If you don’t like fanfiction, you can just ignore it, or not read it, and it’ll never bother you. The photos are physical things, that can be tweeted easily, or linked, and aren’t ignorable like fanfics are.

I hope that helps you understand why they’re so terrible.

Me in the middle of my exam:

-what if Jooheon pierced his dimples
-brain proceeds to Photoshop jooheon with his dimples pierced
-zoned out thinking about Shownu rocking a baby
-started thinking ‘be quiet brain’
-gets Be Quiet stuck in my head
-zones out thinking about ideas for the really angsty Changkyun story I’ve been writing
-put myself on an emotional rollercoaster just thinking about it
-sighs in frustration because I only slept for 3 hours and I couldn’t concentrate

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Hi Teagan! I really love your art, especially your beautiful birds. I was wondering if you have any advice about transferring sketches onto watercolour paper? I've just started teaching myself to paint with gouache, but I'm worried I'm too heavy-handed to sketch directly on the paper.

I do my sketches in Photoshop, print them out at full size, and use an Artograph light pad & a regular mechanical pencil to transfer sketches to my final painting surface. Since I’m usually painting on 300lb paper it’s… really really hard to see the sketch lines through the paper… So I basically use the sketch as a guide for composition, anatomy, etc, and create more precise details on the final sheet as I go. As far as being too heavy-handed, I have that fear too of my pencil lines showing up through the paint in the final, so I trace VERY lightly and then before I start painting, I go over the whole drawing with a kneaded eraser to make all my pencil work almost invisible.