i'm just sitting here and crying

Crossing at Townsville/Ayr my ass. I live 10 hours to the south, and when the wind and rain started picking up here at lunchtime today we all knew that was a load of rubbish. No way we’d be feeling anything if it was that far north. Very nervous for my family and friends back home, and my darling kitty. Going to be a sleepless night even 500km down the road - no matter what I say, Mackay/Whitsundays is always going to be home, and nearly all my family live in the evac areas. Be smart and be safe, guys! We’ll see you on the other side in the morning!


You know what we’re gonna do? Surrender. I know how hard that is for you because of how hard you hold on to stuff. But we’re just gonna, we’re gonna sit here and we’re just gonna let go. Okay, and let the universe do its thing. And if we’re meant to be together, then we’re gonna be together.

How 'bout we pretend Jack is still dead?

Fandom: Jack was killed by Anti….

Jack: *from Ireland* Quit telling everybody I’m dead!

Fandom: Sometimes we can still hear his voice….

it hurts me so much how much magnus loves his found family. like this is a man who watched his mother hang herself because she thought she’d given birth to a monster, was nearly drowned by his stepfather, is the biological son of one of the nine princes of hell and he is still the most compassionate person in the world. family is so important to him because he never got to have a real one growing up

I just came online to see this and i literally burst into tears holy shit why are you all here i’m not deserving of this


I never thought i’d get 100 followers when I made this blog and to hit 10k is just unbelievable, thank you to you all for making me feel so comfortable and welcome here, I love you all a lot and hope you have a lovely day/lifetime 💜

au where transforming also makes adrien and marinette very hungry

they can be found making mug brownies and sitting on the floor eating doritos at like three am after patrol

Arc V 132 - Yusho Flips Off Cthu- I mean Zarc

And it was so satisfying to watch :DDD

The Good:

  • Reiji admitting that he had been understimating Reira, and fighting him at his fullest.
  • Yusho makes The Zarc in Yuya chill a little bit.
  • Yusho showing that despite what he knows now, he still considers Yuya his son and will never let Yuri have him (too bad that the plot won’t agree with him TT)
  • Yusho basically pulling Yuri’s leg during the entire duel was way too fun to watch, I love when conceited jerks like him are put down a notch.
  • Reiji calming Reira down everytime.

The Bad:

  • OMG I knew Yugo would be absorbed, I knew it,but the way it was done it was probably one the most disturbing things this series has shown, he ATE him, he basically ATE him, and at the last moment Yugo AGREED with it.

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The Random:

  • The Professor forgets the laws of science again, but he’s the one making a what is basically a magical ritual sacrifice so…
  • Guess Edo, Kaito and Sora have met their duties to the plot then

how can someone have such an acute lack of self awareness that they go and thoroughly, single-handedly sabotage their own marriage and drive their family away but then tell you they miss you and act like they don’t understand why you can’t be close anymore with them and are so confused about how it turned out this way like

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