i'm just so happy for them!


Happy 9th anniversary, SHINee!! ♡ ♡ ♡   #9yearswithSHINee

New persona look

So, after watchin this really cool video someone made, showcasin this awesome kind of helmet thing that could display various different faces and such on it, I had a few thoughts.
And one of them was “what if, instead of a helmet, it was just a mask?”
And another was “And instead of havin a physical control box to change the faces, what if you had a few cameras in said mask that were runnin facial recognition software? And said software was tied to an emote index that changed the display to whatever emote matched the expression?”

This was too cool of a concept to just let dissipate from my mind, and so I decided to try it out on my persona. Once I did so, I realized what a cool look it was, so I decided to keep it.

And thus, this is how my sona is gunna look from now on. The emote and “ears” will change dependin on mood/expression. ouo

I will be usin said look to respond to things with from now on. ^u^


‘Time’ from the dress rehearsal for the Us + Them tour.


❀ Flowers + Maknae Line ❀

It’s been a while since I’ve painted anything but I’m pretty happy with how these have turned out c:

Update: you can now find these paintings in my Redbubble store!

Do yall also have these mutuals that you just??? Grew really fond of?? Like, you never properly talk to them and all you do is like each other’s posts but whenever you see them on your dash you’re like “hello sunshine, I hope you’re drinking lots of water and being happy your health and wellbeing is so important to me” and I hope that’s not weird because honestly that’s me all the time

Happy Birthday To The Precious Neets! 

( Do not tag as ship, i just like cuddly brothers >//A//<  )


Fitzsimmons + Reunion Hugs 


Wiishu’s new video with Jack was the best thing ever! I’m so happy :3 I just had to screenshot them <3

This is what I named the folder :3





But seriously though, they seem so happy together which is lovely to see and it makes me happy! <3

And when I heard “we should record more together” I was like AHHHHHHH YESSSSSS! :D I can’t wait to see more of them :3


those cheeky shits

the dear evan hansen fandom must be made aware of this adorable photo ft. cuddly ben platt and amused mike faist with black nail polish, that is all thank you for your time 

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just a random thought: what will you like to see when haikyuu ends? just a random question ^-^

The roar of the crowd is a deafening sound in his ears and the lights of the stadium shine so bright to blind him for a couple of seconds. He holds his breath. This is it, finally it. The Olympics.

He grasps tight at the fabric of his jersey. It’s true, everything is real, even if he still couldn’t believe it. He’s wearing the red uniform of the Japan men’s national volleyball team, the one he’s always desired the most.

The confusion lasts just a couple of moments. Around him everything feels so familiar, despite being completely new. He repeats the same warming up routine he’s used to do since high school until it’s time. Eighteen hands pile one on the other, eighteen red and black dressed bodies squeeze each other in an encouraging embrace.

“Let’s go!” his captain yells.

As they all part ways to gain the center of the court, he forgets to breathe as he reads again some of the names written in bold white letters on the back of the jerseys. Most of them, he was used to see on the other side of the net, but now they are here. His teammates.

Bokuto. Oikawa. Ushijima. Kuroo. Nishinoya. Tsukishima. Komori. Miya.

Dark blue eyes meet his own, a stare so firm it shakes him out of his awe immediately.

“Let’s go,” Kageyama says in a nod, offering his hand.

He takes it, and Kageyama’s promise flashes before his eyes once more.

As long as I’m here, you’re invincible.

Hinata smiles.

“Let’s go.”


And I know I’m awful, I can’t even cry
It’s about time I told her and looked in her eyes
“You’re my best friend, I’ll love you til one of us dies"

“You are my best friend. You are my twinnie, and only you know what that means. You are always here. I don’t know how to do anything without you.”


did somebody say wedding day destiel?