i'm just so happy for her she finally got her win!!

Okay so here’s the tea. In season 16, Nicole was my absolute favorite. I thought she was pretty, funny, relatable, and she was an underdog, so I liked rooting for her (plus she was with Donny like hello). I stanned so hard that when she won buyback I was so happy I could have cried. I haven’t ever been so emotionally invested in a player before. She was the one I wanted to win, hands down. Flash forward to pre-season 18, when I found out she was coming back I was just as excited as when she won the buyback. I was so ready to see her play the game again, and she even said that she was there to play for herself and not get distracted. And at the beginning it was smooth sailing, then that white devil Cor*y came along and once again she was taken by some white dick. And throughout the game, I got more and more disappointed with how she was playing. I was just seeing her on the wrong side aka with the players I didn’t necessarily like. I started to pay less and less attention to her because she wasn’t making moves I wanted her to make, which I know is stupid. Then came the few weeks where she was evicting all of the women in the house. That is really what led me to not like her this season (and bc cor*y obviously). Tbh I am not a hardcore feedster, and I don’t read every bbtwitter update, but I am more informed than casual viewers however I did not know much of anything about her game other than she was purposely targeting women. And I guess I didn’t like her game because I didn’t really understand it. Come finale night, she was the second person I wanted to win the game. (I wanted Paul to win idk why now bc when I look back all he did was scream “pissed” and “friendship” all the time). If I were on that jury, I would have switched my vote on the spot just by the way Nicole answered her questions, and gave her final plea. The way she talked out her game and what her actual strategy was, I was honestly shook. For most of the game she had 4 men in front of her as shields while she had every person that was sent to jury, do dirty work for her (even cor*y). And if you notice, just like Da said, when a new jury member came in, they all said they were in there because of Nicole. Not once in any jury segment was Paul brought up. Interesting. Not to mention her being called out in front of the house multiple times. Now when the votes were read, and when she won I didn’t really know how to feel. It was more of a nostalgic feeling I guess? If this were to happen in season 16 I would have died. The person I wanted to win the most actually won but it wasn’t how I thought it would happen. And I guess I felt guilty about it because for most of the season I really disliked her, and I was rooting for paul like wtf. Now that it’s all over, I look at it with a level head, and (don’t @ me after this) now I believe she played the best game. She deserved it the most from at least the f5 (although I would have loved if Da won). I can honestly say that I am really proud that Nicole won, even though she wasn’t my favorite this time around, she was at one point and I’m glad to see one of my faves do the impossible: be the first woman to win against a man in the f2. Your faves literally will never.