i'm just sobbing quietly


When Asami let Varrick show her some new revolutionary invention she didn’t expect said invention to burn down her lab.
Nor that a hot firefighter Korra would come to save the day

I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore

gniewan  asked:

about Extra for vol. 17 - what are your toughs on the fact that Oikawa and Iwaizumi are not going to be on the same Uni. I'm very curious! half of fandom just died of heart attack. personally - I'm i'm sobbing quietly ...

I hope you don’t mind me responding to this publicly! (I was kinda hoping someone would ask, haha)

I don’t think it’s confirmed that they’ll go to separate unis—from what I understood it was more an “even if we end up on different teams”-statement than a “when we end up on different teams”-statement.

BUT, in my opinion, if they go to separate universities that’ll just be another exciting arc in their story/friendship. It’s a different dynamic from what a lot of people imagined, but it’s not an inferior one. Shippers shouldn’t be sad! I’m sure there are plenty of fic writers itching to incorporate a distance dynamic into iwaoi; this extra is going to give rise to so many stories we don’t have yet, whether it’s established relationship iwaoi dealing with LDR or pre-relationship iwaoi realizing what this new distance means to them individually. (Or even a post-relationship iwaoi where they broke up to avoid LDR and have to deal with the fall-out, written especially by & for people who like pain. ;) )

Long story short: vol 17 extra introduces cool new dynamic a lot of people hadn’t considered yet but beyond that doesn’t confirm anything really. Also tells us that Oikawa & Iwaizumi childishly have who-feels-worse competitions, which really ought to be balm to any tortured soul