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The Smart One?
  • (For those who've been asking how ENTJ and I met...) I was 6 and ENTJ was 7 years old. There was some school thing and I was standing in the corner watching everyone being ridiculous when ENTJ came over and...
  • ENTJ: Hi, I'm ENTJ and I'm smarter than the other kids.
  • INTJ: ...
  • ENTJ: No really! I can prove it! I already know my multiplication tables and they don't start those till next year!
  • INTJ: ...
  • ENTJ: The other kids aren't smart. Are YOU smart?
  • INTJ: ...yes.
  • ENTJ: Cool, but not as smart as I am... because I'm the smart one. But we can be friends anyway. Even if you're not as smart as me.
  • INTJ: (years later ends up completing her high school requirements a year before ENTJ despite being younger)
  • INTJ's Graduation Day
  • INTJ: ...
  • ENTJ: ...
  • ENTJ: ...You purposefully did this just to prove that YOU'RE the smart one, didn't you!

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Imagine harry wearing that green sweater with his glitter boots and his kids are just mad bcs he embarrasses them in front of their friends; harry is like "those are a dad's clothes uncle james said so". And louis is like "harry, tone it down with your clothes look how the kids are so uncomfortable" and one of the kids jumps out of nowhere and drags louis for his ugly reeboks. Imagine just imagine.

Larry kids dragging them? Yes, please lol (but let’s be honest, their kids would be the most cool and crazy with outifits. They’d match the most impossible things and still look cool because duh, Harry and Louis are kings of fashion and bold wearing clothes) 

Misc. Word Vomit
  • BOOMER: Why can't we have a cover?
  • BRICK: We don't need a cover.
  • BOOMER: Fine, I need it. For my emotional satisfaction. Of course we don't need it. I just think it'd be fun. Next time I wanna do one. We could be selling newspapers, or Boy Scout cookies.
  • BRICK: Those are Girl Scouts, dumbass.
  • BOOMER: What the fuck do Boy Scouts sell, then?
  • BRICK: I dunno. Homophobia?
  • BOOMER: Lame. Girls always get cool stuff.
  • BRICK: Yeah. Like pregnant. And periods.
  • BOOMER: Are you kidding? They spit blood for a week without dying. That's some rockstar shit right there.
  • BRICK: I'm pretty sure it's just biology. Anyway, you're full of shit. You don't wanna be a girl. Shut up.
  • BOOMER: I do too wanna be a girl. Penises are fucking ugly. They have cute little vaggies.
  • BRICK: Oh my God.
  • BOOMER: Vaggies are cute. I'm into that.
  • BUTCH: Ha! "Into vaginas."
  • BOOMER: ... Maybe I wouldn't wanna be a girl. Then I'd have to put up with getting hit on by shitheads like Butch.
  • BUTCH: Bitch, like you'd be my type.
  • (from http: //essbeejay.livejournal.com/146887.html?view=1318343)
Dessert related: AU Ideas;
  • 'that's kind of my favorite dessert in the entire world and this store is the only place in the city that sells them but I live an hour away and can you please just let me have the last one I had a tough day' AU
  • 'Baking is my favorite thing to do in the entire world but I get carried away and hey do you want a cookie' AU
  • 'I know that we're supposed to hate each other and all but I don't know anyone else in this store can you lend me some money so I can buy that birthday cake' AU
  • 'So hi I don't know you but those blondies smell really good can I have one?' AU
  • 'I work as a baker and you come in here every single day and buy at least a dozen treats how are you still so good looking' AU
  • 'I've been secretly in love with you for like eight and a half years and you have no idea who I am but I brought homemade cupcakes to school for my friends birthday and you're begging for one so I'm going to say no to keep you talking' AU
  • 'I am just a cashier working for minimum wage at this place so I couldn't care less if you steal those doughnuts but for gods sake at least try to be a little discreet,' AU
  • 'You're the best baker ever but you're also a really cool kid and it'd ruin your image if anyone found out but oops I accidently saw you pulling cookies out of the school oven and those smell great can I have one?' AU