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(40) (End) Ignis' pick-up poem.

Even though it is not a new realization, Ignis Scientia is aware he may be a bit too uptight and rather cold as a boyfriend to Gladiolus Amicitia.

His feelings are all true, yet he is aware he may not show it as much as he could or should. While Gladiolus does not mind and understands that’s just his way of being, Ignis has not yet stopped thinking about Gladiolus’ sweet poem, and feels a bit in debt: Gladio, in his strange, sometimes childish but always sincere and honest way, loves and appreciates him, and Ignis feels he hasn’t shown himself thankful enough.

Grateful for all those 69 attempts of flirting (…or at least some of them) and a poem, and those wonderful 5 years of relationship so far, and wanting to do something special for Gladio, Ignis has been drabbling down poem ideas in secret.

Decided to have an ultimate weapon after 39 attempts of a pick-up line, having cleaned the poem and memorized it, Ignis has come to be prepared, and awaits for an appropiate moment.

Today the hunter’s being hunted.

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I know that people like to reject the idea that going for a walk, or opening your curtains, or doing something small and nice for yourself, and the usual response to anything in relation to mental illness recovery is “we can’t all be neurotypical”

like, I get it. I’ve been battling an almost life-long series of mental illnesses. Ive been at my lowest points for a very long time. And I KNOW it’s VERY hard to snap out of that, and hearing optimistic advice is EASY to scoff at cuz, hey, it honestly does sounds unbelievable and silly. Yes, a lot of neurotypical people do give unhelpful advice, and when they say it, it’s not coming from an understanding of the severity of the situation.

But I say this: I am mentally ill and I am set on recovery and leading a more fulfilling life than what I used to. you can’t get help until you’re prepared to receive it, as it’s YOUR mind and body that has to be worked on.

You’re allowed to live with mental illness, and nothing will ever truly take it away, but you can improve and find ways to help you function better.

And yes, going for a walk, opening the curtains, talking to a friend, listening to some quiet music, even cooking….they’re all ways that have helped me slowly be more productive. doing little chores around the house has improved my mood also.

I know that it’s a common thing these days to reject the idea of recovery, and I know that individually that is okay since you recover when you’re ready, but I think we really need to stop the culture that is being formed around it. and by culture I mean reblogging posts towarsa nasty about people trying to give self-care or recovery advice. can’t stop you from venting in your own space, that’s not what this is about. we honestly need to stop the rising culture, because it’s gunna get to a point where we all feed off each other’s stubbornness and unwillingness to improve that it’s going to start making those who want to improve feel bad, or encourage people who are already feeling hopeless and not wanting to improve continue that way of thinking.

you’re not wrong for wanting to recover. recovery is a good thing that helps you feel better about yourself and gives you more hope for the future and can further even more recovery in the future, even if it’s almost as hard as not doing anything at all.

and as I said, it’s different when neurotypicals say that “try yoga and go for a nature walk” bullshit, because they’re not understanding in the same way other mentally ill people who try to give the same advice do.

recovery is gruelling and difficult, but it’s not impossible.

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omg why don't u like cordelia

god this is so stupid and childish but she reminds me of a lot of terrible people i went to high school with. it’s not like i was tortured by cordelia-types (like willow was) but a lot of my friends were and i have a hard time in general when it comes to empathizing for stuck up rich girl characters. when she lost all of her money and became poor i felt… nothing. it was and still is bizarre 

Harry Styles’ new album is going to be earth-shattering. Harry is a perfectionist as we all know. He would never settle for less than a completely new innovation. He is honing his skills as a musician in order to be able to produce something beyond expectations. Judging from his widely varied collaborators, this album may very well define what music in this new century should sound like.

Harry Styles’ new album is going to shock the world. That is what fans need to hear. This album is going to be better than what music fans have become all too accustomed to. This isn’t some prefabricated formula for songwriting. It isn’t going to be something five young boys had to rush through with three months to write and record. Harry is stepping as far away from that kind of writing as possible to give fans the music they deserve.

A loved one not lost but remembered. 

poor akaashi, it must be so hard being loved by so many dogs

Sorry I stumbled on a gif set the other day and couldn’t get this out of my head.

THEY BOTH DO IT. Who taught these boys this move? Do you think it was Peggy?

Peggy (1940s): If I tell them falling over is a Good Fighting Tactic™ do you think they’ll believe me?

Peggy (2010s): Huh.

The Fic Writer’s Beatitudes

Blessed are the readers, for theirs is the archive.

Blessed are the betas: for they help us write the stories we see in our hearts.
Blessed are they that kudo, for they reassure us that someone likes what we’ve done.
Blessed are the rebloggers and reccers, for they help the readers find our work.
Blessed are they which leave comments on a WIP that say something other than “write more please”: for they comfort us when we feel taken for granted.
Blessed are the commenters; for their words bring us joy.
Blessed are the loyal fans, for they keep the fandom alive.
Blessed are the fan artists, for they bring our worlds to life before our eyes.
Blessed are they which read an entire long fic and comment each chapter, for the string of comment notifications fills the writer’s heart with delight.
Blessed are ye, who rec our fics in public and tag us, for seeing that we made somebody squee is the light in our days.
Rejoice, and be exceeding glad; for great is your reward in fandom.

@sweetchcolate blessed me once with these hylink doodles

and then blessed me again by giving me permission to color the one i loved the most. thank you so much, i hope you like it!! 

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Amami’s theory of survival

oh my god. just… the ONLY time we see todd and ken interact the entire series, these two characters that have so perfectly fucking mirrored each other at so many different points, and it’s when they both share this look and little shrug like ‘welp guess i should go look after my weird holistic buddy’ and that’s that and it’s like this pure moment of understanding. perf

a stolen moment

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I am also convinced of black paladin lance (and i will also be so upset if he isnt like u have my hopes too high) bc like lance is legit always taking charge! Like whenever its just him and another paladin without Shiro, Lance is the one who leads! Someone will have to pry this headcanon from my cold dead fingers before i give it up

(Sorry for getting your hopes up but we’re in this boat together now buddy)

Exactly!! Lance usually falls into the pattern of leading when Shiro’s not around, and he’s pretty damn good at it. He’s pretty serious on missions, creative when coming up with solutions, and doesn’t actually get braggy when he has a good idea, which is really interesting considering his character the rest of the time. He knows when to get down to business! 

And like the other options just don’t make as much sense to me?

I genuinely don’t think that he fits the characteristics of the Red Lion. He’s not really that temperamental most of the time (unless Keith is involved bc he’s jealous of him). He’s not very impulsive in battle (outside of battle is a different story though lmao). And I don’t really see him as relying on instinct more than skill. He seems to prefer planning.

And then there’s the whole “you’re only here because the best pilot in your class had a discipline issue and flunked out” chekhov’s gun to take into account. They never really followed up on that line and I feel like it’ll come into play in season 3. Specifically if they put Lance in Red, because he’d be sitting in a seat just because Keith had vacated it. Again. I think it could be a good arc (Lance slowly coming into his own and realizing that he doesn’t have to compare himself to Keith), but it’d have to be handled carefully. Red is a lion that requires a pilot that “carves out their own path,” though, so it could work!!

As for Blue, Lance is kinda incompatible with her. Blue is one of the most confident lions and Lance… isn’t actually all that confident (anymore?). That whole “seventh wheel” line was. yeah. If they keep Lance in Blue, I feel like the whole “the blue lion is the most accepting of new pilots” thing will come into play somehow (Blue’s characteristics will probably get revealed in-show when the team is trying to figure out what to do without Shiro), and that Lance’ll have to deal with that information as the season progresses. Like with Red, I think it could be good for his character, but it’d have to be handled carefully.

But it’s like. Putting Lance in Black would just be a really interesting option, and it would fit him!! Maybe even fit him the best!!! He has the goods to be a leader– his main issue would be acting like one. It’d be so cool and it would make sense and I’m. Emotional about this boy.