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This is a genuine curious question( I just really hope I don't come across as rude or anything) but why are you so excited about the Balloon Squad? Would you still be excited if they were white? I'm not saying it's bad or anything, but it's like you took a 180 turn from being tired of men in tv series to loving this? Did I miss something or? Thank you <3

alright, now i can focus my eyes a bit better and i’m not on the verge of falling asleep. i also know that some people do wonder about this, genuinely, because i do say quite a lot i don’t care about boys/men/whatever etc (which is still true) but here’s the deal:

this season is about sana. and i lovelovelove sana. i love the fact we get to see the world from her eyes and meet the people close to her, see how they interact.

i love this mostly for the selfish purpose because sana is a #Fave but also because of the political reasons that we’re featuring a muslimah main, a woman of colour main and i have nothing but absolute trust that julie and iman are gonna give us the realistic view on it.

so the balloon squad. i’m excited because, well, usually men of colour in media following the route of toxic masculinity. thus far, i haven’t seen that in the balloon squad. they jump on elias for calling sana slavekvinne. the messages between elias and sana come off as complete sibling-esque, and to me, it feels like just when my brother is checking in on me, testing the waters like, did she become really mad at me for X reason etc.

so no, truth to be told, i wouldn’t be as interested in this if they were another white boy squad because i wouldn’t be interested for the political reasons. i wouldn’t have the same feeling of #Relate when seeing boys of colour interact with each other. i haven’t yet seen something that makes me feel uncomfortable around this squad, and especially not on the same level of discomfort i had seeing dickhelm and p-chris (throwback to anxiety attacks :))

this season isn’t really about the balloon squad either, it’s about sana, it’s about how she sees the world, and it’s definitely going to have impact on other youth.

that is not to say, however, i wouldn’t have minded seeing more girls on the show, women of colour, dark skinned women etc., but i’ll take what i get. this level of honest and realistic portrayal of our lives is rare in media. and i’m not even muslimah.

what i think people need to do is sit back down, relax, and just watch. if they don’t enjoy it, fine, but don’t take it out on us. i absolutely loved season 3 for a whole other reason, that being me having that feeling of #Relate to a white gay boy, because of my own family issues and because i’m lesbian. what i relate to, i will enjoy, as long as i don’t feel like it’s too poorly done or something.

i still stand by the fact that no matter how many marginalised groups you add in to a tv series or a movie, it can still suck, it can still feature toxic stereotypes and even have the opposite effect. but i have no doubt that skam is not going to be that web tv series.


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I've got that idea that we might get losts of flashbacks along the series to Even's pov as he'd sit at the present moment to talk about them with his therapist. It's that or Isak's bday, Wednesday at 21:21, or pride or all (pls all?). Anyways, I'm still excited. So so so excited. I miss my sunshine so much 😍❤

Omg those are amazing theories ahhhh there are so many possibilities with an Even clip

I can’t choose what my favourite is!

i actually…..would really like a quiet clip?

does that make sense?

I would love a clip where it’s just Even sitting in silence with his mind running on a million thoughts as he tries to focus on a minute by minute. I want to see him look in the mirror and I wanna see how he sees himself. I want to see his daily routine and what helps him work through the thoughts that plague his mind. I want to see him show us how he doesn’t let those thoughts consume him, but he lives with them, takes it step by step and sees the bright things in the world as well as he can

I wanna see what those bright things are in his world. I want feel every little bit of what he feels as his day goes by, i want to see what his world looks like while he analyses every single second that he spends in it. I would just like to spend a couple minutes at the start of his clip alone in his mind.

i know that might sound a little boring to some but oh my gosh the thought of this gives me goosebumps and makes me so damn excited i can’t sleep.

I would just love to feel everything he feels for a moment. Just a second. I love him so much.

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Dude I'm hella excited for Hunger Pangs, and it looks amazing! Like! Really! Really! Amazing! But, whenever I see the title I always think Hunger Games? And I'm very worried about this for some reason? Still v v excited tho!!!!

Ah, thank you <3

And lol, yea, I think for a lot of people there’s that association. For me it’s usually people calling it Hunger Pains, which, yea I get that too. ETD does it all the time. I did toy with just naming it The Vampire Werewolf Thing, which in all honesty, I might make into the series title :P

The Vampire Werewolf Thing and Other Strange Delights, by Joy Demorra.

Hm. I think I rather like that.

Ninjago Magica Chapter One: The Show Begins

Ladies and Gentleman. Welcome to the Ninjago Magica Theater. The performance will begin momentarily, please use this time to take your seats. Phones must be turned off, and flash photography is prohibited to avoid disturbing the actors.

We hope you enjoy the show.

Originally posted by yakisobagirl

The sounds of footsteps echoed in the air as a young boy in a green jacket and white hair made his way through the labyrinth.

Lloyd could feel his legs and feet grow exhausted from the endless running. He hasn’t stopped running since this afternoon. Sweat ran down his face like a warm waterfall, every part of his body was telling him to stop. But as much as he wanted to, he couldn’t stop running now. His friend still needed him.

Lloyd ran as fast as he could across the bridges and walkways. He looked around to realize his surroundings didn’t consist of a realistic building, but pure black and white patterns and shapes that seemed to defy the laws of reality. Almost as if he stepped in a surreal painting painted by a mad man. Lloyd wasn’t at all phased by it and he continued to work his way through the maze to find a way outside.

His legs couldn’t take it anymore and he collapsed on his knees and hands. Now the only sound that broke the deafening silence was his voice panting for air. Sweat dripped down to hit his hands and the black and white checkered floor below him. Lloyd could feel his eyes begin to water, tears began to form in his eyes. He quickly wiped them away, “now’s not the time to do that,” he thought to himself.

He raised his head up to scan his surroundings, and to his surprise, in front of him sat a tall staircase that lead to a green sign and a door. He sloppily picked himself back to his bruised legs and feet, and began to make his way up the staircase trying to focus on seeing his only friend one more time. When he finally reaches near to the top, he feels a sigh of relief to find a door with strange markings on it, and a green sign reading “EXIT” in bold words.

He made his way to face the strange door and rested his hand softly on the metal. There was no door handle to be seen. Did he have to push it? Would it even open? He put both hands on the door and pushed with as much strength he had left inside him. Gears from outside the wall clicked and the door opened.

Lloyd immediately ran through the door and without thinking twice, walked forward. His feet began to feel unstable and he quickly steps back, realizing that before him the rest of the roof had disappeared. As the door slammed behind him, Lloyd looked out at Ninjago City in horror. Everything was gray, skyscrapers and other buildings and debri flew around in the air like kites. Thunderstorms hid the sky in every direction, the ground and all the streets were flooded with water and destroyed cars and light posts. And in the middle of the sky looming above the city was a giant horrible monster covered in the shadows from the clouds, yet still somehow radiated light in the air, with a face that only nightmares could describe. And that from the looks of it, was the culprit for why Ninjago City was in ruins.

Lloyd stepped back in fright of the monster and didn’t know what to do. There was nowhere to run. Over the land of destroyed property Lloyd noticed something catch his eye. In the distance, on top of another skyscraper was another boy with spiky brown hair, and wearing a thin white and purple costume. He raised something that from Lloyd’s point of view he couldn’t make out, but before he could understand the boy jumped high into the air at the monster, almost seemingly defying gravity in order to fight it.

The unholy creature moved a building in the air in front of the boys way and smashed straight into him and onto more buildings that were still attached to the ground. Lloyd stared wide eyed at the building before the boy appeared out of thin air away from the building unscratched and continued to fight the monster as it began to throw balls and flames of energy at him. The boy was able to dodge and block them with whatever he had in his hand, but his face read that he was losing his strength to fight.

“This… this can’t be right!” Lloyd cried out. As he continued to look feeling horrible for the fighter, he felt another presence with him.

“It can’t be helped I’m afraid. It’s impossible for one person to defeat an enemy like this by themselves… but he knew that and showed up anyway.” A small cat like creature in green and white, with a raspy voice and strange ears suddenly appeared next to Lloyd.

Lloyd looked back up to the boy to see him maneuvering his way through a field of attacks before getting hit full on by a wave of energy, causing him to fly back and crash into a vast tree that floated with all the other debris.

“No!!” Lloyd cried out, “this has to stop or he’s going to get killed!” Lloyd begged the small creature, desperately hoping it could do something.

The boy now bruises and cuts all over his body in a large dent of a floating tree, was able to raise his head up a little bit to look at Lloyd from the distance, and see Lloyd look back at him. The fighter opened his mouth and began to scream something at Lloyd, but he and Lloyd were way too far away for him to make out what he was shouting at him. Though it wasn’t hard for Lloyd to get the hint that he needed help, and fast.

“If he dies, it’s over.” The strange creature spoke again. Lloyd looked away from the apocalyptic sight and back at the thing, wanting to listen to what it was saying. The creature looked up at Lloyd. “But you Lloyd, you have the power to change this and save him!” Lloyd’s breathe froze as he stared at the creature in disbelief.

“Lloyd. Listen to me!” The creature continued to convince Lloyd. “All this tragedy and destruction, all of this pain and despair, you can change all of this if you wanted to! The potential to do so lies within you!”

Lloyd began to control his breathe again, as he began to understand what the thing was saying. “You’re being serious? I can really fix all of this?” Lloyd questioned the thing. He stepped closer to the creature to hear what it had to say. Out in the distance, the fighter had gotten back up on his feet, only to be hit again by another energy blast destroying his ground and causing him to fall in the air, still screaming things Lloyd couldn’t understand.

“Someone like me could actually change how this ends?” Lloyd questioned the creature again, looking back out at the monster in the air.

“Of course you can Lloyd! Just make a contract with me, and become a Ninja!”

Lloyd looked out at the fighters body plummet to the ground. He tightened his grip looking down at the floor of the building, he thought through the situation in his head. He loosened his fists and looked out at the monster… realizing what had to be done.

The sound of a blaring alarm clock suddenly shot the air and everything disappeared.

Lloyd opened his eyes to see nothing but his desk, the walls, and the familiar bed sheets of his bedroom. He moved his head over his pillows to see his alarm clock going off next to him. 7:45 the clock blinked at him. He reached his tired arm over and shut off the alarm, then raises his body out of his pillow to sit up in his bead.

He took a moment to sit and re-evaluate what just happened. As he thought he let out an exhausted sigh. “Ugh, talk about an insane dream.”

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I think re: the acting in season 2, Ron spent too much time focusing on the characters NOT clicking on purpose and that ended up impacting the acting as well. Voyager is going to make for a better season overall I suspect. DIA has never been my favorite part of the series. Then again maybe I'm just too much of an optimist.

I don’t think it was Ron. I remember when they were promoting S2 they were all morose emphasizing how disconnected Jamie and Claire were. Which was sort of the case in the book, but not really. At times they seemed apprehensive about it saying how they hoped people liked it like they were worried people wouldn’t like it. They did not seem excited at all. To me. As opposed to now when they are saying how very excited they are for people to see it and calling it the best yet. And they act genuinely excited about it.

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has your art/blog been getting more attention recently? If so, you deserve it and I am all for it. I'm just wondering because I feel like I've seen more fandom talk about your work in the past week or so. -R

I’m so excited about Harry’s life as an Auror/father/husband. I wasn’t seeing too much of him as adult and I’ve felt this was lacking in my life as Potterhead. All these sketches are just so personal and satisfying, something like “if I want an Auror Potter series, I should draw him myself”. I was only aiming on those who would be really interested in my sketches (that’s why I also created a new account on instagram especially for these sketches) so I wasn’t expecting much difference in my blog activities when I decided to draw him everyday. But magic happens! I am really happy more people from the fandom enjoy my version of Mr. Potter, which is the reason why now I have messages to read in my inbox in the end of the day <3

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KIBA 😚❤❤ YOU TINY PRECIOUS THING THAT MUST BE PROTECTED. Wow way to go Obito, creeping and scaring the shit out of the poor little guy. I did not expect the rumors about Danzo. I REALLY wanna know what was Team 8 and the Inuzuka Alan's reaction to that. Not to mention Konoba's general reaction to the hideous Sharigarm. In general I'm so excited for the next part of this series! Hahaha can't wait for that X69 fic though ❤

(Oh my god, I just had an Ed Elric moment. I read Kiba as Kat and my kneejerk reaction was I’M NOT TINY DAMNIT omg @me no.)

I already have it underway! Tbh it’s fun to write even if it’s hella angsty, and I’ve got plans to throw in Team 8′s first encounter with Akatsuki!Kiba as well, so. Exciting, yes? :D

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Have you heard there going to be a live action series! Do you think it might be the final chapter of the clone wars?!!

I’m sad to say that I am going to remain apprehensive until they release more details on what the series will be about. I’m frankly tired of being disappointed when new material comes out (just in general, not just movies or shows).

I would want any (or all) of these things:

  1. More development on characters we do not see much of
  2. To be based in a time period we haven’t seen before (or don’t see often)
  3. With a more diverse cast of characters that do not consist of only humans and/or white people

Yeah…so that’s my very low bar for Disney. If they can meet at least a couple of those from that list, I’ll be marginally content. 

Until then, my feelings are pretty neutral when it comes to these announcements. As consumers of their content, our attention and excitement have value, and they need to work to earn it.

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hi!! so i just read never ever have i ever and!!!!! i love?!??? and then i accidentally clicked your about instead of the tumblr link and more incoherent !!!!!! sounds, because a) it's also very well written and you sound wonderful and i already admire the heck out of u (which is probably a little weird considering i've read a single fic and you bio but alas) b) i'm also nonbinary arom and bi and it is!! so nice! to see that.. anywho sorry i was just really excited about all that;;

Oh goodness, thank you so much! I’m very happy you enjoyed it. :D

And aro/bi enbies HOLLA. I wish there was more arofic and transfic on ao3, but there are some excellent ones available!

Shameless plug, but I have an aromantic Will fic, too–The Sun’s Light Failed.

Happy reading, citizen! (And thank you again!) <3

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: I'm lowkey excited about the Ducktales reboot, and I'm hoping it goes well, and though I understand that Donald was booted in the original series because of "his voice", I'm still incredibly excited that Donald isn't being put on a bus because nothing can compare to the dynamic between the original Scrooge Mcduck squad and more than that we're going to GET TO SEE DONALD AND SCROOGE'S INTERACTIONS AND I'M JUST REALLY EMOTIONAL OVER THE ORIGINAL DUCKGANG AND THAT FOR ONCE, WHEN IT REALLY MATTERS, DONALD ISN'T GETTING THE SHORT END OF THE STICK

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I just wanted to say that your "Pick A Decade" gifsets are stunning. The amount of work you must put in them... wow. I can't even think about doing something like that. Also, the PSD is really pretty, too. I just wanted to tell you this because I know you must work really hard of them. Just a question, do you take requests for this series? I totally understand if you don't, but I wanted to know! Anyway, have a good day!

thank you so much, it means a lot <3 i don’t at the moment, because i’m only halfway through it and i put the meme on hiatus for a while until i can finally have access to some footages i plan on using, but when i’m done with the pending ones, i think i’ll reopen a second wave :D 

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I just saw Peacemaker and squealed! it's really cool when it's the actual story tho there's lots of filler in the series but the new films should be amazing hopefully!

hello!!! so you know this series?? I don’t know it tbh but when I saw that gif and that boi my heart went “!!!!!! hE CUTE” and at that time I couldn’t look up the series (bc that post was in queue), but a bit before you sent me this ask I did google it and!!! it does sound interesting! I’m thinking of watching it :”D I saw that the movie will air in june next year so, I have the time to get familiar with series haha :D so I’m glad to know you recommend it! <3

Just in case you didn’t know, the new Stranger Things season is coming out next friday and i feel really excited about it! although i probably won’t be able to watch it until a few weeks later since i have several tests next week and i’m currently watching another tv series i want to be done with before starting a new one

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I'm still so excited about the revelation of Knock Out's conjunx, but I was curious about one thing - you said "this relationship was one I really wanted to explore" and it made me wonder about their original partnership in Prime: If Hasbro had allowed it then, since they're fine with the concept of conjunx endura, would we have seen more between them in the show? Or is this just taking that relationship further as a uniquely comic experience? I'm really excited for this series - thank you!



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I know you've been gone but any chance of younow thoughts? Your recaps are my favourite. Please please please.

Hello I’m alive and yes I have to because WHAT AN AMAZING LIVE SHOW.

My god, was it just me, or did Dan seem giddy af? He was in such a good mood. Seriously, for a second I almost questioned whether he might be tipsy or something lol. The dimple was nearly on full display that entire hour because of how much he was laughing and smiling. So lovely and nice to watch.

With that came so many gems…..

“Get a house and a dog” “Probably one day, it’s inevitable…I’d like to think.” hahahahahahahahaha ha ha ha h *cries* way to paint the most beautiful picture imaginable, Daniel. I can see it now. Dan. Phil. Dog. House. Koi pond. Garden. Marriage license (but come on, Phil’s right, it’s only just a piece of paper and they’re already married as hell). What more could anyone else want really?

“Phil came up with this one you little shit” My favorite sentence of the whole show.

Dan saying this has been the best year of his life. *wipes tear*

Phil being loud in the background and Dan yelling to him. Also LOVED that he admitted to Phil waiting till the show is over so they can eat together. I mean, we all knew, (gotta love the times when we hear Phil banging around in the kitchen) but it was cute to have him mention it. The idea of Phil getting all restless and trying to make Dan hurry up so they can have dinner is pretty adorable. “The Domestic life of Dan Howell” is right.

He said multiple times how pleased and happy he was that everyone was so supportive of the app. And how scared he was beforehand because he thought the reaction would be negative. That made me a bit sad tbh. That is definitely 100% directly related to the reaction of tabinof and it hurts my heart to think that they might have been any ounce more doubtful of themselves. It would be very difficult to not harbor some insecurities after the reception of the book/tour. Dan already doubts himself quite a lot and it’s just a shame to think that their confidence might have been wounded from that. Especially in regards to something they were/are so proud of. I know people had their reasons and it was a huge shock to many, but I just wish things had been different. That’s all. And his statements today really reminded me of that. But on the positive side, I'm very happy that they were so excited and proud of the way the app was received by everyone this time around. They deserve it.


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