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I agree. I don't think the tongue thing is about unhealthy jealousy. People are probably worried that jeonlous means Jungkook doesn't trust the other members around Jimin, which would be alarming. But I doubt it. I'm not sure if people have talked about this possibility before but maybe it's about PDA? Hypothetically speaking, if they are in a relationship, someone (staff, other members, Jimin, himself too maybe) has told them to tone it down and there'd be a ton of valid reasons for that. (1)

So, even if he’s not banned from touching Jimin, he’d be conscious about his every move and maybe the “jeonlous” thing is just an unconscious nervous/irritated tick that comes from the constant awareness of what he can and cannot do. It could be frustration and/or bitterness because he’s the only one who has to be careful around Jimin while everyone else is allowed to act natural. Seeing others touch Jimin like they’d normally do is something he’d always notice because he’d be painfully (2)

I think there was more but once again tumblr is evil. but this is actually really interesting. Maybe he’s not jealous that they are with Jimin but more jealous that he cant be. Now that’s cute lol

I still remember stanning BTS back in 2013.. when no one cared about them. I remember showing my cousin the no more dream mv, and she said it looked tacky. I remember waiting in anticipation for them to upload video logs. I remember creating my first bts blog. I remember being frustrated every time they didn’t win on music shows. I remember writing my very first letter to them. I remember buying my first kpop album (2 cool 4 skool). I remember attending the red bullet tour and meeting ARMYs…

So many things have changed since then. The underdog kpop group that I knew of has now become one of the most influential kpop groups in the world. It’s like watching my children grow up right before my eyes.

...yeah, I DON’T like The Grizz!

and I guess I’m just in the mood to keep going so I’m gonna explain why!

Certain proud traditions persist throughout all four games, and one is how every set of villains contains one frustrated X artist turned homicidal Y-omaniac

Sly 1: The Panda King, a frustrated firework artist turned homicidal pyromaniac
Sly 2: Dimitri, a frustrated visual artist turned homicidal forge-omaniac
Sly 3: Don Octavio, a frustrated operatic artist turned homicidal… tar-omaniac?

Sly 4 keeps it up, which is good. It overuses the setup by repeating it, which is bad. And both are, in their own ways, garbage, which is tragic.

Decibel’s worthy of her own post, but The Grizz is probably worse. Le Paradox sums up everything that’s wrong with Sly 4′s writing, but Grizz was his herald, a dark harbinger of what was to come. I was on board with the rest of the Caveman level, at least at the time. But the more Grizz was onscreen, the more it became apparent that something had gone terribly wrong.

Grizz’s thing is that he was a graffiti artist. So you could say he’s already treading on Dimitri’s toes a little, but to be fair I wouldn’t go that far. Graffiti artistry is its own thing. Its own subculture.

But here’s the problem. They made him talk like a rapper.

And a fucking abysmal rapper, at that! His rhymes sound like they were written by a six-year-old. “One, two… another masterpiece for you!”
What the good goddamn is this preschool crap? It really isn’t difficult to write a decent rap. The key is to see that the locus of the focus is the flow. Did Sanzaru ever do that? Fuck no!
(See? That took me two minutes, tops.)

But as irritating as that is (and it is very, very irritating), this points to a more worrisome underlying issue. What we have is a graffiti artist who dresses and speaks like a (very stereotypical, very dated) rapper. Now, speaking as a middle-class white boy with a Tumblr blog, I can’t claim any expertise in either field. But… those two subcultures are different things?

I’m gonna repeat that for emphasis. Those two subcultures are different things.

It’d be like if you wrote a character whose main thing was surfing, and he talked like a stereotypical hippie. There’s… overlap. Both dialects use phrases like “man” and “dude” and “far out”. But they aren’t the same thing. Not by a long way. To imply they are is baffling.

I’d love to fight an evil graffiti artist, but I wasn’t fucking given one. If he was done right, he wouldn’t be dressed like MC Hammer, he’d be wearing a hoodie and kneepads and a gasmask.

Like this! But eeeeeevil.

And his personality would be pretty different too. Y’know what would’ve been amazing? Fighting Banksy. A villain who’s really pretentious that his art, like, means something, maaaan, and if you don’t see that - just like those mean old critics - it means you’re just a drone of the system. That would’ve been hilarious, and a lot more relevant than outdated rapper stylez.

But let’s be honest. Let’s address the goddamn elephant in the room (yeah, yeah, Decibel, I’m getting to you). They had him talk like a rapper because he’s black. Literally and figuratively.

I’m willing to give this series more leeway than I would others. None of the questionable decisions have ever been outright gross, merely that; questionable. But man, I got a bad feeling about this. Grizz is easily the stupidest member of the enemy gang, and the one most played for comedy. And he’s not voiced by an actual Black Person™. It’s Fred Tatasciore.

Pictured: not a black dude.

I don’t want to make any rash accusations here, but from where I’m sitting - a comfortable couch in a comfortable house - it seems like Sanzaru wanted to write an African-American character and had no fucking clue how to write the dialogue well. And that’s an optimistic take.

On a less dicey note, his bossfight sucks. And right before it begins, when he tearfully admits to Murray that he just wanted to be an ice-skater? Yep. That sure is a joke that isn’t funny or well-executed.

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hi, is it normal for an INFJ to constantly feel like they're not cared about? I'm getting really frustrated because people I used to feel like we're my best friends have been, I feel, ignoring and not wanting to hang out with me. my mother says I'm overreacting but I'm not so sure, I just feel like people never put enough efforts into the relationships I have with them. like it'll always be one sided and they don't really care about me that much.

Welcome to the life of an INFJ

..that is literally all I can say to this 😔💜

#84: When he's angry

Niall: It’s so strange, so odd; simply terrifying to see him looking like that. No smile on his lips, no shine in his eyes, just rage contained in red color spread all over his face, resulting in a vein popping out of his neck. He’s not cute anymore, once cuddly body all tensed making him look bigger. Even his hair doesn’t seem the same; not fluffy anymore, but something which looks just sharp enough to stab you. Intimidating.

Zayn: He’s always been known for his sharp features, something angel-like, making him look like a model. It’s not the same. With his eyes almost dark, jaw tightly clenched and knuckles almost white under the pressure of his tightened fist, he could be easily mistaken for a devil itself. Watch out of him when he’s angry because he could break and scream and shout until he’s finally calm again having something he’s wanted from the start.

Louis: It’s not so easy to imagine him being angry when he’s so soft and fluffy and everything what comes with that. But when something pushes him tot he edge, there’s no more smile on his face, no more shine contained in his eyes, no more brightness in his face, just pure rage waiting to be released. Somehow, his voice becomes strangely deeper, getting along perfectly with his clenched fists. Just like that, the boy you love and worship is gone under the cover of pure rage.

Liam: His temper is not short, he’s not too sensitive either, but when something pushes him to the point where it’s better not to see him, the boy you know is totally gone. With clenched jaw and tightened fists which make his knuckles turn pale color, he stands still, trying to process the whole scene. An outline of hard muscles is already visible under the thin fabric over his shirt and just like that the sweet boy is totally gone, occupied with rage.

Harry: Being the size he is and having the frame he does, it’s not too hard to imagine him all red with a vein adorning both his neck and forehead. Once he reaches the point where his entire body is tensed, you manage to see the hint of darkness in his eyes you don’t recognize as something good; he’s furious. And all of the sudden, he’s not so sweet not nice anymore, completely lost in attempt to protect someone he cares bout the most - you. 

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I just love your Nalu storys so here's the prompt: Lalochezia (I'm really curious about that one :))

Lalochezia - The use of abusive language to relieve stress or ease pain.

Ooh that’s a challenging one! I hope you enjoy:)

Lucy Heartfilia slammed her head down onto the counter in frustration. When Mira passed by and asked her if she would care for a drink, she just groaned in response and continued her sulking. It wasn’t until she heard the barstool beside her screech over the floor that she slightly lifted her head to see who had the nerve to bother her at a time like this.

It was ecaxtly who she thought it would be.

“Leave me alone, Natsu.”

“Woah, what’s with you, Lucy?” - “Lucy is so moody!”

“Shut up you two.” Her head found its way back to the cool surface of the bar. “I’m busy.”

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This scene in yesterday’s steven universe really struck a cord with me. I do this. I get mad at myself for not working hard enough,so I try and to work harder fueled by this frustration and anger, and it always ends up sucking. I go through this repetitive cycle over and over it’s frustrating.

I’m not really sure how else to explain it but when Amethyst said what she did I guess I just felt a little more normal for once about these feelings.

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Mr. Gaiman, I've heard you say before that "If somebody says something doesn't work for them, they are almost always right, but if they tell you exactly why, they are almost always wrong." Well, I'm a young author trying to get an agent for my book and I've got a dozen rejections under my belt so far. All of 'em are polite but brief things along the lines of "this doesn't work for me." So now I'm agonizing over what about my book or my query needs fixed, and I just don't know. Any advice?

Get someone – or more than one someones – whose opinion you respect to read the book. Then ask them to tell you when they lost interest, what parts of the plot confused them, who they didn’t care about, where they decided they didn’t care to finish it, etc. Then use that as your guide to rewriting. (You can also pretend you’ve never read it before and try to read it as an audience, and work out where YOU feel frustrated or bored.)

Or you could put that book aside and use everything you learned writing it as you write your next book. Then go back to this book when you are ready and a more experienced writer.

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The double standards are so real because we aren't used to this single man Louis narrative. People are getting their daily fill of Louis so they aren't complaining. When in reality this really sucks. I don't doubt that Louis seems happy, I'm just sad that in order to make one party happy, you are making the other party unhappy. It really sucks.

It does suck. I’m going to use your ask to further vent my frustration so forgive me if I go a bit of topic. There is no way articles will not be written about this. He was photographed smoking a cigarette in the vicinity of a female and that was picked up. Him getting into a car full of girls while being properly papped will get picked up. I don’t care if it’s a low hey stunt or if these girls are friends of a friend. We know what will be said. We can basically write the headlines ourselves. I know people are saying calm down. Chill. There was a huge post circulating on my dash just a few hours ago about speaking your mind on your space. Well, this is my space. I have the right to speak my mind and say what I feel. I’m not going to be guilted into feeling otherwise. I’m sick of the BS. I’m sick of the stunts. I’m sick of the way this band has been mishandled since day 1. Why stay then? Because I want to see them get their happy ending. All of them. I want to shed tears of joy for once instead of sadness when Harry and Louis come out. So, in the meantime pardon me if I get a little pissed when stupid things like this happen.

SasuSaku is the ship I’m MOST defensive about, and I don’t even ship it. It’s probably because most of the bullshit arguments I see against it are things like: “Sasuke doesn’t even care about Sakura” and it’s like… okay. By that logic, Sasuke must not care about Naruto, either. And yet NO ONE makes that claim. And it’s doubly frustrating because most of the people who make that argument are other NaruSasu shippers, and it makes me like… embarrassed to be associated with that kind of behaviour.

Whether you read it as romantic or not, Sasuke obviously cares about Sakura. She’s part of Team 7, and therefore a part of Sasuke’s new family. I’m tired of seeing people try to downplay Sakura’s importance.

Inspired by this post and so many others.

I am concerned with the false dichotomy of what self care is and isn’t, what it should be and how it should work for everyone. I’ve seen this backlashing trend against the “cutesy” self-care stuff and it really throws me.

Because these things were actually what helped me live, survive and become stronger. Allowing myself to have these cutesy things, these comforting things, I never ever thought I deserved.

For me:

Self care can be a bath bomb
It can be a face mask
And a sweet-smelling lotion
And a cup of herbal tea

Self care is the bath bomb that helps you bathe because you lost count of how many days it’s been since you were clean

Self care is catching up on three days of work with a hot cup of herbal tea because you don’t know where your brain went from Wednesday through Friday

Self care is putting on sweet-smelling lotion and doing laundry when you can’t remember what’s clean and what’s dirty from the massive pile on the floor while you at least smell fresh

Self care is exercising because it’s the only anti-depressant you have.

Self care is taking medication because it’s the only anti-depressant you have.

Self care is letting yourself cry for the first time in months when you’ve wanted to almost every day

Self care is letting yourself cry a small amount every day instead of holding it for months

Self care is making yourself dinner when you’ve gone all day without eating

Self care is eating *something* even if you can’t make youself proper dinner.

Self care is taking a deep breath and sorting through what you need to do

Self care is taking a deep breath and settling in to the soothing feeling of your fashmask while forgetting what you need to do the next day.

Self care is not one thing, but many.
It has no one face.

It is responsibility.
It is also relief.
It can be cutesy if that’s what helps you thorugh.
It can not be if that stuff just makes you puke.

Self care is varied and there are plenty of ways to go about it.
Self care is not one thing, but many.
Self care is for the self, not for others to dictate.

The world doesn’t stop for a warm bath and a good book, but you can.

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not gonna lie, i've been considering leaving tumblr. People are so rude and trying to force their opinions too much. No one can just let others be happy, they need to point out flaws or why somethings is "problematic" hell even with david bowie passing, people are like "you can't mourn him bc he said.." you didn't give a shit about what he said before he died so why did you care now. I'm frustrated at this site so much

i know right??? tumblr is becoming really extremist at this point, to the extent that it’s really starting to support censorship - and that freaking terrifies me. 

i mean like, for example, though feeling objectified by a man horrible and shitty, seeing organized masses of people on tumblr saying that women are superior to men or saying that all straight white boys are trash (and to the people who say that: you’ve clearly never met my little brother, who is a straight white boy but is also the sweetest ray of sunshine you don’t deserve to meet) and then hunting down and harassing anyone with a different opinion, is significantly more horrifying to me

here’s the thing: sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic people are awful. don’t get me wrong, i think their opinions are horrible and i’d do whatever’s in my power to avoid them at all costs. But at the same time, THEY ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE THEIR OPINION. 

just because they have a shitty opinion, it doesn’t give you the right to march about on tumblr, all self-righteous, making public call out posts so that they get hit with tons of hate mail and death threats, forcing them to either change their opinion or you ruin their lives.

also this whole culture where, some jerk (who is often of a lower economic class, and lives in a condition wherein saying things that we perceive as offensive are the norm so, even if its a shitty thing to say, they kind of don’t know any better) says something problematic on social media and they and their employers are immediately hit with an onslaught of internet sjws demanding they get fired, and then they do and they lose their jobs and their homes, which subsequently screws up their childrens lives too… and tumblr is 100% in support of this and tbh i find that disgusting

One of my favourite quotes by Voltaire is “I disapprove of what you say, but I defend to the death your right to say it.”

the sjws of tumblr need to get their heads out of their asses and realize that this culture they’re creating of “believe what i believe or i will attack you” is fucking censorship

also i’m really horrified by the david bowie thing holy fuck are people actually saying that??

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I feel like I have no right to feel bad about my problems. My friends and family all have big things going on in their lives and what they're all dealing with is way way worse than me. My problems don't matter but at the same time I feel really bogged down at work, out of place socially and so frustrated with myself all the time. I'm angry with myself over things I say, things I do, things I don't do. I get angry and then upset and then angry because I'm upset.

Woof woof! Just because your problems aren’t as bad as others, it doesn’t make them any less important. They're your problems, and you have to go through them, no one else. Which means you have to care about them! They’re important because they cause an impact on you, small or large! They are affecting you and you deserve kindness and self-care just as much as anybody else. 


“Hey Ryan! I just popped by to borrow a cup of sugar, and I realized– I don’t know when your birthday is? …No, no that sounds too out of nowhere.” Pythia stood outside the door of the neighboring warehouse strategizing how she was going to go about this. 

The other night, while shoplifting with Ryan, she realized she knew next to nothing about her friend. She had known him for like, what was it, months now? Months, probably, but she didn’t even know something as important as his birthday! She let out a frustrated sigh, and leaned against the wall next to the door.

“Eh, gamó to, I’ll just be honest about it. He won’t care.” She went to knock on the door, but was interrupted by her friend, who was already at the door. He raised one eye ridge, at her, the rest of his face staying stoic.

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I'm asexual, and one thing I hate is when older people talk about 'when i'm married and having kids'. UM EXCUSE ME I HAVE A CHOICE AND I'M AN AROMANTIC ASEXUAL SO I DON'T REALLY CARE FOR THOSE KINDS OF RELATIONSHIPS AND KIDS. And then they proceed with: "Oh, you're just a late bloomer! It will come eventually!". So basically you're telling me one day I will wake up and BAM! I'm sexual! That's like telling a homosexual one day they will wake up and be straight because they are 'late bloomers'.

YES, it’s so frustrating when people just assume you’ll do something.  Like…no- I’m pretty sure I’LL be determining what I do!