i'm just really happy he looks healthier now

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okay so honestly I am just so HERE for darker-skinned Nico. like, Rick always described him as olive-skinned when he was younger, in the Titans curse, and it would just make me so happy to see him get back his tan after suffering through so much and forcing himself away from the sun for so long, because now he's got a precious sun baby to love him and take care of him and i would just be so incredibly overjoyed (ps sorry if I'm bothering u, I really just had to get this out somewhere!)

You’re not bothering me, don’t worry!

I completely agree as well. I’m convinced the healthier he becomes, the more he starts looking like how he used to as a kid. And of course, Will insists most of their dates are sunbathing on the hill, or sunbathing on the beach, or sunbathing by the lake, etc, and Nico doesn’t mind. It’s very relaxing, and he love spending time with Will.

And then one day, about five years after the war, he visits his Father, and Hades can’t help but notice how much he looks like Maria.