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so in the past people have pointed out that the reason sophie’s age curse lasts so long in this books (despite numerous people particularly howl, who’s meant to be a ridiculously powerful wizard, trying to break it for her) is because she strengthens the curse herself with her own magically powered self-loathing which she isn’t even aware of and her magic just happens to be stronger than Howl’s so even when he tries to break it all that happens is they both come over in a cold sweat and nearly pass out

and i love that because magic-wise what’s happening is essentially:

howl: let me break ur curse
sophie: no!!! i’m old and boring!!!
howl: sophie pls
sophie: fuck off!!!

made even more beautiful by the fact that howl is tryin real hard and sophie doesn’t even realise she’s doing it

Bakugou Katsuki things that I have said in my life

If he were in my place, he would’ve said this crap too.

*finding no ice cream in my house* “I’m going to RIOT.”

*at work* “No, that’s ok, just stand there, I’ll just fucking sweep around you, you little bit—” (under my breath)

*with children nearby, dropping a quarter* “Oh—FRICK.”

*watching a guy start to tailgate me* “That’s cool, man, I’ll just fucking drive slower.*

*softly, during a test* ”….oh shit.“

*after a boy commented about girls breaking dress code, while he himself was also breaking said dress code* "THEY’D RATHER SEE MY SHOULDERS THAN YOURS SO SHUT UP.”

*after a kid had bullied a girl in middle school* “You need to shut that thing you call a face.”

*behind people walking slow on the bus* “I AM GOING TO KICK YOU.”

*when people on the bus wouldn’t sit down* “HEY ID LIKE TO GET HOME SOMETIME THIS DECADE, SO PICK A DAMN SEAT ALREADY.”

*before challenges in band* “I will destroy you all.”

*at a boy giving sister a hard time about driving him home* “HEY BUDDY! NOBODY GIVES A SHIT, YOU CAN WALK HOME.”

*person tried to hug me* “I will actually punch you.”

*band camp with very immature middle schoolers* “This is it, I am in hell.”

*after director told us that every time we messed up, we’d start over* “If any of you screw up, I’m taking whatever’s in my hands and fucking throwing it at you.”

*after the third bomb threat at our school* “You’d think they’d learn that if you’re gonna blow something up, you don’t say anything beforehand, you just do it. They’re lucky I haven’t tried to blow this place up too.”