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Sometimes, most times, she isn’t sure she deserves this happiness.

Like right now, sitting in the speckled morning sunlight of their tiny kitchen, legs swinging from the countertop, hot mug of coffee warming her fingers, as she watches the love of her life make pancakes. He’s telling a story and poking fun at himself to make her laugh. She doesn’t miss the pleased smile he tucks away when it works.

Percy gets batter splattered on his cheek and she loops a foot around his leg to pull him closer. He moves into her space effortlessly, fitting there without taking up any extra room. A small smile pressing his lips together and crinkling the skin around his eyes and he looks at her with those eyes of his and it’s one of those times when she can’t believe.

She can’t believe she deserves this, him.

(But then again, she can. She can believe that they are two souls who have been aching and aching with hurt and right now they deserve to be healing together.)

Annabeth puts down her coffee and swipes the batter off his cheek, watching him follow her movements. She dusts a kiss over the freckles on his nose and smiles when he laughs. Her cheeks ache so much with smiling and she only smiles more when he presses them between her palms, scrunching his nose right up to hers.

And this happiness. This bubbling, settling, silly happiness just fills her up and up and up. She loves this boy. From the top of his sleep-mussed hair to his finger-toes. In the corner of their own kitchen, with a cheesy song serenading them from the radio, and her boyfriend kissing smiles to her mouth, Annabeth feels so happy she can feel it spilling over and over.

(When she sees his happiness shining back at her, she knows they deserve this.)

She leans back just enough to see his face and tilts her head.

“What should we do today?” he asks her.

“This,” she says, chasing his lips, “and this and this and this.”


Ever After High 30 Day Challenge

Day 9: Favorite Relationship
Faybelle Thorn and Briar Beauty


It’s love. We first met when we were 15. It took another 15 years for us to sort it out. She’s an incredible woman, very special. So the fact that she said yes was a huge deal. I was in a boys’ school and she was in a girls’ school. They were doing a charity fashion show. They brought some guys over. I will never forget I was this pasty boy with freckles. I had to walk topless in the show for this school of girls. As I walked off the stage, the entire school erupted [in applause because] the best-looking guy in the school walked on. It was a very scarring moment. But afterward at the party, I saw Hannah across the room. She was very beautiful, kind and very funny. [I learned that] we had similar interests, that she loved the arts, theater…all the things that were important to me. When Hannah and I finally got together years later, I had finished rehearsing ‘Les Miserables’ and was about to start shooting it. I had four days off, I was going to Florence by myself—slightly sad. Hannah and I went on a date just before I was to leave. We had known each other for a long time, but not closely. I was like. ‘We had a wonderful evening. You wouldn’t want to go to Florence next week, would you?’ She was like. ‘That’s absurd.’ I was like, ‘No, no, no.’ She said, ‘You don’t mean that.’ I was like, ‘I do.’ The next morning, I sent my easyJet booking form to her. She let me stew for a few hours, and then she sent back her easyJet booking form. So our first proper date was in Florence, and that felt quite crazy.

"I bought a plant."

This is Parker thinking maybe, just maybe, she may have found a place. This is a girl who can get into anywhere but fits in nowhere thinking there might be something here worth staying for. She doesn’t really know these people, doesn’t trust them yet, but she can’t shake the feeling that with these almost-strangers with all their jagged edges she may have found the one thing she always wanted but could never steal: a place to belong.

She doesn’t want to jinx it. She spent an entire childhood being told that she doesn’t fit in, that she’s too strange and destructive and damaged to belong anywhere. But they called her, they asked her to come, and when she did she found that there was already a space prepared for her, just waiting for her claim, waiting for her to mark it as hers. Waiting for any indication that she might stay.

So she buys a plant. She doesn’t really know what it does, but she does know what it means. It means I’m here, it means I’m staying, it means I want this place to be mine.


Okay here’s something that’s annoying me. Yes, Caleb cheated on Spencer and that was wrong. But Hanna also cheated on her fiancé which people aren’t paying much attention too. People are just bitter that it betrayed Spencer.

But like…some Ezria fans are bitter toward Haleb too but ARIA CHEATED ON HER BOYFRIEND TOO!!!! Hanna and Caleb kissed. That was wrong. But Aria and Ezra had sex. But apparently that’s okay??? Three people cheated in this episode but I’m just seeing so much hate primarily toward Caleb and Hanna.

What the hell is the sense in this?!

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This is why I have trust issues


Why is Tom making tea so adorable?

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Collage AU; Lena and Maggie are best friends. Maggie has a huge crush on popular girl Alex Danvers. At a party, Lena swoops in like the best friend she is as the wingman. A year later, Kara Danvers, the little sister of Maggies now girlfriend starts collage and it's Maggies turn to play the role of wingman. If you like collage au's, and think lena and maggie could ever be friends, i'd love to see this happen? -hospital anon Happy news! I'm probably going home this week!

YES YES YES YES I’m so happy you’re hopefully going home this week!!! Wonderful news!!! Sending lots of hugs your way, darling!!! <3 <3 <3

“You might want to put your eyes back in your skull, Sawyer, or you’re going to spill your HCl all over my notes.”

Maggie hisses slightly and lifts her vial so she’s no longer putting Lena’s organic chem notes in the line of fire. Or, acid, to be more precise.

“Sorry, L, I just – “

“I know, hun. Everyone knows. And don’t panic, because by everyone, I just mean me. Oh, don’t give me that baffled look, you’d have an outwardly over-inflamed sense of self to compensate for scalding inner self-hatred if you grew up a Luthor, too.”

“You’re really taking our psych class seriously, huh?”

“And you’re really taking Alex Danvers’s ass seriously.”

The HCl does spill this time, and Lena yelps and smacks Maggie’s shoulder lightly as she salvages her papers. Alex turns around at the sound, and Maggie’s insides twist like she just swallowed the damn acid because she’s got goggles on over her glasses and she still manages to look every bit the prom queen, every bit the star surfer, every bit the smartest, most popular pre-med student in the whole damn college.

Alex’s eyes scan Lena and Maggie’s work bench even as she holds her own chemicals poised perfectly, measured perfectly, above her beaker. “You two alright there?” she asks, and Maggie’s throat closes up, so Lena flashes her warmest smile, and Lena decides to play wingman – well, wingwoman – because this crush has gone on long enough, as has Maggie’s insistence that she’d never wanna be with me anyway, I mean god, she’s perfect and I’m just… well… me.

“Yeah, yes, fine, my clumsy hands, you know,” Lena takes the blame, and wets her red lipstick with her tongue, and for a moment, Maggie wants to deliver a sound kick to her shins because oh come on seriously, don’t seduce her right in front of me. But Lena is more loyal than that, and Maggie knows it, and Alex isn’t her type, anyway.

Alex grins slightly and goes to turn her attention back to her own bench. “It’s Alexandra, isn’t it?” Lena asks, and Maggie nearly panics.

“What the hell are you doing?” she hisses.

“Getting you a girlfriend,” Lena mutters under her breath as she strides over to Alex’s bench.

“Alex. Yes.”

“Well, we haven’t been properly introduced. I’m Lena, and that beauty over there’s Maggie Sawyer. She’s the one who figured out that blood spatter problem that no one else could crack in forensics last week, you know.”

And suddenly Alex’s eyes are meeting Maggie’s, and she’s licking her lips, and she’s slipping off her goggles so she can look at Maggie straight through her glasses. “I know. I um… I’ve been meaning to talk to you. About that. Actually. I just, um… You two always seem like you’re together.”

“We’re not,” Maggie splutters as Lena smirks and slips into the background. “Together. But um. But I can… if you wanted, you know, I can take you out on my Triumph, this bar I know. Go over… labs, or… something. Together. You and me.”

Alex’s eyes slip up and down Maggie’s body and a small smile plays at her lips as a blush rises in her cheeks.

“I think I’d like that, Sawyer. I think I’d like that a lot.”

It doesn’t take long for them to become the most popular couple on campus. And it takes even less time for Lena to proudly claim credit for it at every opportunity, to bemoan her singledom and swear that Maggie will simply have to repay the favor of setting her up with her own soulmate one day.

That day comes about a year later, when Alex’s dorm is hosting a party for the new batch of freshmen, and Lena freezes when she sees the blonde with the green eyes, adorable cardigan, and beaming smile.

“Alright there, Luthor?” Maggie wants to know, but Lena just stares. Maggie follows her gaze and smirks and decides not to tell her who the girl is, because if she does Lena’s sure to come up with some excuse not to talk to her.

“Babe,” she whispers as Alex passes behind her, melting into her arms with a smile and a kiss. “Lena’s looking at Kara like she uh… wants to get to know her better. That okay with you?”

“Oh my god, please yes. If anyone can get Kara to come the hell out as bi already, it’s Lena.” Maggie grins and Alex steps back to watch, and Maggie takes Lena by the elbow and practically drags her across the room.

Maggie!” Kara shouts and launches herself into her arms. Lena’s eyes fly wide as they embrace, in awe of someone who’s so free with affection, who’s so open with love.

“Hey Little Danvers. Someone I want you to meet. Lena, this is Kara Danvers, Alex’s kid sister. Kara, this is my best friend Lena Luthor. She runs the whole businessy sciencey thing – ”

“The Entrepreneurial Society of Bioengineers.”

“Right. That fancy ass, super smart, super socially conscious, super you’ve gotta be a badass and a genius to be in this club let alone run it thing on campus. You two should – you know – talk.”

Kara takes one look at Lena, one look at Maggie’s none-too-subtle wink as she strolls away in search of her girlfriend, and furiously adjusts her glasses with a fire in her eyes and a shy smile pulling at her lips.

“Nice to meet you, Lena.”

“And you, Kara. Has your… sister, apparently… shown you around, or would you like me to give you a tour?”

Lena bites her lip and Kara forgets both English and Kryptonian.

Across the room, Maggie rests her head on Alex’s shoulder, reveling in Alex’s hand holding her close around her waist.

“I think I just got your kid sister laid.”

Alex groans and pulls away, and Maggie staggers, laughing. “Watch it, Sawyer, or she’ll be the only one.”

Maggie laughs into Alex’s teasing kiss as the party spills on around them.

[day 31] that’s all folks! (at least for this year…) a big thank you to everyone who joined in this year! it was amazing seeing everyone’s drawings and enthusiasm! thank you!! happy roinktober! and happy halloween!

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Hey.. So I been dating this guy since I was 15 so it's been 8 years. It's about to be a year that we have been broken up. I just found out he has a girlfriend and my heart is shattered. I never imagined him being with anyone else. Especially seeing him do things with her that we never did! I honestly thought we would get back after this break we needed but he clearly chose another route and I'm over here just feeling empty. How do I keep moving forward? Am I supposed to be happy for him? 😔💔

Girl. First of all. Do yourself a favor, and stop checking for him. That’s prolonging the healing process. You’re young. You have so much life ahead of you. Please. Don’t waste it focusing on things that don’t ultimately make you happy. Be happy for him, and the idea of closure. There’s your moment of truth. It’s time to move the fuck on. *Hug.* YOU got this, boo.

that exchange between walter and toby when he was going after happy killed me in so many ways. first off the panic from both of them, then how toby says ‘the love of my life.’ then walter’s worry for toby. then how toby says ‘if that were paige would you go back’ and you can see immediately on walter’s face he would go after her and so he just says ‘be careful’ and WOW okay that whole seven-ish second bit was completely uncalled for

After New Year: Lucaya Fanfic
  • 8th grade class in Rooftop.
  • Maya: Lucas, Have I ever sayed anything nice to you?
  • Lucas: (slowly shakes head) No...
  • Maya: well. It's one minute to midnight and I'm gladd you're standing here.
  • Lucas: (smiles) That kinda makes up for everything.
  • Countdown starts. (5,4,3,2,1)
  • Farkle: Riley still loves Lucas! I did the right thing!
  • (Everyone leaves. Maya, Riley and Lucas sit on the bench)
  • Maya: So. Is new year.
  • Riley: And, here we are.
  • Lucas: (turns to look at Riley for a second and then to the floor) Is it true? Riley?
  • Riley: I...
  • Maya: I'm gonna leave now. (Stands and starts walking to the door)
  • Lucas: stay here Riley. I'll be right back. (Goes after Maya) Maya wait. Why are you going?
  • Maya: It's late and I should probably go home. Wish my mom a happy new year and all...
  • Lucas: Can you wait for a few minutes and I'll walk you home.
  • Maya: No. You should talk to Riley. And I don't wanna be there when you do.
  • Lucas: I kinda want you to be there.
  • Maya: I can't Lucas. I... She really loves you, and you love her too, and you are perfect for eachother. And she's there, waiting for you (starts tearing up, voice cracking) and I'm going home cause I don't wanna see it.
  • Lucas: see what?
  • Riley: The moment you look at her and realize that you love her and that I was just a distraction.
  • Lucas: But, (grabs her hand and starts to dragg her towards Riley. Do you trust me?
  • Maya: of course I do, Lucas. But I'm not ready to give up hope yet. Just let me go and go to her.
  • Lucas: (holds her hand a little tighter) What if I don't wanna let go?
  • Maya: You just found out she still loves you. You're still a little shocked. You need to talk.
  • Lucas: that is true.
  • Maya: And you'll fix things between you and get back to being a thing and tomorrow you'll be so happy, you'll see.
  • Lucas: What if I'm already happy? Maya, Is true, we need to talk to Riley. (Starts pulling Maya back to Riley) because we need to tell her.
  • Maya: Tell her what?
  • Lucas: you say you trust me, so just do it. Please me.
  • Maya: but... OK
  • (They come close to Riley and sit next to her, just like they were before)
  • Lucas: So is true? You love me?
  • Maya: (turns away and starts to tear up)
  • Riley: I do, but is not what you think.
  • Lucas: Is it a brotherly kind of love? A friend kind of love? Or a couple kind of love? Cus I don't know anymore... Everyone keeps telling me things and telling me what to do, but no one asks how I feel. So I'm asking. No more lies. What do you feel for me Riley?
  • Riley: I don't know.
  • Lucas: How can you say that? Just say it... Please. No more lies.
  • Maya: she loves you, ok? She loves you but is afraid to say it. And you love her. Can I just go now?
  • Lucas: No! No one has asked me how I feel. Or what I want. But you all keep telling me what to feel or do.
  • Maya: then tell us how you feel please!
  • Lucas: I like you Riley. A lot. You are a very nice girl, and the most loving person I know, I love you too. (Maya tries to leave again cus she's about to start crying but Lucas grabs her hand and pulles her to him) and I always will because you were my first girlfriend. And thank you for loving me too. But I'm in love with Maya.
  • Both Riley and Maya turn to look at Lucas. Riley is just plain serious looking, and nods her head. But Maya is looking to his eyes for confirmation, mouth open, shock all over her face.
  • Lucas: there. I said it. Is all out of my chest. I'm in love with Maya Hart.
  • Riley: yeah... I kinda already knew. I mean, I had to be blind not to notice you had a thing. That's why I didn't wanted to say anything.
  • Maya: (drops Lucas' hand) But Riles, we don't have a thing. There is no us. I would never do that to you.
  • Riley: I know Maya. I told you. You need to feel what you feel, and there's nothing you could do to make me hate you. I love you Maya, and I know you love him too. The difference is, he loves you back the same way. We had our thing, but we didn't work out. Now is your time Peaches.
  • Maya: are you sure?
  • Riley: Yes. I'll be the ex. The one you can talk to and rant with about him.
  • Maya: (laughs a little, wipes her tears and hugs Riley) I love you Hunny Bunny. You are the best person I know. I don't know what I did to deserve you.
  • Riley: I'm sorry about the whole Gabriel's Horn thing... Farkle warned me but I didn't wanted to ruin your new year, but he did...
  • Lucas: actually, we kinda needed that push... If he hadn't done it, I would still have the doubt if you really tought about me as a brother, and I would have never gotten the courage to tell you how I feel.
  • Riley: yea about that. You should walk Maya home...
  • Lucas: yeah. (Stands up, reaches his hand to her and she takes it, standing up too)
  • Maya: happy new year Hunny.
  • Riley: Happy new year Peches, you too Lucas.
  • Lucas: Happy new year Riles.
  • Maya: Can I still beat up Farkle tomorrow?
  • Riley: please make sure that doesn't happen (to Lucas)
  • Lucas: I'll try my best ma-am. (Tilts imaginary hat)
  • Lucas and Maya walk out of the Matthews apartment hand in hand. When Maya sees Cory ans Topanga, she drops Lucas hand. There is a happy new year exchange, with an invitation to join them tomorrow for lunch. As they reach the elevator, Lucas tried to grab her hand but Maya didn't let him, she backed away a few steps
  • Lucas: what's wrong?
  • Maya: what are you doing?
  • Lucas: What do you mean?
  • Maya: what are we doing?
  • Lucas: I'm walking you home?
  • Maya: I can go home by myself.and I mean what are we doing as you and me?
  • Lucas: well, first of all, I'm walking you home because is very late and I wanna make sure you get home in one piece. And second of all, we are a we now.
  • Maya: A we?
  • Lucas: A real couple. We are together officialy. unless you don't want to. I didn't really asked, I just asumed. I'm sorry... (Looks a little worried)
  • Maya: Don't have to be sorry Lucas.
  • Lucas: so. You wanna be my girlfriend?
  • Maya: Lucas, do you realy have to ask?
  • Lucas: yes! Last time I didn't, and look how it turned out. I have an ex now.
  • Maya: you are so dramatic.
  • Lucas: so, you wanna?
  • Maya: yes! (As the elevator reaches he lobby, He attempts one more time to grabb her hand, and this time, she lets him)
  • So they walk to Maya's home, holding hands all the way there. Until they reach Her door.
  • Maya: we're here...
  • Lucas: yeah (smiles to her)
  • Maya: thanks for wslking me home Lucas.
  • Lucas: Don't thank me. It was my dutty as your bf.
  • Maya: (giggles)
  • Lucas: what?
  • Maya: Don't say it like that. It sounds so... So not normal
  • Lucas: Maya, we are not normal. We will never be normal, and I love that.
  • Maya: yeah. You're probably right. I'll see you tomorrow at the Matthews?
  • Lucas: No. I'll be here early and then we'll get there together. Besides I need to ask your mom for permission to date her daughter.
  • Maya: No you don't. My mother doesn't mind.
  • Lucas: But I do. I wanna make this (points between them) right.
  • Maya: Ok. See you tomorrow Lucas.
  • Lucas: Good night... Hey. Maya?
  • Maya: yeah?
  • Lucas: How come you are calling me Lucas and not other names?
  • Maya: I don't know. I guess I'm trying to be nicer to you. Now that you're my bf and all...
  • Lucas: but... What If I like tose names?
  • Maya: you do?
  • Lucas. Yeah... They kinda grew on me.
  • Maya: Well what do you want me to call you?
  • Lucas: I want you to call me Mad dog.
  • Maya: (chuckles) We had this conversation before... And I'm not calling you that!
  • Lucas: (smiles) then call me like yoy always did. Ranger Rick, Huckleberry... Even Hop along is better than plain Lucas.
  • Maya: Ok. Good night Huckleberry.
  • Lucas: (smiles) godd night shortstack.
  • Maya: I don't like that...
  • Lucas: Pancake?
  • Maya: oh gosh... I hate those kind of couples with cute nicknames...
  • Lucas: (laughs) And now we are one of them Pancake.
  • Maya: shut up!
  • Lucas: (laughs and leans in to kiss her cheek)
  • Maya: (smiles) good night Ranger Rick. Call me when you get home?
  • Lucas: sure. So we can have that long convo where we dabater who loves who more and we don't hang un for hours...
  • Maya: (grunts) I hate those couples. We are that couple... Aren't we?
  • Lucas: we sure are ma-am. Would you dream about me?
  • Maya: I always do.
  • Lucas leaves with a very big smile on his face. And when he gets home he calls as promissed. And then you know what's happens.
  • Lucas: I love you more
  • Maya: ugh! I hate you
  • Lucas: Nah... You love me more
  • Maya: damn you... I do. Go to sleep.
  • Lucas: I'll pick you up tomorrow.
  • Maya: yeah. Can't wait

I’m still not over the fact that we got to see Alex and Maggie have their happy ending this episode and while Alex normally has her hair loosely down and covering her face, they specifically had her hair pinned back for the kiss scene and the way that Alex just parts Maggie’s hair so she can really see her and they both have a clear view of each other’s faces I just

when you h o l d me i’m alive


Okay, but just imagine you and Luke were currently out on the town just enjoying each other’s company. He had been away on tour for a while and he was finally back and all yours. You had both missed each other terribly and were conjoined at the hip ever since he had been back. You were currently standing outside a shop to steal kisses from one another when a little girl came and tugged on his shirt gently. You both looked down and found a little girl. He bent down to her level because of how much shorter she was and smiled that adorable smile that made you weak in the knees. “Excuse me, may I have a picture with you, please?” She asked him shyly and Luke smiled more. “Of course you can, cutie,” he told her and stayed bent down to her. You took the phone she offered you while they posed together, the girl looking so happy because she was so amazed to be standing right there with a guy she idolized and had a bit of a crush on. You thought it was so cute. You snapped the picture and even took one of them hugging as well because it was just too adorable then you handed the phone back to her. She thanked you both and went about her day with a smile on her face from this encounter. Sure, it could be annoying sometimes to be interrupted by fans, but seeing Luke make a fan happy always made you happy as well. “You’re so adorable, Luke Hemmings,” you told him with a smile. “I know I am,” he grinned, but a blush prominent on his face. “Now, where were we?” He leaned back down and kissed you while picking you up in his arms.

for the record, as i’ve stated before, there’s no villain i dislike as much as i dislike zaheer (like literally i’m still so mad that he LIVED and korra nearly died in book 3 but whatever) but it was so important for korra to play out the rest of the vision that haunted her (which i would have preferred to have played out the part where korra smacks down zaheer but again whatever) and zaheer ultimately being a guide for her to break through the block was just so therapeutic and…kind of satisfying. it was important for korra to realize that it wasn’t zaheer holding her back but /herself/ and zaheer pointing out that korra was blaming her block on him was pretty great (as a narrative choice). now korra has closure on what happened to her which is what she’s been fighting for all this time :’). so thanks zaheer and now BYE ZAHEER.


We All Need a Hallmark Ending (Check Please!, Lardo/Shitty, 2.6k, oneshot, fluff)

“You know what? Let’s do it.”

“Do what?”

“You know, get married and have kids and grow old together and shit.” And suddenly this is all very, very real. Shitty smiles weakly, like he’s trying to play it off as just another joke, but Lardo’s always been able to see right through him, and she can tell he meant every word. Snow biting at her cheeks, she blinks a few flakes out of her lashes, carefully turning the question over in her mind. After an agonizing silence, just as Shitty’s starting to look ready to dive back into his car and floor it all the way back to Cambridge, Lardo finally manages to speak again.

“Are you proposing to me? After three months? In the parking lot at Murder Stop ‘n Shop?

It’s @thesugarcookieday‘s birthday so I wrote her this fic! Go tell her happy birthday because she’s great.

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What it's like to be a Lauren girl: Every time she pops up on my TL I swear I get GAYER. I've had celebrity crushes before, but nothing like this. My heart literally skips a beat when I see her smile. I saw her in concert last week for the first time and I was like waaaay in the back and even the tiny ant looking Lauren had me catching my breath. I'd probably PTFO if I met her in person. So I'm okay with admiring from afar for now. I just want her to be happy. Because she makes me happy.