i'm just so content right now

  • Me: why do I feel so sad right now
  • My brain: you're a human being with emotions and a lot of stuff going on in your life, on top of that you have a known history with depression which means sometimes you have moods that don't necessarily reflect your situation, and you've just got to be patient through the times when your contentment lies fallow
  • Me: no that doesn't sound right
  • My brain: oh shit then maybe we should buy like ten dollars worth of candy
  • Me: that seems right, that feels right, I'm glad we had this talk

Alex’s eyes literally rolled back into her head once Maggie wrapped her arms around her. She visibly melts into her touch. Despite all the sadness she felt for Kara, it just dissipated once she leaned into her embrace. That’s the effect Maggie has on Alex. I truly believe that Alex feels completely at ease and safe when she’s around Maggie, and in that moment, everything seemed to click and Alex knew straight away that she wasn’t going to let Maggie go and that she wanted her by her side, forever; to embrace her and comfort her whenever she needed it. Some people might believe that Alex and Maggie are getting engaged too quickly, but everything points to it. They’ve both fallen completely head over heels for one another and they’re ready to spend the rest of their lives beside one another.


two steps forward and you’re at the start, who knew growing up would be this hard .. 🎶

This is now OVER!

Our fragrance for Hancock will be called Isodoped, and one will be sent to @road-slime

The winner of Eternal Steel was chosen from a bowl of written out names, Hunger Games style. The odds were in @belleroo ‘s favor!

Perfumes/Colognes in Fallout 4 inspired fragrances, including our traditional oil roll-on style, our moisturizing mists for body and hair, and for the first time a traditional perfumer’s alcohol based parfum (spray).

Pictured: Fancy Lads Snack Cakes, Power Armor Grease & Testosterone ( @papidanse that one will be on its way to you tomorrow! I know you’ll dig it) Wooden Soldier, Eternal Steel (NEW!), Valentine Detective Agency, What’s the Angle Here…, and Nuka Cola (Cherry version is also available).

I have a PERFECT scent blended for Hancock! Here’s the thing - I don’t have a NAME for the Hancock one. HELP! Reblog this with your idea for a name for it; I’ll pick one of those, and that person will get a free roll-on of it. <3 (Description if you need inspiration: It’s all about his coat. A hint of grape mentats, a touch of gunpowder, and a pleasant blend of musk, patchouli, and amber (all sweetened with a bit of caramel) because damn, that’s an old coat.)


You all had great ideas, and I chose to go with the “obvious” Isodoped. It was a close race between that and Of The People, For The People,  and the first person who suggested that (Kat?) will get a certain bonus in their package if they decide to place an order. ^_^ I will contact the winner as soon as I finish posting this.

Shockingly, I don’t think too many have entered the contest to win a bottle of Eternal Steel. Again, just relog (or edit your prior reblog) to say you’re interested and your name will be included! I’ll be choosing tomorrow afternoon/evening, whenever the kids allow it.


I also want to give away a roll-on of Eternal Steel. It’s new and I have a lot of followers who love Maxson! (Again, inspired by his coat: Leather, cold steel, rich bourbon and vanilla tobacco, a touch of ozone from laser rifles; an interesting mix of warm and sharp notes. Quite masculine.) The rules: I don’t want this to go to someone who just wants a freebie, I want it to go to a FO fan, especially a Maxson one. So you have to be following me, and your blog has to have some obvious FO content. If you’re interested in this giveaway, just send me a comment! ^_^ It’ll be done Hunger Games style, names in a bowl.

Shop, which will be reopened soon: False Nostalgia Shiny Scents & Sundries

PS: yes, I’m working on more. Preston’s is going to be lovely.

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I just want you to know I was thinking about daughterverse today. Kylo and Hux as Dad and More Dad. An infant girl who has both their genes and grows up with these assholes. I'm thrilled!!!

Oh man thank you for telling me, I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. I was just gushing to @bona–mana about some scenes I have planned, and all the Intense Bonding that happens while they try to negotiate freedom from Snoke’s control while also protecting their daughter ahhh I have so many kid fic feelings right now, actual content coming soon~~

alrighty kids so you may remember that i got deleted back in october because my dad made me. i had 1.4k at the time and thought that was a lot. i was ecstatic and then i had to delete. it was devastating because i had made so many friends and i had to start from the very beginning. well haha now im 250 away from FIVE !!! THOUSAND !! and i just wanted to take the time to say thank you to the people that follow me because without your support in reblogging and liking my content, i wouldn’t be where i am right now. special thanks to the phetuses, meme phannies, soft rebrand, gaybee, demon phannies, and soft phannies gc for constantly supporting me and being my friend because the internet is a scary place and you all made it less scary and to the mutuals i stay in contact with sometimes

thank you all


I’m a bit blown (DOINKED) by how well timed and amazing this milestone is for me. Thank you so much for following!

I have to mention a few names. There is a multitude of talented FFXIV blogs I follow and reblog from, as well as amazing mutuals that have influenced me with their own final fantasy blogs. I love final fantasy, it’s no secret, so when I joined tumblr and followed these blogs immediately and they’ve given me entertainment ever since. 

I love you @cactuarqueen, @ethernalium, @newty, @steffydoodles, @kukurubean, @themeifantasy, @snurbleberry, @solfreyr , @wyrmforge , @sylvan-rain , @quartercirclejab , @korpokkur-kid , @mcstronghuge , @necrologos@ladyrivienne , @devalentione I know I’m missing names and I hate it, but you account for a good chunk of my content (reblogs) and that’s everything I love. 

I can only do so much content, that’s why I absolutely enjoy showcasing content of interest on my blog. More than that, I’ve reached out and bothered all of you with final fantasy, metal gear, nier, or anything of interest going on with games! And I love it!

I look forward to bothering you guys more about final fantasy/nier/metal gear/whatever else sinks it’s claws into me. 

I know you guys are super excited about stormblood (and so am I) but I wanted to get this out of the way before I get sucked into stormblood so, thank you for following, I hope to continue to give you guys entertaining stuff!

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honestly i'm on painkillers right now that have screwed with my head (the simplest things are sending me into fits of laughter it's the best mood) and klance + your sdm au + memes are making me HYSTERICAL right now do you have any more headcanons abt them or your au or just ANYTHING i'm starved pls

OH MY GOD i realise this is a month old ask lakjsdkjklsjgkj but umm okay let me whip up Some Good Content for you

  • lance trying to flirt with keith but getting interrupted by the various bugs that get inside the store
    • lance, leaning on the wall by keith’s cash: what’s cookin good lookin
    • keith, with huge eyes: spider
    • lance: ..youre cooking a spider???? now i’m not one to kinkshame usually but–
    • keith: no i mean there is a massive spider on the wall, right next to you
    • lance: screams so loudly shiro comes running out of the office with coran and allura right behind him, coran wielding a fire extinguisher
    • another time, keith is over in cosmetics bc pidge asked him to cover lance’s break. lance is like not leaving to go on break and is instead saying the worst pickup line in the world
    • lance: hey keith is that your phone in your pocket or are you just happ–
    • keith, pale: oh my god
    • lance: okay admittedly not my best
    • keith, shaking now: no i mean oh my god there is a moth the size of my hand on the gucci shelf
    • lance: screams and jumps into keiths arms and cries but its okay because he’s wearing waterproof makeup
    • keith: cries too because he’s scared of moths (with the exception of mothman, bc that’s his bf)
    • pidge, swatting it away w a broom: for fuck’s sake i have to do everything around here
  • hunk is the friend that both of them go to whenever they’re frustrated
    • keith: GOD he’s just so fucking infuriating does he HAVE to flirt with every single GODDAMN PERSON HE SEES!!! 
    • hunk: you know he’s just doing it to make you jealous because he’s shy and doesn’t know how else to show you he likes you
    • keith: what
    • hunk: he’s trying to make you jealous
    • keith: no the other part
    • hunk: he likes you?
    • keith: ……is that a cryptid…. lance actually liking me…? sounds fake…. i dont know her
    • hunk: are you serious right now
    • and then of course lance has to bitch too
    • lance: you know what that fucking KEITH did today?
    • hunk, sighing: what did he do?
    • lance: he wore those LEATHER STRAP BRACELETS and PUT HIS HAIR IN A BUN
    • hunk: ok and
    • lance: he’s so hot im gonna sweat my makeup off and then immediately fling myself off the roof of this building and die
    • hunk: that seems excessive. here just drink some of my water instead. also, you have that really expensive urban decay setting spray. your makeup isn’t going anywhere

Honestly I’m so proud of everyone who worked on that video set. Like it came out so good and they all did so wonderful – I love this new crew that’s going on with Mark. I feel like he’s been so creatively inspired lately it’s absolutely insane. Kudos to Tyler, Kathryn, Amy, Ethan, Pamela, and Robert! The content has been so mind-blowing lately – I’m so proud of Mark and how far he’s come.

Some US Presidents as @dril tweets
  • FDR: christ.. ive done it again.. ive posted the absolute good truth shit that every1 has been waiting to hear in this sea of lying crap nonsense
  • Truman: please remember that im in charge of this website before you try to drag some toughguy shit all over my good page
  • Eisenhower: Q: What is your Passion Sport? A: My Passion Sport is football and golf
  • JFK: when you do sutuff like... shoot my jaw clean off of my face with a sniper rifle, it mostly reflects poorly on your self
  • LBJ: just give me one hour and no swear filter and i can literally completely destroy anyone psychologically with aim instant messenge
  • Nixon: im an exhausting person to be around but once you get to knnow me im actually a giant shithead with irredeemable mouth
  • Ford: ive trademarked the term "The guy who fucks up" so if you see someone else using it pleaase stick my Fair Use brochures to their car
  • Carter: i attribute the complete failure of my brand to the actions of detractors, oor my "trolls", as it were, as well as my own constant fuckups
  • Reagan: incredibly handsome , charismatic famous boy credited with ending income inequality after saying that slumlords should be called "dumblords"
  • H.W. Bush: looked at a newspaper today. looks like we're getting taxed out the wazoo, with this president. anyone else see this shit? tax out the wazoo
  • Clinton: every now and then i like to treat myself to a bit of "Lying under oath"
  • W. Bush: PLEASE look up "Event Horizon" on wikipedai before you chastise me for screaming it on 9./11
  • Obama: The absolute shit Im forced to put up with as a content Producer. Ive sacrificed my basic human rights in order to placate U fucking people.

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yes, can you please recommend some multiple chapfter fics? i'm really focused right now for some reason and i want to read! thank you!

Hi, okay! 

For reference, I’ve bolded the fic title and I’ve also linked the writers’ masterlists so just find part one and go from there. Feel free to yell about your feels to me with any of these because I understand. It’s a lot. 

Most of these are are Lin x Reader because I read them the most. A little searching and you’ll find some for every other character/cast because this community is so talented and generates so much content, it’s crazy. 

@secretschuylersister is famous for But You’re You. I could go on about this one for ages. 

@down4usnavy is currently writing/posting Muse, which is young Lin and he’s so awkward, it’s amazing. 

@tempfixeliza has some great Daveed fics that are around one to two parts. I’m loving Where She Went (part two is saved in my drafts because I still need to read it). 

@manuelmiranduh has lots of multi-part fics, some of the longer ones are Tells Your Story which is finished. And she currently writing/posting Bound to Happen which I am living for. 

@daveeddiggsit has one longer multi-part fic that is great called Vegas with Daveed, but also Celebrity Crush is fantastic too.

@teamgtnw read all of When You Come Home and the corresponding 12 Days because I guarantee you won’t be able to function afterwards (in the best way possible). 

@ourforgottenboleros Becca made me full on ugly cry when I read her Foundations series. And her Not So Simple series is also completed and brilliant. (Part 1 responsible for @teamgtnw)

@letsgiggletogether As The Radio Plays will also make you question your emotions about everything. I have a desire for someone to write me love letters even more because of this. (Part 2 responsible for @teamgtnw)
(I’ve linked part 4 here but Part 1 is linked at the top of the post, I’m not sure why but Cass’ masterlist confuses me a lot - maybe it’s just desktop? I don’t know technology is hard.) 

I’ve tried to find curate a list that have some finished works and some still in progress! Let me know when you need more (because there’s so many more)! :) 

In search of non-haters

Hello guys.

Are there any Skam blogs out there who does not bitch all the time? Give me a heads up… Because right now I’m only unfollowing people and I want some new content on my feed (I am tired of the bitterness tbh. We get it. You hate everything… But my life does not get any better by reading all this hate 24/7)

You don’t have to praise anything. You don’t have to be jolly all the time or positive about everything, as long as you are not on one or more of these rants that I see ALL the time atm:

  • Omg I hate william
  • Omg I hate Noora
  • Julie has destroyed SKAM
  • I hate this season
  • I have no hope left in my body
  • I honestly don’t care what happens from now on, because I’m hating on everything.

Disclaimer: I am all for constructive criticism, but none of the criticism I’ve seen is in any way constructive… It is just salty tears of bitterness…. And I don’t have time for that…

That’s all. Hit me up pals!

(crying violently into my oversized glass of ridiculously pricey red wine) hanzo being able to let loose and enjoy himself and not be so on edge all the time for the first time in his life since he was a little child is so important to me, he’s spent all his life either under the iron grip of his family or chased by his guilt and imagining him being happy and content at last and not riddled with anxiety and always on edge, finally reunited and on good terms with his little brother and at peace with his past and ready to accept his mistakes and move on and not hate himself so much anymore, that’s all i care about right now, i just want hanzo to learn not to hate himself and accept forgiveness and learn to move on from his fears and not be afraid anymore because people have his back and he’s loved, that’s all i care about

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How does one get inspiration to do anything? I haven't written anything in two months and it's making me feel horrible so now I'm just wallowing in self pity and doing absolutely nothing

Hey! Me too!
Honestly, sometimes I just have to admit that whatever I’m trying to force outta me won’t come out and just kinda go with the flow.
When I’m stuck, I do something else. 
Revisit something I made like 4 years ago, read a new book, hang out with an old friend… do something different.

It’s okay to not have something right now, it’s okay to take a step back and be content with where you are.
I find my best work always happens when I’m not even thinking about it… I enter this state of nonthinking and just create! The more you over think it, or even put deadlines and pressures on it, the more it becomes like a job, and the more it becomes less fun, the less I want to actually finish something.

Inspiration comes from everywhere… And most of the time it’s in the places you least expect it!

ignore the horrible banner i possess 0 actual photo editors

so apparently i reached 500 followers today?? thank you thank you thank you to everyone who’s even taken a peek at my blog, it means more to me than you will ever know! so to celebrate, i thought i’d do some blogrates!


  • mbf me (and maybe check out some of my fics while you’re at it?)
  • reblog this post
  • send me an ask with a song rec as i seriously need new music to listen to, or just tell me about your day! 

format is under the cut!

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wolfstar for the "what are they doing?" prompt please?


After Sirius nearly attacked Remus as he came through the door and snogged the daylights out of him they had a lovely, quiet dinner.

Padfoot is curled up by the fireplace near Remus’s feet where he’s reading in his armchair.  

Send me your favorite pairing and I’ll tell you what they’re doing right now