i'm just starting one of these so i'll have things to make in photoshop when i get bored

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Hey, I have zero experience in drawing or any kind of manual art like that. But I've decided I want to try and learn even just the basics, but the resources online are sketchy and I have no knowledge to be able to decipher what's good and what's not. I really love your art, I know you probably get this a lot but where do you think I should start?

ALRIGHT alright alright I’m going to make this some sort of ”beginner artist” masterpost and include as many resources as I possibly can. I am going to assume you want to focus on the ”drawing” aspects of art since it can take many forms. Here are some pointers and resources I consider vital when learning how to draw, things I’ve learned from multiple art oriented courses. This is going to be a very quick and general thing and I’ll make some serious and properly drawn tutorials in the future (the drawings in this one are going to be embarrassing, try to only take the general idea from them) but to start off:

  • Before you jump into drawing in any particular style, learn your realism.

This is probably mistake #1 in many young art enthusiasts: they go straight into wanting to draw either anime, or a particular cartoon’s style because a stylized form of art is much more appealing to them than realistic things. Which is valid, but I’ll have you know in order to get any of those styles right, you have to learn the basics AND ONLY THEN proceed to use that knowledge to ”deform” said realism into any style you want. Be it learning from life drawing and observing, pictures online of real people or animals. When you look at a big household name in the artist world’s work, as flashy as their stuff might be, a trained eye is able to tell immediately if the person has proper anatomical knowledge or not, no matter how much they try to mask it with ”this is just my style.” Let me show you an example: 

(excuse the 5 minute sketches pls, note these are actually highly inaccurate (the knees should be placed lower on the second drawing and calves shouldn’t be as big as the thighs) but I wanted to demonstrate ”realistic proportions” in contrast to more of a stylized drawing in a really quick way, a google search for “human anatomy” will bring up much more accurate visual representations of all this so I highly recommend doing that)

But basically in order to play around with anatomy you first need to learn realistic proportions (you don’t need to absolutely master them or anything, but you need to know things like the distance between the forehead, eyes + nose and chin correlate, places where fat stores in comparison to where muscle stores, the size of the forearm until in reaches the wrist/arm are practically the same, arms + hands reach below the hipbone and halfway to the the upper thigh) and only then proceed to bend those rules to create your own stylized version of things, which means you get to play around with a lot of shapes like so: 


For the love of all that is holy make use of guidelines, whether with a light colored blue or red pencil if you’re drawing by hand or a sketch layer in Photoshop/SAI etc. They will help out so much when it comes to knowing where you should place each feature. Many people attempt to draw directly without them and while after a lot of practice it might work, to start off you really need to understand basic figure building.

(I’m literally drawing all these one drawing a minute excuse the shittiness I’m just trying to get the point across ahah gOD THESE ARE PISSPOOR)

  • Carry a little sketchbook with you if you can and draw strangers while riding the train, bus, etc. Just draw whatever you see.

It’s not only entertaining when you might be bored out of your mind but extremely productive to draw people, animals, scenery, anything you can see that you might want to sketch out for practice, you can. No better way to learn than real life. 

  • Take time to draw. And draw. And draw.

You will not learn or improve overnight, bettering yourself when it comes to art is an endless and ongoing lifelong process. But it won’t be due to osmosis, you gotta sit your ass down and draw as frequently as you can afford to (although excesses can be bad for you, learn to also take breaks and find comfortable positions because drawing CAN REALLY MESS UP YOUR BACK like badly and you don’t wanna end up hunched over because of it or with tendonitis) But believe me: practice makes perfect and if you learn to observe and understand why you’re drawing what you’re drawing, why are you placing that line where you’re placing it and start thinking in 3D, you will surely improve.

Now for the part you truly want to look out for -






Last but not least, some artists that inspire me beyond words and that might also inspire you.

I hope this helps!

22. Don't hide from me
  • Harry: "I'm bored." Darcy stops playing with her Barbie dolls and sits beside you, reading The Notebook for the -nth time. Harry was just on his iPhone, tweeting fans and random things. "Let's play a game." He suggests. "What game?" You put down your book, but still wearing your reading glasses. "Hide and Seek!" Darcy shrieks. "I'm game, (Y/N)?" "Who's it?" "Me." As soon as Harry started counting 10, you were scurrying for a hiding spot. "Basement, mommy." Darcy whispers. You carried her downstairs softly and hid behind the couches. Time passes, around 30 minutes, and you and Darcy are relaxing in the back, laughing and all about his search for the both of you. But as the door creak open, you and Darcy jump and hide once more. "I heard noises here, or I'm just crazy." Darcy peeked over to see Harry, but you pulled her down, creating noise in the back of the couch. "Shit." You mumbled softly. "Don't hide from me." His footsteps get louder and nearer, "Gotcha!" His head pops out to see you two, and yanks you out of your hiding spot, spinning you around. As he puts you both down, "Oh, damn." "Hey!" Harry covered Darcy's ears. "Cursing, (Y/N)." You rolled your eyes. "Oh, dang, Daddy caught us!" She stomps out with a mad expression, only to be enlightened as Harry carries and spins her around. Cute you thought.
  • Liam: "(Y/N), what is this?!?" Liam rages as he dropped a tabloid about you and Ashton Irwin, who happens to be your ex-boyfriend, but Liam thinks otherwise. He's never like this. "Are you cheating on me?!?" "What?!? Give me a reason why I'd do that!" "First of all, you've been spending a lot more with Irwin rather than you're own boyfriend!" "Excuse you, but I have other friends I wanna hang with, besides, I read an article on you and your ex Sophia! Tell me about that would you?!" "Sophia may be my ex, but she is my friend." "That's exactly what I mean about Ashton!" "Oh really?! Is that so with the picture in page 30?" You picked up the tabloid and flipped it to the picture of you and Ashton kissing. "This picture is photoshopped and fake." "I don't think so, it looks very realistic. "How can you not trust me, Liam? I know that this picture is a fraud." "Then why would the writers publish this information?" "Maybe because they want to ruin this relationship and making me realizing how much of a untrusting and aggressive douche you can be!" Those words caused a huge pang of pain through your cheek. You were tearing up while Liam realizes the wrongness of that action. "(Y/N)." "Save it Payne." You walked of the flat and to the top floor, where a garden of flowers were planted and were a good hiding place. As you were crying your heart out, "(Y/N)?" Liam's voice echoed, making you crawl under the bushes so he won't find you. "Don't hide from me." His feet pitter-pattered and rushed as his eyes saw yours. "(Y/N), about a while ago, I was scared, scared to lose you, and almost did. My mum and sister would be infuriated if they found out I slapped you. Forgive me, please?" He flashed his familiar puppy eyes, winning you over as you hugged him. "Don't touch me like that ever again or we're done." "Promise." He kisses your lips gently but sweetly.
  • Niall: Growing up, you had abusive parents, that would explain your bruises you had in almost every part of your bodyeveryday. People thought you were a freak, except this one blonde-haired boy named Niall. He was basically your only friend in high school. You guys were together one day after school, when you both said your goodbyes, your parents were by the door, furious like they always were. "Where the fuck have you been?!?" They grabbed your by the hair, and begun kicking you in the stomach. Weak at the their eyes, they brought out a gun. "We want you gone." They said in unison. You were massively afraid at this point. "Niall!" You shouted. "Aww," Your mother caressed your cheek. "Don't think he'll save you, darling." Your dad aimed the gun by your temple, closing your eyes with tears streaming down. Then the door was crashed by the police. You ran quickly, hearing gun shots when you exited the house. You ran towards the park beside your house to the tree you grew up loving. "(Y/N)!" You heard Niall calling your name, seeing the light shooting from the flashlight. "Don't hide from me." In a few minutes, you felt the light on your face. "(Y/N)!" He hugged you tight as you did too. "Are they dead?" "Yes." "Why?" "I-I called the police when I heard you screaming from the pain when you were being kicked around." "Thank you, thank you so much." "Your welcome." He plants his lips on your lips passionately. "What was that for?" "I love you, (Y/N), and I swear that I promise to keep you safe and that I'll never lay a harsh finger on you." "I love you too, and thank you."
  • Louis: You got a text message from Paul this morning about how Louis has been missing you so much since the Where We Are tour and that he's getting annoyed whenever he talks about you, a lot. You thought on planning a visit to him in Atlanta, the next venue for the band's concert. Booking tickets and getting on the plane, you were more than excited to see him, it's been way to long. Paul fetches you from the airport and straight to the backstage part of the arena, where you saw the rest of the boys and Lou Teasdale. You were walking down the backstage corridors, then hid behind the trash can as you saw Louis talking to Harry and Zayn a few doors further. "Louis!" You called out, his face shot up. You crawled quickly and ran for it. You heard a few footsteps running from behind, but luckily you made it to the backstage area in a matter of seconds. Behind the curtains, "Louis!" You called out again. He was looking annoyed. "Don't hide from me!" You ran going to the other side, but only to be stopped when two strong arms were around your waist, spinning you around. "You have no idea how much I missed you!" He showered your face with kisses that were getting sloppier by the second. You wiggled yourself out his grasp and running again away from him, playing the game once more. But it wasn't as easy as it first was.
  • Zayn: It was 9 o'clock on a Wednesday night, and you were stuck in a argument with your 16 year old daughter Adrianna. "Adrianna, it's a school night. Your father will be mad if he finds out." You warned. "But mom, it's gonna be the party of the year! Everyone's gonna there and if you were me, you would go, right? Please let me go?" You were seconds away from saying no, but then you remembered yourself when she was your age, and you'd definitely do anything to any house party. "Fine, but just this time. I'll cover for you." "Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" She soon rode with her group of friends. Around 11, Zayn comes home from the studio, falling on the couch with so much exhaustion. You were just on the kitchen counter, drinking some tea and heating a while ago's dinner. Zayn got the guts to sit on the dining table, eating the food you prepared for him. As you were heading upstairs, "The kids are asleep, right?" He asks. "Yes, right on curfew." "Oh, I should still go up and check on them." Remembering Adrianna, "Actually I just checked on them minutes before you arrived." "But I haven't seen them all day." "You wouldn't wanna disturb them." "Are you hiding something from me?" You panicked and ran going to the stairs, "Stop where you are." Zayn was by the end of the stairs. "Don't hide from me." You sighed and explained everything. "I'm gonna kill this girl." He got his car keys and to the house party. You're screwed for doing the right thing.
  • A/N: Feedback appreciated! :)
Tutorial: Theme Graphics

Hello, so an anony asked me how I make the pictures on my theme. Sorry in advance if this is shitty, I’ve never done a tutorial before. I’ll try to keep it as simple as I can for beginners. People have also asked me how I keep the picture static and in place on my theme, so I’ll also teach you how to keep it from shrinking or repeating.

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