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Catch and Return (sickfic, cold)

Notes: I have no idea what I’m doing, but here’s the first of my OC sickfic/snzfic anthology featuring GingerSnap (Liam and Elliott)! I don’t really know how to introduce them because I’ve had so much info about them for so long that I don’t know where to start with giving background. So I’m basically going to post a bunch of drabbles from scattered points in their relationship (it goes on and off, but…more details as the need arises). If you’re interested in knowing more about them, there are brief bios here.

Elliott is asleep when Liam finally gets in. He’s only barely made it through his shift, and now he’s just as sniffly and sneezy as Elliott was this morning. It was the very reason he’d told Elliott to stay home and rest for the day, and left him curled up with a blanket on the couch.

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I'm fat and always have been and I'm currently working at a bakery. An old man asked me today if I was skinny when I started working and I must pig out heaps when I'm here and he said it in such a horrible way. I just went stoney faced and asked my coworker to serve him while I ran to the back and cried. He was just so cruel and I just didn't want to go back to front counter all shift. Luckily my coworker understood and was really nice to me and let me do backroom stuff the rest of my shift

This kind of thing really, really pisses me off. When I worked at Cams Slub, I had a man tell me I was the fattest one working cashier and it took everything in me not to punch him in the face. I am sorry, this customer said that to you. You do not deserve that kind of treatment ever. -Mandie

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I'm factkin with donald trump and i hate it because in my canon, I'm not the horrible dictator i see ruling america today. I'm caring and kind and I hate that I'm seeing myself do all this horrible stuff to my country. Can I please get some positivity? and no, I swear this isn't a troll. Nobody takes me seriously as donald trump now that I'm president: (

sure thing !

i’m sorry you don’t like this universe’s you. but please try to remember your reality - not everything that you see really is true. at heart i know you are a good human being, regardless of what anybody says. mr. trump, i hope you know i take you 100% seriously. you are just as valid, important, and respectable as any other kin! your status does not dictate if you’re a good being or not, or your importance. you’ve worked so hard for your success and now it’s really swelling, so we believe in and love you! (or at least, i do!)

-mod tyjo 

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Most intj stereotypes usually say they kind of get good grades and sometimes without trying. I'm an INTJ and I do quite well in school or my other classmates are just doing horrible but I barely ever get A's or 'extremely' high grades. This is kind of becuase in my opinion middle/high school are really unfair and unnecessary becuase they don't encourage learning and test you on how many rules or words you can remember in the span of a few days. Is this a common thing with INTJs?

Okay, to me this idea of INTJs getting good grades is very similar to the stereotype of Ravenclaws getting high grades as well. Might happen, because nerds? Sure. But it depends on many different aspects and I might argue that it is a faulty idea.

Based on my observation, INTJs probably get higher grades than other similar types. INTPs tend to be more of the Brilliant but Lazy trope, but I could see INTJ falling in a similar archetype, not really because of laziness but because of crippling perfectionism (while they think they are just lazy, of course).

I think an xNTJ who finds a subject interesting will probably exceed at it very notably, while simultaneously doing quite normal-ish in other “less interesting” subject.

Things that I think are significant in an INTJ getting the stereotypical good grades:

  • The subject in question.
  • Previous relations with similar subjects.
  • Their “thing” at the moment.
  • The TEACHER. Yes, a lot.

If you look at this list, these are things that influence pretty much everyone, without their type being relevant. However:

Things that make INTJs the nerds they are:

  • They are extremely rational when it comes to their needs. The idea “I won’t do my homework because I don’t feel like it” might look absurd to them.
  • They can be careful planners, something that is a very important ability. The typical strict timetables and learning methods might be a little hard for people who work better in random energy spikes.
  • The fact that they can fixate obsessively in something means they can develop a very important curiosity and that they can be quite disciplined.

Things that make INTJs nerds that don’t get that much of high grades:

  • “These are all the things I have to do. In order to be perfect, all of this should be accomplished today. I have one hour to do this impossible long thing. Let’s begin”
  • And one hour later: “I didn’t accomplish all the things. My efforts are meaningless. Time to die™"
  • “This subject is uninteresting. Hhm.”
  • “This teacher is terribly mediocre. Mmh…”.

So yeah, stereotypes are what they are. Might have kind of a real life base, but there are so many things that can affect academical success, that I wouldn’t really take it too seriously. And let’s be real, what you said is true. Generally speaking, our education system fu**ing sucks.

If you ask for our advice, we’d say try not to obsess over accomplishing traits of a self imposed stereotype. The stereotype might exist, but you don’t have to act on that. Prioritize, set your own goals and do what’s important to you. 


While it honestly could go either way, if I had to make a guess at the moment I’d wager that isn’t Bendy’s voice for a few reasons:

1. “He will set us free.“ “He“ referring to Joey wouldn’t make sense if it’s Bendy speaking - Joey betrayed them, so why would they think he’d free them? If the line was from a flashback pre-lie, then it still doesn’t work - Joey was the one who brought them here, so why would he turn around and free him?

And if it refers to Henry, it doesn’t really make sense for it to be Bendy speaking either - something attacks you in Chapter 2, and we were told to “beware the ink“ - implying Bendy’s behind it, as ink’s kind of his thing. If he wanted Henry to free them, he wouldn’t be trying to murder his face off.

2. The whistling in the Chapter 2 trailer is definitely Bendy’s - it’s a parallel to Mickey’s whistling in Steamboat Willie, who Bendy parallels. However, there’s not much of a similarity between that and the voice, and it lacks the distortion that the voice has.

3. A minor one, but IRL Bendy still resembles the cartoon version, so logically he should have a voice semi-similar to it. However, the voice in the trailer doesn’t really sound cartoon-like in the slightest.

4. There’s also the question of if Bendy would want to be freed. He’s constantly smiling (unless he just can’t change his expression), he was leaning on the chair in the basement cutscene, and he moves the cutouts around for no reason other than to fuck with you. Seems like he’s really enjoying himself to me.

And don’t forget that not only is there the possibility of Boris coming back, but we’ve already got confirmation of new characters appearing - the voice could easily belong to one of them.

does anyone know of any good books (or movies) where some teacher with a somewhat unorthodox teaching style really inspires their students? sorry that’s probably a horrible explanation but some examples are Dead Poets Society and Mona Lisa Smile

hi, I don’t usually do things like this but I’ve had a horrible night so far, will have a hell of a day ahead in a few hours and probably won’t catch any sleep until tomorrow. I could really use some cheering up jfjsjsjaifbs.

If there’s anything nice on your mind right now (or questions/comments) you’d like to share I’d love you to the moon and back!

  • Glinda: Elphie, do you remember the day we became friends?
  • Elphaba: I do.
  • Glinda: Do you remember why we became friends?
  • Elphaba: I do.
  • Glinda: Why did we become friends?
  • Elphaba: As I recall, I showed you kindness despite the horrible things you’d said about me and the way you treated me and then you realized that I was just misunderstood and not bad. As they say all that glitters isn’t gold and all that’s green isn’t mold.
  • Glinda: (with a chuckle) I’ve never heard that last part.
  • Elphaba: But it does fit doesn’t it.

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A while ago, one of my friends watched all the way to GI and told me (while I had only seen the first few episodes) that hxh wasn't good, lacked any kind of stakes, and that at the point she was at it was just Gon and Killua running around doing whatever they wanted. Now, I've finished the show (she's still in the middle of GI) and I love it and know that it is wonderful but I'm horrible at debating and putting what I love about it into words. How would you defend hxh in this situation?

Man, this is really tough. If your friend watched past the Yorknew arc – which I think is one of the best – and still wasn’t convinced HXH is good, I really don’t know what to say. What parts did she enjoy? What specifically made it seem like the show “lacked any kind of stakes”?

Someone else I spoke to kind of said the same thing, that they made it to Greed Island and just didn’t care for it, specifically citing that they don’t like “shows about children”. I really don’t know what to say to these people because what they look for and enjoy in media must be so different from me. Personally, I stand by HXH for delivering a multitude of diverse, complex characters, breaking the shounen trope mold, having a clever, well thought-out magic system, and providing arcs that vary in mood/genre while maintaining a cohesive story. Personally, I think Togashi is extremely talented in creating worlds, characters, and a narrative that unites them. This is probably really shitty of me, but all I can think is, “well, maybe your friend just likes cookie-cutter trope-filled media,” which there is nothing inherently wrong with, but it’s just so……….. boring!!! lol

Also, MAN, do I wish HXH was about Killua and Gon running around together doing whatever they want, lmao.

INFP trying to decide what to do after high school...
  • Currently I am in grade 11. I also have no idea what I am going to do with my life. Since I am an INFP I procrastinate when trying to think of what I can do, and it stresses the hell out of me. It often brings me to tears. Like I don't even have the slightest idea of what to do really. I mean, I have no idea what kind of jobs are out there!? It really sucks because I'm horrible at math and science, and all of the basic things, and all in all I don't excel at anything. I'm completely mediocre. So I am finding it very difficult to figure out what to do. Do any other INFPs relate to this? Or is this just me. If any of the types (especially INFPs) relate, but somehow figured things out if you have any tips I would love to hear them! Anyways, I just needed to vent, thanks for listening, to those still reading. : )

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I'm kind of upset that Lindsey Shaw is back on the show...I know this may sound really mean but I literally cannot stand Donald Trump and what he says. He's a horrible person and she is a Donald Trump fan. I feel like his fans are supporting the horrible things that he does. Also, weirdly, Sasha follows Donald on Twitter.

I completely agree! after seeing that she supports Trump I just lost all respect for Lindsey Shaw like what the actual fuck……….

and I don’t think the show should be hiring people like that?????? like of course people can have different political views but to actively support a guy who is literally the next Hitler I mean?????? also just storyline wise, what kind of point is there to Paige coming back? it’s been over 5 years since we saw her and everyone’s moved on

and yeah @ sasha following him :///// but hopefully hopefully hopefully she just follows him for a laugh or to stay up to date with how much she should hate him? gosh I hope so

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I've just finished SoC and oh my god. It's incredible. I have a disability so it's awesome seeing people like me pulling off such incredible things. Anyway, I'm wondering when it's set. I'm horrible with history so I'm not really sure

Thank you for the kind words! 

If SoC were set in our world, the time period would be closest to the late 1800s. 

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Wait,how about if a girl walks on street,a dude 10years older than her kidnaps her,knocks her unconscious,takes her to his house and tortures.Wouldn't that be abuse?bcs different abuse exists.It's a bit shitty to disregard some people's experiences.

I believe the correct term for that would be more along the lines of assault(?) but don’t quote me there because I’m no expert. Also since I know you’re insinuating to Reylo, remember they are also enemies at war so assault may not be the proper term to use either (their situation is different than if this kind of horrible thing happening in real life; it’s also fiction).

I’m not trying to disregard anyone’s personal experiences, but I am pointing out what abuse is defined to be. You have every right to define your own experiences but understand that by the book abuse has to do trust and the betrayal of it. There needs to be an established relationship in which trust is involved in order for the use of the word abuse to come into play.

saw frozen again today

and this quality is really horrible but when anna and elsa are playing early on, there’s this light from the…ceiling windows, I guess?  And it makes a six-pointed shape that looks kind of like


Not really reading into this, obvs. the snowflake is a theme but I thought it was neat.

do wizards know about global warming? Do they track these kinds of things? They probably aren’t part of the problem since they don’t really pump out a lot of CO2 and wouldn’t really contribute to deforestation (bc of the statute of secrecy wizards probably wouldn’t want to clear large amounts of land which could attract attention). If wizards don’t know about it, what are they attributing the changing climate/increase in natural disasters to? Do wizards not realize that we are slowly killing our environment ? Something horrible is happening and they don’t even realize it.

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i'll be honest, after this episode, i'm thinking it will be harder/ almost impossible to paint homeworld in a grayer way. i don't think there's any way to say 'yeah it's understandable' they basically took dead people and brought them back into a really painful existence. In a way to mimic the intimate , optional fusing no less. i think they definitely had a hand in gem corruption now, this likely isn't their first or only crime against gem kind.

well, I think its gray in that Gem largely just don’t understand how horrible the things they’re doing are. They’re an alien species with a completely different culture and way of being. I don’t see morally gray as simply “not right or wrong” but a combination of why they’re doing what they’re doing. Something can be unquestionably wrong, but the motivation of the character doing it plays a big role in their overall morality.

I think that, while its certainly not justified and definitely wrong, there’s a lot of complexities for why Gems do the things they do and I think there’s room for them, as a species, to grow and learn and became better. The Crystal Gems are Gems too, afterall, and they came from that culture. And they probably participated in some of these terrible things. But they changed, and other Gems can too.