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Sick Viktor | Pt. 6 Mama Yuuri edition
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Listen, I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, but if I was hiding a lost special, and I had planted a billboard-sized clue in one of my episodes with the words “on March 8th the secret will be unleashed,” I would almost certainly release a teaser on BBC One featuring a glitching Moriarty saying “You didn’t think that was the whole story, did you?” and if not that I would definitely put a surprise minisode on YouTube with the announcement for the upcoming lost special at the end… either one would get lots of buzz and people reassessing their impressions of series 4 and going back to do what all of us have been doing all along, looking for clues and playing the game they’ve laid out for us within the show itself… get everybody intrigued and excited again for this history-making insane wish fulfillment etc etc… who knows about Mofftiss I’m just saying that’s what I’D do…

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So I know this is something that's never addressed in the show, but I was wondering if you were planning to: Coming out. Does Yuuri's family (in UMFB&MHA) know he likes boys? Viktor's Russian, and they're not a super queer friendly country. Do you think you'll address that in the Rivals!Series at all? Not to be like 'you have to take a stand on the social commentary', I'm just curious.

No because as a member of the LGBT community I am thoroughly sick of having every story about LGBT people involving them having a sexuality crisis and having to Deal With The Consequences and it’s so refreshing to watch the YOI universe where it just…never becomes an issue? Everyone just accepts it like it’s totally normal and that’s the kind of world I want to live in and write about

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I'll be honest: I believe in TJLC and the Lost Special but... I'm tired. I know there's a plan, I know what I've seen, I know we right but Mofftiss royally fucked up. I'm not part of the LGBT community but I'm upset on their behalf. What they are doing may seem clever but is just cruel, disgusting. Their most loyal fans, who've listened and said 'Go on, we're behind you' and they're treating them like dirt and ignoring them for believing in them. I feel like it's going to spoil everything.

Nonny, I relate to you so hard. I’m furious because all the evidence in the series supports TJLC, and then they 180’d the whole season. All Mofftiss have done with TFP is give the antis power and ammunition to kick TJLCers and Johnlockers when they’re down.

It’s SO not fair what Mofftiss has done to their most loyal following, dragging them in the dirt and humiliating them. It’s disgusting, and I do not condone it, “needs of the many” or not. They could have gone about it a different way… like HINT AT THE END OF TFP THAT IT WASN’T REAL. THAT’S ALL THEY WOULD’VE HAD TO DO to not make it so terrible. Instead it had a sense of finality to it. Honestly, I was expecting an “almost after credits” sequence like they did for HLV. This is the only season where they didn’t have a “cliffhanger” type episode at the end, which is why it feels final to many, I think.

I believe in TLS / S5 resolution, but… they just REALLY poorly executed this shit. S4 should have been great and it should have been a beacon following the shittiness that was 2016.

It’s important for us as allies and friends to stand strong and support the community at their weakest. TJLC or not, the FANDOM did not deserve this kind of dragging by the writers.

As a tinhatter, I GET why they did it the way they did, I do. But it was poorly executed without foresight. Is alienating your fanbase really worth it? I mean, even the general audience thought the series was garbage, so it’s NOT just us who disliked it, proving once more that we were not delusional to believe that there was something great coming and it failed to pay off.

  • friend: I'm buying an ancient candle made of bone. you're going to light it for me and raise the dead
  • me: sure, it's not like I've got any plans for 2017 anyway
  • friend: ...
  • friend: we should be a sitcom. why aren't we a sitcom?
  • me: okay, let's pitch ourselves to networks
  • me: fine, we'll do a web series. maybe something modern with gay protagonists -
  • me: ...
  • me: just. why.

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Maybe you can answer this. I don't have access to the regular webpage so I'm on the Tumblr app. Do you have links to any good writing planning websites or planning ideas? I have this idea for a book that has been stuck in my head for a couple days so I know I'm gonna take off with it but I want to plan first. Just wanted to see if you had any recommendations

Our webpage is under construction for a little while, sorry about that! You could try our Plot A Month series. The Guardian also has a series of tips from published authors. First Draft in 30 Days author Karen S. Wiesner has a lot of examples of what she uses (although her website is not that great). I’ve also been fairly impressed by Matt Bird’s The Secrets of Story recently. Good luck!

A Bryke Rant

You know what, I’m gonna say it…

Bryke…you guys suck for not letting us have a fourth season of A:TLA. You guys suck for cancelling the fourth season for your CRAPPY live-action movie adaptation. You guys suck for your horrible writing in the comics and TLOK. But most of all; you guys SUCK for making fun of your shipping fanbase, when in reality, the pairing that you made fun of(you know the one(hint: Zutara)) was going to ACTUALLY be canon, but at the last moment, YOUR IMMATURE ASSES wanted to make a weird turn with the series by:

1. Degrading Zuko and making him EVIL once again, just so you can make YOUR loved pairing to work. Like seriously, what the freak? Are you so against Zutara that you would DESTROY a character that EVERYBODY LIKES!?!? A SECOND TIME!?!? And just WHY can’t Zuko and Katara be FRIENDS!? WHAT THE CUSS WORD!?!? Are you THAT so insecure about your Kataang pairing that you would butcher characters left and right. I’ll say it right now, the comics are absolutely nothing to me. It just goes to show that you DON’T CARE about your characters, you just care about crap-filled romance, that YOU’RE NOT EVEN GOOD AT!

2. Make Kataang into this…obnoxious pairing that you shove into our faces, like you’re actually saying, “THIS IS CANON AND WE LIKE IT, SO DEAL WITH IT.”, not to mention that they really did ruin Katara’s and Aang’s characters because of this last minute decision. Look, if you like Kataang, then that’s fine, but even YOU ALL got to admit that these idiots(Bryke) didn’t do a good job at developing it! They just didn’t! Like they have to remind everyone that they’re together every single freaking time. That just shows that they are trying too damn hard and that even THEY had a hard time developing the pairing! Seriously! SERIOUSLY!

3. Just making TLOK in general(which I’m gonna say it again, I never watched it, and I never will), this disgrace of a ‘sequel’. The bullcrap romance and retarded story are so inconsistent, that I honestly don’t give a flying rat’s behind about the characters. I just don’t care. You’re writing SUCKS because of it!

Yeah, I’m mad. Can you tell? 

I’m just disgusted at the amount of incompetence these two carried. What is it in their little fantasy that they think they can do whatever they want, instead of going what was ORIGINALLY PLANNED, and try to not mess up their characters while they’re at it!?


I’m sorry…I just wanted to vent this all out…

It’s just…this series had SO MUCH potential to be something great and meaningful. And what happens? It goes into a downward spiral because of these two(Bryke) and their absurd ‘storytelling’.

Aaron Ehasz…you’re the one that made Avatar great…not these two doorknobs.

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Your Criminals Verse is my absolute favorite!! I love the KakaObi in it and TobiMada is wonderful! I'm just curious as to if you have anymore plans for them? That whole verse is beautiful and the lengths of your writing made me want to get into doing longer stories, I've actually managed a good portion for another fic I've been working on for a few months

Thank you! I have…three more fics for that series in progress right now? One of them is MadaTobi, one is KakaObi (the wedding fic) and the third is a prequel with NagaObi and backstory. No ETA yet, though, sorry!

GOT2Day Week Special with JB

Series: Im JBโ€™s Wife

Status: Finished

Chapter: 14 of 17+Epilogue

Genre: Fluff (?), Angst (?) (tbh, this is just pure silliness)

Pairing: Reader x GOT7 Jaebum

Word Count: 1824


Note: ย Italicised words were said in Korean. The series/ whole story is called Im JBโ€™s Wife but Iโ€™ll be using the chapter title as the title for each update.

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bad boy!Wonwoo:
  • oh boy here we go 
  • we know he already looks like a bad boy but imagine if he really was one
  • and cold stares that could scare the shit out of anyone
  • wonwoo is that really quiet guy in class that looks like he doesn’t give a single shit about what’s going on
  • doesn’t seem to be paying attention 
  • doesn’t even take notes
  • and this intrigues you to no end like what the fuck does he have no regard for his studies or future????
  • and so for the following weeks you deliberately sit beside him during class to find out more about this walking mystery named jeon wonwoo 
  • sometimes you catch him staring at you but then he quickly looks away and acts as if nothing happened
  • you stare at him a lot too because you realized that damn he’s actually extremely good looking
  • one day you end up being partnered up for a project and you take this opportunity to get to know him better
  • but before you can even say anything, he turns to you and goes 
  • “i’m really glad we’re partnered up”
  • “how come?”
  • “because i can see that you’re a really hardworking person” 
  • and you jokingly ask him if he’s planning on letting you do all the work 
  • wonwoo just laughs
  • “not really. i think you’d actually motivate me to do my part”
  • and you blush like really fucking hard because did wonwoo just call you his motivation????? holy shit
  • he turns back to you and adds
  • “besides, working with someone as pretty as you would motivate just about anyone.”

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Will you make more Gafou Stories on oh I don't know, after the aftermath,....how will they tell everyone there together, what will Belle think, will the town break them up, and FINISH BLOOD ON HIS HANDS PLZ AND THANK YOU (I'm dying here lol)

HIIIIIIII so uhm to be honest I don’t have plans to write anymore of the Aftermath series, but who knows, never say never! 

But I do have another fic planned, I’m just trying to figure out how it should go. It’s yet another redemption!Gaston thing in which LeFou either forgets Gaston or forgets that he loved Gaston. But everyone forgot all the good he’s ever done so they have no reason to admire or respect him. He’s a nobody. I’m still figuring out the details! 

As for Blood on his Hands, I have some of the next one written, but I’m actually very close to having writer’s block right now… I’ll finish it and post it, I promise, I just don’t know when :/

Thank you so much for your ask!! <3

(Then for anyone else who might be interested there’s still The Way He Looks, I’m very happy with that fic, pls give it some love!!)

anonymous asked:

Hi found your DM AU recently. It's awesome. Just curious though, do you have any headcanons for your Designation AU? Oh, and I'm looking forward to your next story, especially the MasaYou ship.

Thank you so much, anon-friend! I am glad you are enjoying the series! I am very flattered that you would ask, but to be honest I’m not sure I have any headcanons that I don’t either make up on the spot or I’m planning to reveal in future stories. (I have quite a lot of headcanons I am planning to reveal in future stories, though. I am quite excited by them.)

I have just now created this list of profiles, that has some information in them that never made it/has yet to make it to a story, and I also have this random ask explaining headcanons including a short skirts-sfw-line scene that never made it to a story but I always wanted to include.

I will try and think if I have any other headcanons that haven’t made it that list though. Thank you again for asking, and thank you for reading this series!! =D

But, I am very glad to hear that you’re looking forward to the MasaYou story! A LOT of the headcanons I have will be revealed in that story. Thank you so much!!

ASoUE Series 1 Meal Plan

If you’re staggering the episodes and watching only two episodes per day, you can add to the sensory experience by following this meal plan. Some of these foods don’t actually appear in the book, but are just sort of in-keeping with the general themes.


Breakfast - porrige with fresh berries

Lunch - roast beef sandwich

Dinner - pasta puttanesca

Dessert - chocolate custard


Breakfast - pancakes topped with tinned peaches

Lunch - peruvian quinoa salad

Dinner - beef stroganoff

Dessert - coconut cream cake


Breakfast - orange juice and untoasted bread

Lunch - cold cucumber soup

Dinner - cheer-up cheeseburger

Dessert - peppermint ice cream


Breakfast - peach smoothie

Lunch - beef pie

Dinner - tuna casserole

Dessert - bubblegum-flavoured jelly

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So, according to Toyotaro, Toriyama is planning to have Super advance to the End of Z period soon (Possibly after this saga, since we've just got some set up for Goku going on to train Uub). So, I gotta ask, if they make another sequel series set after EoZ with Goku training Uub to be the new hero of earth, and giving the younger gen characters a chance to grow as fighters, would you be interested in watching it? Or do you just want no more Dragon Ball shows to ever be made and leave it how is?

If it’s another sequel series that focuses on the next generation, hell yeah I’ll give it a shot.

If Toei can get their production in order and get their shit up to par with the average anime that’s coming out right now, hell yeah I’ll watch it.

I love Dragon Ball stuff. I went to see the RF movie in theaters because I knew about it in time to get a ticket and it was actually showing near me. Because I love Dragon Ball. (oh, yeah, uhm, I hate going to movie theaters so that’s a big deal, lol)

I don’t think Super was necessary. I don’t think it fixes anything as some people say (wtf). I don’t think it has power to ret-con or “retroactively change” (lol god that hurt to type) - anything from the original manga. That’s set in stone to me. I don’t think it has many good qualities. I don’t like to sing it’s praises.

But let’s not forget I was totally into it at first. 

I was unhappy with how it was turning it out even as I was watching it, but I actually enjoyed the U6 vs U7 tournament thing. I was totally into the Future Trunks Arc until I saw it as a writing nightmare. (and, for the love of god, it’s not the ideas that I hate, it’s not the concepts, it’s not the overall “what they were trying to do” that bugs me, it’s not the symbolism I’m against, it’s the fact that I saw what they were trying to do with the story and I saw the haphazard stepping blocks that were skipped over, the very essence of the writing process - the scene/sequel flow - was fucked and it pissed me off. Moreso than the kiss line that got GoChi fans hate, believe me.)

I like the idea of a next-gen story. Goku’s story was well done. It would be cool to have something of Goten/Trunks/Marron/Uub - maybe Pan and Bra, too - doing stuff. Whatever age they wanna skip to. But let Goku’s story have the end it had. 

You know, like, how Boruto is Naruto’s Next Generation? Where Naruto is still important but it’s not his story anymore? Something like that for the kids of Dragon Ball would be cool. 

Do I think Toei can do it? Not as they are now, no. They need to sit back and chill and actually give their people time to work on stuff instead of overloading them on 50 million projects or whatever the fuck they keep doing to create the mess they’ve created.

Also - let’s keep in mind. Toyotaro can say whatever he wants. Sometimes what he says is true and happens. Sometimes, eh… it’s not always something to rely on. (Or so I’ve been told by someone I trust, take it or leave it)

Also - I’m pretty sure we were told that Dragon Ball Super was going to go back to the roots of Dragon Ball, that it was going to be light hearted, and that we were going to have Super Dragon Balls to search for! Ah hah - yeah - right - like any of that - had the impact that it was talked up to be. Just saying. 

My problem with Super comes in how the animation doesn’t flow and the writing doesn’t flow. 

If there’s a whole new series that separates itself from this clusterfuck, then, yeah, I’ll give it a shot. (Still wouldn’t consider it part of my “main canon” because that’s original 42 volumes of the manga and nothing else, but I could still give it a shot and still enjoy watching it cause it don’t need to be “canon” for me to have fun with it) But after what Toei has done, I’m hesitant to believe they can pull it off. Heck, tons of people were worried about DBS before it aired, like when we first got the news. “Heh. Yeah. Cool. Dragon Ball. But it’s Toei.” - I’m wondering if lots of people set the bar real low and got excited. I have a friend who did that with Dragon Ball Evolution. He expected absolute zero and was entertained. He bought the DVD unironically.  

I mean. It can happen.

I like writing stuff of Goku training Uub sometimes. I did it for Easter this year, in fact. Because, haha, I don’t hold to the idea that GT handed us of Goku being gone from the family for 5 or 10 years (depending on your dub). I actually like the nudge given to us in Neko Majin Z that he took Uub to chill with his family from time to time at the very least.

So ~ yeah. I like Uub. I like the idea of developing his character into something. I love the idea of a next-gen series for Dragon Ball. I think that would be a fun way to continue the spirit of Dragon Ball. (That’s why I like the concept of Goku Jr. so much, though only people who notice my YouTube avatar have even noticed that I like Goku Jr xD)

I just - Goku’s story had a great end. (and GT even gave us a nice more complete end, too, but that’s GT). We don’t need to have the franchise adding anymore long development to his character (they keep doing this thing of regressing him so he can re-learn the same lesson and it makes him look dumb af which is annoying). 

I’m not saying “omg we have enough Goku, he doesn’t need more screentime, let other people beat the bad guys waaah” - no. Because DB is Goku’s story. But if we specifically went out of our way to put Goku in the background (not this back and forth of having him be the focus and then not the focus and then the focus again but not really because we love Vegeta and Future Trunks should get some focus and i mean what is Super doing anyway, what is the focus?) –  BUUUUT if we can actually, legit, find a way to turn the focus on the kids for a next-gen thing. Then, that is cool. 

That’s something I’d watch.

But, c’mon, it’s Toei. ;P

Secret Santa!AU

Pairing: MinKey (but reallyโ€ฆ my OT5 feels were out of control)
Length: 1k~
Rating: PG
Warning: This will make more sense if youโ€™ve watched One Fine Day. Its set in the December following their OFD recordings (which happened in November for MinKey). I guess this is canon? Alsoโ€ฆ this is probably part one of three? But I donโ€™t know yet lol

Summary: Minhoโ€™s gonna get Key the perfect present this year.ย 

โ€œNooooooo!โ€ Taemin whined loudly as he unfolded the small slip of paper in his hands. Instantly, the rest of the band knew who heโ€™d gotten for Secret Santa. Jonghyun and Jinki chuckled at Taeminโ€™s misfortune and Key rolled his eyes. At the very least, this was the first time that it happened to Taemin.

Theyโ€™d started doing a gift exchange during their trainee days because they were all short on money, but theyโ€™d kept up the tradition even after theyโ€™d received their first paycheck from SM. The five of them were all oddly sentimental about all the struggles they had been through as a group, each tradition they upheld and even the new ones they started were pleasant reminders of where they started and how they hope to grow together.

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And someday,
when the love
planted inside us
is falling apart
the way the land lies
quiet after Persephone
is swallowed up by the earth,
I will ask Prometheus to teach me
how not to surrender to the hurting.
I will cross my fingers
and ask the gods
for a little bit of bravery
and a little bit of light
so I can survive the avalanche and
grow back the sunflowers
wilting inside my chest.
—  astagesetforcatastrophe, what demeter taught me