i'm just so excited guys eeeeee

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I saw on twitter that you are going to the British Soap Awards tomorrow. I hope you have the best time ever and I can't wait to see your posts about it :) If they show anything from the incident episode in the opening montage make sure you boo extra loudly on behalf of the fandom :P If Danny wins I can't wait to hear the reaction from you guys

Aah thank you so so much! I’m a bundle of excitement and nerves now, I just want to get my glam on and get there and see everyone right now haha. I’m gutted for those who can’t go that it’s not live as I always think it’s more fun when it’s unedited. I’m sure you’ll still be able to hear the crowd though no matter how much they cut it and if anyone wants any information from the night then I’d be happy to share (and of course get it down in feelings in one of my essay style posts 😂)

Oh god if they show THAT scene I will genuinely poke my eyeballs out. I’d rather miss the show though blindness than have to be put through the trauma of viewing that again lmao and if Danny wins, well, I can’t say I’ll be emotionally stable. In fact, no, I know I’ll be bawling and will end up making a right fool of myself… this is where I am glad it’s no longer live!!