i'm just scrolling through tumblr

“’I must be saying goodnight, my dear Readers,’

“the Host says, sighing as he leans back in his chair. ‘I had been intending to talk to you all again this afternoon… but it seems I got distracted again. It’s a rather annoying flaw of mine; I seem to get very focused on random things instead of doing the things I would actually like to do. Ah, well, it’s the end of the day and I must sleep. I will definitely be talking to you all tomorrow morning, and I will do my best to talk to you guys at least a couple of times tomorrow, but unfortunately I cannot promise that I will. See you all then, and goodnight.’“

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Did you ever have a group project and you had your parts finished, so you just had to w a i t? And couldn't do anything against it, because your partners won't turn in their parts. Because that's what happening to me, so I'm just scrolling through your tumblr

YEA KINDA except the last group project I had I just helped others to finish their parts 

I hope you’re enjoying me dumb blog

Quick update on the censored post thing.

I was informed that some older posts were marked as sensitive as well, and after looking I found three others besides the recent one. I decided to send a request for a review on one of the older posts. If it actually works, I’ll send requests for the others and hopefully get everything cleared up so that everyone can see my content without it being incorrectly labeled or blocked.

Finished Journal Entries for the day finally! You know what I’m going to do to award myself?

Write a Caba fanfic and draw.

Feysand and Caba are my OTP right now.

Studyblr Expectation vs Reality
  • Expectation: woah I have a test in like two weeks I should really get my midliners and start writing my notes.
  • Reality: woah I have a test tomorrow I'll just keep on watching Netflix
  • Expectation: this post is so inspiring omg I'm going to start studying right now.
  • Reality: this post is so inspiring omg I'm just going to keep on scrolling through tumblr to find more.
  • Expectation: let me get my Mac and put momentum on my screen and take an aesthetic photo with minimalistic decoration and wonderful lighting
  • Reality: let me open my about-to-collapse laptop and try to open momentum oh Internet's not working well let's try to get a decent photo with this artificial yellow lighting
  • Expectation: my bullet journal is so useful everything I need is right here and it's so aesthetic full of washi tape and post-it
  • Reality: oh here is my bullet journal which I haven't write in since I tried to be organised and all which was like two months ago * opens it* I should really do this things I just kept on migrating
  • Expectation: omg I can't believe it I got straight A's! I guess this is really working
  • Reality: omg my grades haven't improve a thing *blames it on the education system* *inspired for a moment* *thinks about being more organised next term* *next term is as much of a total mess* at least I tried lol

I just came across a post mentioning that people got offended by Jimin wearing a Native American headdress.

And I don’t really see the need to add any more to that topic.

But let me tell you this:

You are a bunch of hypocrites, by blaming Jimin for something he had absolute no control over, after you were making a fuss over all those dumb rumors of European ARMYs being disrespectful and hurtful towards him during their fanmeeting tour in summer.

You’ve been tearing us apart over baseless rumors for nearly a month!

And now the ’poor boy’, who you’ve been all starting countless support projects for to show him your love and who you’ve been endlessly fussing over even months later, is considered racist for wearing clothes selected for him by stylists?

Great. That’s the spirit.

You have the right to be offended, but blaming Jimin is unnecessary.

i haven’t read tokyo goul in a while, it’s just so hard for me to concentrate, but i really like it…..


hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnGGGGGGGGGGGG IS THIS REAL???!?!?!

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Well I was not aware that your blog was NSFW so I'm just casually scrolling through my Tumblr and one of my coworkers sees a random butthole on my feed.

tell ur coworker to follow me