i'm just starting out with photoshop

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I hope it's okay for me to ask something like this! I use your SweetPea action (way too much) and really loved your Photoshop tutorial post. However, I'm noticing that sometimes the action washes out my darker-skinned Sims. I'm not a PS expert and I'm quite sure what to adjust to remedy that -- do you have any pointers?

Of course! For darker skinned sims I usually just un-tick (just click the check mark beside the action steps) most of the gradients, and apply a very small one at 13% opacity, with the radius starting in the center of the sim’s chest, and stopping right at the sims’ mouth so I still get the sunburst affect but it doesn’t totally drain them!


Process of the Undertale animation background piece by piece. I didn’t time it, but if I were to guess, I would say it took me about 8 or more hours to get this done. That’s not counting the many days of procrastinating.

Anyways, I’m really excited about getting this first background done. I already have two more that are already nearly done as well, so I’m definitely speeding up as I motivate myself more on this project. And I just got permission from a musician for the score I’m using. It’s all starting to come together!

I hope for those of you trying to learn, that this is helpful in some way… I know I’m not the best you’ve seen, but i know sure as heck i couldn’t do something like this a year ago.

So, for no reason at all other than I wanted a younger, alternative FC for Deb for ONE thread (with bae, so… worth it anyway??) I started photoshop up and….

Basically, now I want to write more patrol-age Deb with these pretty ass gifcons, and also I apparently really need to watch Rookie Blue, because from what I can tell, Andy was… actually Deb as a rookie in patrol??? I’m in love with her already

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Could you show us your process?? I'm trying to get into photoshop but it's still so unusual to me! Love your work!!

i’ve started posting speedpaints on my youtube channel, and i’ve made a few tutorials

i draw my lines with black ink on paper, scan it, bring it into photoshop and erase the white background. then i simply color the image on a layer underneath the lines. just keep messing around with photoshop and you’ll find out how you want to use it! almost no two artists use the same technique!

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hey. i love your color in this edits they are so bright. can you share the psd?

I just need to start by saying that in the 4.5 years of having this blog, I don’t think I’ve ever had someone specifically call out my edits so I just need to take a moment 

Originally posted by bricesander

Moving on…. no I don’t use a psd, I am not fancy enough to photoshop (probably why no one has commented on my edits via inbox before)! I just putz around in Photos or Pixlr with exposure / lighting and color vibrancy! I’m sure that’s not helpful, but it takes a long to get pictures exactly how you like (without psds…. actually probably with too, but you catch my drift).

You’re a ray of sunshine :) I’m so happy you love the colors of my edits! Such a great way to end my night! Thanks booooo!

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Why is "nude fakes" worse than fanfiction? Should we not report all blogs who post fanfics too? Please inform me as I'm not very familiar with either. (sorry if there's bad english)

For those of you out of the loop, click here for what anon is referencing to.

The blog is posting photos photoshopped to look like sexual photos of RT employees. That is both humiliating, and also problematic on the small chance they start surfacing the web with people thinking they are actual nude pictures. As horrible as it is, the person doing it is pretty talented and that scares me because that makes it a possibility.

Fanfics are exactly that: FICTION. Firstly, not all fanfics are sexual, just a friendly reminder. They are written for fun and enjoyment, and keep things to your imagination. The majority of RT has said at one point or another they have no issue with it, and even make jokes about it, for example the Risingwood segment during On The Spot.

Fanfics are stories, and treated as such. They’re usually kept relatively PG13, and when they aren’t, it’s still just words on a paper (or screen) that aren’t hurting anyone.

The photos are trying to blur the line between real and fake, which is not okay.

The other issue is that the photos can easily be used to harass members of Rooster Teeth. If you don’t like fanfiction, you can just ignore it, or not read it, and it’ll never bother you. The photos are physical things, that can be tweeted easily, or linked, and aren’t ignorable like fanfics are.

I hope that helps you understand why they’re so terrible.

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Hey, so I only just started making gifs so I'm relatively new and need some help. Firstly, do you know how I can have text to have less transparency? Like so you can see through it kinda? idk if that makes sense lol. But also, how can I have "stroke" around my text? Like a colored outline around it? If you can help me out, that's be great! I'm using CS5 if that helps

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Hi Teagan! I really love your art, especially your beautiful birds. I was wondering if you have any advice about transferring sketches onto watercolour paper? I've just started teaching myself to paint with gouache, but I'm worried I'm too heavy-handed to sketch directly on the paper.

I do my sketches in Photoshop, print them out at full size, and use an Artograph light pad & a regular mechanical pencil to transfer sketches to my final painting surface. Since I’m usually painting on 300lb paper it’s… really really hard to see the sketch lines through the paper… So I basically use the sketch as a guide for composition, anatomy, etc, and create more precise details on the final sheet as I go. As far as being too heavy-handed, I have that fear too of my pencil lines showing up through the paint in the final, so I trace VERY lightly and then before I start painting, I go over the whole drawing with a kneaded eraser to make all my pencil work almost invisible.

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do you use any specific brushes for coloring/painting? i just started out in photoshop & i'm having trouble figuring out which ones the best to use..

Good evening dear anon! My favourite brush and the most frequently used for painting is the Hard round pressure opacity, ( Photoshop default, it comes with installment.) When I first started with photoshop I used these two brushes below and they are still my favourite brushes till today❤

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hi! i was wondering if you could give me a few tips on starting digital art. i just got a tablet + downloaded SAI and i'm having trouble figuring out how to use them. sorry to bother you!! p.s. i love your style so much it's perfection

Wow thank you!

okay first of all you have to connect your tablet, open your drawing program (i use photoshop, sorry) and have some things you need to know

i recommend you draw in a big canvas and then crop and re-size the finished product. This way you won’t have problems later when you want to upload a drawing and having it pixelated because it was too small.

an essential to working in any program, being SAI or Photoshop or anything, really, is working in layers. Normally I would have the following layers:

keep in mind that this may vary A LOT. sometimes there’s more that one layer for sketch, or a million layers for color, and sometimes several layers for different parts of the lineart. you do have to get used to working with them though, because, while it IS possible to work in just one layer, i personally find it too difficult _(:3/L)_

also a good idea is to keep them all named as to avoid confusion between layers (i forget this too often and have a bad time lmao)

You can also hide layers by clicking the eye icon next to them, as well as reduce opacity (of the sketch for example, to make lineart more easily)

you should resize it if it’s too big, or else the file will be too heavy to upload and it’ll be a hassle ;-; . when you resize your canvas instead of cropping it, you’ll see that the size changes proportionally to the original and the resolution stays the same. 

Also, if you want to upload your gorgeous art to the internet, you should probably save it as a PNG. If you want to print it though, you should save it as PDF or JPEG with a high quality.

aaaand i can’t think of anything else to tip you on. The best advice i can give you is to click on a lot of things and keep the most useful, thing in mind, that will save you in multiple occasions and that you’ll begin to see as your lord and saviour

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HI! I WANTED TO ASK A QUESTION IF YOU DONT MIND ; O ; I was wondering, I remember you used to use Painter to do your digital paintings. Are you still using it? I've been trying it out, and man, it is kind of difficult. I'm no painter, but I love the brushes on that program. I just wanted to know if you could give me some tips? Thank you for your time, even if you can't get around to answering. You seem really busy, and I would hate to take up your time ; U ;

Hello! :D Thank you for the note! It’s no trouble at all! n.n
<: I love painter ! My favorite brush is the Gouache: Broad cover brush 40  *0* !  (I still use corel but also use Photoshop!)

There are SO many nice brushes there, but when starting out it’s sometimes nice to have a few brushes that aren’t too complicated! (I have Painter X so some brushes/settings might be different).

Some nice brushes are:
Acrylics: Captured Bristle Brush and the Opaque Acrylic Brushes (not the thick opaque though, they have a long load time for me 1: )
Tinting: Basic round brush (a simple brush that blends very smoothly!)
Digital Watercolor instead of the watercolor brushes (because they take….SO LONG TO LOOOAD…)
many of the pastel tools are really cool
Linework: the scratchboard tool or something like the crayon tool for a rougher look.
I used the Gouache and Acrylic brushes for this sketch, working general to specific. ——v


As for some other tips:

I’ll go over some things you can mess around with that can improve your brushes look and feel! Grain, bleed, resat and jitter. (Different options come up under different brushes)—v

Bleed: How much of the underlying color you pick up.
**(Make sure to click on the box in the layers window where it says “pick up underlying color” so that this actually works though, I keep it checked all the time!)**

Resat: how much “color” comes out of your pen
Grain: high or low grain, at 0% nothing will show up.
Jitter: randomizes textures etc

This <—- tutorial goes into more detail about some of the options above


*As for some other tips some people find that using a multiply layer to color on top of your line work works very well.

*Others like to work out the values of their piece first, then use a colorize layer on top. Then, if you’d like, you can add another layer on top of that (type normal) and add more detail.

*Other people like to work from general to specific, editing the whole piece at the same time.

*Pen pressure also has a lot to do with how the brush tools act

In the end, everyone has a different method and different tools in mind, and generally speaking what tools you use really depends on what you want your piece to look like in the end. So as general as this was, I hope you found something useful! Send me a note anytime if you have any other questions! :D


“I will hunt you down wherever you are hiding, and I will eliminate you.

I am justice.”

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i'm at that point in my life where i have no idea what i'm going to do with my life. i'm trying to tinker around in my free time with different things to see if i like them- graphic design is next on my list. do you have any recs about how i can start trying it out? should i download photoshop and start playing around?? i'm just a little lost and confused with what i'm doing overall... ty very much, though! your blog always gives me lots of motivation!!

go out and see, experience, listen, hear, etc. it might sound really, really bland at first, but i honestly think the simplest actions are the most crucial basics when getting into any kind of creative field. you can get inspiration and ideas from pretty much anything or anyone, so going to museums, people-watching, taking walks, talking to people, eating different foods, etc. are all great ways to let your mind wander without limitations. make sure to take a sketchbook with you!!!! doodle a lot and jot down notes, even if they don’t make sense at first. i feel like little bits and pieces of your life somehow always sneak into my art and design subconsciously (which is a good thing!!!).

as for programs, adobe creative suite is great. i find for graphic design specifically though, photoshop, indesign, and illustrator are the most used!!!