i'm just so emotional

being a seungri stan can be so frustrating. because it’s almost like nobody appreciates him (i’m side eyeing you yg) even though, he works so hard, he does so much to interact with the fans (he’s learned languages fluently so he can mc at their concerts and everything i mean???) and promote bigbang b/c he’s the maknae and he loves his group. like literally since before debut, when yg gave him that second chance, this man has been working so damn hard to better himself and prove that he belongs in bigbang (and he’s proved that way too many times to count). and his album let’s talk about love was so damn good but how could people fully appreciate it at the time when he wasn’t even given proper promotions and gd’s comeback was literally on top of his? seungri needs more love and more hugs tbh.

I want Oikawa finally getting his championship win (even if he has to play on the same college team as Ushijima to get there). x


let’s talk about the fact that liam has a /specific pout/ for when zayn isn’t there

exhibit A: 

exhibit B:

I honestly don’t know why anyone’s talking about anything else right now because nothing is more important.

UPDATE!! this was liam today in orlando when they were asked bout zayn not being there. bye.

I’ve reached 15 000 followers and I want to celebrate it with another resources pack to show my gratitude for all your love and support. It contains my most frequently used resources made by me and some made by others. Please like/reblog if you download it and i hope you like it! :)

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I AM SO HAPPY FOR OUR BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY MEAN SO MUCH TO ME!!!!!! ahhhhh




honestly, since x factor, they’ve had nothing handed to them. it seems like they’ve faced a trial at every turn. they’ve had to fight harder, more ferociously, than a lot of other people (cishet white dudes) who’ve been given easier roads.

and you know what they’ve been at every turn? grateful. optimistic. overwhelmingly happy to know that there are people who love them, and who love what they do. whether that means fighting through crowds to see their fans, or remembering their names, or hugging them and promising their love to them, or leaping into their arms, or telling them that they’re strong - they fucking love us. they give back in every way they possibly can, in every way they know how. they are the most generous group of humans i have ever seen.

maybe one percent was all we had. maybe it’s all we’ve ever had.

but camila fought for her one percent. camila made sure one percent was all she needed. and maybe there are thousands of other universes where fifth harmony wouldn’t have happened. maybe dinah doesn’t forget her lyrics during boot camp. maybe normani was able to audition the year prior. maybe, maybe, maybe. maybe there was only a one percent chance.

but none of that matters. we live in the one percent.

because they fought for their one percent, and we fought for their one percent, and our girls just showed the the world - nervous and teary and overwhelmed and grateful beyond measure - that they’re here to stay.

the world is theirs for the taking, and we’re lucky enough to get to watch it happen.

That’s it, the moment has finally come. Louis closes his eyes for a brief moment and takes a deep breathe; he can’t believe he’s finally doing this. He’s been dreaming with this moment since, well. Since he first saw those big, shiny green eyes staring at him. It seems like forever, when it’s been actually 3 years only. Though it feels like forever. And now he’s finally standing there, dressed in a fancy tuxedo and his mum is sit in the first row and she’s muffling his sobs with a tissue and well, Louis can’t help but feel a bunch of butterflies fluttering in the pit of his stomach.

The moment has finally come.

Louis feels his heartbeat getting louder as he spots Niall getting closer to where he is, carrying the small silver plate with the rings placed upon a small cute white cushion. Louis gulps as Niall, who’s wearing one of the biggest smiles Louis has ever seen, stands next to him and slightly rises the plate and Louis bites his lip because yes, it’s time. This is it. Finally. 

Niall winks when Louis takes the bigger ring in his right hand. The sunlight that leaks through the church windows makes the white gold of the ring shine, and Louis is so nervours he feels his heart may explode. And when he takes Harry’s right hand in his and rises his eyes to look at his future husband, he feels momentaneously breathless; He’ll never get used Harry’s handsomeness, you see.

‘I remember I met you in the toilets’ and fuck, his voice is shaking and slightly high pitched and damn, Harry sounded so steady when he pronounced his vows. 'I remember it as if it was yesterday. And since the fist moment I saw you, I knew you’d be special, Harry. Though I could have never fathom you’d become the most special person in my life’ and when Louis sees Harry’s eyes are glistening with tears, his heart does this thing, like a throb and he’s suddenly about to cry, too. 'And it took me so little to fall in love with you, Harry. You had me at that 'Oops’, actually.’

Louis nods his head to one side and a fond, crocked smile appears on his lips. He still remembers that day; he’s sure he’ll never forget it. A very young Harry coming out from one of the toilet cubicles. And how Harry collided against him with an ‘oops’ followed by a string of imsorryimsorry. He remembers how he got inmediately lost in the green of Harry’s eyes, how he drowned in them without almost noticing it. He never said this to anybody, but that day when he thought he’d ptobably never see Harry agian, he felt his heart clench. That’s why he asked Harry for his autograph - and he’s so glad he did; it’s the only thing he has from the day he fell in love with Harry-, he guesses he wanted to have something from the pretty boy with magic in his voice and stars in his eyes - he heard him sing at the audition, Louis knew since the very beginning he’d be a star. And he was right. And when they were put in the same band, he couldn’t help but jump in Harry’s arms, and when he felt Harry’s arms around him, well. He didn’t know it yet but he’d just found his place in the world.

He can’t believe that 16 years old sweet boy from Cheshire is now in front of him, holding his hand, and looking at him with the same stars in his eyes he had 3 years ago.

'Everyday I’m more convinced it was Fate who put you in my way. And I must thank her, I must really thank her because you’re one of the best thing that has ever happened to me. You are my soulmate, Harry. You complete me, you complement me in every single way. You are, and will always be, my other half. Everyday of my life I look at you, Harry and I thank god because I  am the luckiest man on earth. You make me feel like the luckiest man on earth. And the happiest.’

He hears someone aww’ing and he swears it was Niall. His mum is sobbing so loud at this point, tissue abandoned in her lap and Harry. Harry is just standing there, gorgeosly dressed in a black tuxedo - and bowtie, a bowtie! - and the dim light of the church creates a halo around him; he’s always suspected Harry was an angel. He’s sure now of it. Harry’s trying not to cry so he’s bitting his bottom lip, that thing he does when he really wants to keep his face straight. But Louis doesn’t want that, he wants to see Harry smile on full display.

'When I saw you smile for the first time, Harry, I thought your dimples might be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my 18 years of life. And knowing that now I’m the reason of that smile, Harry, makes my heart swell with happiness’

And that wasn’t in the vows but he just had a revelation of how much he loves to see those pretty lips of Harry curving in a smile. And it works, because Harry closes his eyes and a single tear falls down his cheek; when he opens his eyes again, all Louis can see is Harry’s big smile that could light up the whole world - it lights up Louis’ world - and those dimples that definitely are his favourite thing in this world and greengreengreen irises looking at him in such a sweet way it rises goosebumps in Louis’ skin.

Louis lifts Harry’s hand and slowly, places the ring on the tip of Harry’s finger. He looks into Harry’s eyes and the look he sees in them makes him almost burst into sobs; Harry is looking at him and Louis swears, he can almost touch the love Harry’s eyes irradiate. He’s beaming, glowing even, so bright he may ignite the room. And that’s when it hits him, it really hits Louis how stupidly and compelely in love with Harry he is. He can’t imagine his life without Harry. He doesn’t want a life without Harry.

'I Louis William Tomlinson, take you Harry to be my wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part.’

He slowly slides the ring through Harry’s finger and when it reaches the knuckle and stays in place, Louis’ heart finally explodes and he can’t help but sob a little, tough it comes more like a loud breath. A feeling of relief and pure bliss seizes him. And this it is, Harry is his. Harry is finally his. 

'I told you you’d always be in my heart, Harry. And I really meant it’

And he’s still holding Harry’s hand. He may never let it go.

The priest says the typical ‘you can kiss now’ and before he can even move a muscle Harry is already on him, his long arms wrapping around him, holding him and squeezing him tightly against his chest. Harry kisses him and that moment, that moment will always be the happiest in Louis’ life. Harry’s soft lips moving against his and the room is cheering and his mun is definitely crying now but he doesn’t care; he can’t care. All that matters now, is the feeling of Harry’s lips on his, and it isn’t a passionate kiss, or a heated on. No. This is a kiss filled with love. Pure and raw love. 

'I love you’

Harry softly whispers and his voice sounds choked with emotion and Louis can feel his mouth move against his lips. And knowing he’ll be able to kiss those lips for the rest of his life makes Louis wrap his arms even more tightly around Harry’s waist.

'I love you too, Harry. Always.’