i'm just really excited about this series

Ok, here's my newest little S4 theory

What has already been confirmed is that this series will reveal something surprising/shocking about John.
You know how, in the second trailer, Culverton Smith says, “what’s the very worst thing you can do to your very best friends? Tell them your darkest secret.” Ok so what if he’s not saying that to Sherlock? And what’s more, Mycroft’s line about “the roads we walk have demons. And yours have been waiting for a very long time.” Why does that have to be in reference to Sherlock? There’s no definite indication of either line being said to or about him when you watch that trailer.
What if all of it, all the drama…is about John??

Can I have a series of books that doesn’t even have anything to do with CHB really. Like, it’s set years in the future and it’s about Percy’s little sister and how she grew up with the best big brother she could ask for, who protected her and helped her but it also explores how hard it was for her to live up to Percy because he casts a BIG shadow. I mean, he saved the freaking world multiple times, that’s gotta be pretty hard on her. But maybe it’s also about how she’s working to change the world and even though she’s not bringing down Titans, she’s still doing just as much as Percy did.

Mixed feelings about watching the series finale tonight of Bones. I’m really excited to see how it all plays out, but I’m heartbroken that it’s the end. No more new episodes & that just makes me want to cry :( it’s truly bittersweet

no footsteps to follow

word count: 6,879.
notes: something that has ALWAYS pissed me off about the freelancer arc is that north and south just up and abandoned wash. so i kept thinking about that, and eventually came to the conclusion that north and south NOT abandoning wash is, in fact, a great au. and then i pulled an all nighter writing this. which was… last night. so it’s actually unedited, because i’m really excited and i want to get it out there. this is going to be part of a series, because i got overexcited and… planned out, like, a ton of stuff. so. yeah. this is exciting. but yeah, if there are any plot holes or anything seems weird… that’s why. i just really wanted to get it published.
warnings: depictions of a panic attack, the usual ‘wash is implanted with epsilon’ warnings, major character injury, implied/referenced character death.
platonic north & south & wash, north & theta, the director/allison.
description: north and south don’t abandon wash on the mother of invention.

you can also find this on my ao3!

In another universe, when the alarms go off and the twins scatter, North goes back for Wash. Sure, Wash is woozy, and the only thing keeping him grounded is the sound of North’s voice through all the alarms, the feeling of North’s hand wrapping around his arm, yanking him to his feet. “Come on, Wash. I’m not leaving you.”

And no, he can’t think of anything to say back. But he follows him anyways.

North shows up to fight his sister with two sniper rifles, but Wash is right behind him.

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Dude power rangers spd tho? I watched that!!! It was my favorite OMG it was freaking HILARIOUS yell at me about power rangers please also how excited are you for the new movie

i LOVE spd, like it’s really cheesy but i can tell the writers actually gave a crap about it because it was more intricate and had better storylines and struggles than, say, mystic force (which is my personal favorite bc i watched it intensely as a child) whose last episode i watched was just about how shy madison the blue ranger was. i want to see more SPD things in my life. 

also i am SO HYPE to see the movie and i literally cannot decide who i wanna see it with: my dad, my gf, or my friends or a combination but i am SO EXCITED that the cast is diverse and billy has autsim (are their names all the same? i assume they are) and trini is queer aa!! i’m HYPE 

me, august 29th: you know, i don’t really care about carmilla as much as i used too. yeah i’ll probably watch season three and i’m lowkey excited but i’ll just be a casual viewer, nothing too serious! i’m definitely not going to be as into it as much as i was before

august 30th: season 3 release date, new pictures, buzzfeed article, enrico colantoni as laura’s dad,


My little sister Nini watched all of the original power puff girls that was on Netflix, so she was really psyched for the new series

And the very first episode we saw has really horrible anti-Latino racism in it. You could literally see her lose all excitement she had as the scene played out.

It just really drives home that children of color just aren’t really thought about in things like this, somehow nobody along the way went ‘wait no this is a horrible racial caricature’

Disappointingly enough, while everyone’s been talking about how horrible bullfighting is–and yes, animal cruelty is terrible!–the really gross racism has been pretty much ignored.

Tbh ‘disappointing’ is probably the best description of the new power puff girls, period.