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You’ve seen “Young McHanzo” and “Young McGenji” but have you tried “Young McCree Becomes A Bodyguard For The Shimadas And Genji Gets A Crush On Him But McCree Falls For Hanzo Who Is Too Tired And Gay To Care So McCree Is Sad And Has A Fling With Genji Which Makes Him Question His Feelings Toward Genji But Hanzo Becomes Jealous After They Start Dating Angst?”

> spends actual money buying a domain
> spends ‘5 minutes a week’ updating things despite the blatant contradictory facts spelt out in that long ass ‘probably took them an hour to write’ wall of text
> spends actual time making up codes (IE dancing man, that took ages to crack, so no way it took 5 minutes to make)
> spends time making a twitter and a tumblr
> spends time making pixel art in paint which def took more than 5 minutes. I’m an artist. i would know
> links a website and then tells us nOT TO LOOK (why bother linking??)
> spends time compiling a whole load of posts proving that they’ve been actively paying attention to fandom and the responses we’ve been giving

yep. ok

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I find it fascinating that at Walker Stalker they have Norman and Tom duo photo ops when they usually do that with characters who are like a popular pair or duo on the show like are they foreshadowing??? Are they hinting at what’s to come??? @ Walker Stalker are you trying to tell us something????? 👀👀👀📝📝🔍🔍👀👀📝🔍👀

How is everyone already so attached the ME:A companions, like whoa guys.  Tagging their husbands and their wives, and already disparaging one another’s preferences like, “why would you want so-and-so when other-person is on the table?”  Let’s not start that right away.  Let’s not.  In fact, maybe don’t get so attached when you know jack shit about these people in the first place.

I’m starting to feel like I’m the only one out here waiting until I meet everyone in-game and find out what kind of person they are, ya know?  That’s the basis of both friendship and love.  And my dash is filling up with “ungh im gonna climb dat like a tree” and I’m having DA:I flashbacks to the people who were certain, for instance, that they were in love with Solas.  Before they met him, hell, before his availability was released (I can distinctly remember at least one person upset when he was revealed as het, and another person irritated that he was elf-only when they’d already commissioned fanart of him and their dwarven inquisitor).  Even the people for whom he was romancable ended up getting their hearts broken later, when the full depth of his character came into the light.

I guess what I’m saying here is I love you all, Mass Effect fandom, and I don’t wanna see you hurt.  And no one you think you love gets a pass until Auntie Kira meets them and passes judgement.  I gotta make sure these noobs are good enough for my babies.