i'm just really excited for all the dean is bi metas

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You know Dean's confession scene? Do you think they're ever gonna come back to that and tell us explicitly what it meant? Maybe have it in a recap before an episode? I know for me, it was a reference to his sexuality. But I'm wondering if they'll ever talk about it again for the more general audiences.

Here’s my main meta post on this confession scene.

Well, basically it has been coming back up over and over again throughout all of seasons 10-12 as it thematically is just a part of the overall Performing!Dean narrative which has been key to the whole show since then culminating in 12x22…but yeah perhaps they will make a reference that is more explicit…. idk!

I mean… we got this in 11x20-23…

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“What if I said I… I didn’t want to die…yet, you know, that I wasn’t ready? …. I guess I just thought sooner or later, I’d go out the same way that I live – pedal to the metal, and that would be it. But now? Now, um… Recent…events, uh… make me think I might be closer to that than I really thought. 

And… I don’t know. I mean, you know, there’s – there’s things, there’s…people, feelings that I-I-I want to experience differently than I have before, or maybe even for the first time

Go a little deeper, perhaps, than with Gina

Yeah. Yeah, I’m just starting to think that… maybe there’s more to it all than I thought.”


This is basically setting up for the massive build up of Dean’s self awareness / self acceptance arc for the whole of seasons 11-12. A huge part of this is deciding that he deserves more, that he deserves to be saved, to live, as he has learned now and is also a big part of why I was so excited to see Dean’s reaction to Mary in 12x14, because he is saying HE DESERVES MORE. HALLELUJAH! That was the moment that swung me to being SURE that his arc was coming to a climax in season 12 and wow did it, it was amazing.

This confession also blatantly refers to Cas as the person he has feelings for that are different to ever before, and his wanting something more with him, a relationship, no more one night stands, especially when you add in all the aspects of said self awareness / self acceptance arc with Amara revealing his love for Cas is stronger than her own bond with him, the wise woman figure telling him that he is pining for Cas, how the waitresses he’s settling for are no longer cutting it, it’s almost like it never happened, the fact that Cas is now dead and he has to face it now….

Then also later… let’s not forget:

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I don’t think he WANTS to quit the life but it is so interesting that he even contemplates it at this point…

And yeah, now this arc that kind of kick started at this point in 10x16 has come to a climax in 12x22, it’s now time for a change in how they do things… 

Dean Winchester DID die in 12x22… metaphorically, so it’s time for a new chapter :D

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I'm super excited about Show! *happy dance* I was just talking with my sister about the guys' season 13 arcs. She gets Sam's because of the heavy Lucifer storyline and she thinks Cas will have to decide between being an angel or human. But because she's not a shipper (how is she even related to me??), she's been struggling to figure out Dean's. Everything I can think of is related to Destiel. Any suggestions on what I could tell her?

oh man Dean has such a huge arc outside of Destiel!!

Amara, Mary, Dean’s self worth and my spec/what happened in s12 are the most relevant posts I think:





Dean’s arc in s11 and s12 was all about self acceptance, facing his past, learning that he deserves to be loved, that he deserves nice things. Amara was the exposition for this and Mary was the catalyst, leading to 12x22. Then in s13 we should have the denouement, Dean coming out as bi I hope, telling Sam he loves him I hope, letting Sam take the lead I hope, doing nice things for himself and feeling he deserves them I hope, facing things with Cas I hope…

Destiel is just a part of Dean’s arc and it’s kind of his reward for figuring out the rest for himself (just as the same can be said for Cas with humanity /belonging /self worth). 

Destiel isn’t their story, that’s the whole point, that’s why they are written as HELPING each there get to their own INDIVIDUAL endgames, not as BEING each other’s individual endgames and that’s how you write a GOOD love story (Thats why Twilight is so poor, because basically their own individual endgames are so flimsy the story is therefore all about each other ergo it sucks, they learn nothing really about themselves through each other).

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I am bi and its gotten to the point where I am so disappointed in supernatural for teasing me with representation of my own sexuality that I'm starting to resent the pairing that I used to love so much. Any tips for staying sane when it hurts that they are queerbaiting the shit out of all of us and once again I feel I'll be left with noone bi to relate to? xxx

I’m so sorry, honey, I know it is frustrating because it seems so damn clear to us that it really feels like they’re taunting us or dragging their heels as hard as they can, but I honestly don’t feel like they are. It may be clear to us but to the heteronormative general audience it actually ISN’T clear, because so far they have been able to use their powers of heteronormativity to dismiss everything that’s happened between Dean and Cas as them being close friends. I don’t know how, but they do. And the people who view all our meta and talk about Dean being bi but still argue loudly against it, they say “no way, Dean is straight!!!” because we have not had any indisputable, textual proof of him being interested in men.

But what I truthfully think is that they’re not taunting us or dragging it out, they’re telling a story. The people making this show have put years of their lives into it, an I don’t believe they would intentionally fuck it over by putting so much work and wasting so much of the show with queerbaiting. I mean, at this point it would just be fucking stupid to deliberately queerbait, because they have laid SO much groundwork, they have planted SO many leads and SO much foreshadowing that to leave all of those puzzle pieces as unfulfilled teases for the sake of making a relatively small group of people think Dean and Cas are in love would be plain terrible storytelling and terrible showrunning. 

I think that queerbaiting could be lines like “Cas get out of my ass” and “He was your boyfriend first”, things that make hetero people laugh because “oh implying they’re gay is funny” while queer people get excited by the tantalizing hint of representation. I don’t think queerbaiting is laying down years of intentionally written plots and parallels and character development and having those characters actually confess to desires for love and companionship in ways that strongly suggest at each other. (I’m going to reference the deleted scene from 9x10 because it silently told us that what Cas wants is a human life with Dean.) I can’t even wrap my head around showrunners and writers going to this much fucking trouble just to queerbait. I’ve reached a point where considering this queerbaiting takes more faith than considering it intentional storytelling.

I know we’re impatient. But this show doesn’t give us anything quickly or easily, especially happiness and healthy relationships. And the show doesn’t want to give us what we want, because it wants to maintain dramatic tension and suspense until it ends, or else the show has nothing to do with itself. And Dean coming to terms with his bisexuality is a huge deal for him, not something that he can believably just accept in a single episode and be all hunky dory about it. There are so many damn issues repressing his real identity that it was monumental for him to just admit he liked Taylor Swift. Admitting he likes dudes? That has been and will continue to be a slow and painful process, as I’m sure a lot of queer people can relate to. But I don’t think it’s teasing. I think we’re watching Dean slowly inching open that closet door, and I think we’re watching the show laying the groundwork for the general audience to accept that closet door coming open, and at the same time feeding us not taunts, but hints.

You don’t have to believe that it’s going to go canon if believing hurts too much, but I really encourage you not to give in to bitterness and to try to look at the story in a rational and critical way. Read some positive meta, stay away from wank and naysayers who just want to be negative and angry. Read fic to meet your needs, and maybe you could watch The 100 too, now that they have a canonically bi character. :)