i'm just so happy for them!

When I first made the switch from exclusively drawing fan art to more original content I was seriously discouraged because I lost over 100 followers in the first week alone, and more as the weeks went on.  Now almost a year later, I’ve got people following me for my OCs and telling me how much they like and enjoy them. This just…makes me so happy I don’t even know what to say. My characters mean the world to me and it makes me so happy that they’re making other people happy too.

I made these characters to help me power through some of the really tough times in my life when I felt depressed and alone. Those times when my depression and ptsd were seriously getting the better of me and I didn’t know what I could focus on and be proud of. I felt like I couldn’t do anything right and that I was total failure. I was struggling and just wanted to make something that could help me feel in control, and feel happy. I was never really experienced with making my own characters before this. I know I’m far from being professional, but writing these stories and making these characters have really helped me a lot, and hearing how others are happy with them too just brings me so much joy.

Thank you guys so much ♥


Happy late Valentine’s day! *sweats*
I wanted to draw Marron for Valentine’s day, but I couldn’t finish it in time orz 

There is this cute scene from “Sunday’s Secret” by Honeyworks. Byron really wants to be Marnie’s prince, so he dreamed about them on Valentine’s day. He also wish he could be a human because deep deep inside him, he dislikes his wolfskin features. *runs away*

BUT BOY, Marnie with a princess dress is the best <3



❀ Flowers + Maknae Line ❀

It’s been a while since I’ve painted anything but I’m pretty happy with how these have turned out c:

Update: you can now find these paintings in my Redbubble store!


did somebody say wedding day destiel?


Wiishu’s new video with Jack was the best thing ever! I’m so happy :3 I just had to screenshot them <3

This is what I named the folder :3





But seriously though, they seem so happy together which is lovely to see and it makes me happy! <3

And when I heard “we should record more together” I was like AHHHHHHH YESSSSSS! :D I can’t wait to see more of them :3


Fitzsimmons + Reunion Hugs 

what I want from the ghostbusters sequel is erin and holtzmann canonically dating, but I want it to be subtle. I want no explanation, no interlude, erin and holtz are just dating in the next movie. no gay panic, no beating around the bush, they’re just already dating when the movie starts, and we can sort of tell but then it’s made official when they share a casual kiss goodbye or something of that nature. I don’t want it super sexualized and I don’t want it super cliche and ugly and like BUT I’M STRAIGHT!!! no I just want it to be just like they introduce straight couples in movies. I want it normalized and I want it casual and I want it now.

PSA: If you're looking to buy prints, posters, or merch and come across a site called TeeChip DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM, EVER

They steal artwork from artists without their permission and attempt to resell low quality crap of it, and trick people into buying it by stating “BEST SELLER, NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES, LIMITED TIME ONLY”

And hey, guess what? Someone messaged me earlier and I found out that this “company” is selling MY ART that I definitely did not give permission to use, sell, or distribute.

This “company” literally edited out my work from the original images, rotated a few, and slapped them all onto a poster.

Uh, NO. Not cool at all.

I have already filed a DMCA and hope to have it taken down within a day, but who knows if they’ll even do that seeing as their “DMCA form” is literally an email to “someone who takes care of these matters” 🙃

PLEASE don’t support shitty “companies” like TeeChip who steal the hard work of others! If you ever recognize artwork that you suspect is stolen on any site that sells artwork or merch, please let the original artist know if you’re able to! It’s always greatly appreciated when people let us know this kind of shit is happening and we can take actions to stop it