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hi I never request (only read for like 5 hours..😂) how about an mc who is incredibly beautiful like prettier than the moon (zen) , but is just like "ya i'm average?" about it.

Thank you for requesting! Enjoy ♡ 


✮ cries when he sees you
✮ he’s just so !!!!
✮ surprised and excited and completely blown away 
✮ Seven had mentioned in the chat that you were really cute
even if you modestly denied it 
✮ he knew you were going to be cute but this !!!
✮ when he sees you on stage while making his speech 
✮ he kind of “oh that must be [Y/N]… woah” 
✮ before V is like ‘yoosung!’ 
✮ tries to keep his cool but his face is a furnace
✮ whenever you disagree with him about how ‘you must be an actual angel handcrafted by God specially’ 
✮ he’s so shocked ??
✮ like,,, ‘what do you mean you aren’t perfectly flawless???’ 
✮ says that you’re even more beautiful than Rika 
✮ honestly compliments you all the time 


✎ she first sees you when you arrive and she’s checking off the guests 
✎ she’s super confused 
✎ and asks if you’re with the modelling company 
✎ you kinda blush and laugh 
✎ and she’s like !!!!!!! 
✎ ‘i’ve been blessed’ ‘i have been forgiven for all my sins’ 
✎ when you tell her who you are she gets so hot?
✎ is this embarrassment? is she just incredibly flustered?
✎ she doesn’t know but she does know that she’s never felt this way around someone before
✎ whenever you say you don’t think you’re that pretty 
she judo drops you 
✎ she just drowns you in compliments and won’t even listen to you 
✎ tells you that angels shouldn’t be modest 


✿ is S H O O K
✿ like,,, there’s someone in the RFA that’s more attractive than him?
✿ and you never talked about it?!?!?!
✿ constantly begins to send selfies to the chat like ‘eyeyeyey’
✿ and you compliment him but don’t send one back
✿ and he’s so confused??
✿ so he says that ‘you should flaunt your beauty around’
✿ when he hears that you’re not as confident as him in your looks and that you don’t think you’re that great
✿ he considers sending you to a doctor
obviously is that cheesy guy like ‘[Y/N] is your eyesight okay?’  
✿ when you move in with him it’s CUDDLES, COMPLIMENTS, SELFIEEEES


₩ as soon as he sees you he offers you a modelling contract 
₩ you laugh bc you think he’s joking (because he’s such a prankster lolol)
₩ and he kinda pauses because your laugh !!
₩ he swear he saw sparkles around you 
₩ he buys you so many dresses and jewellery 
₩ and if you at all put yourself below the line of perfect 
₩ he pulls out the big guns 
₩ ‘I think you’re even more beautiful than Elizabeth the 3rd’ 
₩ if you argue he will just kind off 
₩ ‘nope. no.’ 
₩ keeps interrupting you so he can’t hear the lies 
₩ sends blurry photos of you to the RFA 
₩ goes to photography classes so he can ‘capture your beauty’ 


⌨  when he was doing the background check AND saw you through the CCTV 
⌨  gets thrown back off his chair from the power of his nosebleed 
⌨  is genuinely amazed 
⌨  enjoys creeping on you through the camera in the hallway 
⌨  mentions it one day in the chat 
⌨  ‘hey zen, did you know that [Y/N] is more beautiful than you?’ 
⌨  zen is shocked and spams you with ‘IS THIS TRUE’ 
⌨  and you say no and saeyoung is like ????
⌨  ‘uh, yeah it is. i’ve seen you with my own four eyes’ 
⌨  once all the bullshit is over and you live with him 
⌨  he’s programmed the robot puppy to bark loudly at you if you say that you aren’t perfect and flawless 
⌨  probably wraps his entire body around you while complimenting you endlessly


Fears and Ferris Wheels

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[ dowoon ]

*not requested

word count; 1.3k

genre; fluff

summary; after you leave your friends at an amusement park due to your fear of heights, you end up meeting a stranger who takes your mind off your fears.

( brief mention of a panic attack due to fear of heights )

After a stressful week of college full with exams, studying, lectures and long nights with lots of caffeine, you and your friends decide that you guys deserved a break.

Deciding that you needed to escape the hardships of being young adults your best friend Jae planned a day at the amusement park. Your group of friends jumped at the opportunity to be kids again but you on the other hand weren’t so excited. You had a fear of heights and you knew that the high roller coasters were not going to end in much fun.

It was a hot summers day so you wore a simple pair of denim shorts and a tank top. You completed your outfit with a pair of worn down white converse. You were huge into photography so your camera was hung around your neck. The only thing you were looking forward to today was the amazing shots you would get at the amusement park as it was located on a pier.

The car journey to the amusement park was filled with music and laughter. Once you arrived and saw how high up the rides were, your palms began to sweat. Jae knew about your fear of heights but Jae has always been one to live in the moment and his excitement made him forget about your fear. You felt all alone going into the park even though you were surrounded by your best friends.

You guys walked around looking for the perfect first ride. While you looked around you tried to find a ride you could go on without having a panic attack. So far all you saw was the tea cups and if you suggested them your friends would only think you were joking when you really weren’t. Although, you took a note that the Ferris wheel didn’t seem to be as high up as other rides.

“Hey guys! Let’s go on this one,” Youngk (a close friend of yours since you met at one of Jae’s infamous parties) exclaimed. You looked up and saw that he was pointing at what looked like a ride in the clouds. You felt faint even looking at it. The rest of the group jumped with glee and shared excited words as they made their way to the queue. You looked down at your camera and an idea popped up.

“Hey guys, if you don’t mind I’m going to go on the Ferris wheel to take some shots,” you announced holding up your camera. You loved photography but you believed that you could take just as good shots on the ground then up high so in reality you were just going to sit on a bench somewhere and take photos.

“Do you want me to go with you?” Jae reluctantly asked. You knew by his face that he didn’t want to go on the boring Ferris wheel with you.

“No it’s fine. I’ll be more focused without you and it will result in better photos,” you reassured him.

“Okay, but I want to see the pictures after. I’m sure the view of the ocean is beautiful from the Ferris wheel.” No. No. No. Now you felt like you had to go up to take pictures. You sarcastically thanked Jae for being interested in photography for the first time in your head as you walked towards the line for the Ferris wheel.

As you waited in line you tried to settle your nerves. How were you supposed to take photos with a shaky hand. You entered the carriage alone and sat down in the middle tying to avoid looking out the windows. You thought you would be alone but an awkward looking boy entered the carriage.

“Sorry all the others were full,” he said as he entered. Your nerves had caused your mouth to go dry so you didn’t trust your voice to work. You nodded and offered a friendly smile in his direction.

The ride up was silent. You were actually enjoying the views and got some good photos despite your shaky hands. What you were unaware of was that the boy sitting across from you was not admiring the ocean like you were. He was admiring the beautiful girl in front of him. He couldn’t help put notice that you seemed a bit unsettled. Being shy he was good at observing people and came to the conclusion that the girl had a fear of heights.

You were busy taking photos when you suddenly felt the carriage jolt and come to a sudden halt. You looked around and noticed that the tide had stopped moving and due to your unfortunate luck you were stuck at the very top of the Ferris wheel.

Your breath became shaky and you found it hard to breath. You didn’t want to scare the stranger so you tried to calm your breathing but it didn’t help. You felt trapped and being up really high was not helping. You shakily slid of your seat and sat on the floor as it was that tiny bit closer to the ground. You learnt from your mother who was a nurse that it helped calm your breathing if you placed your head between your knees. You breathed in and out repeatedly but it didn’t help which made you panic even more.

“Hey…em… it’s going to be okay we’ll be out in no time,” the stranger spoke with a deep voice that was almost soothing. You felt movement and then a body was sat down next to you. “ I’m Dowoon by the way.”

“I'm…Y/N,” you croaked out in a whisper.

“Hi Y/N. I know this might seem a bit forward, believe me I’m shy and I wouldn’t normally do this but if you hold my hand it might help,” Dowoon offered. You lifted your head up and made eye contact with the boy next to you. You lost your breath not because of the heights but because of how handsome the boy in front of you was. Your gaze drifted down to his hand that was being offered to you. You took his hand and held on tightly to it. The warmth from his hand made your stomach flutter.

“So… what are you doing up here alone,” Dowoon asked looking down at you. You knew he was only trying to distract you and you couldn’t help but smile because it was working.
“Well it’s a long story,” you replied.
“We’ve got time.”


You learnt a lot about Dowoon and he learnt a lot about you. He was easy to talk to and you felt as if you knew him for years. By the time the Ferris wheel began to work again, you were no longer just holding his hand. Your hands were still connected but your back was now pressed against his chest and your head was on his shoulder. You looked up at him and he gazed down at you.

You both finally got off the Ferris wheel with your fingers still linked together. You could feel the tension building since you both were reluctant to say goodbye. You were still a bit shook up and didn’t want to return to your friends or leave his presence.

“Em… do you want to go check out the stalls for any good games with me?” Dowoon asked nervously. Your heart skipped a beat at his offer.

“Yes I’d love to! My friends didn’t want to spend their time at the stalls and just wanted to go on the rides… with heights,” you admitted.

“I just want you to feel safe,” Dowoon said smiling down at you. “Also I can show off my amazing ring throwing skills.”


Your night was filled with lots of fun and you even forgot that you came with friends until Jae came frantically running towards you saying you had to leave and something about sassing a member of staff from the amusement park. You got Dowoon’s number and continued to meet with him every week. You’ve never been happier than in the moments you shared with Dowoon.

[ m a s t e r p o s t ]

nct 127 + kun reacting to daddy kink

reading time → 3min. 55s.
btw it’s so shit doN’T READ IT pls omg I’m so sorry anon ;;; @jenothankyou helped edit

Anonymous said to jiraev:  How would NCT 127 (minus mark and haechan) + Lucas and Kun react to you calling them daddy? Please and thank you I loved watermelon head a lot

You sit with him at the dining table, scrolling on your phone. It was dinner, but a little play time on your phone wouldn’t hurt, right?

Well, it does - it hurts your boyfriend’s (who went through the trouble of making you food) pride when you don’t touch it. Was it too cold? - of course it is! She hasn’t even touched it yet!

“Y/N, if I spend a night making our food, the least you can do is try it.” He comments (on your useless habit) as he watches you stare at the glowing screen.

“I’m sorry. Can you pass the salt please, daddy?” You reply to your bothered love, and lock your phone as you await your beloved salts appearance.

“Sure - wait, what did you just call me?”


/’what do you mean?’ croissant/
N o idea what you’re on about. He knows he doesn’t look like your dad, and he knows you know he doesn’t look like your dad you wouldn’t date him if he looked like your dad hjjr, so his innocent croissant self is just so confused?? He’s too innocent hdjfrj. He’d probably think you were just hella outta your mind. “Y/N, I’m your boyfriend,,,,,,,,,,” “No SiCheng that’s not - just eat your pasta.”

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/’happy sexy’ croissant/
Happy as h e l l. He’d probably smile nice and bright bc he knows he’s going to Fuck. You. Up. He’s really excited for what’s to come and the control he has now. He just never said he was into it because he was scared it might make things awkward ;; Except now he knows you like it, and he likes it, so there is n o going back. Y’all wildin behind them bedroom doors now :’) “Do you like hard things?” “No - oh. o H  yes yes I do come @ me w that big friend you got there daddy!11”

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/’disgusted’ croissant/
Probably thinks it promotes incest and he’s like,,,, hella disgusted by you lmao. He’d roll his eyes and just tell you to piss off or something lmao - which is too bad bc lil bunny wanted to gift that nice lingerie he bought but he’s way too turned off rip. There;s always tomorrow though ;) “You’re disgusting, Y/N.” “Don’t kinkshame me you like feET.” 

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/’excited’ croissant/
Hella excited bc he loves trying new things, clothing, kinks, etc. When he hears you call him daddy, there’s like a spark and he knows this is one of the kinks that just,,,,,,,stay. He’s probably thinking of makin sure you can’t walk for like three weeks, and that you beg at your knees until you cry!!11!!!!!! “I hope you like it rough, Y/N…”

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/’ready croissant’ It’s so hard to call him a croissant when he looks like that omg/
This boi,,,,,,,,, This kink fucked him up so bad omg he’ll be ready to break you every time you say ‘daddy’.. s2g he gave no thoughts before he pulls you outta your chair and bends you over the table. Oh and your windows are nice and wide so the neighbours across the street are about to get one hell of a show… “Can you believe what you just got yourself into, Y/N?” just imagine him breathing that into your neck bih hjfr omg

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/’fake innocent’ croissant/
TAEYONG IS SUCH A SOFT BUT HE IS S O KINKY!!!11! He probably felt shy at first. He usually has you in control bc you whip so well?????? Though I think he’d love being in control. He’d probably be trying to figure out how to get the best angle so you don’t feel any muscles after tonight!! When you guys are brushing your teeth he winks at you but like we all know that wink ain’t as sweet and innocent as it seems. “I think the whip will look nice against your skin, Y/N!”

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/’devil himself’ croissant/
Johnny’s a Yuta 2.0! Except Johnny can wait until you actually finish that steak he spent hours making!!!1! Johnny probably can’t think because he’s so excited, but he might be worried he’ll hurt you he’s so big he always hurts you jrjrhdj. Anyways when you see his expression you get a little scared!! Johnny looks like he’s ready to do you so hard against the table your hips might break… “You won’t feel those legs when I’m done with you.”

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/’thinks you’re weird’ croissant/
I was thinking about Taeil and my baby is probably like Doyoung? Just doesn’t have the kink. He’d just smile and give that awkward nod™, cast his gaze downwards and just kinda,,,,, only talk to you when you/he asks for something, or when you initiate a conversation where he mostly listens and gives short answers. You’d feel like a fool lmao but he’d make it up to you by being rough in bed because he felt bad.

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Song Preference: Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings

Hiii guysss so I know I haven’t updates in ages I’m so inactive ugh  but it’s half term holidays so I’ll try get the ship requests sitting in my inbox done I know it’s been like 2 months but

Anyways so the plan is to update once a week and please please pretty please request something blurbs preferences imagines k thanks love you

Anyways enjoy the pref  ^_^

C A L U M : 

“I’ll keep tossing rocks at your window”

You were pretty sure it was past midnight, judging by the darkness, but for some reason your mind just wouldn’t let you sleep. Just as you were starting to drift off, you heard a quiet tapping noise coming from the other side of the room. Not thinking anything of it, you closed your eyes again and tried to sleep, but the tapping continued until eventually you waked over to the window, hoping to not find some sort of demon tapping on it, and flung the curtains open. Through the darkness of the night, you could just about see the figure of your boyfriend, Calum, stood next to your tree with a handful of stones. So that’s what the tapping was!
“Calum? What are you doing here?” You hissed down at him, being cautious to not wake up any family members.
“I missed you Y/N! It’s cold out here, can I come in?” He whisper-shouted up at you. Without waiting for an answer, he climbed up the drainpipe and clambered through your window, landing in a heap on your floor. He grinned at you and straightened himself out before jumping on your bed, dragging you in with him. Getting to sleep was a lot easier with Calum’s arms around you.

M I C H A E L :

“They’ll tear us apart if you give them the chance”

There was no escaping the hate. It was everywhere: on the streets, in school and worst of all on twitter. You knew what you signed up for when you started dating Michael, but this was getting out of hand. One night when Michael was out late at the studio, you opened your laptop to twitter and scrolled through your mentions, every hateful comment worse than the last.
‘Maybe they’re right,’ you thought. 'Maybe I’m not good enough for him.’ Tears streamed down your face as you tossed the laptop onto the floor, a huge crack distorting the screen and all the messages on it. Angry and hurt, you stormed around the room, punching walls until your knuckles bled and throwing things to the floor. Due to your cries, you didn’t hear Michael enter the house and run up the stairs to find you. The second you laid eyes on him, you collapsed to the floor in a sobbing heap, the broken laptop discarded at the other side of the room. He wrapped his arms around you and carried you over to the bed, setting you down softly before bringing you into his side in a warm embrace.
“I c-cant do this a-anymore Mikey,” you sobbed into his chest. “T-they hate me.” You could feel him tense up with anger t whoever had made you feel like this, then he said into your hair, “ Baby listen, I love you to pieces and I don’t ever want to see you sad like this again. They’ll tear us apart if you give them the chance and I really don’t want that to happen, please don’t listen to anything bad they say. I love you.” Your breathing evened out as your sobs subsided and you cuddled into his side. They say nobody’s perfect, but they must have forgotten about him.

L U K E :

“Run baby run, don’t ever look back”

“You’re not seeing him again! He’s not good for you, Y/N!” Your mum screamed at you. She never approved of you and Luke’s relationship but now she was forbidding you seeing him? This was a new low.
“I don’t care what you say! I love him and he makes me happy, so what’s your problem?!” You yelled back.
“We’re not discussing this Y/N! You’re not to see him, and there’ll be consequences if you do! Now go to your room, you’re grounded!” You stormed up the stairs and slammed the door, grabbing your phone to call Luke.
“Hey, Y/N, what’s up?” His thick Australian accent said through the phone.
“Apparently I’m not allowed to see you any more,” you replied, getting angrier by the second.
“I’ll be there in 5, get enough stuff together for a couple weeks, see you in a few.” He hung up, leaving you slightly confused. We’re you running away?
As promised, 5 minutes later you got a text from Luke: 'I’m outside, don’t let them see you leave love you x’. As you silently crept downstairs, making sure you wouldn’t be seen, your heart fluttered with excitement and the anger washed away. Luke was outside when you opened the door and he took your hand in his and slung your bag over his shoulder. “Run, and don’t ever look back,” he whispered as you ran off into the night together. He was all you needed.

A S H T O N :

“Just sneak out and don’t tell a soul goodbye”

Tonight was the night of your boyfriend’s band’s big concert and you weren’t allowed to go because you 'had too much homework to be wasting time going to silly concerts.’ Or at least, that’s what your parents told you. But if there was ever a better time to be rebellious, this was it; there was no way you were missing Ashton’s big concert. Once you knew your family was all downstairs, out of the way, you climbed through the window and down the drainpipe before running as fast as your legs could carry you. On your way to the venue, you text Ash that you were out alive and to meet you outside the venue, which he did. As soon as he saw you, he ran towards you and spun you around, hugging you tightly.
“I’m so glad you could make it, babe,” he whispered to you as the fans stared at the two of you longingly. The concert was amazing; you couldn’t have been prouder of Ashton as you danced in the front row, surrounded by screaming fans.
“This next song goes out to my beautiful girlfriend, Y/N! Love you babe!” Ashton announced as he started drumming the beat to She Looks So Perfect.