i'm just so not in the mood right now

Alright, I’ve succumbed to the trash clown, goddamnit.


This is a complaint about dubs so if you are a die-hard dub fan, then you won’t like what I have to say. 

I have just been watching some of the FT dub (trying to collect some screenshots) and hearing some of the horrendous voice-acting is making me die a little inside - OMG what did they do to Igneel’s voice it’s so bad!

Some of the dialogue they add is completely out of character and ruins the mood. I know they have to worry about mouth sync but they even mess up the lines and stray away from the manga when it’s not an issue (I don’t understand??!!). 

They have Gajeel saying “You sure are tough for a little lady” to Lucy. Gajeel would never say that in general.

One of my major peeves about dubs (across all anime) is when they change a character’s personality completely. 

This could be down to both the scripting and acting. For example Lucy, she is supposed to be a kind character who can be loud. In the dub, a majority of the time she comes across as a constantly pissed off, loud-mouthed bitch (they do this a lot with main female protagonists in dubs, another thing I don’t understand). Main female leads don’t need to bitchy or snarky to be strong. It makes me believe the directors/voice actors haven’t put any effort into understanding the role they are portraying.

I’m not even going to get started on Natsu voice. Just why? I don’t know whose voice is worse in the dub, Natsu’s or Lucy’s? I think Gray is the only one, whose voice actually suits him. 

I just wish they would put more effort into the dubs. Like they did with Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood or some video games have amazing voice acting. Why do anime dubs have to be so bad, when I know good voice actors are out there. Or perhaps the voice actors they have right now are capable of doing a better job? I don’t know the solution but I hope the quality improves in the future. 


Team Fortress 2. A BLU Soldier in the Base!

I swear I just wanted to draw Demoman to call Soldier as ‘Jane’. I didn’t mean for this to happen actually no, I wanted Solly abuse. Shhh…!

WILD IDEAS that i encountered in therapy today:

sometimes you can just like. DECIDE. to not dwell on a thing that you could dwell on for ages and not drive yourself into anxious spirals. it’s kind of delightful. you can just be like ‘this thing? this here thought? naw man i’m gonna go do something else and not worry about it.’

doing it right now! weird things happened right before therapy, but I’m not going to spiral. I’m in the gym doing homework, then gonna work out after, and it’s literally just going to be fine.


The moods you get before a period are ridiculous! I’ve never in my life wanted to punch someone and just enjoy talking to them at the same time. I want to just laugh but also punch a wall and scream. I have a layer of rage in my chest for no reason and I will snap for no reason. I can look in the mirror and just tell myself how ridiculous I am for feeling this way and even though that makes sense and I want to smile I also want to slap myself in the mirror for calling me out. Help me.

can you imagine the amis going to a waterpark and R takes off his shirt and Enj can see all of his tattoos at once for the first time and he’s just totally mesmerized. he just stands there not-so-descreetly staring and he doesn’t notice Courf sneaking up behind him until it is too late. Enj ends up falling into the deep end and even though he’s totally fine, R jumps in right after him and is immediately by Enjolras’ side asking if he’s okay. Enj doesn’t think anything of it because he’s in fact not thinking at all with Grantaire and his tattoos so close to him. neither of them notices all the other amis laughing hysterically until after the photos are already all over social media

i am still fighting myself squeezing this goddamn pseudo-musicological text for my friend’s cd booklet out of myself. i’m ridiculous. i’m not in the mood for writing stuff that needs to be taken very seriously. also i’m so tired that everything’s a little hazy, but the text needs to be finished by 11:00 tomorrow (7 hours left, basically, and i need to sleep a little, too).
i clearly brought this onto myself, but there are 16473928740 things i’d rather do right now. sleep is on top of that list.

I LOVE Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and I think it’s tonally impeccable and extremely current, but their perspective on Judaism is so off to me! Last season they said it was stupid to want to be happy when you need to be focused on survival, and this week they had a number about suffering. 

Nobody brings that shit up at a bar mitzvah, even ones for kids descending from Survivors (I was at one 2 days ago so the memory is fresh.) I get the feeling non-observant Jews thing that’s what Jewish “tradition” is … but it’s not??? The majority of our holidays are about being happy and/or thankful (and getting wasted). That’s why we stick a few fast days in to balance it out lmao.

tbh, like, at least while our grandparents are still around, we don’t use the Holocaust as a thing to temper our happiness? We don’t talk about the suffering they experienced in their lives to bring ourselves down? We discuss it in a context of gratitude and maintain an optimistic perspective, like, idk this is so raw and deeply troubling as something that is seen by non-Jews………………….. Nobody should get the impression that we’re a religion that focuses on anything but joy and love.

Have you ever just got spoiled /so/ badly for a certain game that it puts you in a really bad mood? Because ho boy. Someone ended up spoiling the whole new Dangan Ronpa game for me and I am highly salty right now. The dead sea couldn’t even compare to the amount of salt I have right now.


NEW | Former Miss USA Alyssa Campanella married actor Torrance Coombs in an intimate ceremony in Santa Ynez, California on April 2. The couple’s theme for their nuptials at Sunstone Vineyards and winery was “royal, elegant and alfresco,” and they totally achieved that mood.

“After six beautiful years together, this just feels right and how it’s supposed to be,” Campanella, 26, tells PEOPLE. “Torrance has been my husband in my heart for years, and now it is really official.”

Campanella is a model and fashion blogger who won Miss USA in 2011. Coombs, 32, is an actor best known for his role on CW’s Reign, and is next set to star in the upcoming Shondaland series “Still Star-Crossed,” a Romeo and Juliet-inspired series on ABC.

The couple got engaged in May 2015 after dating for several years. Coombs was by Campanella’s side when she took home the Miss USA title. “He’s proud of me, and I couldn’t ask for anything more,” she said at the time.

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