i'm just playing with colours now

[throws markers across room] ugh

i’m not a huge fan of his artwork in heroes so


Soooo… Loki seems to be wearing the exact same costume but in different colours in Thor: Ragnarok.

First one, very dark, black and green, with a cape. And second one blueish and green, much more colourful and lighter.


I actually had this ‘done’ a few months ago but when I tried to line it properly…it looked bad, so I just gave up on it for a while.

But since drawing’s still difficult for me these days I figured I’d try and fix it up a bit? Colouring is probably the most fun, I swear.

Confession: Tiki is half the reason I started playing Heroes, her design’s way too cute!

@outsideallboxes​ said: I associate you with Blooming and foxes

3 months ago i asked for palette/subject suggestions and i’m just now getting around to the rest of them :x i’ve been getting strong sleepover vibes lately so ! here’s me living vicariously through some fox girls 💖

also! i’m opening up commissions for the break! hit me up if you’re interested!


high necklines make me emotional now bc thIS SCENE

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I was SO SURE that it would be Kris Marshall that I shouted and jumped off my couch when it was Jodie. I have never been so happy to be so wrong in my goddamn life. This is INCREDIBLE. Doesn't it feel like we're dreaming? I feel like I'm dreaming.

I feel you, my friend, I feel you. 

It’s just. so. huge. What this has done, in the space of a minute long teaser clip, is truly shatter bounderies for the future of Doctor Who. Lke. From now on, this will be a role truly utterly up for grabs by anyone. All actors. Every few years. Will have the chance to play one of the most celebrated roles on television. Everyone. That’s…revolutionary… There are a few more steps to go, I sincerely hope that after a long and glorious run, Thirteen will regenerate into a man or woman of colour (and I also doubt we’ll be seeing a physically disabled actor take on the role any-time soon ) but the enormity of Jodie being cast should not be understated!

And yes, I do still feel like I’m dreaming. I don’t think I’ve stopped shaking yet.

Or crying…


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I've literally just come across your blog and it's freaking sweet! All your writing is really amazing as well, I guess I could procrastinate actually playing Overwatch and just read everything here :') I was wondering, for the soulmate au, if you could write something for Mercy, Tracer and Symmetra. I'm 100% hooked out it and everything else on the blog tbh :')

Thank you, anon!

Here’s more soulmate!AU (missing are now only Pharah, Torbjörn, and Bastion. I’ll get on that soon)

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