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The first time Jeremy says, “I’m happy for you,” he means it. It’s during their first year of college, when Michael comes back to their dorm room early one Sunday morning still wearing the sweater and jeans he wore yesterday, dark marks dotting his neck, sheepish grin adorning his reddened face. Jeremy barks the words teasingly, begs for the more scandalous details, and high-fives Michael before they start a round of Mario Kart.


The second time he says those words, it’s nine months later, when Michael introduces him to Luke. He says the word jokingly, nudging Michael’s side with his elbow when Michael hisses that it’s casual, oh my god, it’s nothing serious, stop it!

But Michael’s repressing a smile when he says it, and Jeremy’s glad to see his best friend happy.


The third time he says the words is a long time later. After a breakup and a fling and a tumultuous short-term relationship that Jeremy could never grant his blessing to, Michael comes back from a second date with this guy he met on a dating app with a hickey and a huge grin. Jeremy’s busy working on an assignment due by midnight, so he just says the words on auto-pilot, sparing time to fist-bump Michael before he refocuses on his laptop. There’s an odd twinge in the pit of his stomach when Michael hums his way to the shower, but he ignores it in favor of cursing at his word doc.


The fourth time is senior year. Michael’s been going on and on about his crush in his Sound Editing class, and Jeremy gets a text during lunch saying that he’s scored a coffee date with the crush.

I’m happy for you, Jeremy texts back. Good luck!

Staring at his phone screen, his half-eaten sandwich forgotten on the table, Jeremy looks at the excited all caps texts from Michael and realizes that he doesn’t mean the words at all.


The fifth time hurts.

Michael is waving goodbye to Alex, his eyes soft with affection and mouth red from kissing that Jeremy pretended not to be bothered by. He turns to Jeremy with his cheeks tinted pink and Jeremy’s heart plummets at the look on his face.

“I think I love him,” Michael says.

Even though his heart breaks at the words, Jeremy doesn’t let his voice crack when he says, “I’m happy for you.”


The fifth time is nothing compared to the sixth.

“He asked me to marry him!” Michael shrieks, eyes bright, smelling of cinnamon and an unfamiliar cologne as he hugs Jeremy tight. Jeremy clutches Michael’s shirt and hugs him back, eyes watering as he swallows a sob.

“I’m happy for you,” he chokes out. It’s a lie. He’s been lying for a long time, now.


The seventh time is the product of a hundred practice runs, of hours spent repeating the same line over and over at a mirror. The words have sanded his heart down to dust until there’s nothing left but an aching empty cavity in Jeremy’s chest.

“I’m happy for you,” he lies to Michael, who’s fidgeting with his tie and his tuxedo jacket. In a few minutes, Michael will walk down the aisle, and Jeremy will stand by him as his best man.

“God, I’m so fucking nervous,” Michael says, laughing.

“You’re gonna be fine,” Jeremy says, dragging Michael’s hands away from his necktie before he ruins the perfect windsor knot.

Michael sighs, then looks at Jeremy with a small smile. “Hey man, I love you.”

“I love you too,” Jeremy says, and he means it. He’ll always mean it. It’s the only part of him that’s not a lie, these days.

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Oh yes hello I'm back at it again with more prompts because i love sirius black ahaha anyways could you do prompt 12, 31 and 60 with sirius (oBVIOUSLY) please? thanks

keep ‘em coming buddy, my heart soars whenever i think about my honey, sirius black ✌️

12. “Woah, hold the fuck up, you did what now?”, 31. “If you sing that song one more time I will kill you.” and 60. “Stop laughing this isn’t funny!”

Your lips taste like the sweetest love potion, your smile like a holy constellation. You cast a charm on my heart, my heart, my heart –

“Do you mind?” you snapped, glaring at Sirius.

“What? You don’t like me serenading you?” he grinned, his smile daring you to kiss it. With extreme difficulty, you buried the urge to crash your lips against his beneath an irritated expression.

“I’m trying to study, Sirius. Can’t you go and annoy Remy or something?”

“You know, the thought crossed my mind, and then I remembered that it’s a full moon tonight and I chose life,” he remarked, before adding, “The guy deserves a break.”

Your irritation dissipated, leaving behind a sombre hole in your chest. “Yes, of course.” You muttered, feeling silly.

A still silence formed a shroud around the two of you for a few moments, in which you decided to return to your notes, ignoring the memory of the first time you had seen Remus in his wolf form. The scratch of your quill punctured the silence as you scribbled down important dates and short notes. You could sense Sirius getting restless, fidgeting in his chair like an impatient child. He drummed his fingers against the desk, threw his leg over the arm of the chair, shifted back into and pushed his foot against the desk, swinging in his chair. Madam Pince shot him an evil glare. Sirius’ insolent smirk filled the corners of his lips, and he sent her a wink, not afraid of the stern librarian.

You cast a charm on my heart, my heart, my heart. You’ve bewitched my soul, my soul, my soul. There is no magic like ours, ours, ours, and now that you’re mine, I am yours–

“–If you sing that song one more time, I will kill you!” you snarled, and Sirius laughed.

“Someone’s feisty today,” he chortled, pushing back on his chair so it was balancing on one leg.

“Yeah, well, you’d be pissed as well if you found out that your ex boyfriend was cheating on you…”

Your mumbled words did not fail to reach Sirius’ ears, and he lost balance, toppling backwards on his chair.

“Y–You broke up with Richard?” Sirius stammered, collecting himself up and throwing himself back into the chair. You nodded, emotions stirring like a potion in your chest. “When?”

“This morning,” you sighed, “Found him hanging around some other girl. She’s pretty, I don’t blame him…”

Sirius scoffed, shaking his head. “Fucking jerk,” he growled.

“Tell me about it,” you murmured, choking on tears. One slipped down your cheek and soaked into the parchment. He dragged his chair closer to you, his movements infusing the air with his cologne, and wrapped an arm around you.

Leaning into his shoulder, you began to cry, your body trembling in his arms as you relished in the warmth his body emitted. You breathed in his scent; smoke and sandalwood and masculine leather, and exhaled a sob that his body absorbed. He held you for what felt like hours, his fingers tracing patterns on your shoulder while his lips occasionally planted kisses to the crown of your head.

What you failed to notice, however, was his other hand that was curled into a white-knuckled fist, and the sharp lines that filled his handsome features while he silently plotted his revenge.

Woah, hold the fuck up, you did what now?” you snapped, eyes wide with disbelief.

“So that’s why Richard was in the Hospital Wing yesterday…” Remus mumbled, tiredly.

Sirius, James and Peters faces beamed with devilish glee, grinning manically as they stood before you and Remus in the library, one week after your tearful confession.

“No one breaks my – I mean – our (Y/N)s heart and gets away with it,” Sirius growled, “We simply…taught Richard a lesson.”

You groaned and rubbed your temples, massaging the upcoming headache away for a few minutes longer. “That doesn’t mean you have to turn every man’s dick into a squid!”

“Vampire squid,” James corrected and you glared at him.

“Correcting me only makes things worse, James,” you snarled. James and Sirius exchanged a look.  

“That’s only the first part,” Peter squeaked, “James and Sirius did more…”

You cursed under his breath. “What else did you do?”

“I don’t think you want to know…” Remus muttered, “Richard was actually weeping like a baby. I stared at the ceiling for three hours listening to him…”

The three Marauders snickered at Remus’ words and you exchanged a weary look with Remus.

Stop laughing this isn’t funny!” you barked, to which the three boys fell silent and stared at you.

James combed his hand through his hair, suddenly nervous. “We thought you’d be happy, that jerk got what he deserves,” he grumbled.

“Yes, he did,” you said, “And I’m…flattered that you all did that for me…but you can’t do something like that and come off scotch free. I don’t want you all to get detention just because some asshole decided to get knee-deep into some Hufflepuff. Alright?”

Sirius stepped forward, gazing intently into your eyes. “(Y/N), I don’t care if I get sent to Azkaban for defending you. I will fight wars for you…”

“I can fight my own wars,” you snipped, and a half-smile flickered across Sirius’ lips.

“Let me fight beside you, then.” The conviction in Sirius’ eyes was mesmerising, and you felt your heart stumble foolishly in your chest. The flecks of blue and grey that pooled around his inky, black pupils was washed over you, filling you up like sea water.

“Let’s – erm – go raid the kitchens. You in Moony?” you heard James ask, and Remus nodded, following James and Peter out of the library and leaving you and Sirius alone.

“(Y/N), I don’t think you realise how truly remarkable you are. Guys like Richard can’t just use you and throw you away…”

“That’s not what happened,” you murmured.

“It is! He hurt you and he can’t just get away with that!” Sirius rested one hand on your shoulder, spreading warmth through your entire body, “You deserve someone who makes you smile. Not someone who breaks your heart.”

You gazed up at him, your heart swelling large enough to splinter your ribcage. “Like you? You always make me smile, even when you’re not around.”

Sirius’s hand was resting on your cheek, cupping it gently. And then, he was kissing you, and it was beautiful, it was magical, it was a dream. He wrapped his other arm around your waist, pulling you closer, and you draped your arms around his neck, raked your fingers through his hair. 

It was a black sun burning in the night. It was chocolate melting over your tongue and black silk between your fingers. It was dancing lips and sparks shooting through your veins. And as you kissed him between the shelves of a near-empty library on a Saturday afternoon, you heard the familiar rhythm of a song you no longer hated, the lyrics written across your heart.  

Your lips taste like the sweetest love potion,
your smile like a holy constellation.
You cast a charm on my heart, my heart, my heart
You’ve bewitched my soul, my soul, my soul,
There is no magic like ours, ours, ours,
and now that you’re mine,
I am yours

idk prompts maybe?

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I just read a fanfic with this recently and i'm lowkey obsessed with the idea, but how about dadsona asking the respective kid(s) for permission to propose to their dad?

Craig; This was it. A clear Saturday morning. Craig was out and about for his early jog with little River strapped to his chest, leaving you with Hazel and Briar, who were scarfing down the extra special breakfast of pancakes and ice cream with a side of chocolate. You figured that the girls deserved a little prepping before you popped the big question, so you set down your fork and took a deep breath.

 ‘Alright, girls. There’s actually something I’ve been meaning to ask you two.’ You began. ‘You think I’m a good guy, right?’

  Both girls smiled. ‘Of course, we do, Y/N.’ Briar answered, biting off the tip of the strawberry on her pancake. ‘You’re charming and smart, your jokes are a bit terrible but tolerable, for the most part at least.’

  ‘Dude, you just gave me ice cream and pancakes for breakfast. You’re totally cool in my book.’ Hazel chimed in, mouth full of pancake. You laughed.

  ‘Well, that’s good. I didn’t want you both to think I was some sort of bad guy who just waltzed into your family since I am planning to propose to your dad in a few weeks-’

 ‘What?!The twins exclaimed, looking equally shocked as Briar dropping her strawberry and Hazel choking on her pancake, reaching for the hot chocolate to wash it down. You covered your mouth in regret. The table was silent for a while, both parties staring at each other in astonishment. It was Hazel who broke the silence with an awkward cough.

 She still looked surprised. ‘I mean, I’m not against it. Dad does talk about how much he loves you and, well. It’s clear he loves you so uh…’ Hazel nudged her twin, silently begging for her to back her up. Briar sighed and looked into your eyes. You knew she wasn’t going to be kidding around this time.

 ‘Y/N. Do you love our dad with all your heart?’

 ‘Yes.’ You replied without hesitance. 

 ‘Will you always make sure he’s in a good place and when he’s not, will you be there for him?’


  ‘Do you promise not to hurt him, in which case Briar and I will cast our super secret demonic witch twin powers on you to curse you and your descendants for decades?’

  You stared at Hazel, who looked dead serious before laughing at your extra shocked expression. ‘I’m just kidding, dude. Just make sure you take good care of dad, he really deserves it.’

  A sigh of relief escaped your lips as you leaned back on your chair. ‘Thank you so much, girls. You won’t regret this, I swear.’

Hugo; The front door opened to signal somebody had arrived home. You knew that it wasn’t Hugo considering he had texted you an hour ago that he was coming home late thanks to a bunch of middle schoolers in detention for setting fire to the trash bins. That meant you and Ernest were alone for the rest of the afternoon, and that gave you the chance to have a heart to heart talk with the moody teen. You watched as he made his way into the kitchen, where you sat on the sofa pretending to read a book. This was it. Now or never.

  ‘Hey, Ernest? You mind if you come over here? I kinda wanna talk about something.’

 No reply. This was gonna be a little tricky.

 ‘I could convince your dad to get a dog if you talk to me!’

 The footsteps stopped, then made their way towards you. Ernest groaned and threw his bag down, leaning against the wall. ‘Well? What is it? I don’t have all day, loser.’

You smiled and put down the book you were “reading”. ‘You know, your dad really cares about you.’

 ‘Is this what your talk’s about?’ He scoffed. ‘If I wanted to hear about cheesy bullshit I would have just gone to the guidance counselor’s office. Did Hugo talk you into this?’

 ‘Ernest, I know you don’t seem to care about your father much, but you should know that he still loves you. Very much, in fact. Hell, he told me once that you could throw a dozen cherry bombs into the boys’ toilets and he’d still love you.’ You spotted his face beginning to soften, so you went on. ‘Actually, that’s one of the reasons I like your dad. He’s devoted to you and everything else he does. It’s really admiring, don’t you think?’

 That was it. Tears began to roll down the young teen’s cheeks, trying to wipe them away with his orange sleeve. You sat up and opened your arms, Ernest running into them and sobbing into your shirt. ‘I-I know Dad loves me…’ He gulped. ‘I just..cant myself to..show him that-’

 He collapsed into a fit of sobs. You sat him down on the sofa, wiping his eyes before sitting down beside him.

 ‘I know you love your dad, Ernest. I understand that it’s kinda hard to show that you love him, but I know you do.’ You put your arm around him, hesitant at first, but when you saw that the young man didn’t mind, you relaxed. ‘That’s why I want to ask for your blessing to propose to him.’

 Ernest’s tired eyes widened for a moment at what you said, turning to you in shock. ‘Y-You want to…what?’

 ‘Marry him, Ernest. If it’s alright with you, of course.’

 He took a deep breath and stood up from the couch, grabbing his backpack and starting to walk away. Before you could start panicking, he turns to you with a smirk on his face.

 ‘Mastiff first, and Hugo’s all yours.’

Robert; You weren’t going to lie; Val seemed quite intimidating. Her city life clothes and her half joking, half serious attitude and her overall demeanor made you almost cower in your dad shoes. But you had to get her permission. After all, it was her dad, she deserves to be okay with it before you try something as big as marriage. You invited her over to Jim and Kim’s while Robert was off in the woods that night. The bar doors opened to reveal Val in all her shining glory, spotting you at a booth in the corner and giving you a friendly wave before walking over to you.

 ‘Well, Y/N? What kinda fuckery has my old man gotten up to now?’ She joked as she settled down in the leather booth. ‘Set fire to the woods? Lost his foot in a tragic car accident? Found the Dover Ghost but got taken away by it, and now you’re trying to tell me that my beloved father has been kidnapped and may never be seen again?’

 Yep. This was Robert’s daughter, alright. ‘No, no, and unfortunately, no. It does have something to do with Robert, though.’

 ‘Welp, I didn’t come all this way to hear small talk.’ Val turned away for a second to order two shots from Neil, who nods and delivers it over. ‘Spill the beans, dude.’

 You took a minute to assess the moment. There was Val, a smart, playful yet serious woman if you messed with her or her dad. One wrong step and she would definitely send you flying to the moon and back. Or poke a hole into your head with her super sharp nails. The point was, this was your one chance. And you couldn’t blow it. 

 ‘So, uh, marriage, right?’ You blurted out, trying to segway into the question. Val looked up at you with an eyebrow raised. Great job, Y/N, you thought to yourself as you awkwardly downed the shot glass, hoping the liquid courage would hit sooner. ‘Kinda a weird thing if you think about it. “Hey, I love you so much I’m going to get the government involved so you cant leave.”. What a weird thing, huh?’

 Nice, you made the situation even more awkward. Val sipped her shot glass skeptically. ‘You alright, Y/N? You look a little pale.’

 Shaking yourself out of your nervous state, you looked up to the confused Val.

 ‘Okay, Val. I’m not gonna lie; I really love your dad. I mean, I think it’s been fairly obvious already, but I really love him. I know you both have been through some stuff, stuff that I don’t have to get involved into if you don’t want to, but I know both of you love and care for each other. That’s why I was wondering if you were alright with, uh, letting me marry him.’

 Neither of you spoke for a moment, Val ordering two more shots which were delivered way quicker than usual. She picked up her glass and stared into the liquor inside.

  ‘You know, Dad’s been through a lot. Losing Mom. Losing me. I used to hate him for being such an asshole, even thinking he was incapable of loving anything other than himself. But lately, he’s been..better. He’s so willing to patch things up, get his shit together, and sometimes I wonder how that happened. So on the day I came back, I asked him.’

 She looked back to me and smiled. ‘He said he met someone. Someone who shoved some sense through his mind and made him wake up. I couldn’t even explain the words Dad used as he described you. They were all good, don’t worry. My father isn’t exactly the best when it comes to emotions, but when I saw what influence you had on him, I knew I wanted you to stick around.’

 With a flourish, she raised her shot glass in a toasting motion.

 ‘A toast to Y/N, my future step-dad and loving husband of Robert Small.’

Joseph; After weeks and weeks of waiting for the right moment, you finally found a short window of time where Joseph wasn’t with the kids. Sleeping in thanks to a late date on his yacht the night before. Thanks to this, you managed to wake up the twins and Chris (you left Crish to sleep soundly in his crib) , who were mumbling about not wanting to before you mentioned chocolate brownies, to which Christie jumped up to the chance while Chris and Christian just stirred at the thought of getting to lick the bowl. You set the kids to do their own tasks before starting the talk.

 ‘So, there’s one thing I gotta know; are you guys actually planning to kill me in my sleep?’

 Chris groaned and shook his head, signaling that he wasn’t interested. Christie and Christian shook their heads too. You breathed a sigh of relief.

 ‘Phew, that’s a good thing. Well, do you think I’m an alright guy, then?’

The three stared at each other for a moment, then nodded. You smiled. This was going better than expected.

 ‘Great. So, this next question might be a bit…shocking but it’s very important to get your answer. It’s okay to be honest and say no, alright?’

All three children froze. Christie’s brush had stopped buttering the tray. Christian’s mallet hovered over the crushed nuts. Chris’s hand had stopped moving the spoon to mix. They turned towards you at the same time, making you feel quite anxious.

 ‘I, uh, kindawannamarryyourdad.’ You mumbled, suddenly taken aback by the children’s creepiness. Christie and Christian walked up to you, and just when you think they’re going to pull out two knives and stab you for wanting to marry their father, they wrap their tiny arms around you and mutter ‘new father’. Chris walks towards you, eyes boring into yours.

 ‘We love Dad a lot. Just don’t try anything, got it?’

You nodded vigorously, and Chris shuffled back to continue mixing the bowl. The two refused to leave your waist, and though it was a cute gesture, you pried them off and insisted you had to continue the brownies, planning to make them a present for your future fiance. And, of course, you let the kids lick the bowl just this once.

Damien; It didn’t take a detective to know that Lucien was a tough nut to crack. His rebellious ways made it a bit difficult to pin him down while Damien wasn’t around, but you finally got some alone time with him when Damien was off dealing with a dog emergency at the animal shelter. You heard loud rock music through the door leading into his bedroom. Knocking on Lucien’s door, the music shut off and a familiar voice shouted through the door.

 ‘What the fuck is it?’

 ‘Lucien? It’s just me.’ You replied. ‘I was hoping we could talk for a bit, there’s been something I’ve been meaning to ask-’

 Before you could finish, the teen had already pulled his door open. ‘Well? What is it?’

 You mentioned that it would be better if you talked in the living room, and he begrudgingly trudged to the living room and plopped on the couch. ‘So what the hell is this about? If it’s my music, then yeah, I’ll tone it-’

 ‘It, uh, isn’t just that, kid.’ You sat yourself down beside him. ‘I mean, yeah, it’d be really nice if you could, but there’s been something else I’ve wanted to talk to you about. It’s about Damien.’

 You could see Lucien’s face go from angsty, passive-aggressive, oh-my-god-leave-me-alone to point blank serious. Lucien was a rebellious teen, however, that didn’t mean he didn’t care about his father. It was surprising, actually. They both had a loving relationship, which is mostly the reason why you wanted to ask Lucien for permission in the first place. Sure, he was glad that you made his dad feel good about himself, but to marry the man who’s been raising him alone for years? That was pretty big, and you had to make sure Lucien was okay with it.

 ‘Y/N? You look a little pale, is it something bad?’ Lucien’s voice was unnaturally soft. You cleared your throat and spoke up.

 ‘Lucien, I know you love your dad a lot. I also know that you matter a lot to him, and he sees you as his entire world. So it’s kind of well and good to ask; are you alright with letting me marry your father?’

 It was Lucien’s turn to become pale as a ghost. He stared at you with unblinking eyes and an unreadable face before slouching into the sofa.

  ‘You know, I kinda expected this. You and Dad have been so close lately, and don’t get me wrong, I’m all for it.’ He rubbed his eyes. ‘I’m really happy that he’s found someone to kind of, be weird with and shit, you know? He seems really content with you, so go ahead.’

 You smiled, thanking Lucien for his blessing. Maybe he wasn’t that tough of a nut to crack after all.

  ‘Oh, and by the way, find a better place to hide your engagement ring, dude.’ The teen laughed before heading upstairs into his room.

Mat; Carmensita was a sweetheart. She gave you the utmost respect, and you treated her like a mini Amanda, joking around with her and (attempting at) making matching flower crowns for you, her, and Mat. Despite this, she seemed a bit weak with emotions. This was evident throughout the many times she cried during an emotional scene during movie night, wherein Mat had to give her a big dad hug, asking you to skip the scene so Carmensita would stop crying. This made you a bit hesitant to ask for her blessing at first, but you decided to pull through with it anyway.

 It was in the evening, where Mat was off at the Coffee Spoon for open mic night. You passed for tonight, pretending to have a headache and insisting you would be fine with Carmensita. Waving goodbye to your boyfriend as he walked off into the night, you had a nice light dinner with the young girl, listening to her go on about school.

 ‘Miss Davers is a bit weird, but you get used to her eventually.’ She gobbled down on her food. ‘Maybe you can teach me algebra, Y/N?’

 ‘Hmn,’ You bluntly replied, picking at your dinner. You were so nervous that you couldn’t even eat anything in fear of choking it up and scaring the daylights out of her, which was not going to be the best moment to ask for her blessing. She noticed your silence and put down her utensils.

 She looked at you with concern. ‘Y/N, you’re really quiet tonight. Is it the headache? Should I call Dad?’

 ‘N-No, sweetie. I’m fine, just a little..’ You bit your lip. ‘Do you like me, Carmensita?’

 ‘Of course!’ Carmensita’s mouth curved into a smile, showing off her braces. ‘Did you really need to ask?’

 ‘Actually, yes.’ You sighed. ‘Sweetheart, I need to ask you something. It’s pretty important, and I just want to let you know that I completely understand if you say no, alright?’

 Looking a bit scared, she nodded anyway. Here goes nothing;

 ‘Will you let me marry your dad?’

 Shock. Screaming. Crying. You prepared yourself for anything that Carmensita would react with, and sure enough, the young girl started bawling up. Just as you were about to call your attempt a massive fail, she began giggling and wiping her eyes.

 ‘Ah, jeez. You really scared me for a second, Y/N. I thought you were going to ask something way worse, like you were some sort of alien and you were gonna ask me to run away and join your alien family or something.’ She walked over to you and buried her head in your chest. ‘Of course, I’ll let you marry him, Y/N. There’s no other person I’d choose. You make him feel so happy and giddy and you both seem so cute together. How could I say no?’

 ‘You sure it’s alright? I could be a huge hug alien ready to crush my next victim into a warm embrace!’ You joked, patting her frizzy brown hair. She laughed and smiled up at you.

 ‘Hug alien, shmug alien. Dad is all yours.’

Brian; Daisy was Brian’s pride and joy. He practically put her on a pedestal and worshipped her every day of his life, so you decided it would only be proper to ask for her permission to marry her father. She was a smart, sensible girl, surely she would understand, right? You knocked on her door on a late afternoon when Brian had gone shopping. She called to let you come in and you did just that.

Her walls were filled with trophies and medals, along with laminated certificates and a bunch of pictures with her dad. Their closeness intimidated you, but you were determined to see this through, sitting on the edge of her bed beside as she put down her book.

 ‘Hi, Y/N. Have you and Dad finished your “who’s the best daughter cuddler’ competition yet?’ She gleamed. You chuckled, remembering that day where you and Brian had a huge cuddlefest on the couch with Daisy in the smack middle, content of course but slightly unable to breathe in between the two huggers. 

 You put a hand on Daisy’s back to reassure her. ‘Daisy, I’m happy to announce that your father and I have decided that we are both sufficient cuddlers and will not be subduing you to our cuddling competitions. Thank you very much for your participation and we hope to see you again next year!’

 The girl giggled, covering her mouth and muttering something along the lines of ‘It was a good experience’. You cleared your throat. ‘Jokes aside, there is something I want to talk to you about, Daisy.’

 ’Anything, Y/N.’

 You took a moment to look at her. She had Brian’s hair and freckles, hell, even a bit of his eyes. It was almost as if you were looking at Brian himself, which made you extra nervous.

 ‘D-Daisy, d-do you think I could marry your d-dad?’ You stuttered, unable to get the words out. Daisy went from slightly curious to absolutely shocked. She let her jaw drop and hang as her widened eyes stared at you. You assumed she was trying to find a way to say no and started to let yourself out before a hand grabbed you.

 ‘Wait, Y/N! It’s not that I’m going to say no, it’s just… so astonishing. Don’t leave, please.’

 You propped yourself back onto her duvet as she grasped your arm, thinking that you were going to walk away at any second.

 ‘Sorry, I got a bit scared there for a minute.’ She apologized. ‘You know, Dad really likes you. Whenever you aren’t around, he would talk to me about how much he loves you and cares about you, asking me for help to think about competitions just to get closer to you, stuff like that. And I’m not going to lie; I enjoy it. But what makes you different is that you make Dad feel good about himself. He takes a lot of pride in me that he sometimes forgets to see the actual good of the real him. You make him feel like he should be proud the way he is, and I’d love for you to be a part of our lives.’

 Daisy nuzzled into you. ‘Still with me, Y/N?’

 ‘Sure am, Daisy. And thank you.’

((ahhh im sorry this took forever, i was writing this during my breaks of reviewing for exams and i just couldnt concentrate without wanting to finish this prompt! super sorry it looks rushed, i’ll be back to answering prompts regularly by tomorrow after my last exam!!)) 

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If your still taking ideas maybe the dialogue "You are loved." And "I'll do whatever it takes to make you happy." From the dialogue prompts you posted. Polyamsanders is the preference but if that makes you uncomfortable i also love Prinxiety and Logicality Only if you want to I'd course don't force yourself. Also I've heard life's hard. I'm sorry about that fam and if it means anything your one of my fave authors in the fandom!

“You are loved.”


I’m sorry this and the other three have taken so long. I dont have an excuse I’m just useless. Also I love polysanders. It’s okay, I hope my day off will help that and im glad you like my writing!!! Trigger warning: self harm and self hatred


“I think we should break up,” Virgil blurts out, their all sitting at the table when he says it. All of their heads snap up.

“Well I mean I think you all should break up with me not like we all should break up, it’s just about me,” Virgil rambles panicking.

“Wh-why?” Patton asked eyes wide and filled with tears, “Did we-did we do something?”

“No, it’s- it’s me. You did-you didn’t do anything wrong. I prom- I promise,” he said spitting it out in a rapid fire panicked way.

“Can you tell us what changed?” Logan asked calmly getting up from the table and kneeling in front of Virgil, gently taking his hands.

“Nothing,” Virgil said jerking his hands away, “I never deserved you, I just need to stop being selfish about it.

“What do you mean?” Roman asked getting up and going to stand next to Logan.

Virgil pushed his chair back, “Stop I don’t- I don’t stop please,” he said scrambling so frantically back that he almost tipped the chair.

Logan stood and took a step back, “Okay look, were not going to crowd you. It’s okay,” Logan said holding his hands up.

Virgil got up and scrambled to his room. Patton stood as if to follow.

“Wait,” Logan said taking his hand to stop him from going.

“He doesn’t think he deserves us,” Patton says.

“I know,” Logan says.

“Then how can you not let me go,” Patton said trying to sound angry but just coming out sad, scared, broken.

“He needs space,” Logan said.

“Spectacles is right,” Roman said, “We got too close and he panicked, ran, if we go now we will just drive him further. We will go to him, comfort him, later but right now he needs space. He needs us to give him space.”

Patton just looked on wide eyed and frightened, “I don’t know what to do.”

“It’s okay well figure this out together. None of us are alone in this,” Roman said.

Patton let out a broken sob and wrapped his arms around himself.

“Oh honey,” Roman said gently picking him up. Patton wrapped his arms around his neck, his legs around his waist, and buried his face in the side of his neck sobbing and clinging to roman like his life depended on it, “It’s okay. Well figure this out,” Logan was gently rubbing his back and trying to soothe him the best he could.

“Let’s go to bed dear, we shall deal with it in the morning,” Logan said.

“Okay,” Patton said sniffling nodding into Patton’s neck.


Virgil sprinted back to his room barely closing and locking the door before collapsing next to his bed. He didn’t deserve them, he thought his mind racing. He deserved to be alone and unloved. He didn’t deserve beautiful, bright Patton who had a smile who lit up the entire room. He didn’t deserve Logan who was smart and kind and not the best with feelings but he always knew how to help Virgil, what facts to use to help him calm down. He didn’t deserve Roman with his heart of gold and ability to make Virgil feel safe in a way no one else was able too. He didn’t deserve them. He thought as he dug his nails deeper into his skin.


The next morning, they woke up in the neutral room Patton was the first awake and the fact that Virgil wasn’t there hit him like a freight train a broken sob left his mouth. He slammed his hand over his mouth and sobbed into his hand trying not to wake the others. He crawled out of the bottom of the bed so he didn’t wake up the two men to his left and right. In that moment he made a decision. He stood off the floor and headed to Virgil’s room.


Virgil hadn’t slept, anytime he closed his eyes he saw the hurt and betrayed looks on the other sides faces. He couldn’t get the image of Patton crying out of his head. What had he done? He had makeup streaks down his face and his face was puffy. He had long bloody streaks on his arms and his fingernails were caked in blood. He was hurt and sad and he felt so alone. He regretted doing it, he wishes he had just been selfish and stayed. He wished they would hold him and comfort him but he had ruined that, just like he ruined everything. He sobbed barely breathing chest convulsing, thoughts flying rapidly around the room.

Suddenly someone banged on my door, “Virgil let me in.”

“Go away Patton,” Virgil said voice shaking.

“I’ll sink in if I have too. Open the door,” Patton said half begging half demanding.

Virgil drug himself up and opened the door half hidden behind it hiding his arms, knowing Patton would feel guilty.

Patton was having none of it and he shoved open the door almost knocking Virgil over before declaring, “You are loved.”

“W-what?” Virgil stuttered.

“We love you. I don’t care if you think you’re being selfish or whatever you have convinced yourself you are doing because we love you. This isn’t pity or fear that you’ll leave Thomas or whatever you think it is because we love you. So, if you want out because you want out and not because you think you don’t deserve us or that well be better off without you then we’ll respect that but if you’re leaving to help us or whatever then stop because that isn’t what it will do. We love you, we care about you. We want you around so I’m going to ask once and then I will respect it. Do you want to break up with us because you want too?”

“No,” it came out broken and strangled and he practically collapsed into Patton’s arms when he said it sobbing and clinging to Patton. Patton held him and rocked them both stroking his back gently and making soft soothing noises through his tears.

“It will be okay, Verge. It will all be okay,” Patton murmured scooping him up already feeling the room affecting him and carrying him to hall. He shut the door and sat on the floor putting Virgil in his lap. He held onto him as Virgil grabbed fistfuls of his shirt and sobbed just repeating he was sorry over and over again.

Patton looked up when a hand landed on his shoulder. Logan sat across from Patton their knees touching and reached out to take Virgil. Patton slowly began to take Virgil’s hands off his shirt so he could hand him over to Logan.

Virgil panicked the minute Patton started to pull away, “I’m sorry don’t leave. I’m sorry,” he scrambled to grab at Patton.

Logan took him quickly, “Virgil, Virgil calm down its okay,” He said stroking his hair, “Patton’s just going to get Roman. It is okay we are not leaving you it’s okay Virgil. Just try to breathe,” Logan said rocking him.

“I’m sorry,” Virgil said breathing stuttered.

“I know love, do you want to go to the neutral room with Patton and Roman, instead of them coming here,” Logan asked calmly. Virgil nodded burying his face in Logan’s chest. Logan picked him up and carried him to where Patton and Roman were talking. They both stopped when the two entered the room.

“We figured it would be best if we come here,” Logan explained as he set Virgil on the bed.

He slid away from them before saying, “Are you mad at me?”

The others are shocked and Roman is the first to speak sliding up to Virgil’s side and placing an arm around his waist, “We aren’t mad love.”

“I would be,” Virgil said.

“You were scared and had decided that it would be best if you left none of us can blame you for what you are the embodiment of,” Logan said sitting on the other side of Virgil and placing his arm around his shoulder.

“We care about you Virgil,” Patton said kneeling behind him and draping his arms over his shoulder and pressing his front to Virgil’s back, “We won’t be angry for this”

“Thank you,” Virgil said practically melting into their touch, “I love you guys so much.”

Love You Forever (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! I’m still shook about last nights episode and i don’t think I will ever recover 😂 here is a very depressing but touching imagine. I might have cried writing this so I hope you guys don’t.
Warnings: death, depression, low self esteem
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: the reader and Spencer are best friends at the BAU and the reader is in love with spencer and everyone can see it except him so when maeve gets taken the reader manages to save her but ends up getting killed
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: reader struggles with body image issues…
2 years.
For two years you have been working at the BAU.
1 year 27 weeks.
That’s how long you have been in love with Spencer Reid.
The whole team knew once you told Penelope but even though Spencer is a genius, he sure is oblivious to love.
He has been your best friend but never showed any interest in being more than friends, which you respected, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.
It hurt when you saw Spencer sitting by himself, reminding you that you couldn’t be his.
He’s so independent.
He’s independent until you make him depend on you.
When he bottles up emotions, you find a way to make him talk to you, opening him up to release anything that was on his mind.
He claims you were the only one who could do that.
And one night, he told you something that shattered your heart.
“Her name is Maeve and… I really like her…” you basically spaced off after that.
Are you not good enough?
Is that what it was?
You felt a tear fall down your cheek.
Damn it.
Good thing Spencer was looking at his lap, where he was sitting crisscross on the couch in front of you.
You quickly wiped the tear, but Spencer noticed.
“Y/N are you okay?” He asked a hint of concern in his voice.
“Yeah I'm… I’m really happy for you.” You said quietly.
By now, he knew something was up.
Thoughts fled his mind as he tried to profile your emotions.
“Is there something you want to tell me? Your holding back something. I will listen I promise.” He said reaching for your hand but you pulled back, knowing his touch is just going to make you nauseous.
“I'm… I’m okay. I promise. I’m just… I’m really happy for you. Im glad you… you found someone.” You said, the last part quiet and filled with disappointment.
He didn’t believe you.
He assumed you needed time alone so he patted your shoulder and left your apartment.
You did need the alone time.
Well time away from him.
You need to try to get over him, find a distraction before this gets out of hand.
Over the past month Spencer has told you all about Maeve and how important she was to him, stabbing you repeatedly in the heart as he rambled about her.
“She’s already the most beautiful girl in the world to me. I don’t care what she looks like.” He said staring at the ceiling.
You broke down, you couldn’t hold it in anymore.
“Sorry I need to leave.” You said, your voice breaking as you sped away.
About a month after that, Maeve had gone missing and Spencer was torn.
It hurt you to see him like this, distant, scared and lost of hope.
He came to your door multiple times with red eyes and a runny nose.
You took care of him of course, but you were half tempted to hand him over to JJ so the pain would stop.
He could crumple in your arms as you stroked his soft hair, telling him it’s going to be okay.
He had even slept over a few times but the last time you couldn’t help it anymore.
When Spencer was sleeping, you kissed his forehead.
“Spencer Reid… I don’t know how I could fall in love with you so fast but… I guess it was just your personality and hearing your soft voice as you rambled about random stuff. But I love you. Not just as a friend but like… I would have liked to spend the rest of my life with you. I wanted to wake you up in the morning with coffee and shower you in kisses because you deserve the world. But, I know there’s someone else… to do that. I-I hope she treats you well because you deserve it. You deserve it and so much more.” You felt tears spill over your cheeks as you kissed his forehead once more before walking to the kitchen.
The next day, Spencer had put his life on the line.
You weren’t exactly sure what happened, but you know he risked his life.
Now you were on the way to the warehouse where Maeve was being held captive by Diane Turner.
You and the team walked in, guns out of holsters and out in front of you.
“You would kill your self for her?!” Diana yelled as Spencer stood in front of her with his hands in the air.
“Yes.” He said sincerely.
“Wait! Diane right? You had the thesis about suicide killing brain cells right?” You asked putting your gun back in its holster.
“Why do you care?” She snapped holding the gun tighter to Maeve’s head.
“It’s wrong. I read it. I’m actually the one who convinced Ms. Donovan to reject it. She knew it was wrong but I knew how a biased thesis like that would have never passed. Let me take her place. Killing Maeve won’t do you any good. But if you really want to kill someone… kill me.”
“Y/N what are you…”
“Let’s see how your thesis was wrong. I’m putting my life on the line. I’m willing to die. You have no proof that your thesis works. Let me be your test dummy. Do it shoot me.” You said throwing your gun to the side and taking off your FBI vest.
Multiple people were yelling.
“Put down the gun!”
“Y/N what the hell are you doing?”
“Stop taking off your vest.”
“Let her go.” You said keeping eye contact with her.
Diane slowly let go of Maeve and while she was doing so you charged at her, attempting to tackle her and take away your gun but you were interrupted by a loud boom.
You were shot in the pelvis, making you fall to the floor.
You could have swore that would have worked.
Your head hit the ground as you saw JJ run over to Maeve and Derek cuff Diane.
“Y/N Y/N hey look at me.” You heard Spencer say as your body was slightly lifted.
He pressed down on your wound, but nothing hurt.
“Hey your going to be okay.” He said brushing hair out of your face.
“No. No Spencer I’m not.” You said as you choked back tears.
“Don’t-don’t say that you will okay.” He said as tears filled his eyes.
“Spencer… I love you. I’ve loved you for-for a long time okay? Please take care of yourself. Please be careful. I love you so much I’m sorry I couldn’t do better.” You said choking on hot liquid that turned out to be blood.
You saw confusion and compassion in his eyes.
“No you-your going to live. Your going to live.” He repeated but you could already feel your body start to numb.
He was lost for words.
He wanted to say more but he was shocked and everything was coming together.
At that point he knew what was wrong with you that one night.
He now pieced together the little signs he never noticed until now.
How your pupils dilated when you looked at him.
How you got a little shy whenever he would touch you.
The redness in your cheeks when he would smile at you.
“I’m-I’m so sorry.” He said as tears fell down his face.
“You don’t have to-to be. Just know that I love you p-please.” You said with a faint smile.
His blood-covered hand shook as he hugged you tighter.
He started to cry.
Not just shed tears; he started to sob uncontrollably as he felt the last rise and fall of your chest.
“No no please. Someone help me please!” He yelled holding your faint body in his arms.
The medics finally got there and had you on life support, but it was your time.
You risked your life for Spencer’s happiness and if you could you would do it again.
All you wish of now, up in heaven, is that he keeps going.
That he lives a happy life and gets the care he deserves.

First Meeting (Happy Mother’s Day)
Requested by Anon: canon missing scene where the Evans’ meet James and like his charming mischievous personality more than Petunia’s newest conceited beau Vernon (and Lily’s weird childhood friend Severus Snape).

Eliza Evans was perfectly content with her life and everything in it.

She had a wonderful husband who loved her very much. She lived in a small town where the neighbors were kind and generous. She had little but needed nothing thanks to her two girls. Out of everything in her life, Eliza was thankful for her baby girls. Eliza felt lucky to get to call two special girls like Petunia and Lily her daughters.

Petunia was the eldest and the textbook example of a devoted daughter. Petunia was always focused on becoming something to someone. Eliza knew that Petunia was a carbon copy of her in looks, minus the brown hair from Mr. Evans. Petunia carried Eliza’s looks well, always being the most fashionable one in the Evans’ household. It was no surprise to Eliza when Petunia grew up and left Cokesworth to attend a discounted typing course in London as soon as she’d saved enough money.

Petunia was quite capable on her own after eighteen years and Eliza didn’t worry even though Petunia was miles away in a big city. Petunia shared a flat with another girl in her class and barely scraped by on the bills but she made it very clear she had no intention of coming back to Cokesworth.

Eliza’s oldest daughter was drawn to the urban normalcy of London, a stark contrast to her little sister who thrived in unpredictable fantasy.

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ask-the-holiday-nightguards  asked:

Yooooo, I don't know if you're request box is still open, but I'm gonna go for it Polysanders. Anxiety had nightmares that his boyfriends wouldn't be next to him in the morning. He'd wake to find that they're still there. They'd all comfort him because they were all also woken up because of Anxiety's shaking. The nightmares don't stop but he can't sleep through the night.. (1/3)

A/N: Okay, first, love this! Second, I know you said Virgil but I feel like Patton doesn’t get enough emotional support from the others so I did Patton. Hope you don’t mind! 

Roman awoke to the feeling of someone clinging on to him for dear life. He slowly opened his eyes and looked down to see Patton, seemingly still asleep, grasping his shirt in his hands as he shook with fear.

Logan felt Patton’s shaking and woke up as well. He shifted his position from where he was hugging a sleeping Virgil to look at Patton, waking the other as a result.

The three looked at each other in worry upon seeing the condition the fourth was in, and Roman quickly shook him awake. Patton’s eyes shot open and he sat straight up, panting heavily, his body drenched with sweat. He looked around him for the others, clinging onto Logan this time as soon as he saw them.

“What’s wrong, Pat?” Virgil asked, running a hand through the panicked boy’s hair.

“I-I-I… dream… and you-gone and—“ Patton stuttered between sobs.

“Shh, shh, shh, it’s alright, dear,” Logan soothed, rubbing circles into the other’s back. “Just take deep breaths.” Patton tried his best to calm his breathing and, after a few failed attempts, succeeded.

“I had a dream,” Patton began once he found he could talk properly, “where I woke up and you were all gone and… I called out for you and you didn’t answer and I searched but I couldn’t find you and I was all alone.”

“Don’t fret, my love,” Roman said. “We will never leave you alone like that. We love you.”

“I love you too,” Patton said, his voice muffled as he buried his head in Logan’s shirt.

For the next week and a half, Patton continued to have the nightmares, but the constant assurance of seeing his boyfriends as soon as he woke up led them to fade away, leaving peaceful, lovely dreams. Until one morning…

The first thing Patton noticed was that Virgil’s arms were no longer around him, as they had been when he fell asleep. Panic flooded through his body as he sat up and frantically looked around for the anxious trait. What he found was even more unsettling.

The bed was empty except for him. All three of his boyfriends were nowhere to be seen. He was alone.

“V-Virgil?” he squeaked. There was no answer.

“Logan?” he called out, a little louder this time. No response.

“R-Roman?” he shouted. He felt his breath quicken and become erratic. They were gone. All of them were gone. The nightmares had come true. They were all gone.

“Alright, well, if that’s all you need, I’ll be getting back to bed,” Logan said once Thomas figured out his problem. He sunk back into the mind and headed back to Virgil’s room, where the four traits had decided to stay that night. He expected Roman and Patton to be there since Virgil had gone out to meet some of the other darker traits at the main center for all the traits, but he only found Patton, and he looked so frightened.

The moral trait was hugging his knees, gently rocking himself back and forth as he sobbed, his head tucked between his legs. The sight of this broke Logan’s heart. He rushed over to Patton and wrapped his arms around him, knowing from past experience that physical contact calmed him down.

“Patton? Patton!” Logan repeated until the other looked up. As soon as Patton saw Logan, he flung himself onto him, still crying his eyes out.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay, it’s alright,” Logan whispered assuringly. “I’m right here.”

“Wh-where… others?” Patton managed to get out.

“Let’s go to the commons and find them, okay? Take a deep breath, there you go,” Logan said. Patton did as Logan instructed, then the logical trait helped guide him to the commons, where Roman seemed to be busy writing down ideas.

He was facing away from the entrance, so he didn’t notice Logan and Patton standing in the doorways until a whimper escaped the latter’s lips.

His head swung around and his face fell when he saw Patton. He looked so scared and morose.

“Patton!” Roman exclaimed, running over to them. He wrapped his arms around the shaken trait in a protective hug as Logan explained what had happened.

“Oh, darling, I’m so sorry for leaving you like that,” Roman apologized, he and Logan guiding the third to the couch. “I needed to catch up on some work. I really didn’t want to leave you like that and I should’ve left a note or woken you.” Once the three were sitting down, Roman pulled Patton toward him and planted a kiss on his head.

“Where’s… where’s Virge?” Patton asked. “I need… I need him.”

Before Patton even finished his last sentence, Logan had his phone out and texted Virgil to come home immediately. Lucky for them, the center wasn’t very far, and Virgil was there in five minutes.

Roman scooted over on the couch to make room for their fourth boyfriend. Patton whimpered at first, needing constant content, but soon found himself in Virgil’s arms, feeling safe and wanted.

“I propose we cancel all our plans for today and spend the whole thing with Patton,” Virgil mumbled.

“I would like nothing more,” Roman smiled, wrapping his arms around Virgil since he couldn’t reach Patton.

“I, as well, am certainly up for that,” Logan said, joining by hugging Patton from behind.

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baekbyunnie  asked:

Hey~! Are you sure you're okay with all the drabble games and scenarios?? It seems like a lot.. :( I say that but I would like Baek (like always >-< ) with the lucky prompt lol. I'm suuper sorry about all the requests! Don't rush and take your time~ Please don't get stressed over it ╰(*´︶`*)╯Have a nice day~

Originally posted by littlebyuns

Byun Baekhyun

I called customer service planning to go off on an angry rant but your voice is so sexy I completely forgot what I was going to say.

Baekhyun had one of those bad weeks.

He knows that after standing under the rain for twenty minutes because he had forgotten his umbrella, in the same week he had forgotten the keys to his apartment and the same week he had broken up with his girlfriend. The man was a walking tragedy and as he let out a soft breath, he shivered, having already opened the door to his apartment and feeling the coldness of the air conditioner hitting his tanned and wet skin. Baekhyun runs his hands through his hair, trying to turn his phone on after having walked with it on his hand under the rain, but he was welcomed with the same black screen even when he had his finger pressed against the button. Baekhyun lets out a groan and he feels his eyes filling with tears but he only throws his phone over the sofa, letting his body fall limply over the couch before covering his face with his hands. The worst events in his life just had to happen in the same week, it seemed.

He takes off his clothes as he walks towards his room, picking up his blankets along the way to wrap them around his body as he sat at the edge of his bed, using that old phone that his mother had insisted that he had to have –in case something happened and she was right about it-. Baekhyun immediately calls customer service, breathing deeply to keep his nerves in check and trying to stop the tears to fall down his eyes. Once his strands of hair stop falling over his forehead, he hears someone picking up the phone and a small smirk appears over his features. Surely, he wasn’t supposed to put all his anger over someone but he really felt bad. If only he hadn’t made the mistakes he did –even when his relationship’s end wasn’t his fault- then he wouldn’t be suffering like he was, he wouldn’t be so alone. He covers himself up a little before settling his body over the bed.

“Good night,” He says, interrupting the speech that the person was supposed to say on the other end and he only hears someone humming before he picked up his phone on his hands. “I need your service. I bought my phone about two months ago thinking it was waterproof but I walked under the rain for twenty minutes today and it stopped functioning, what kind of shitty company are you working on because this surely isn’t what I paid for-?” Baekhyun stops himself once he notices that he was taking his stress off in this person and once he hears a soft sigh, he lets the other person speak.

“Mister, I am deeply sorry, you have all the right to be mad.” His bones instantly feel a little bit warmer when he hears the sound of said woman’s voice. It was sultry, calming, probably tired from the time she was working at and she sounded calm. That was what he needed in his life, arms that soothed him, words that calmed him down and a life that wasn’t so bothersome, so harsh on him when he was weakened by the amount of hits he had taken in the ring that he liked to call his life. “You could bring it to the closest building you have and we’ll make sure to fix it.” She says those words like a mantra, playing with her pencil as she writes down another complaint and once she hears the silence on the other end, she hears the muffled tone, as if he was trying to say something or he was trying to control his breathing. “…Hey, are you alright?” Baekhyun widens his eyes when he hears that voice and whilst on other occasion he would’ve hung up the phone once the service-person heard him crying, he felt like he could tell her something. It was simply to get the words through his head and he wouldn’t get a better advice that from a stranger, someone that didn’t really care about his wellbeing and would only listen to him without saying much. “Did something happen?”

“I’ve had the worst week of my life,” Baekhyun says those words and she straightens her back slightly, hearing the sound of his sobbing and she feels her heart breaking. She doesn’t know this man’s eyes, not even his factions or his story but she knew that he was something else, why did she feel so curious? “I’ve been feeling everything and I am sorry, thank you for your service-”

“You’re welcome.” She says those words sweetly and he feels a little bit at ease once he hears those words, even when he was heartbroken and half naked on his bed. The sound of her chuckle eases a smile over his features and she sighs. “If you ever want to talk, I am always here on Thursdays from midnight until six in the morning.”

And it wasn’t a surprised when he called the next week and the week after that, falling for the sound of her voice until he finally met those eyes of her and finally, he felt like he had someone to rely on.

B.A.P Song series: 1004
  • Yongguk
  • Word count: 1.7k
  • Slight angst // mentions of blood // some fluff

The wind howls and tendrils of purple lightning stretch across the sky searching for a way to ground itself. The spring storms were frequent, but tonight seemed especially bad. A crack of thunder drowns out the movie playing on your TV before the screen goes black. You sigh and give up on finishing the film, pushing yourself up from the couch and padding quietly to your room.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do a headcannon where the MC has an eating disorder and the rfa (+v and saeran) find out and how they would react?

Sure, sure!! Thanks for the request, anon!! TRIGGER WARNING: ANOREXIA


-You and Yoosung binge ate

-And then you finally beat the boss in LOLOL

-By that time

-It was 2am

-As Yoosung lumbered off to bed

-You went to bathroom

-Time to get this over with

-It was about a month ago

-You and Yoosung went to a LOLOL Convention

-And Yoosung being Yoosung

-Made you cosplay with him

-“Yoosung, please, I’m not skinny enough to be a cosplayer.”


-You finally gave in and dressed up

-The whole time you were there you felt self conscious

-You couldn’t help but look at everyone’s fit, beautiful body


-You leaned over the toilet

-until you heard a whimper

-You turned your head in horror to see Yoosung leaning on the door

-He slowly slides down until he is seated

-tears are streaming down his face

-“MC, just..why..?”

-You slowly walk over to him

-but before you can say anything

-He grabs you and wraps you in a tight hug

-“MC…it was that time wasn’t it… the convention..I’m so sorry..MC…”

-“Yoosung.. I…-”

-“MC, I don’t understand… you’re perfect. Perfect in every way possible. I love you, MC, and it… it hurts to see you like this..”

-His face is red from crying

-his eyes gave such a sorrowful look you couldn’t bare to see

-“Please, MC, Please.”

-You told him about it

-He told you over and over that you’re beautiful

-even if it makes him blush

-And he secretly hates cosplaying now


-You got up from your dinner the two you were eating

-“Ah–MC, there’s still food on you plate”

-“I-Oh-I’m not hungry.”

-You’re never hungry

-Jaehee noticed this and took careful note of when you were actually eating

-One night

-You hovered over the toilet

-You stuck two fingers in your mouth

-You threw up the small amount of food you ate


-you sensed someone’s presence


-You turned and saw Jaehee staring at you

-Her horrified expression hurt more than your stomach

-“I-uh… Jaehee..”

-Her hand covered her mouth

-You can hear inaudible sentences in-between sobs

-She reaches for you and holds you in a tight embrace

-“MC, you’re beautiful. I love you. You have to eat something, please.”

-You both cry together

-Later she makes you one of your favorite foods

-And you both snuggle together as she talks to you until you fall asleep


-It happened about two weeks ago

-One of Zen’s fans was trashing you and on the internet

-“Omi god did you see Zen’s girlfriend? Such an ugly bitch. How much does she eat?! Fucking fat ass! I guess anyone can be Zen’s girlfriend Lol!”

-You knew that it was probably some girl that was jealous of you but the harsh words got to you

-And soon

-You were fasting

-It was this particular night

-You thought he wouldn’t be home from his acting practice so soon

-“MC! I’m home!”

-He looks around

-when he doesn’t find you

-He gets a little nervous

-he literally searches the entire apartment

-And where does he find you?

-In your room, weighing yourself again

-His face changes to one of remorse

-“MC, this is the fifth time today.”

-Before you can say anything

-He kisses you

-“MC, you’re beautiful, inside and out. I love you with all my heart…What happened?”

-You tell him about the fans comment


-Similar to Yoosung, he’ll constantly tell you how beautiful you are

-almost as if he’s blaming himself

-he’ll totally sweet talk you and flirt with you pretty much the same tbh


-It was after the meeting that you realized

-Jumin was getting a lot of attention from girls lately

-you are just his girlfriend not for long

-they all looked very different but there was one thing they all had in common

-they were all very skinny

-You felt disgusted with yourself

-comparing your body to theirs

-Finding all the flaws

-so you decided to fast

-just a few more months and you’ll look flawless.

-You stood over the toilet

-when you were finished, you wiped your mouth and turn to open the door

-but the door was open

-and there stood Jumin

-he didn’t speak or do anything for a moment

-which was

-truth be told

-scarier than if he was to yell at you

-He just


-with that solemn face that broke your heart


-He grabbed you and held you in his arms

-He didn’t say anything for a while

-“…..MC…how long have you been like this?…..How long have I not been here for you?..”

-His face was red from crying and his voice came out cracked and hoarse

-Jumin held you tighter

-“I love you MC…so much.”

-“I know you do Jumin. I love you, too.”

-He cradles you in his arms and rocks you back and forth in his arms until you fall asleep


-You hadn’t eaten anything in weeks

-You would always refuse to take part in his “Honey Buddha Chip Fest”

-Seven was beginning to notice your eating habits, or rather the neglect of it

-“Wait, MC, did you have dinner yet?”

-You nodded and plastered the best smile you could before walking up stairs to do it

-Seven had suspected it for a while

-and as he walked upstairs

-all that he feared

-was right there

-His girlfriend

-throwing up

-You turned around in surprise

-Actually, you half expected him crack some joke

-But all expectations were shattered when you saw her boyfriend

-with his hands covering his face

-and tears.

-Seven was crying.

-“How could I not know about this? I thought I knew everything about you..but..”

-You began to cry too.

-“Seven… please… it’s not your fault…”

-You two sat there


-and suddenly felt all warm

-Seven was hugging you

-“MC, your hilarious, your beautiful, you’ve got the most wonderful personality…please don’t do this to yourself.”

-You two continued hugging each other

-later he made you eat a lot


-V has always liked taking pictures of you

-but you

-hated it

-“MC, please? One more photo?”

-you were sometimes even in magazines

-you saw yourself

-in a magazines with all those beautiful women

-and then there’s you.

-It had been a month since you started fasting

-and now here you are…

-hovering over the toilet


-You didn’t notice


-V had walked into the bathroom

-And he was staring at you

-And when you turned around

-ran up to you and hugged you

-“MC!! You’re so gorgeous!! Why would you do something like that?”

, you could feel his tears stain your shirt,despite him trying to hide it

-“V, I'm sor-”

-“No, MC, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you when you needed me most.“ 

-He still takes photos of you secretly because your so pretty tho


-“MC, that’s the third time you’ve weighed yourself this morning.”


-You quickly walk out of the room

-or at least you try to

-But Saeran grabs your hand

-“MC, wait.”

-You look at him and right then

-your heart rips in two

-His eyes are filled with worry, even with him doing his best to conceal the fact that he knows.

-“MC, eat something.”

-“Ah, I already a-”


-You can see tears swell up in his eyes


-“….that’s it. You’re staying home today.”

-He pulls you into a hug

-“MC, please take better care of yourself or I’ll have to.” Hey that doesn’t sound too bad


-He kisses you on the forehead then goes to get you something to eat

-now he makes you go everywhere with him

*Not that my theory is that in V’s route after the good ending he’ll get eye surgery ;)

Wahhhhh my second request!! Thank you and keep sending in those requests! Tell me what you think! Got any tips for me? Anything at all, thanks again!


anonymous asked:

I'm still never going to get over that BV scene?? Like I could be 60 and still be talking about it?? Also, this could just be wishful shipper in me, but it looked like the video was cut and the scenes were switched around. Like, Taehyung asked Jungkook why he was in his bed BEFORE the cuddling. When he asked this, he was wearing a sleeve that's not there when they were cuddling. Doesn't make sense for him to wake up, and put on the sleeve without noticing Jungkook was there too. But who knows.

Taekook fanmeeting grandma version will become real one day. I’m sure of it!!!!xD Damn it WHAT WAS THAT?!?!?!? *screams* ..i can’t believe we saw it!!!!!And they showed the cuddling part!!! *screams some more!!*

..but why you aren’t telling me you’ve read the theory that’s going around?O.o (..the sleeves were folded btw..during sleeping it seems at some point,the left one got loose) I don’t share the same view with the fellow shipper though because the room lighting/cutting parts and the missing pic moment&phone..doesn’t show enough to view things as turning facts.But Taehyung probably continue sleeping with Jungkook either way because he was still adorably half asleep and ready to pass out!Awwwww!!xD So imo, no harm done or off track if you wanna view things in different order…i’ve mentioned my view over it ->here<- but what i wondered when i’ve read it,is.. what’s the question ppl were looking the answer to?!:o To make a theory or searching for stuff beyond means you’re looking for an answer of a bigger question from what you can or cannot see.

~You want to confirm that Taehyung indeed kissed his arm while knowing is Jungkook?You can’t confirm it either way because even if he knew, how do you know he isn’t dreaming of someone else or something?You searched for that answer because of no-shippers or skeptical ppl?The antis will use every window they can get of such moments anyway.. no point playing along to that game. The answer though is that he saw him..he does open his eyes but it’s that half-asleep kinda state where you will know then but probably forget in the morning and even if he wouldn’t, he is like half sleeping..he probably kinda “woke up” because Jungkook pulled his arm from him and he felt it while sleeping and that’s why he turned to him after all and cuddlessssss.. I’m sure many have been into that position and know what it feels like in which i cannot find the proper words to properly explain it.. You think after sleeping together many times *stuck together version* since predebut days, he cannot recognize him even while sleeping though?I would be surprised!:o ..consciousness is something that doesn’t work the same way while we are sleeping. He could forget it in the morning easily unless it was more like a nap mood going on. That bed after all,was meant for one person and it just tell us that either way, Jungkook wasn’t suppose to sleep there. Taehyung also does those random-kissing-body-parts with Jungkook.. we know that too. How do you think that ear kiss happened?Because i’m sure as hell there was no such game going on that time!!haha;p

Look at Jungkook’s reaction btw.. someone is not asleep yet!huhuxD <3

~You want to confirm that Taehyung was also aware that he was cuddling Jungkook while sleeping? Why you need confirmation of it?Don’t you already know he does that even while still awake? sleeping Taekook is a treasure we were lucky to see more than one or two times!!*sobs*

What we didn’t know,and that holy video gaves us an answer to.. is Jungkook’s side in Taekook sleeping. We were getting signals here and there but actually seeing it happening in motion in front of our eyes after memories of “don’t bother me when i’m sleeping” or “the bed doesn’t fit us” etc … 

*SURPRISE* !!!!!!!!!!♥    //falls to the floor//  (ಥ﹏ಥ)

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If MC were ever in a severe accident and dying on the hospital bed, how would she spend her last days with each of the characters? ((Dark I know, but I'm curious and I like your writing ^^))

this makes me sad but god knows i love being sad so 



  • when he heard MC was hospitalized he ran out of class
  • MC was in surgery when he got the hospital
  • sitting in wait made Yoosung so anxious he thought he might vomit
  • so he buys MC a few things from the hospital gift shop
  • the biggest teddy bear in stock, also the biggest bouquet of flowers, and the biggest heart balloon
  • so Yoosung sits and waits again, now with a giant teddy bear, flowers, and a balloon
  • he’s ready to make MC feel every ounce of his love for them
  • he waits for an hour
  • and one hour turns into two
  • and two turns into three
  • until finally a doctor emerges from the room
  • “are you a family member?”
  • “I’m MC’s boyfriend! how are they doing?”
  • Yoosung tries to retain a positive disposition
  • “I’m very sorry…”
  • very sorry?
  • before the doctor even finishes his sentence, tears start to build up in Yoosungs eyes
  • no…
  • no, please
  • this can’t be happening
  • apparently the surgery didn’t go well..
  • and MC only has a few days left
  • Yoosung runs to the nearest bathroom and locks himself in a stall, tears streaming down his face
  • no no no no no no no no
  • he sobs aloud, unable to hold in the crushing pain of his reality
  • Yoosung doesn’t know if he can handle losing another loved one
  • he’d just finished getting over Rika’s death and now
  • he was going to lose the person most important to him
  • but…he can’t let MC leave the world like Rika did, covered with darkness
  • he wants MC’s last memories to be everything that is bright and pure
  • Yoosung will make sure that the way MC leaves this world won’t be remembered as sad, but as an ending just as shining and happy as they made everyone around them
  • he spends every waking moment with MC
  • “Yoosung, you should be in class now”
  • “MC..im not going to leave you”
  • one morning when MC wakes up, their room is decorated with streamers and balloons, and Yoosung is sitting in bed next to them, reading a book
  • he brightens up when he sees theyre awake
  • “happy birthday, baby! i brought you a whole cake”
  • “Yoosung..? it’s not my birthday”
  • MC rubs the sleep out of their eyes
  • “i know that, silly. we’re celebrating your half birthday today!”
  • MC laughs at Yoosung
  • at that moment, Seven parades into the room, followed by Zen, Jumin, and Jaehee
  • “Happy half birthday, MC!”
  • MC gasps with happiness when they see all their friends come into the room
  • V says that when Rika died she felt alone….
  • and after Rika was gone, Yoosung felt alone
  • to feel “alone,” Yoosung thinks, is like being punched in the gut every second of everyday
  • MC should never have to feel alone
  • even though Yoosung would be lonely without MC
  • he wants them to feel the joy of company, of love, of friends
  • for every second until they leave this world


  • its all my fault
  • Zen took MC out on his motorcycle that day
  • while the were riding a car pulled out, hitting the motorcycle
  • but the car only hit the back end of the motorcycle
  • where MC was sitting
  • Zen was scraped up, but not nearly as bad as MC
  • he held their hand in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, apologizing the whole way
  • even though MC was unconscious
  • its all my fault
  • im such an idiot
  • its all my fault
  • Zen continues to beat himself up while MC is being taken care of by the doctors
  • when he hears the news that MC only has a few days left
  • things get even darker inside his mind
  • you killed them you killed them you killed them you killed them
  • he cant even go inside MC’s room to visit them
  • Zen doesnt think he can handle looking into the face of the person he killed
  • especially when that person is also the love of his life
  • everything grows black inside his mind in that hospital hall
  • he just stands in front of the door to MC’s room
  • wishing he was strong enough to go inside and comfort them
  • but how can he be of any comfort..
  • when it’s all his fault
  • “Zen…are you out there?”
  • MC’s voice reaches Zen through the door
  • he freezes at the sound of their voice, unable to breathe
  • “please come in here, Zen..”
  • he takes a deep breath and opens the door slowly, choking back tears
  • he wants to apologize, but where can he start?
  • how do you apologize for killing someone?
  • “Zen, please dont blame yourself”
  • MC speaks as if they had read Zen’s mind
  • “Zen…when i’m gone..”
  • “stop”
  • Zen rushes to MC and kisses them suddenly
  • “you’ll never be gone, MC. you’ll be in my heart forever and ever”
  • MC kisses Zen back, pulling him in close
  • “you have to give your career all you’ve got. never give up, for me. okay?”
  • “never”
  • Zen was amazed that even in their last days, MC was still supporting him
  • he doesnt deserve them
  • MC pulls Zen close again, kissing him
  • after the kiss, Zen speaks softly to MC without pulling his lips away from theirs
  • “will you let me spend the rest of your life with you?”
  • “of course”
  • Zen spends every second with MC in the hospital 
  • everytime they fall asleep he is right next to them
  • and everytime they wake up he’s there to kiss them
  • he even eats hospital food with MC
  • and when pain keeps MC awake at night he sings to them
  • he wonders if the last thing MC hears will be his voice
  • he wants MC to hear his song in heaven
  • and listen to his lullabies until they can be together again


  • MC has been in the hospital for a few days now since they were in a severe car accident
  • and every day Jaehee will go visit them to check up on how MC is doing
  • Jaehee always thought that MC would be able to recover from the accident just fine…
  • today when Jaehee walks into MC’s room, the doctor is there talking to them
  • as Jaehee enters the room, the conversation between MC and the doctor comes to a halt, and they both look at her
  • “I’ll leave you two alone, now…im so sorry”
  • the doctor excuses himself from the room
  • well…that doesn’t sound good
  • as soon as the door closes behind the doctor, MC lifts both hands to their face, crying into them
  • Jaehee rushes to their side
  • “MC, what is it? whats wrong?”
  • MC doesn’t answer, they just continue to cry
  • Jaehee sits next to MC on the bed and pulls them into her, wrapping her arms around them
  • they sit like that for around ten minutes, Jaehee holding MC while their frail body shakes with sobs
  • finally MC is able to form words, although their speech is significantly broken up
  • “Jaehee…i’m g-going to die…”
  • ..what?
  • “th-the doctor just t-told me..”
  • MC can barley get the words out at the moment
  • shhh…it’s going to be okay”
  • Jaehee stops MC from trying to explain any further
  • as Jaehee holds MC she too starts to cry, her face heating up as the warm tears roll down her cheeks
  • is MC…really going to die? 
  • the thought makes Jaehee pull MC even closer to her
  • Jaehee…loves MC
  • she cant believe she’s almost out of time…
  • Jaehee curses herself now, feeling like she wasted so much time
  • “MC….can i tell you something?”
  • MC nods, still unable to speak
  • Jaehee moves away from MC a little so she can look them in the eyes
  • “I love you”
  • MC looks up at Jaehee, their eyes red from crying
  • “I love you too, Jaehee”
  • as MC says this a single tear rolls down they cheek, and Jaehee wipes it away
  • Jaehee leans toward MC slowly, kissing them
  • MC returns the kiss, lifting a hand to Jaehee’s face
  • Jaehee pulls MC closer to her again as they kiss
  • Jaehee wishes she had done that months and months ago
  • they could have lived together so happily
  • maybe if Jaehee had asked MC to be with her…
  • this never would have happened 
  • the regret building up inside of Jaehee is strong enough to make her sick
  • but she can’t let that control her last days with MC
  • Jaehee continues to kiss MC, feeling a wetness on their lips from tears that never stopped falling
  • she wants to kiss MC for hours and hours
  • to make up for all the time she spent hiding her feelings
  • when Jaehee finally pulls away, she is hardly able to talk either
  • “MC…will you go on a date with me?”
  • MC smiles a little, still sniffing
  • “Jaehee, i cant leave the hospital”
  • “don’t worry about that”
  • Jaehee kisses MC again
  • “get some rest and when you wake up, we’ll have our date. okay?”
  • “Jaehee, i dont want to rest. i dont want to lose any more time with you”
  • it hurts Jaehee more than anything to leave MC, but she continues to insist that MC sleep for a little
  • “I’ll be here when you wake up”
  • and when MC woke up, Jaehee was there as promised
  • along with a small table and two chairs
  • in the center of the table were a few red candles that filled the room with the scent of warm vanilla
  • the two plates sitting on the table already had food on them
  • Jaehee wore a short dark blue dress that tied behind her neck, halter style
  • “Jaehee…you look stunning”
  • MC sits up slowly, soaking in the beautiful scene and the soft aroma
  • “care to join me, darling?”
  • MC blushes when Jaehee calls them darling
  • so Jaehee and MC enjoy a meal together that night at the hospital 
  • Jaehee in her dress, MC in their hospital gown
  • Jaehee talks about the first time she realized she loved MC
  • and how she wished she could kiss them and tell them how she felt
  • but she was always so nervous and it was hard for Jaehee to sort out her feelings, back then
  • when the “dinner” is over, Jaehee blows out the candles she had lit in the room
  • Jaehee helps MC into bed
  • “Jaehee…will you stay here with me tonight?”
  • Jaehee kisses MC as she pulls a blanket over them
  • “I will never leave you again”
  • MC’s last night is spent in Jaehee’s arms
  • where they always wanted to be


  • Jumin is in a conference when he gets a call from an unknown number
  • normally he doesn’t take calls during meetings, but decides to excuse himself from the room 
  • “Is this Jumin Han?”
  • “Yes”
  • “MC is at the hospital right now, they told us to contact you”
  • Jumin’s eyes widen
  • MC is hurt??
  • “is it serious?”
  • “I’m afraid so”
  • Jumin hangs up the phone and leaves for the hospital without finishing the meeting
  • when he arrives at the hospital the doctor is in the lobby waiting to greet him
  • “Mr. Han…i think you should sit down for a moment”
  • “I need to see MC now”
  • “Mr. Han i have to tell you something”
  • when Jumin hears that MC only has a few days left…he’s too shocked to even cry
  • he just stares at the ground
  • still as a statue
  • isnt it amazing how someone’s entire life can be ripped to shreds in a matter of minutes
  • without MC…
  • Jumin can already feel himself going insane
  • it’s not until Jumin sees MC quietly sleeping in their hospital bed that he starts to cry
  • he always thought they looked to cute when they were asleep
  • he didn’t think it was possible to take the way someones chest rose and fell for granted
  • but now he feels like he had
  • he wished he spent every night with MC just watching them sleep
  • because soon MC will rest their eyes
  • but their chest wont rise and fall in the same familiar way
  • he wont be able to feel their warm breath on his face, inches away from his own
  • or feel their heart beat in rhythm with his
  • Jumin cries for what seems like hours before MC wakes up
  • “Jumin…i’m glad to see you”
  • Jumin kisses MC’s hand
  • “did the doctor tell you-”
  • “yes, my love, i know everything”
  • MC opens their mouth to speak, but Jumin starts again before they can say anything
  • “let me grant you a wish”
  • “….what?”
  • “i can give you anything you want, MC. we can even leave this hospital if that’s what you desire”
  • “Jumin, you are my wish”
  • Jumin tries to shove away the pain pounding in his head
  • “let me do this one last thing for you, my darling”
  • MC tries to tell Jumin they don’t need anything except for him
  • but Jumin desires so desperately to grant their wish
  • he wants to give them everything in the world
  • because once they’re gone…
  • his will be so empty
  • “Paris”
  • “you want to see Paris?”
  • “i want to go to the most romantic place on the planet with the man I love”
  • withing hours MC and Jumin are on a private plane to Paris, despite the doctors advice for MC to stay in bed
  • MC has to use crutches and their arms still have bandages on them
  • but to jumin, MC is still the most beautiful human on the planet
  • they enjoy everything Paris has to offer
  • they even see the Eiffel tower
  • looking at MC under the lights of the city…
  • Jumin feels lucky to have such beautiful memories of MC as his last
  • they watch fireworks together and enjoy a fancy dinner, bandages and all
  • Jumin even wears his arm in a sling to dinner when MC feels embarrassed about looking so ragged
  • even though Jumin is going to lose MC
  • he feels happy that he could make a dream of theirs come true
  • just like they made all of his dreams come true  


  • Seven was MC’s emergency contact
  • when he got there MC was still asleep
  • he was told the news before MC even woke up
  • he was just sitting by their bedside, holding their hand
  • watching as their chest moved up and down
  • the perfect picture of peace
  • his peace
  • the doctor came in while MC was still sleeping
  • “Sir….i have to tell you something. please come outside with me”
  • Seven hates the idea of not being at MC’s side for even a second
  • what if they wake up?
  • he has to be there when they wake up
  • “Sir”
  • Seven joins the doctor in the hallway
  • when he’s told that MC will die in a few days
  • he can’t stop the anger from rising in him
  • Seven starts to yell at the doctor in the hallway, his mental state unhinged 
  • “what the hell are you here for if you can’t save them?!”
  • “sir, please calm down”
  • Seven has to leave the building to collect his thoughts
  • this can’t be real
  • he slams his fists against the outside wall of the building, shouting at no one
  • “No! You have to save them!”
  • he continues to yell and pound on the wall, tears starting to stream down his face
  • “they…you have to…i need them…”
  • he slides down, crumpling on the floor as his yelling regresses into whispers
  • i need them…
  • Seven thought about his life with MC everyday
  • they saved him from his dark world…
  • they ended his pain
  • even through him pushing them away
  • MC showed him the light
  • he wasnt ready to go back into darkness
  • “please…save my light…”
  • Seven sits outside with his back against the wall of the building, sobbing into his hands and talking to no one
  • they were gonna have a life together
  • he wanted to marry them and have kids and grand kids and spend 80 years just by their side
  • now…it’s all ending so soon
  • but Seven can’t cry away his last moments with MC 
  • he wants to spend every second by their side
  • starting now
  • Seven lifts his glasses up to rub the tears away from his eyes and brushes his hoodie off
  • when Seven returns to MC’s room they’re still sleeping soundly
  • thank goodness
  • this time instead of sitting by MC’s bedside, he sits next to them on the hospital bed
  • from beside them he watches MC sleep
  • tears build up in his eyes again, but he forces them away
  • enjoy this time
  • make the most of this
  • when MC’s eyes finally flutter open, Seven feels like his heart is going to implode
  • “hey there, sleeping beauty”
  • “Seven…”
  • MC gives Seven a tired smile and tries to sit up, but they start to feel an intense pain
  • Seven sees MC’s face twist and insists they lay back down
  • “i’m sorry about all this, Seven…”
  • “don’t be worried, hot stuff. i’ll stay by your side until you’re all healed up. okay?”
  • he wants to act normal in front of MC, pushing down the lump in his throat that forms when he thinks about their inevitable fate
  • MC grabs onto Sevens arm and smiles, cuddling up to him
  • “okay…”
  • MC closes their eyes to nod off again
  • after about an hour, when Seven is sure MC is asleep, he decides to leave the hospital for a bit
  • i’ll make sure you never feel sad. i’ll make youre happy until your last moments on this earth…by taking you away from earth
  • i’ll make your world as bright as you made mine
  • when MC wakes up again Seven is standing in the middle of the room, wearing a big smile
  • he’s dressed in a tuxedo
  •  it’s night time now, so the whole room is dark
  • except for a field of stars on the ceiling, bring projected from a special lamp next to MC’s bed
  • a few planets are hanging from the ceiling by strings
  • MC spots earth, jupiter, saturn, and a few others including the moon
  • “Seven….whats this..?”
  • Seven walks over to MC, taking their hands in his and kneeling down on one knee
  • “will you…marry me in the space station?”
  • MC smiles, giggling a little
  • “Seven, you know I will! but…”
  • MC leans in close to Seven, whispering in his ear
  • “this isn’t the space station”
  • “why, of course it is!” 
  • Seven stands and gestures to the ceiling
  • “look at all of the stars! and look, we can even see earth from here!”
  • MC laughs more, clutching their stomach
  • “how about we get married when i’m not being hospitalized?”
  • “I can’t wait that long and well, i only booked the space station for one night.”
  • Seven returns to his kneeling position
  • “so…marry me? please?”
  • “okay, Seven”
  • MC smiles sweetly at him as they answer
  • at that moment Seven lets a priest into the room that was waiting outside
  • and they have a small private ceremony in the space station
  • “you may now kiss the bride”
  • Seven has to lean down to MC to kiss them
  • “i love you, Seven”
  • “I love you too. more than i can ever say”
  • Seven never tells MC that they’re going to die
  • he wants them to look forward to spending a lifetime with him
  • he wants them to know how badly he wanted to make them his forever
  • to MC, they will spend a life together and have kids and grand kids
  • the next few days Seven spends as MC’s husband are the best of his life
  • and when MC passes
  • Seven hopes that when he meets MC in heaven
  • they’ll still be married

this is mega angsty hope u hated liked it <3

headcanon requests?

Scared of Happy

[title]: scared of happy

[pairing]: shawn mendes x reader

[requested]: yes – (x)

[summary]: #18 | “i shouldn’t be in love with you.” & #52 | “i think i’m in love with you and that scares me half to death.”

[warnings]: a swear word

[author’s note]: i came through and updated today, yeah boiiiiiiiii

+ “WRITING PROMPTS” prompt list

Originally posted by wwhatfinn

THE ceiling stares back at you as your eyes bore into the flat white surface.

Your hair is sprawled out on the white pillows in soft strands. A light breeze from who knows where sends chills through your body, down your spine, and creates light goosebumps over the skin on your arms.

The thoughts scampering your mind are unreadable, non-comprehensive. All you can think about is him.

The red-numbered analog clock sitting on your bedside table reads 4:39 AM.

A ghostly sigh slips past your lips. Your body flips onto its side so that your stare now lands on the wall next to your bed. As soon as you move, an arm tightens its grip around your middle.

You slightly shift uncomfortably, his fluffy hair skimming the back of your neck. You bite your bottom lip, feeling him move closer to you in his sleep.

You had slept in the same bed as him before, but something was different.

Your thought process was completely thrown out of bounds when he came into your life a year and a half ago, and you weren’t sure how you felt.

You wanted this; him laying beside you, but you were terrified.

Why were you terrified?

The thought of being with him scared you. Scared you because you had heard so many rumors and lies about relationships. Obviously you’d never been in a relationship before now, but let’s just say you’re good at masking your feelings.

You were madly in love with this boy, and he was with you as well.

He thought everything was fine, things were going steady, which they were. But you were so scared he was gonna cheat on you, fall out of love with you, leave you, or find someone better. You didn’t want heartbreak, you couldn’t dream of having to go through the trauma of a relationship.

When he came around, none of those things came to mind, and you were immediately head over heels for that boy.

The thought of him leaving you was sickening, made you want to throw up.

Everything was going well, you thought. You and him would cuddle, kiss, hug, laugh, everything. You were nearly intoxicated with his presence, and he was infatuated by you.

It was only at these times did you really think about him and your relationship. Deep thoughts, heavy breathing, serenity, and contemplation.

Tears burn your eyes at the extreme thoughts of the worst scenarios with him. This usually happened but he didn’t know about it. He didn’t know how scared you were. What made this even worse was that you had frequent panic attacks, because of countless things. A lump in your throat forms as tears freely flow down your pink cheeks.

You needed air.

Another soft sigh rushes out of your mouth as you try to untangle your legs with his, trying not to wake him up.

As soon as you untangle your legs, the hard part comes; escaping his firm grasp on your body.

Your tiny hands wrap around his large hand and wrist, lightly tugging it away from your body.

Then accidentally, you lift his hand up harder than you intended, making him stir. Your eyes widen and you freeze, your heart beginning to speed up. He couldn’t see you like this. He’d ask why and you’d have to admit to him your feelings. You weren’t sure you were ready to reveal the truth.

You breathe a sigh of relief as his soft snores return, your somber sobs returning as well.

More tears threaten to spill as you look back at his peaceful looking form. He was adorable. And hot. At the same time, how? Nobody knew. His messy brown hair sticks out in every direction, his bare chest showing through the thin white sheets, and his eyelashes fluttered shut.

This isn’t right.

You sit up so that your legs hang off of the bed. The feeling of almost grief sits at the pit of your stomach.

Beside you, he stirs, quietly moaning at the loss of your body next to his. You don’t hear his groans, continuing to sniffle. His eyes flutter open, seeing you wipe your nose, sniffling softly.

“Y/N?” He asks in a raspy voice. You freeze. “Are you okay?”

“Um,” your voice cracks, “Y-Yeah.”

“No you’re not, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” You snap, wiping your tear stained cheeks.


“I’m fine, Shawn, just leave me alone!” You yell, crying, getting up from the edge of the bed and storming out of your room.

“Wait, Y/N!” Shawn quickly rips the sheets off of his body, running after you.

You shuffle into the living room and sniffle again, letting out another cry. You wipe your nose, before crossing your arms over your chest.

Shawn runs over to you, turning you towards him and pulling you to his chest.

A tear runs down your cheek as you wrap your arms around Shawn’s torso.

Shawn pets your head, hugging you. “It’s okay, baby girl, I’ve got you.” He whispers, while rocking the two of you side to side.

You shed a couple of tears into his chest, letting out all of the built up stress from the past year. Who knew you’d be able to hide your feelings for so long?

Shawn shuffles the both of you towards the couch, laying down and pulling you on top of him.

From then, Shawn continued to whisper sweet things and phrases to make you smile and laugh, only a few sniffles now and then coming from you.

“Do you wanna talk about it, baby?” Shawn asks lightly, kissing your forehead.

You think for a moment before nodding.

“What’s got you down, princess?”

You bite your lip nervously. Now you had to tell him. You wanted to, you were just scared he will react badly.

“It’s okay, baby,” Shawn coos, stroking your cheek. “You can tell me anything.”

“I-I'm—I’m just scared.” You mumble.

Shawn stays silent for a few moments, you bite your lip.

“A-Are you scared of m-me?” He squeaks, his heart nearly at the bottom of his stomach. “Did I do something to make you scared of me? Have I ever hit you?! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god…”

“No, Shawn! Never! I’m just scared of being in a relationship, it’s not you, it’s me.” You sniffle.

“W-Why?” Shawn was becoming overrun with emotions by then as well. You hesitate. “Please, baby. I need to know so I can help you.”

You sigh and Shawn wipes the tears from your cheeks. “I’m just scared you’ll leave me and find someone better than me.“

To your surprise, Shawn chuckles lightly. “My God, Y/N.”

“I knew it’d be too easy.” You mumble.

“No, Y/N, I couldn’t possibly find someone better than you.” Shawn whispers. “Not even at the strip club.”

Your jaw drops. “Fuck off!” You exclaim, about to peel yourself off of Shawn. Shawn laughs, grabbing you so that you can’t get up.

“I’m just kidding, baby.” He chuckles as you scowl.

“That’s not funny, Shawn, I’m terrified. I’m terrified of waking up and you not being here, being with another girl who’s one hundred times smarter than me, one hundred times prettier than me, one hundred times better than me. I want to be happy in this relationship, I really do. But I’m so scared. You know I’ve never been in a situation like this before. This past year, you’ve engulfed my whole life, become the highlight of my day… What I look forward to waking up every morning. You’ve become the main source of my happiness. I’m so scared of being happy.“

Shawn stares at you. “D-Do you want to break up? I want whatever makes you happiest.”

“No, I don’t.” You sigh, feeling more tears about to pour out. “I-I love you so much, but that’s the problem. I’m in love with you and that scares me half to death.”

“Y/N.” Shawn whispers, lifting your chin with his index finger. You stare into his soft, loving eyes. You’re almost afraid to look him in the eye for too long, the feeling of guilt igniting in your body. Guilt for making him feel as if he was the culprit, when really you were the only one to blame. Shawn leans in, kissing your lips gently, yet with so much passion and admiration.

“No one could ever replace you, my love.” He leans in to place one more tiny kiss on your mouth. “It’s okay to be afraid, but you don’t have to. You’re perfect for me, and I love that you’re not the smartest person in the world, the prettiest, or the best. Let me tell you, I can’t promise to fix all of your problems, but I can promise you that you won’t face them all alone.”

“What did I do to deserve you?” You whisper, kissing the corner of his lips.

He smiles. “Being you, and only you.”

kinda short but i liked the concept of this one

also didn’t know how to end this hmph

i love shawn

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— october 9th, 2016

bath and body works (literally)

jikook, nc17 // sex in the sauna basically // warnings; d/s undertones, spanking

the boys get a break and they go to the sauna room. jungkook has a surprise planned and jimin just wants to spend time with his boyfriend.

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Love love LOOOOOVVEEE the update! It's my favorite fic atm and I'm so so happy! <3 Can I request for a scene? Of course you don't have to do it if it won't fit the story line but I hope you could make a drabble of some sort :p I want to see Harry's reaction the first time he heard Dex called Louis 'Ma' which is really really cute by the way I love the 3 of them so much! Hope you'll update soon! (but i dont mind waiting take your time :D) THANKS FOR THE WONDERFUL STORY!!!

Oh look! I was supposed to do a drabble and ended up writing a mini-chapter on it…oops? 🙈 Sorry for the long wait, love. I hope this was what you were after! 

You Smell Like- Extra Scene!

Note: This scene takes place somewhere between Chapters 6 and 7 :)

Harry was usually good with babies. He had this way of knowing what they were crying about and how to soothe them. This knowledge had served him well when it came to his own son. At least, it had until today.

“Mac!” Dex had been sobbing out the word all morning and neither Harry nor any of his Betas had the faintest idea what his child meant.

“Maybe he wants a bath?” Liam suggested, discretely covering his ears as the toddler continued his piercing cry.

“How the f-fudge does the word ‘mac’ sound like ‘bath’ to you?” Zayn growled, hands clapped over his own ears.

Harry sighed. When Zayn and Liam started snapping at each other…well, that just showed how on edge Dex’s tantrum was making them all.

Perrie had walked into the room twenty minutes ago, taken one look at the frantic werewolves surrounding Dex, and disappeared out the door with a vague murmur of needing to call someone.

“Here!” Niall shoved his laptop in front of Dex and the toddler paused mid-cry to study it, face mildly confused.

“Uh…Niall?” Cara blinked at the disgruntled-looking blonde, “What are you doing?”

“He said he wanted a Mac!” Niall defended, looking at Harry for back-up.

Harry had to physically restrain himself from face-planting.

“Niall,” Liam groaned, echoing the words everyone was thinking, “The kid isn’t talking about Mac computers. He doesn’t even know how to work a computer!”

As if to reaffirm Liam’s point, Dex started crying again, even louder than before.

“I need more caffeine to deal with this shit,” Zayn muttered under his breath, slinking off into the kitchen.

“Dada! MAC!” Dex wailed again, kicking the laptop away with one small foot.

“What do you want, babe?” Harry asked despairingly, picking his son up from the sofa and rocking him in the hopes that it would get the boy to quieten down, “Are you tired?”

“Or bored?” Nick asked.

“Do you want a toy?” Liam offered.

“Or my computer?” Niall chimed in.

“Seriously, Niall! Just drop the idea of-” Liam was cut off by a familiar voice saying, “He’s hungry.”

Harry didn’t hold back his sigh of relief as the welcoming scent of Louis flooded through the Manor, wrapping around him like a caress. Behind Louis, stood Perrie, a phone in her hand and a smug look on her face.

It took Harry a second to notice that Dex had stopped his wailing the moment he had spotted Louis and was now staring at him with something akin to relief.

“We tried to feed him!”

“He didn’t want bananas!”

“Are you sure he doesn’t want my computer?”

How Louis managed to understand anything from the sudden clamour of voices directed his way, was a miracle.

“No, Niall. He doesn’t want your computer,” Louis answered the blonde first, petting his hair to stop him from pouting, “And you may have fed him but he’s got something specific in mind, don’t you love?”

“Ma!” Dex shouted, happily, “Mac!”

The boy’s face was still damp with tears but apart from that, there was no sign of his earlier grief. He kicked his legs out until Harry took the hint and lowered him to the floor, watching with a pounding heart as Dex crawled up to Louis and lifted his arms. He snuggled  into Louis’ arms when the man picked him up.

“Nothing beats a good mac and cheese,” Louis agreed, approvingly, tilting his head to the side in an obliging manner so Dex could rub his cheek against his neck.

Harry watched them with an overwhelming fondness in his heart. Then, his mind finally registered what Dex had called Louis.

“Ma?” Nick beat him to the question, raising an eyebrow at Louis and…smirking, for some reason.

Louis scowled at Nick but he still blushed, sending Harry a quick, half-embarrassed shrug.

“It’s his way of trying to say ‘Tommo,” he explained but there was something about the way he avoided Harry’s gaze that suggested it ran deeper than that.

Before Harry could ask, Louis was turning away to survey the rest of the Betas.

Harry could tell the exact second Louis picked up on their restlessness (an entire morning with a crying toddler resulted in a lot of agitated werewolves!) from the way he narrowed his eyes.

“Alright, you lot. Go for a group run. You look like you could use one,” Louis told them.

Most of the Betas seemed delighted with the suggestion, Zayn actually dragging Liam out the door by the arm without so much as a backwards glance. Niall though, lingered a little, wanting to play with the other wolves but also wanting to stick close to his Alphas.

Or, more specifically, Louis. All of them adored Louis and Harry couldn’t fault them one bit.

Dex didn’t seem too happy with Niall’s decision because he started to gently gnaw on Louis’ skin while staring pointedly at the blonde. Harry’s breath caught in his throat as his son marked Louis, his teeth leaving behind tiny red blemishes on his best friend’s neck.

Louis didn’t seem to mind, if the way he held the boy even closer was any indication.

It was natural for Dex to feel so possessive, Harry thought to himself. After all, Dex had bonded with Louis more than he had with any other pack member and the boy was still just a child. Too young to know how to control his instincts.

Then again, when it came to Louis, Harry often found it difficult to control his own instincts. Even now, Louis’ scent was drawing him closer, his wolf responding to something in the pleasant smell.

“Niall, go for a run, please?” Louis phrased it as a suggestion but Harry noted the subtle changes in his body language-the way he straightened his back and pushed back his shoulders as he looked the Beta directly in the eye- that made it clear that it was a command.

Niall whined softly until Louis rolled his eyes and scratched behind the Beta’s ears.

“I’ll save you a plate of mac and cheese,” Louis promised.

That seemed to be what Niall was waiting for as he grinned before bounding out the door to catch up with the other Betas.

Louis turned to face Harry, the fond smile he had worn when speaking to Niall, softening into something even fonder.

“You alright there, Hazza?”

Harry nodded, his feet walking towards the younger boy before he could stop himself.

“Yeah,” he murmured against Louis’ neck, nuzzling against the marks Dex had left on his skin, “Thank you.”

Louis made a soft noise in his throat, a sound Harry felt compelled to hear more of, before pulling away and fixing the Alpha with a cheeky grin.

“So…would you like to cook or shall I?”

It was in the interest of preventing his kitchen from catching on fire, that Harry cooked. And if he made a bit extra so Louis would have a plate to eat…well.

Louis may have murmured, “You shouldn’t have, Hazza”, but he still ate every bite as Harry’s inner wolf preened with satisfaction.

That night, when Harry was tucked into Louis’ bed with Dex in between them, the toddler murmured, “Ma,” in his sleep, unconsciously reaching out for Louis.

Even in the near dark, Harry could detect Louis’ flushed face and the way his heartbeat climbed. There were a few seconds of silence before Harry managed to clear his throat, fighting past the onslaught of emotions that clawed at him to murmur, “Do you mind him calling you that?”

Louis shook his head, biting his lip as he replied, “No. I..I kind of like it.”

His voice was a trace more hesitant when he added, “Do you mind?”

Harry felt his wolf calm, a low rumble similar to a purr building up in his throat and he couldn’t explain just how right it felt when he murmured back, “No, it’s…nice.”

Louis huffed out a laugh, murmuring something that sounded like, “nice”, under his breath but he didn’t protest when Harry pulled him closer.

Dex sighed happily between them, curling his hands possessively against Louis’ shirt.

Harry’s wolf watched over the pair until both Louis and Dex were asleep. As he drifted off to sleep, he couldn’t help but notice that his wolf was content in a way it hadn’t been for years. 

Thank you for giving me this idea, anon! I thoroughly enjoyed writing it 😘 xx

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Ah, I'm not sure if my ask went through because my internet died the moment I tried to send it ;; But if it didn't, here it is again: A kind of half sexy, half cutesy scenario of Yoosung trying to turn MC on and get down and dirty, but it's hard for him to 'cause bandages over one eye give him the dexterity of a dead cat, lol Also, let me say the first scenario I read from you was the break up scenario and it. Wrecked. Me. You write so well! I can't wait to see other amazing things you'll do <3

Ffffffffff yes I’m all for Yoosung missing an eye (that actually sounds really horrible but I haven’t seen it addressed yet in any scenarios or hc’s so I’m so glad you’ve asked me to write this I’ve been absolutely dying to explore him post-good ending) like I hate seeing him get hurt and knowing why but this is my SHIT

I didn’t get the previous ask you sent though so I’m glad you resent it, I really love this prompt! And aaaaa thank you omg omg you’re gonna make me blush~

Okay here we go I’m writing this from the perspective of MC as a girl because it’s the easiest one for me to understand being a girl and all I’m sorry if that bothers anyone. Also I kinda let some of my own personal feelings towards his situation post-good ending slip in so yeah sorry ^^;;;

It’s ever so vaguely nsfw (and also kinda long) so it’s all under the cut.

~✨Mod Honey✨

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Reaction to finding out you're infertile? I love your blog x

Agghh! This means so much to me thank you! ♥ I started my blog 3 or 4 days before Young Forever dropped! Sorry for the wait :c  I’m horrible.I really liked this one it was challenging, I think they’d all be supportive and be okay with more medical ways of getting pregnant or adoption. Fun fact: My mother was actually infertile, it took 4 tries of  test tube mixings and artificial inseminations before I stuck! But this pushes my creativity to try and make their responses somewhat different because I honestly feel like none of them would react negatively. I made this pretty angsty I think, i’m not so sure about how it came out, this is my first time writing what i consider to be angst. I feel pretty good about it though!! I hope you enjoy!!!!

(Mentions of the sexytimes because…. yeah.) (Last reaction has smut just F.Y.I.)


Originally posted by synthbin

He held your hand as the two of you sat together in the gynecologist’s office. A year the two of you had been trying to start a family but it wasn’t going as smoothly as you would have liked. Jin’s thumb ran across the top of your hand soothingly as he eyed your bouncing knee and sighed.

“Ah (Y/N) it’s going to be okay. I promise you Jagi. No matter what the doctor says.” Jin tried to calm you down as much as he was capable of he didn’t like it when you were stressed out. The door opened and you stiffened as you saw the doctor walk in with a clipboard and a bunch of papers. The results.

“Alright Ms.(L/N) we have some bad news and some good news. Which would you like to hear first?” The doctor asked and your mouth felt dry as you searched for an answer. Your heart pounded in your chest as you thoughts ran wild. This was it, your worst fears were true. Jin’s thumb smoothing over the surface of your hand was what brought you back to reality inside the small office.

“B-bad news first.” You stuttered out as your grip around Jin’s hand tightened. This was it. The words you were dreading to hear.

“The results have come back and you are incapable of naturally having children.” That was it. Your world was over. You felt your eyes burn before hot salty tears began to fall down your cheeks and a sob wrenched its way up your throat Jin’s hand suddenly tightened like a vice around yours and you felt one of his arms circle around your waist and pulling you to his side.

“However the test results have also come back to show that you’re ovulating currently, so if you’ like, we could try artificial insemination.” The doctor finished with a small smile and you blinked up at him before looking to Jin. Jin’s large hand cupped your cheek as he ran his thumb over your face wiping away the tears.

“See (Y/N). I told you that everything would be okay.” He told you with a loving smile before he turned to look at the Doctor.

“Yes. We’ll do it.”


Originally posted by btsfunboyz

The first time you thought you were lucky. The second time you wondered how long until your luck ran out. The third time you wondered maybe if it was him. The fourth time you began to worry. The fifth time you were scared. And now, your fears had become reality. Five times Jimin hadn’t pulled out, five times he came in you, five times you loved it, five times he knew, and five times you went without a late period or any pregnancy scares. It was a silly thing to worry about you figured, being so young you hadn’t even thought about starting a family. But as you sat on the floor of your living room staring at the papers in your hand that clearly stated your body’s inability to naturally bear children made you want to cry.  You lifted your head when the door opened and Jimin came skipping through the door smiling, but the smile slipped off his face as he saw you sitting on the floor of your apartment, dried runny makeup and puffy red eyes with papers in your hands.

“(Y/N)-ah! What’s the matter oh no jagiya have you been crying no no no what’s the matter?” Jimin exclaimed as he hurried over and sat in front of you on his knees. His hands cupped your face lovingly as he fretted over you and you couldn’t help but smile at him. He’d be such a good father… You turned your face in his hand and kissed his palm smiling sadly, Jimin was such a sweetheart.

“Ah, it’s nothing Minnie.” You sniffled looking at his worried expression. “I’m just being stupid.” You told him as you shook the papers in your hand. He reached out to grabbed them and your eyes widened as you quickly pulled them away from his view and set them under your leg.

“No no Jimin it’s fine I promise it’s just really stupid there’s no reason for me to be upset i’m just a mess and I-” Your rambles were cut off as Jimin gently leaned forward and pressed his lips against yours. You smiled softly at the feel of his lips against yours and kissed him back moving your lips against his, until you felt him snatch the papers from under your leg.

“Mmm mmph! No no Jimin no. I’ll tell you, just please don’t look at the papers.” You panicked as you tried to grab the papers back, but you couldn’t because he’d just lean more out of your reach every time.


“I promise Minnie.” You watch him smile slightly at his nickname before you felt your face flush at the thought of this. How would you even go about explaining this.

“Go on jagi, it’s not stupid if it makes you upset.” He encouraged you as his hands reached out to play with your own.

“….I can’t have kids.” You mumbled quietly staring at the space on the floor as your nervously twisted your fingers with his.

“Speak up (Y/N).” He teased you and you felt your face heat up even more.

“Jimin, I can’t have kids, well not erm naturally anyways.” You told him as you looked up briefly to meet his eyes, his silence to the truth scared you. “I was worried. I counted the times. Five times you ah - you didn’t uh - you didn’t pull out. And every time I was worried about a pregnancy scare. But my I was never late, I never had any symptoms, I was totally fine. And it scared me. I went to the doctor because I didn’t know where else to go to. They did some tests and I went and they sent the results today, and they say that i’m infertile. At first I didn’t think much of it, but then I started thinking about each time.. That if my body wasn’t - if it wasn’t broken then maybe we’d have a family by now. I know that we’re still really young and thoughts of a family are really far away but just-” Your confession stopped as you felt the familiar stinging in your eyes followed by the salty tears that fell as your eyes shifted from the space on the floor up to his face.

“You’d be such a good father.” You whispered to him and you looked away embarrassed as you felt the tears fall down your face. Jimin let go of your hands and your heart skipped as you thought he’d leave, but it fluttered as he brought both up to cup your face and wipe at your cheeks.

“Aish Jaji what am I going to do with you?” He teased slightly as he kissed your nose.

“It’s okay (Y/N). You’re right, we’re still young and thoughts of a family are in the future but if we do decide one day that we want little ones running around and clinging to our legs then it’s okay. There’s always other options jagiya.” Jimin told you and you felt the giant weight lift off your shoulders at the response. You sniffled and hiccuped as you stared into each other’s eyes and you wanted to laugh at yourself for your over reaction but your eyes widened as Jimin’s soft loving smile turned to a very certain smirk.

“Aish Jaji I didn’t know you’d been counting the times. I know you love it I can feel how much you love it you know.” He teased darkly as his thumbs moved across your cheeks to wipe away the stray tears and he met your gaze with a devilish grin.

“We can make that number 6 now you know… And keep counting it up higher.”



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You exhaled shakily as you stared at the test stick in your hand. One pink line. Not pregnant.  You blinked your red watery eyes as you stared at it, checking for the 5th time if your eyes were playing games on you. Still only one line. You felt a sob wrack its way through your body as you slid down against the bathroom wall to sit on the floor. You felt your shoulders begin to shake as you sobbed, covering your mouth with your hand to keep quiet, it was three in the morning after all. The hot salty tears ran down your face and became slippery in your fingers, breaking the seal around your mouth as a particularly loud sob wrenched it’s way through your body. You let your hand fall to the ground next to your body in defeat as you cried on the bathroom floor and threw the test stick in front of you with a shout, only for it to bounce off the mirror and land right back in front of you.

“(Y/N)? Are you okay?” You heard Hoseok’s voice from the other side of the door as he knocked slightly and your breath hitched as you looked up to the door, you forgot to lock it.

“Ye-yeah i-i’m fine Hoseok!” You called out to him as you hiccuped and quickly wiped your face regardless of the tears that kept falling.

“Are you sure Jajiya? I heard-” Hoseok cut himself off as he opened the bathroom door slightly to see your figure a crumpled crying mess on the floor. He silently walked in the bathroom and closed the door behind and he crouched down in front of you a worried expression on his face.

“Don’t cry (Y/N). What’s the matter?”  He asked and you body shuddered as you breathed in. You knew he knew what was the matter. It’d been like this for the past year and a half. You and Hoseok were ready for children, you both loved the idea of being parents however life didn’t want to make it easy for you. You’re body seemed to be incapable of being pregnant and you hated it you hated yourself for it. A year of trying and there was nothing to show for it, you went to the doctor and you were given different hormone pills to help but nothing worked. Finally the two of you decided to give artificial insemination a try. You got the procedure done, and after a week or two you had to take a pregnancy test to see if it worked…You had to have the procedure done 4 times. The 4th time, which was done almost 3 weeks ago had you feeling good. This is the one, this is it is what you told yourself days after. I can feel it. But you couldn’t decide if you could actually feel it, or if you were just telling yourself that because the two of you agreed that this would be the last try, the costs of getting the procedure were adding up and you knew you couldn’t keep getting it done. Wordlessly you leaned forward and grabbed the stick that you had been so upset with and you handed it to him.

“It didn’t stay again.” You whispered as tears continued to fall down your face, You watched your lovers reaction carefully, you watched his face fall blank as he looked down at the stick and twirled it in between his fingers. He set it down before he ran one of his hands through his hair and moved so he sat next to you against the wall. He reached his arm out to find your hand in intertwined your fingers together, You sniffled as you turned your head to look at him to see he was already staring at you and you felt another sob force its way through you. The look in his eyes made you want to crawl away and hide from him forever, it was heartbreaking. It was so sad, the crestfallen look on his face reflected in his eyes as they shined with unshed tears and the way his lip jutted out slightly.

“I-i-i’m sorry H-hoseok.” You sobbed as you looked away from him, you failed him and let him down, you couldn’t bare to look at the man you loved with that expression on his face. You sobbed again trying to catch your breathe as Hoseok’s hand came and cupped your face softly turning your head towards him. You wanted to crawl away from him as you watched a tear fall down his cheek.

“Don’t apologixe (Y/N). It’s alright, these things happen, besides we can still have a family, we can still have a little baby and raise it as our own. We can adopt as many little ones as we want. It’s okay.” He whispered to you as his hand drifted up to your hair and ran his fingers through your locks.
“Just please don’t cry anymore (Y/N). It kills me.”

I cried writing this omg


Originally posted by hongshiyoung

You sat on the couch legs crossed next to your boyfriend Namjoon and laughed as the guys sat around you.

“Aw look Joonie’s hand’s on her thigh!” Jimin shouted and you rolled your eyes at his childness and Namjoon squeezed your thigh chuckling.

“I swear (Y/N) you guys better be using protection.” Jin scolded and you felt Namjoon’s breathe hitch next to you and you laughed at Jin. He was the mother of the group for a reason afterall.

“Ah Jin eomma calm down, we haven’t even done anything yet, you don’t have to worry about being a grandmother anytime soon.” You teased and you smiled as the boys laughed at the joke. You smiled as you intertwined you and Namjoon’s hand and leaned into his side watching the snickering boys.

“And even if we were to do stuff we’d be safe without it,” you murmured quietly in English to your boyfriend as you watched Jungkook tease Jimin about his height again. “I can’t have kids.” You finished and you left Namjoon shift next to you to look at you.

“Really?” He asked and you could tell by the way his tone spiked he’d want to know all about it. You sighed.

“Yeah, that or it’s just really really hard for my body. I learned from a past relationship, one can only have so many accidents without consequences so I decided to go get myself checked out.” You murmured as you started playing with his fingers. You looked up to see his dimples poking out in that wide smile of his and you rolled your eyes as he ducked down to nuzzle your neck.

“So you’re saying we can do it as many times as we want to without using a condom?” He asked as he kissed your neck and you bit your lip before laughing and pushing him away.

“Yes, now get your mind out of the gutter Joonie.”

Fluff? Dirty fluff? I dunno what this is i’m sorry.


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^^Pretend it’s crying Tae not laughing Tae^^

You knew from the day you found out how much he adored children he’d be a great father one day. You just didn’t know it would be you who would eventually want to be the mother of his children. It broke your heart when the thought first crossed your mind.

“I can’t wait to have kids!” He’d shout and you’d just smile and laugh while you died on the inside.

“Jagiya~ What do you think about having a family?” He’d ask you and you’d smile and tell him that you loved the idea.

“(Y/N)….What do you think of us starting a family?” He shyly asked one day. And that’s when you knew you’d have to break his heart. You smiled as you thought of how cute your babies would be, running around with his or her father’s boxy smile. You blinked quickly as you felt the stinging behind your eyes.

“Oh Tae-Oppa it sounds wonderful.” You told him as you blinked away your tears rapidly.

“Really?!” He asked excitedly, and that’s when you knew he’d been thinking about it for awhile, and he wanted it. But as he stared at you full of giddy excitement, he noticed how your smile didn’t quite reach your eyes like normal.

“(Y/N) what’s the matter?”

“Ah Tae… There’s something I need to tell you.” You told him and as you looked down the tears dripped from your eyes and you sniffled.

“What is it? Do you not want a family? Is that what it is?” He asked and you looked up at him smiling softly with tears flowing down your face.

“No Tae that’s not it, I want a family. I want a family with you it sounds great you’d be such a good father.” You whispered and you looked down again as tears continued to fall silently.

“I..I don’t think… I’m pretty sure that I can have children Tae.” You whispered as you looked up to watch his face. You watched as he sat there staring at you dumbfounded for a second before tremors went through out his shoulders and he covered his face with his hand. You blinked rapidly as more tears began to fall as you watched him cry into his hands and you sobbed as you took a step backwards.

“I think… I think maybe I should go.” You sobbed out as you continued to watch the love of your life cry because of you. Something you knew he loved and wanted very much, you couldn’t give him and it broke his heart. He needed someone else you decided, someone who could give him the family that he wanted and deserved. You walked backwards a couple paces, the image of Taehyung sobbing into his hands was forever embedded into your memory now. You turned and ran out the door, and that’s when you decided that he didn’t need this in his life. He needed someone who could give him what he wanted, what he craved for in his life, and unfortunately that someone just wasn’t you. 



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You hummed contently as you laid in bed with Yoongi. Snuggled into his side at 3 in the afternoon was the best and you wished you could have more of these days. But with his work always keeping him in the studio sometimes it was rare to even see him.

“Hey yoongi” you murmured lazily as you turned your head to look at him. He was awake, his eyes were staring into yours but all you got was a grunt of a response.

“I know not know, you’re busy with work and the studio and music and everything. But, just out of curiosity…Do you ever want a family one day?” You asked as you turned away from him to stare at the ceiling.

“That’s a random question (Y/N). But I guess so maybe one day yeah. Why ask that now?” He replied and you shrugged as you continued staring at the ceiling.

“I was just curious. I can’t have kids normally so I mean, theoretically speaking one day if you decided that-”

“Ahh jagi don’t think about that now that’s stuff for the future. Come here lets go back to sleep.” Yoongi mumbled as he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you to him. You chuckled and cuddled into him as you began to fall asleep once again. Typical Yoongi.


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You whimpered as you felt his teeth tug on the skin of your collarbone and gasped as you felt his warm large hand rest on your bare inner thigh. You opened your eyes to see the smug look on the boy above you and you narrowed your eyes as you reached between your two naked bodies to firmly grab his hard member. You watched as he stiffened and you smirked as the smug look disappeared from his face. That was better.

“Jungkook you better put this to good use in the next 2 minutes or I swear you’re gonna get it.” You told him as you slowly started to stroke his hard pulsing member.

“Ahh ahh b-but noona we don’t have any protection…” Jungkook whispered out and you smiled softly at your boyfriend before you released him down below and cupped his face in your hands.

“Jungkook it’s okay. I can’t get pregnant. we don’t need anything.”

You watched as his eyes darkened and you chuckled as he hungrily kissed you.

“Were talking about this later (Y/N). But right now you’re gonna get it.”


Mornings with Mikey

You roll over in bed, expecting to collide with the warm skin of your boyfriend, but almost fall right off the mattress when his body doesn’t halt your’s.


“Mikey?” You call softly, sitting up and sleepily blinking at the mostly dark room. It was incredibly early in the morning, a time that you never liked to be awake during, let alone Michael, who usually slept into the afternoon hours. Mornings are and never will be Michael’s thing, especially since most nights he wouldn’t climb into bed until well past midnight. Still, it worries you slightly that he was awake, especially considering you guys had just gotten back from the emergency room at around 2 a.m., after his burn was treated from the pyrotechnic accident. You look at your phone, and notice it’s only been four hours since you both climbed into bed. Something isn’t right.

“Michael?” You call again, this time swinging your legs over the side of the bed and making your way across the hotel room. You trip over a couple shoes and articles of clothing, and stand outside the bathroom door, which is shut, but has a dim light coming through the gaps. “Michael, you alright?”

Silence greets you, and you’re ready to start beating against the door, but at the last second you hear the lock click, and it opens just a crack. You push it open a little more and gasp at what you see.
Michael is standing in front of the mirror with tears streaming down his face, his shoulders shaking as he grips the bathroom counter with white knuckles. His bandage still covers half his face, but his hair looks wild, the right side a bit longer since it wasn’t singed off by the fire, and the left side shorter than usual.

“Oh Mikey,” you murmur, stepping forward and carefully wrapping your arms around his middle, turning his body so he collapses with the unharmed part of his face pressed against your neck. “You’ll be okay, it’ll heal.”

A sob runs through him as you rub his back tenderly, your heart breaking. You and the boys had been so scared when that fire shot at him, but his fear must have trumped all of yours’.

“It-it h-hurts,” he cries harder, his arms squeezing you tightly. You pull back for a moment to try to get a good look at him.

“They gave you some pills for the pain and burn cream,” you remind him, smoothing your thumb across his right cheek. “I know how to put the bandage back on if you want me to apply it.”

He nods while keeping his head down, and you direct him to sit on the counter. Although every movement seems to be too much, he hoists himself up and lets his head drop back against the mirror, then picks it up when it hits a sensitive part.

You go into the bedroom for a moment and sort through the bag, pulling out the small jar and pill bottle given to him. When you get to the bathroom, Michael already has his bandage off and is inspecting his aggravated and burned skin.

“Y/N?” He asks, voice wobbling as he stares at his reflection.

“Hm?” You ask, trying to open the burn cream jar.

“What if I really do look like Two Face, and the scars become permanent and then the band has to quit because no one will promote us because of my face? I might need to leave the band, Y/N! This could be it-”

“Michael,” you hush his hysterics by rubbing his cheek some more, something that always calms him. “You will be fine. The doctors see stuff like this all the time, so if they tell you that it’s alright, then it will be alright.” He flinches as you smooth the cream across the burned area, but relaxes when the cooling sensation begins to take place. It seems to do wonders for his emotional state as well, for his tears subdue and breaths seem more steady. He closes his eyes and allows his body to lean forward a bit, and you realize he’s practically asleep. You finish with the cream and put his bandage back on, then fill a glass with sink water, handing him the correct dosage of pills. After gulping them down, you help him off the sink and shut the light in the bathroom, both of you walking into the room which is full of daylight, as the sun is completely up now. Michael grimaces.

“Holy shit,” he mutters, covering his eyes with his hand and rushing forward to shut the blinds. “How fucking early is it?”

“Mikey, it’s, like, 6,” you say, trying to bite back a laugh as the room darkens as he blocks the sun.

“This is awful. What… the fuck?” He looks so sleepy that all you do is take his hand and help him get back into bed, knowing that even though the doctors cleared him, he had gone through a pretty traumatic experience and should get a lot of rest and help with whatever he needs.

You settle in bed with him and watch as his green eyes follow your movements, until they finally rest on your own eyes. You know he’s sleepy, but for some reason he’s willing himself to stay awake.

“Mikey, what?” You ask. You really want him to get to sleep because he is performing again tonight and you don’t want his body to go be over exhausted.

“Have you noticed we never really spend the mornings together?” He says softly, shifting his position to get comfortable.

“Well,” you start. “Mikey, you don’t really wake up before noon most of the time.”

“Yeah,” he murmurs, eyes fluttering to stay open. “I guess I don’t, do I?”

“No,” you giggle lightly. “You don’t.” You can tell the medicine is making him drowsy as well, and he is really struggling against it.

“Oh,” he yawns. “You know what, babe?”


“This morning made me realize that even though you look cute as shit at 6 in the morning,” another yawn spills from his mouth and his eyes stay closed as a content little hum leaves his mouth. “Waking up before noon just isn’t worth it.”

You laugh, but stifle it when you realize he really is asleep. You admire his face -bandages and all- and press the softest of kisses to the tip of his nose, murmuring a ‘goodnight’ before shutting your eyes as well. It doesn’t matter that other couples might consider this a time for love and affection and planning about their day. For you and Mikey, it is a time for sleep.

Mornings are so overrated in your books.


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Michael Imagine: He Doesn’t Share Your Feelings Part 2

Author: Rhine

Part 1


You’re blinded by him.

By his charming words, by his steady gaze, by the attention you craved from him for so long –

By the love you fooled yourself into believing he had for you.

You’ve set yourself up for an inevitable fall, letting his words of I love you and I’ve been thinking of you all day fool you; the silly, naïve little girl who was just too eager to love and to be loved in return.

You should’ve known better.

Michael had completely ignored you for the past few months, despite his claims of having you on his mind the whole entire time – because the absent phone calls and missing text messages and overall silence on his part meant you were the only thing he could think of.

Strike one.

Ashton coming up to you that day, telling you to be careful with Michael, advising you to forget about him because of who he was now, warning you against loving Michael in hopes of protecting your flyaway heart.

Strike two.

The media and every social media platform buzzing with photos and statements about the various girls pictured with Michael with more friendliness than just another fan, or even another friend. He didn’t agree, but he also didn’t disagree – and the sources and the personal statements were too well-put and cohesive to be just another cheap tabloid rumour.

Strike three.

When were you going to see that everything about the boy screamed trouble – and not the exhilarating, thrilling trouble – the trouble that would leave you crying on the floor at three in the morning that led to a numb heartache that would last for weeks.

When were you going to see that Michael didn’t love you?

That when he looked at you, he wasn’t lost in your eyes – he was lost in how he was reflected in your wide eyes.

That when he touched you, he wasn’t absorbing the love that radiated from your pores – he was testing your reaction with calculated brushes to see just what he could get from you.

That when he said I love you, there wasn’t any sincerity in his voice, in his eyes – he was saying the words that he said to everyone else that caught his eye for more than a minute, and he was using those three words to trap you in him for as long as he needed you.

But the thing is, Michael didn’t need you. He wanted you. He wanted to play with you, to toy with your heart like some plaything that a conniving boy like him would dissect before leaving the pieces lying around as he jumped to his next interest.

Michael loved toys and he loved games and your heart was the toy you handed so willingly over to him to take and your mind was a game that you released for him to play.

You gave him your heart and you gave him your head and in doing so, you gave him every opportunity to break you just the way he wanted to.

And the best part?

You’d come back, over and over again, back to his arms and back to the love you harboured for him – you silly stupid foolish girl – and he’d just break you all over again.

The best toy, really.

But like everything Michael Clifford plays with, he’ll get bored.

He’ll get tired of stringing you along and he’ll drop you without a warning; already looking for the next new game to play.

But you don’t think of this. You don’t think of any of these things despite the clear three strikes and the strange absurdity of his sudden profession of love towards you; you don’t think about Michael and the rumours or Ashton and his warning and you don’t think of anything except Michael saying yes I love you too after years of dreaming of those words to leave his lips.

You’ve always hung on to that hope, to that chance that Michael might love you back the way you loved him; that the beautiful Michael might love the plain you just like how you loved him when he was just plain Michael too.

And it’s that hope – that hope that you carried through the darkest silences – that hope is what will bring you down.

Because that’s what let you believe you had a chance, that blinded you with the possibility when any rational person could see the indifference in Michael’s eyes as clearly as they could see the infatutation in yours.

But of course, you couldn’t see it yourself.

You were too busy staring at him.

You were blinded.


It breaks his heart.

It breaks Ashton’s heart to see you at his doorway at five in the morning, the hazy beginnings of twilight starting to break through the darkness of night, making the tears on your cheeks glisten brightly.

It breaks his heart to see your helpless eyes breaking into a fresh wave of tears, your shoulders wracking with choked sobs, the words you were right leaving your lips in disjointed fragments with your cries and hiccups.

And he was right, of course – didn’t he try to tell you, didn’t he try to tell you that Michael Clifford would only break your heart?

Shouldn’t you have tried to listen?

But now you’ve paid the price in tears and heartbreak and you’re crying into Ashton’s broad shoulders, unintelligible words leaving your lips, muffled in his shirt and accented by sharp intakes of breath that don’t seem to help.

He was – I-I saw him – she was there and he saw m-me and – he just kept on – t-the whole entire time – you were right.

Your words come out as a wail and Ashton’s holding you tightly, stroking your hair and rubbing your back and hushing you softly and being right left the most bitter, acidic taste in his mouth.

Because being right didn’t mean being happy, and your broken form told him that much.

He said he loved me.

You almost want to laugh because of how juvenile and whiny your voice sounds, but you can’t help the pathetic squeak of your words when they leave your mouth in between your shaking.

I’m sorry dear, but he –

He didn’t mean it. He lied. About everything. I know. I know. I know that now and god, I wish I knew that earlier because now I just feel so stupid for believing everything he told me and I –

Your words are too thick with tears at this point, and Ashton merely shushes you and holds your head to his shoulder as your bury your eyes into his worn shirt, feeling the sturdiness of your best friend around you; the only thing still holding the remaining fragments of you up.

The pieces of you that Michael didn’t play with, the pieces that he perhaps chose to let you keep, knowing that those were the jagged edges that wouldn’t fit anywhere else.

You were just a broken girl made up of shattered half-finished jigsaw pieces that you’ll never be able to find; he made sure of that. That was his game.

And you can’t believe that this is Michael – you have to train yourself from saying your Michael because he was never yours even when he claimed otherwise with fancy words like my heart is yours even when you knew they were a guise from keeping you from realizing it was the other way around – and you just can’t believe that the boy you used to call a friend would become the smirking epitome of trouble.

People changed, you knew. You saw Michael change with every song he wrong, with every season as he started to discover himself more and more – he talent at the guitar, the colours that showcased his mood, the ink that represented something to him – he was changing, but not once did you ever think the bashful Michael you once knew would become the reason for your uncontrollable, cracked tears.

You didn’t want to.

You wanted to hold on to the image of the thin boy in oversized hoodies, the boy who only played games on a console, the boy who didn’t have any luck with talking to other girls.

You wanted to cling on to the boy that you loved, believing he was inside this new person with white-blue hair and cocky grin.

You wanted to believe that maybe if you loved him enough, the love from the old Michael hidden somewhere in this new person would come back. That it would come back and love you, too.

But the tears don’t stop and you think the boy you loved is gone, living only in your memory.

He couldn’t live in the Michael you wanted; your heartbreak proving that much.

The betrayal cuts through you like a knife; that not only did Michael not return your feelings, but that he would string you out like he did, that he would make you suffer tenfold more than you had to. That you would have to undergo humiliation and heartache and grief all at once just to learn your lesson.

And perhaps that bit was your fault.

You should’ve learned faster, when there was already one strike. You should’ve picked it up by strike two. You should’ve told him to leave the field when it was strike three.

But you stubbornly refused to leave and you stayed in Michael’s game, and my god, was he quite the player.

But you’ve left the field with your head hung low and pieces of your heart trailing behind you and this is the price for playing, for losing, for believing.

You had learned the hard way for such an easy lesson.

He just didn’t love you.


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(fic) baby, you can drive my car

warnings: porn, and more porn. Probably impractical porn to boot, ahaha *dies*

Levi bites his lip, appearing to lose focus. At least, that’s what Eren assumes, because he’s just unbuttoned and then re-buttoned his pants again.

Eren tilts his head forward, burying his nose in the curve of Levi’s neck as his hands slip down to assist. “You want me bad, huh?”

This was supposed to be for my darling pumpkin artist-eren’s birthday, which has passed… quite awhile ago… um. *SWEATS* I’m such an awful friend *sobs* ;A; But porn is better late than never? Maybe? I’M SORRY MITSU AUUURGH I’M SO EMBARRASSED *bangs head on keyboard*

This is basically all porn - more specifically, car porn. Well, not just car porn. Everyone gets to enjoy a peen in their booty. …I don’t know, don’t look at me. Anyway, Mitsu, I’m a dumb butt and you don’t have to read this dumb thing but just know that it was written with all of the love in my heart ♥

Okay, I’m done! I hope you enjoy *A* *runs away*

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