i'm just sexually frustrated all the time

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So I'm gay af but I'm also super femme. I understand that being femme is also a privilege bc I'm "straight passing" but it's been so so frustrating trying to justify my sexuality when people don't believe me fully or at all when I say I'm gay. bc I don't "look gay" and I've gotten the "you're too pretty to be gay." which is such bullshit. but I just wish people would believe me? I feel like I'm in a constant state of coming out. Also fuck that last anon/hater, your relationship is cute af!!!

heteronormative society trying to push boxes (honestly, cages) onto queer people and queer relationships is why shit like this is a thing.

me and my girl dress masculine at the same time? we can’t be dating. we’re bros on the prowl.

One of us dresses more masc than the other? Called “the man”, is given the check, has to all of a sudden play a role? act a certain way. behave a certain way. have certain mannerisms.

her and I dress femme? just gals being pals. all we do is have pillowfights and giggle and never fart.

Somewhere in between all of this? what’s goin on heerreeeee. facial glitch. confusion ensues.

Mind you, I’m never taken seriously as a Bisexual. I dress Masc? lol lying. I dress Femme? lol lying. Even when I typically tread in the fluid gender expression andro area I’m somehow trying to deceive people. Even my gf has mentioned pressure trying to behave a certain way being Lesbian. And honestly, the only thing to actually blame is the society that forced us to make a community in the first place. It’s no one’s fault but that. This isn’t a inter-community problem, but because we’ve allowed ourselves to be influenced by people who aren’t queer, it has become an inter-community problem.

but this is Str8 Society talking. I think we as a community need to start rejecting these pressuring cookie cutter straight goggles that have been pushed onto us and break through. Realizing there is no wrong way to look/act/be LGBT+

❝ All these white kids and their drama. ❞

❝ I really want to kick your ass right now but I’m a lady so I won’t. ❞

❝ I’m going to fight you and keep your horns as a trophy. ❞

❝ Why does everyone want that blasted old wand? ❞

❝ Have you ever tried being nice for a change? ❞

❝ Did Adam cough up hairballs when he was a beast or was that just a rumor? ❞

❝ I just need some wine, a good book and you to shut the hell up. ❞

❝ Is there any chance she can put me under a sleeping curse for a hundred years. ❞

❝ It’s not a dinglehopper… IT’S A FUCKING FORK. ❞

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Ok so i'm just gonna Ask right out: i Am a scorpio and my sign is more often than not assosiated with being attractive, but i'm not and it's starting to annoy me that pepole over the internet assume i'm attractive and fixiated on sex. Any idea how to Deal with it?

being attractive is relative, but I agree that scorpio is too often associated with a high sex drive or being obsessed with sex and it’s ridiculous. all we can do is do our best to get rid of that stereotype. in the mean time, I know there are quite a few asexual/demisexual/grey ace scorpios following this blog, as well as sexual people who just don’t appreciate the “sex fixated scorpio” stereotype, so know you’re not alone in your frustrations!

  • plot twist: Santana is really angry all the time and snaps at people because Brittany is sexy as hell and Santana is sexually frustrated.
  • Santana: I'm a bitch because I'm horny. I'm horny because I have all of these feelings, feelings from you that I can't deal with right now because we're in public. So later on, please get on me or I might kill someone because you're hot as hell and I just want you. Please say you want me too, please.

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Super hypothetical question, I guess, if that's the right word: if, by the end of the Supernatural series or at least close to the end, we get a legit canon kiss between Cas and Dean, who do you think will initiate it? As in, who do you think will be balls enough to push the other into a wall and kiss the ever living shit out of him for all the years of pent up sexual frustration and eye sex? I'm personally thinking Cas will ICly be the one to get so fed up he just does it on impulse. You?

I honestly go back and forth on this all the time. For a long time I was certain it would be Dean, because it’s pretty clear he’s wanted to smooch that pretty mouth for a very long time. But then I think about how much Cas has come to embrace humanity and human things and that would be really perfect if he tried to express his feelings in such a human way, with his body instead of with words.

I’m gonna say I think it’s equally likely for it to be either of them, but right now I would love for Cas to take Dean completely by surprise and just kiss the fuck out of him and leave him standing there slack jawed and wide eyed and ugh it would be perfect.