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Hello! (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡ I'd like to request one! 'Leave your lover by Sam Smith' with Tendou or 'I'm not the only one by Sam Smith' with Bokuto. I couldn't pick one so I'd love to let you decide! Thank you! ❤

Thank you for requesting and I really hope I did justice for your song and character choice!

Leave Your Lover By Sam Smith – Tendou

Sighing heavily, Tendou watches from across the room as you make your way to the bar, eager to gather more libations. The past few months have been tough on him, having to leave everything he’s known for the great big bad world. Even though it was his decision to stop after high school, he misses volleyball. He misses his friends a lot more than he thought he would for telling himself he prefers to be a loner.

That’s all bullshit and he knows it.

He ended up coming to this school just because you’re here. Because he’s been in love with you all through high school and a part of him always hoped you’d “wake up” and see what was right in front of you.  

Don’t have direction, I’m just rolling down this road

Waiting for you to bring me in from out the cold

But it wasn’t too long after you’d both settled into your new routines that you added an unexpected element to yours; a boyfriend. And that’s when the insomnia started for him.

You’ll never know the endless nights, the rhyming of the rain

Or how it feels to fall behind and watch you call his name

Tendou should have left then or at least pulled away a bit to give himself room to get used to this, but he’s a masochist, choosing to stay close to the girl he loves while she wastes her time on someone who doesn’t deserve her. And he knows the guy doesn’t because most of the conversations you and he have about the boyfriend consist of you either complaining about problems or excusing them away.

And lately his thoughts have been consumed with asking you to come to your senses and see this guy just isn’t worthy of you.

Leave your lover, leave him for me

“Things are getting better,” you comment sitting down.

He hums in acknowledgment of your words, though he’s only half listening at this point, taking a long swig of his beer.

“I think after this semester we’ll be more settled. It’s challenging with our schedules, you know? Like, he has practice so much and family obligations. It’s just hard but we’ll get through it.”

Tendou doesn’t know if you’re trying to convince him or yourself at this point. And he really shouldn’t be annoyed with you; as your self-proclaimed best friend he should be a supportive, listening ear but he’s reaching the end of his tether and it’s about to snap.

Another beer lands before him, Tendou sending a look of thanks to the waitress who winks at him. He barely catches it, but you see it and grin.

“Just think, Satori-kun, someday we’ll be sitting here or somewhere similar toasting to one another because we finally found true love,” you say, giggling slightly under the influence of the large pint you’ve already consumed as you raise your hand for another.

We sit in bars and raise our drinks to growing old

Oh, I’m in love with you and you will never know

He chuckles mirthlessly. Tendou doesn’t know if he’s being over dramatic, but he really feels in the depth of his heart that he will never find a more perfect girl for him than you, so even the thought of anyone else sets his teeth on edge. But he won’t tell you that, you don’t need that burden.

But if I can’t have you I’ll walk this life alone

Spare you the rising storms and let the rivers flow

The sound of your cell phone ringing pierces through the hubbub of the bar. When your eyes light up, he knows it’s him.

“Hi sweetie,” you coo into the phone, sending a bright smile to Tendou that makes his stomach flip. But the next moment, he’s frowning, watching your face begin to fall as you listen to whatever your “perfect prince” is saying.

“But we had it planned for months!” you protest, tone bordering on whining. A few tears prickle the edges of your eyes, your grip on the phone tightening. “I understand that but can’t he make an exception?” More tears, some sliding down your cheeks and Tendou feels his own fist clench in anger; what the hell is saying to make you cry?

“Fine, yeah, whatever,” you say breathlessly, snapping your phone down and shoving it in your purse.

There’s silence between you and Tendou, your eyes cast down to the table.

“Sorry, Satori-kun, he-“

“Leave him,” Tendou says firmly and your head shoots up, eyes wide.


He takes your hand, stemming your speech and repeats slowly, “Leave him,” his eyes filled with the truth of his affections. 

Pack up and leave everything

Don’t you see what I can bring

You shake your head a little, unclear what he means. “Satori-kun, I appreciate your concern but-“

He interrupts again, “This has nothing to do with concern and everything to do with the fact that I’m in love with you!”

Can’t keep this beating heart at bay

He feels you jump at his words. “I never told you before because I was too damn scared, but I’m telling you now and I know I’m better for you that he is. So please,” he stands, walking slowly around the table to stand before you on your stool, hand cupping the side of your face. “Let me show you what it means to be someone’s everything.”

Set my midnight sorrow free

I will give you all of me

Just leave your lover, leave him for me

Tendou sees you swallow, your body quivering a bit as you look up at him. The slightest lift of your head sends his coursing down to plant his lips against yours, his arm wrapping around your waist. You sigh into the kiss, body releasing its tension as he holds you upright.

When you part, he can see you’re still crying but the light shining in the center of your irises gives him hope that they are tears of joy.

You confirm his suspicions when you whisper, “Finally.”

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I was wondering if you could give me ideas on how to be excited to journal? I love to journal but lately I've been dreading journaling because it's all the same. I sit down and write why I'm sad that day, and I tell myself it's going to get better but it doesn't and all my pages have been depressing. I don't like the idea of writing down why I'm happy or what I'm happy for, because then I'd be lying to my journal. I just need to get excited to journal. any ideas?

I get that. I really do. I also think that life and its many pursuits should bring joy and happiness — and journaling is a fantastic way to heal, grow, learn, practice mindfulness…

So that being said, here are my ideas/suggestions for you:

1. Take a break from journaling

You may just be burned out. It happens. Too much of the same thing, enforcing a strict routine, doing it day after day…it can tire you out. Take a break for a couple days and see what happens when you return to it.

2. Practice gratitude

I truly believe (through both first-hand experience and by listening/reading the accounts of others) that the simple act of feeling thankful has incredible affects on the psyche. For any skeptics, I whole-heartedly recommend the book A Simple Act of Gratitude: How Learning to Say Thank You Changed My Life

External image
. I’m not usually affected by this stuff — best-selling motivational memoir stuff is NOT my thing…I couldn’t even finish Tuesdays with Morrie. Ugh.

But I do think that focusing on the little things to feel grateful for can yield powerful changes in your own perspective. I’m not talking about broad issues like “I’m glad I have a roof over my head” (unless you are truly grateful for it and can appreciate such a seemingly-simple thing that you ARE fortunate enough to have, in which case I commend you). I’m talking about writing down the little things.

“I’m grateful for the hummingbird I saw today. I’m grateful that it rained today and I was able to sit by the window and gaze outside and get a few minutes of peace. I’m grateful that we still had a scoop of ice cream left at the bottom of the carton when I was craving it after dinner. I’m grateful for my morning coffee. I’m grateful that I bought a new book to read at the store because I’m really looking forward to reading it. I’m grateful that my friend supported me through a difficult decision.”

By shifting your focus from “let’s chronicle the sad things that happen” to “let’s deliberately shift attention to the tiny wonderful things about life,” it becomes much easier to put those sad things in perspective. They will have less power and hold over you.

You don’t have to lie about these things — you just have to pay attention. Start noticing them. Consciously focus on it. As you go about your day, cast your eye around and look for the little things that bring you glimmers of happiness. And slowly you will start to notice more and more of them.

3. Heal

Recognize that writing down all those sad things can still help you, up to a certain point. As long as you write it down, process your feelings, and then shut the book on them, then you can move past the sadness. Don’t let it take hold of you. Get it out into the world (like telling someone about your scary nightmare to make it seem less real), and don’t let those thoughts and feelings control you.

There have been numerous studies that show that:

(1) people suffering from traumatic experiences — like soldiers suffering from PTSD — show signs of healing and improvement when they journal about it and

(2) that taking a step back from the immediacy of your feelings and putting them in perspective as if you’re viewing them through someone else’s eyes, even if you’re wallowing in melancholy, can improve your feelings about the situation.

You see this in young kids listening to angsty or sad or depressing music — absorbing that melancholy and reflecting on it as if from outside their own selves allows them to process and even appreciate their own sadness, as if from a distance. I’ve experienced this myself — and you probably have too, and so have the people reading this.

It can feel sweet and satisfying to indulge melancholic moods through music and journaling, especially if you imagine that you are removed from the situation, chronicling these events as if they’re happening to someone who isn’t quite you.

4. Enjoy yourself

Make the journaling experience more enjoyable by setting the mood.

Clean your desk or workspace, snuggle up in bed, light a candle or plug in some string lights/mood lighting. Get a cup of coffee, tea, or your favorite beverage. Put on some music that makes you happy. Take pleasure in the act of journaling itself.

You can even liven up your notebook with some other artsy/creative things that may make you happy — try doodling, pasting in pictures or stickers, drawing or sketching. Do things that are repetitive, where you can relax and stop thinking and just focus on the task.

I hope this helps. Good luck! You’re awesome! <3

Frat Boy AU
  • Ashton: People. So many people all around. Someone stumbles into you, half of their cup of beer splashing on the ground and partially on your shoes, but you don't care. You toss your empty cup into the trash as you make it to the door and push your way through into the cool air outside. You take in a deep breath of cold air, your cheeks burning more now than they did inside where everything was hot and sweaty and loud and simply too much. You lean back against the railing that bonds the porch in as you struggle to catch your breath. "You alright there, freshman?" The voice is accented, not entirely unusual for your school, and you turn to greet the person who spoke. "Just my first frat party. That's all," you tell him as he starts to step closer to you. He comes out of the shadows and you recognize him from one of your classes. To say he's out of your league doesn't begin to describe it. "Never pegged you for a frat party type, love," he chuckles as he leans against the railing next to you and crosses his arms over your chest. You start to introduce yourself, but he cuts you off, "Yeah, I already know. I'm Ashton, in case you didn't know that. Still didn't answer my question. What are you even doing here? This isn't your scene." You shrug and shove your hands in the pockets of your jacket that you regret wearing. "I don't know. I'd never been and I figured I'd try it before I wrote it off as 'not my scene,'" you reply. He nods softly, "And what did you think?" You laugh and shake your head, "Definitely not my scene." He laughs with you before asking, "And frat guys? Written them off as well?" You bite your lip before you shrug, "I guess not necessarily." He smiles and says, "Good. Then I'm going to walk you back to your dorm and take you out for lunch tomorrow."
  • Calum: His hands press into your hips, pulling you back against his chest. You throw an arm back over his neck as your hips sway against him. You know exactly what you're doing to him and so does he. You've done this before, countless times, always with Calum, so you know exactly what to do. "You're killing me tonight, baby," Calum breathes into your ear before kissing your neck. "New dress, huh?" He should know. He's taken off practically every single party outfit you own. You hum in affirmation as you lean your head back against his shoulder. "Your room?" you ask him as he pulls his mouth off your neck. Calum sighs and kisses your mouth lazily. He tastes like beer, whiskey, and Calum and you can't get enough. You can never get enough of him. He pulls away before you're ready for him to do so and you open your mouth to yell at him, but he grabs your hand and pulls you toward the stairs instead. You're a stair behind him all the way to his familiar room. You're here far more often than you should be. The feeling of his sheets against your back and his hands on your bare skin sets you on fire while also making you feel at home. You're head over heels for him, but you know better than to say so, because then you won't even get this and this, whatever this is, is better than nothing. It's worth all the pain. His skin is sweaty against yours as you both come down from your highs. He always takes such good care of you, part of the reason why you always come back even though you know you're being used for sex. "You're so fucking amazing," Calum breathes into your neck before his lips attach to your skin again. "Calum, not again," you laugh lazily. "I'm too tired." Calum sighs and gives you a long kiss before collapsing onto his mattress beside you. "I guess I'll get going," you mumble as you start to sit up. Suddenly, Calum's tan arm snakes around your waist and pulls you back to him. "Stay," he mutters to you as he snuggles up next to you. "I want to wake up with you." You bite you lip before you say, "Calum, you're-" He cuts you off, "Breaking my own rule. Yeah. I know. I've also fallen for you pretty damn hard. Which breaks even more rules. But fuck it. Stay with me." And so you stay.
  • Luke: You watch as he adjusts his snapback on his head, shoving more of his sweaty hair under it. He takes a swig from his cup, noticing you as he lower his cup. He throws a faint smile your way as his eyes scan down your body, never making it all the way back up again. You're both so new to all of this. Your hands are practically shaking as you walk over to him. His eyes are following you, watching you take each step toward him. By the time you reach him, his cup is already down and he's waiting for you. "Hi," you manage to get out. "Hi," he says back, surprisingly sounding just as nervous as you are. You know he's new like you and new to the whole fraternity thing, but he's far more shy than you were expecting. "Do you, um, do you want to dance?" he stumbles through. "Sure," you smile, adding your name onto the end just so you can learn his. "I'm Luke," he tells you as he takes your hand and leans you onto the packed dance floor. Your hands are on the back of his neck. His are on your hips. You're sweaty, he's sweaty, everyone around you is sweaty, and no one cares. He's got you pressed tightly to him as you sway to the music, taking all your cares away with him. You don't even notice how late it is until your friend finds you, telling you its time to go. In his slightly drunken state, Luke lowers his lips to your ear and whispers, "Stay with me tonight." You chew your bottom lip as you consider his proposal, before deciding to throw all of your caution to the wind and tell your friend to head home without you. You know it's not your best decision, but you don't care the moment his lips find yours. You're tangled in unfamiliar sheets as hands that should feel unfamiliar as well, but somehow don't, roam over your entire body, bringing pleasure with them. By the time you're both done, all the alcohol is out of your systems and you can feel yourself falling for him as you lay your head on his bare chest and draw patterns on his stomach. "Do you want to stay with me?" he asks softly as he twirls pieces of your hair around his fingers. "Yes," you reply softly. "Do you maybe, uh, um, want to get breakfast together in the morning?" His voice shakes as he asks you out. "I'd love that," you say with a sigh of relief. "Good," Luke nods. "Did, um, did that feel special to you?" You smile and kiss his chest before answering, "Yes, yes it did, Luke." He sighs with relief this time. "Okay. Because it felt it too. Whatever it was. And I want to feel that again and again." You giggle and lean up to kiss his jaw on before saying, "Me too, Luke. Me too."
  • Michael: You shift a little on your makeshift seat, trying to find a slightly more comfortable position as people take turns around you picking up cards to play a game you don't fully understand. "You don't seem like you're having a good time." You're surprised when the boy with dyed red hair next to you speak to you. He's been sitting next to you for thirty minutes and hasn't said a thin yet, so you thought he was simply going to ignore you all night. "I'm okay," you tell him. It's not a complete lie, but it's not the complete truth either. He nods softly. You know by the way he's looking at you he's sober enough to see right through your lie, but he doesn't press you for more. "I'm Michael, by the way," he says, pushing the conversation past your lie. You reply with your name just as someone gets his attention, telling him it's his turn. "Uh, I'm sitting this round out, guys," he says as his eyes move back to you. No one asks if you're doing the same. They already know what's happening as they see you two start to talk. The conversation flows comfortably. He's the driving force behind it, letting you keep talking even though you're pretty sure you're talking too much. As the game slowly starts to dissipate, you're still talking and he's still listening. He cuts in once to ask, "Hey, do you want to take this back to my room? I think my brother wants us all out of his room now." You don't think twice about following him. You grab your jacket and he grabs your hand, leading you to his room. As soon as the door closes, his lips find yours. His mouth moves against yours smoothly despite the alcohol he's consumed tonight. His tongue slides between your lips just long enough to deepen the kiss and your want for him before he pulls back to kiss you from a different angle. He slowly starts to pull you back toward his bed by your hips and you let him. You know this probably won't turn into something special. It probably won't even become a regular thing. But right now, he tastes like cheap beer and kisses well enough to make your mind hum more than alcohol and that's what you want right now, which is good enough for both of you.
Wiped Out sentence starters
  • "I'm hoping that you'll keep your heart open."
  • "If you don't ask, I won't tell."
  • "It all hurts just the same."
  • "Something is wrong, I can't explain."
  • "You'll never know what they might do if they catch you too early."
  • "I feel like prey."
  • "I'll probably take you aside and tell you what's on my mind, but you, you'll just keep it inside, probably tell me that you're alright."
  • "Something I saw, or something I did that made me like this; could you help me?"
  • "I don't want to fight."
  • "I think I talk too much, I need to listen."
  • "I think I try too hard."
  • "I can taste it, my heart's breakin'."
  • "I can't take it, I'm impatient, tell me, baby."
  • "I know I'll fall in love with you."
  • "I hope you won't ever lie to me."
  • "I won't be your cry baby."
  • "I think I worry a lot."
  • "I need to take it easy."
  • "I got this anxious feeling, but it goes away for a minute when I'm with you breathing."
  • "I know I'll fall in love with you, baby and that's not what I wanna do."
  • "Lost and afraid, young and innocent, but getting older."
  • "I don't wanna be alone."
  • "My current state is heavy; hope it's a phase or something."
  • "I don't know what to believe, all I wanna do is leave."
  • "Maybe I'll end up alone."
  • "I don't wanna let you down, so promise you won’t let me drown."
  • "I got the pressure that's pushing my buttons and making me think about death."
  • "I got some mixed emotions about how I'm handling the stress."
  • "I'm back and forth, I can't make up my mind."
  • "If I told you that I loved you, tell me, what would you say?"
  • "If I told you that I hated you, would you go away?"
  • "I don't want to lie, I've been relying on you."
  • "Fallin' again, I need a pick-me-up."
  • "I've been callin' you "friend," I might need to give it up."
  • "I can admit, I am not fireproof."
  • "I hope I don't burden you."
  • "You make me feel little how you're looking at me."
  • "You can throw me shade, all it does is just cool me off."
  • "First it just threw me off, now I'm just moving on."
  • "Take you like a drug, I taste you on my tongue."
  • "Ask me something that I won't forget."
  • "It's crazy what you do for fame."
  • "Go ahead and cry, little girl."
  • "Nobody does it like you do."
  • "I know how much it matters to you."
  • "The shame always comes at the worst time."
  • "I love it when I'm high with you."
  • "I keep on trying to let you go."
  • "I didn't cry when you left at first."
  • "I know that you got daddy issues, and I do, too."
  • "I gave her everything that I had."
  • "Got our names tattooed on each other just to prove to each other that we'd do what we said."
  • "I was only 17 when we first tried things, when she first made me feel like a man."
  • "Who's the one you're sleeping with?"
  • "Don't you sit in front of me and wait for me to talk."
  • "You can call me up, phone works two ways, you know."
  • "I think that I'll be just fine, I wish I could say the same for you."
  • "Nobody's leaving this room for a minute."
  • "Sick of the people who make the decisions."
  • "Who let the evil in?"
  • "What's the problem here?"
  • "I made love and I thought of you."
  • "I'm begging, I'm even on my knees."
  • "I've got a dozen insecurities."
  • "I don't think you should be worried for me."
  • "I want a new yellow Ferrari from the 90’s in the driveway."
  • "I want it now, I want it loud, I want it my way."
  • "Don't tell me about the rules and break them."
  • "Don't say you love me more... better not say it."
  • "I met her at church, but she could be Satan."
  • "We're on earth to break each others hearts in two."
  • "It's hard with you when I'm too far from you."
  • "I look at the stars, do you?"
  • "You've got enough pain for both of us."
  • "I've got all these things I'm focused on."
  • "You treat all the rules like you're the queen."
  • "I don't know if we should be alone together."
  • "I still got a crush, that's obvious."
  • "If nobody's around, what's stopping us?
  • "Everywhere I go, you show."
  • "I love to watch her dance."
  • "I don't think that we should be around each other."
  • "When you're in the room, you get my eyes."
  • "You open your mouth, I'm hypnotized."
  • "I can make you laugh until you cry."
  • "You know you got all my attention."
  • "She was my baby girl... I might never get her back, but I don't mind being patient."
  • "She's my soulmate."
  • "I don't want you to worry, she'll be so safe right here."
  • "I'm just telling the truth."
  • "Wrap me up in Chanel inside my coffin."
  • "I'd like to be proud, but somehow I'm ashamed."
  • "Sweet little baby in a world full of pain."
  • "Put me in the dirt, let me dream with the stars."
  • "I was naive and hopeful and lost."
  • "I need a cigarette."

The townfolk of Storybrooke apparently have nothing better to do than to gossip like high-schoolers. Robin overhears. 

a/n: posting this regardless of being rushed and un-edited. contains some 3x18 spoilers. 


Regina and Robin were having a conversation. From where she was sitting - it looked to Tinkerbell like the conversation was light hearted, and fun. Like they were teasing one another and thoroughly enjoying the attention from the other. It made her smile… they’d finally found each other… and it was clear to anybody - even those who knew nothing of the spell revealing them to be soul-mates/true-loves whatever you wanted to call it - that they belonged together.

‘So, what uh- what do you know about that?’

Tinkerbell was snapped out of her trance of watching them and turned her attention to David.

'What?’ she asked.

'You’ve been watching them quite intensely for the past fifteen minutes.’ Snow chimed in. 'And come to think of it - you and Regina have been rather close recently… you must know of whatever is going on between them.’

'Between who?’ she tried playing innocent.

'Regina and Robin.’ David said.

'Oh… right… yes.’ She said.

'So…?’ Snow asked.

'What?’ She asked - still playing the part of innocent.

'So… what’s going on?’

Her resolve broke and she grinned. 'They’re perfect for each other, don’t you think?’

Snow frowned. 'I don’t know… Regina and Robin? I don’t see it working… not long term.’

'Oh but you’re so wrong. They’re made for each other.’

'I’m going to have to disagree with you there.’ David said. 'Regina is the evil queen - she had Robin hunted for years. She is everything he stands against.’

'No.’ Tinkerbell shook her head. 'They are actually made for each other.’

Snow frowned. 'What aren’t you saying?’

Tinkerbell looked back over to the pair - sure enough they still only had eyes for each other - so she was safe.

'You cannot tell anyone.’ She said. 'But… years ago - before the curse, Regina came to me, looking for help and so… I helped her track down her true-love. The man she’s supposed to be with.’

'And…?“ Snow asked.

'It was the man with the lion tattoo.’ She grinned.

Snow and David exchanged a glance. 'Robin has a lion tattoo… on his wrist.’ David said.

Tinkerbell nodded enthusiastically. 'True love, soul mates… whatever you want to call it.’

'Regina… and… Robin?’ Snow asked.

Tinkerbell nodded. 'Mmhmm.’


She sighed. 'And aren’t they perfect together - I’m so happy they finally found each other.’


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thewordisweetabix  asked:

i hope the mechanic fixes your car soon but in the meantime i've been thinking more about 1d ace fic, esp because of you & di, and i thought i'd be super interesting to explore ace!harry? i'm just thinking of younger harry navigating the line where so many ppl wanted him and of course he loves the attention and the physical contact so it takes him a long time to realize maybe he doesn't like the sex part of it?? and trying to navigate being the "sexy/cute one" while also being ace

*stares off into the distance* *sighs dreamily*

I’m home now, and I’m eating leftover chinese food and drinking a beer and this message is just a LOT right now. 

Did you know that I actually have a whole zarry ace fic plotted out that I was planning on writing before I offered myself up to the neverending fic exchange perpetual motion machine? It was this whole deal where Zayn is getting over a break up and can’t really reconcile his feelings about physical intimacy with his desire for emotional intimacy and Harry lives downstairs and he’s like this charming social butterfly who always has a someone and is basically defined by his sexy cuteness but because he’s ace and hasn’t quite figured out how to navigate that, he has a reputation as a tease and a maneater and an ice queen? DID YOU KNOW? 

Also Harry walks Zayn’s dog a lot. And Niall wrote Fool’s Gold about Harry and Harry DJs at night on the radio and you know…just stuff. Just a lot of stuff. I have almost nothing written but this is a piece of it:

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honeylime08  asked:

I'd love to see your take on "Katniss or Peeta calls into a late-night radio show to dedicate a song to her/his secret crush."

Sorry this is late! I know this isn’t quite what you asked for, but I hope you enjoy it regardless!

It’s nearly midnight. The hospital is completely quiet, except for Johanna and me, and the small radio we have playing to keep ourselves from going crazy. We both work the graveyard shift at Panem Hospital’s reception desk. Not my ideal job - I’m a bit squeamish, and don’t deal with blood very well - but I needed something to help keep my sister afloat. So here I am, two minutes to twelve with nothing but my sarcastic desk mate and an overly-flamboyant DJ to keep me company.

“Welcome back, listeners!” Caesar Flickerman’s spirit comes from the small box situated snugly between our two computers. “We have a late night caller here to dedicate a song to a special girl out there!”

“Thank you, Caesar,” another voice responds. It takes a second for me to register, but when I do, I sit straight up in my seat. I can’t… it can’t be… can it?

“Peeta,” Caesar says. “This young lady must be very special in order for you to want to dedicate a song to her.”

From beside me, I can just feel Johanna’s dark eyes piercing my backside. “Isn’t that- “

“Yeah,” I say immediately, brushing her off and trying to mask my embarrassment. 

She gives a bark of a laugh. “How sweet, Everdeen! What’s he going to dedicate?”

“How should I know,” I say, burning in my seat.

“It better not be something cheesy, like that Meghan Trainer song with John Legend.”

“It won’t be,” I insist, silently praying Peeta doesn’t embarrass me with something that sappy. 

“She is,” Peeta continues from the radio. “We’ve been together through a lot, even before we started dating, and I just wanted to dedicate a song I know she loves. We’re back big Backstreet Boys fans, and I wanted to dedicate ‘I Want it That Way’ to her.”

I slide down my seat, trying to disappear as Johanna bursts out laughing behind me.

“Peeta!” I all but yell as I slide into the car.

“Something wrong?” he asks a little too innocently.

“You know what,” I say. “The Backstreet Boys? You know I hate them!”

Peeta just bursts out laughing, and begins to pull away from the curb. “You didn’t enjoy my little gift?” He manages to ask between gasps.

“No,” I scowl at him. He doesn’t respond; he just shoots me one of those grins that wear down my resolve, no matter how hard I try. His blue are alight with the laughter reflecting in his eyes, but there’s something else there, too. Something that makes my heart beat just a little bit faster. But no, I’m still mad at him. I force my frown to stay in place, and look at the passenger window, just to make sure I win this.

“Come on, Katniss,” he says. “I’m just teasing you.”

I don’t respond.

“Katniiiisss,” he sings.

I make the mistake of glancing over. My eye catches his, and then all my resolve is gone. The corners of my mouth twitch up, despite my resolve.

Peeta flashes his eyebrows in response, but doesn’t say anything; just looks satisfied with himself. 

“You’re the worst,” I say, shaking my head. Peeta just grins, and turns the radio up.

A week later, I’m sitting at the desk again with Johanna, when Peeta calls in again. “I’d like to dedicate ‘Larger Than Life’ to her, Caesar. Because her love for The Backstreet Boys is larger than life, and so is my love for her.”

Again, Johanna howls with laughter. I’m going to kill him.

The following week, he calls in with “Shape of My Heart,” being sure to include the most over-the-top “heartfelt” dedication he can manage. And since it’s Peeta, that’s quite a bit. 

On and on it goes, with Peeta calling in to Caesar at precisely midnight every week. It gets so that Johanna looks forward to it, waiting to hear which song he’s going to pick this time, and how she’s going to use it against me for the rest of the week.

It’s time to get him back.

“Rye,” I approach Peeta’s brother one afternoon when Peeta is busy with a customer out front. “I need your help…”

When Peeta comes through the door a little bit later, his nose is wrinkled up as though he’s just smelled something rotting. “Why are you playing this?” he asks us.

“Payback’s a bitch, bro,” Rye smirks. 

“For what?” Peeta’s brow wrinkles, trying to figure out what on earth his brother could be getting revenge for.

“Gee, I don’t know. What for?” I ask, exchanging a look with Rye. 

It takes Peeta exactly a second to catch on. Then the corner of his mouth twists up into a lop-sided grin. “But Katniss, I thought you loved The Backstreet Boys! Honestly!”

“Uh-huh,” I say flatly.

Peeta just crosses over and wraps his arms around me. “Okay. Okay. You got me. I won’t do it anymore. But you have to admit, you liked it a little bit, right?”

But that’s the problem. I did. And I make sure to show Peeta exactly what his teasing does to me as soon as we’re alone that night.

  • Well it's St Davids day so I thought I'd honour it with this!
  • St Davids Day,
  • Patsy: Morning (Patsy walks into Delia's room,putting a cup of tea on the bedside table and sitting down on the edge of the bed)
  • Delia: (still half asleep) Morning
  • Patsy: Guess what day it is?
  • Delia: A Thursday (Delia sits up and picks up her tea)
  • Patsy: Almost, it's March the first
  • (Delia looks up from her tea)
  • Delia: It's St. David's day! You remembered?
  • Patsy: Yes I did and I picked up these on the way home last night, well I say last night more like 3am this morning (she smiles and picks up the daffodils)
  • Patsy: I also attempted to make these yesterday
  • (She pulls up a plate of Welsh cakes)
  • Delia: Oh Patsy how very...Welsh of you (Delia takes a Welsh cake and begins eating)
  • Patsy: Yes well thank you, and these cakes I know they're not your mamgu's but I did try and copy the recipe
  • Delia: It doesn't matter Pats anything you make is always going to be wonderful
  • Patsy: (she blushes) You flatter me
  • Delia: Yes well I'm allowed, Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus
  • (She leans forward and kisses Patsy)
  • Patsy: Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus
  • Delia: Well well look who's speaking Welsh too
  • Patsy: That's pretty much all I can say...well that and rydw i'n hoffi coffi
  • Delia: Everyone can say that Pats, but I guess I could teach you a song or two today to celebrate
  • Patsy: Yes please do, I do love it when you sing, but I'm afraid it'll have to wait until later because we have work,
  • Delia: How fun....
  • Patsy: Now I think we have 5 minutes before we have to get ready for work
  • (Patsy moves closer to Delia)
  • Delia: hmm...5 minutes, what shall we do?
  • Patsy: I have a few ideas....
  • ........
  • Sister Julienne: Nurse Busby! Welcome home
  • Delia: Thank you Sister,is there anything the matter?
  • Sister Julienne: No not at all Nurse but As It's St. Davids Day I asked Mrs B to make...Cowl?
  • Delia: Cawl, Sister
  • Sister Julienne: yes Cawl, I have asked Mrs B to make a pot of Cawl for us to have for super tonight and she said it's also traditional to eat a special fruit bread?
  • Delia: Yes Bara Brith, Thank you very much Sister. It's today that I always realise how home sick I get
  • Sister Julienne: Well I hope we can ease you homesickness tonight.
  • Delia: thank you again Sister, and please thank Mrs B for me
  • Sister Julienne: I will Nurse Busby, now if you excuse me I have business to attend to,
  • Delia: of course Sister
  • .......
  • (Patsy and Delia are back in Delia's room, both of them sitting under the covers listening to the wireless)
  • Delia: so what did you think of the Cawl?
  • Patsy: it was lovely and the fruit bread wasn't that bad either,
  • Delia: Bara brith
  • Patsy: Sorry...
  • Delia: the Fruit bread....it's called Bara Brith
  • Patsy: your feeling home sick aren't you
  • Delia: Maybe just a bit
  • Patsy: Come here (Patsy lifts her arm and Delia moves to lean against Her. Patsy puts her arm around Delia and kisses the top of her head)
  • Delia: But as long as I have you I could never be completely home sick
  • Patsy: what do you mean?
  • Delia: When I'm with you I feel like I'm home.
  • Patsy: Your my home too Deels (she lifts up Delia's chin and kisses her)
  • Delia: Bydwch lawen a cadwch eich ffydd a'ch cred,a gwnewch y pethau bychain a glywsoch ac a welsoch gennyf i
  • Patsy: (she lets out a little laugh)I knew I spoke some Welsh this morning but I'm not that good
  • Delia: "Be joyful and keep your faith and your belief,and do the little things,that you heard and saw from me." You did the little things today by trying to bring a small bit of Wales here today, so thank you Patsy.
  • Patsy: Your very welcome Delia, but you know I would do anything for you,
  • Delia: (Delia puts her head against Patsy's chest) Anything?
  • Patsy: Anything, (Patsy kisses the top of Delia's head again) Now! I was promised a song this morning.
  • (Delia laughs and looks up)
  • Delia: Well what song would you like? Calon lan, Hen Wlad fy nhadau or Umm...Pan daw yfory?
  • Patsy: Anything as long as your singing I don't care
  • Delia: well then umm.....how about Calon Lan then...
  • (I forgot the name of one of the songs I named so I don't know if it is called Pan Daw Yfory but its a really nice song, and "Bydwch lawen a cadwch eich ffydd a'ch cred,a gwnewch y pethau bychain,a glywsoch ac a welsoch gennyf i." Is a famous quote from St David that everyone that goes to a Welsh Language school has probably had drilled into their head like me...)
one direction // preference // telling him your disorder
  • harry: he'd noticed that you weren't really yourself anymore, but he wasn't exactly sure why. whenever he'd ask why you were so quiet, you'd assure him that it was nothing - and he knew you didn't like it when he pushed too far. you could tell he was getting more worried each day - so you decided to finally sit him down and let him know what was happening. you played with his fingers as you sat on the sofa, sighing gently, 'look haz. i know you've been worried because i haven't really been here emotionally and i just wanted to finally tell you the truth. for a while now i've had depression and... it's just come back. i thought i was over it, really, but it's back and i should've told you but i didn't.' you said, almost unable to look him in the eyes. straight away, he tilted your chin up and smiled lovingly, although you could tell that your confession broke his heart, 'thanks for telling me baby - now i can be there for you like you need me. and this is up to you now okay? you tell me what you need, and i'll make sure that you have it. whether it's a shoulder to cry on - or me to take you to a therapist. it's up to you.'
  • zayn: the two of you were laying in bed, just chatting about anything that came to your mind. zayn had told you a few things you never really knew about him, and now he asked you to let him in on any secret you were comfortable with. it took a moment for you to be sure that you wanted to tell him, but eventually you did. 'a couple of years ago i was bulimic.' you started, feeling zayn tense his arms around you, 'and it was bad. i mean, not as bad as it could've been... but i was like that for a while. anyway, i think sometimes i still have the guilt after i eat, and then i have the urge to go throw it all up. but i'm pretty strong now and i always resist it.' you nodded. there was a long silence, which made your stomach churn, before zayn nodded and sighed, 'jeez... i wouldn't have even known.' he murmured before dampening his limps with his tongue, 'well listen, if you ever feel the urge to do it, or if the urge is too strong, tell me. i'll make sure it never happens again. i'll protect you.'
  • louis: after a couple rounds of shots, the two of you decided it'd be fun to play truth or dare. after a few truths came out of the both of you - and the two of you prank called a few people as dares, louis asked you what your biggest secret is. a huge part of you wanted to lie, but the alcohol caused the truth to slip out. 'i think it would be my anxiety. like, it's really bad. i have panic attacks all the time - just not around you.' you laughed, although louis didn't seem to be finding it that funny. 'i mean, i've had it most of my life so i'm used to it, but the attacks don't get any easier. it's weird though, like the only person i want to see when i have an attack is you - but i couldn't ever bring myself to tell you.' you continued. louis leant forwards and took your hands, pulling you into his lap as he sat with his legs crossed. he rubbed your back as he tried to put his thoughts in place, 'holy shit, i wish you would've told me sooner babe.. i would've been around for the attacks to help you through it. shit, please tell me next time it happens yeah?'
  • niall: he pressed a kiss to your palm, and you couldn't help your racing heart as he got nearer to your uncovered wrists. he'd seen your wrists before, sure, but he'd never seen them bare and up close - which is what he was seeing right now. there were scars littered over the skin, and you knew that you hadn't once mentioned your history of self-harm to him. it wasn't that you didn't trust him, because of course you did, but it was just a painful memory and you didn't really want it to become this huge deal. niall swiped his thumb over your wrist without really thinking, before he furrowed his brow at the silver scars. he moved them into the light before he instantly realised what they were. with a furrowed brow he turned to you, a pained expression on his face, 'what? you... please tell me these are old...' he breathed, to which you nodded, 'yeah ni, they're old. i promise you, i haven't done it in years.' you whispered, to which he pulled you into his chest and kissed the top of your head.
  • liam: it was really the first time that liam had brought you out somewhere - and that meant that being mobbed by the fans was most likely going to happen. and it did. as you moved from the car, the fans surrounded both you and liam. the push and shove was ridiculous, and everyone was seeming to scream at you from every direction. liam kept you close and security worked hard to make sure that nobody got to the two of you, but the grabbing hands and tight squeeze was too much for you. you could feel the shortness of breath, and the panic spreading through you. you'd had problems with anxiety for a while, but you'd never had a full on attack. once the two of you were inside - it hit even worse, and you couldn't stop crying and hyperventilating. liam immediately called for security to get medical help before he sat you down and told you to breathe through it. after you'd been calmed down, you nestled into liam's chest and he brushed his fingers through your hair, 'why didn't you tell me? i would've found a way around it babe.' he whispered, 'i'd always find a way around it if you needed it.'
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