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Companions react to childrens' awe after they act heroic
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> The children of the settlement watched in awe as the companion took down 6 raiders at once. Sole wasn't there, and all of the turrets were down, so it was up to them to protect the settlement alone. A little girl around the age of six almost got bludgeoned when she came out of hiding to get her teddy bear. Before she got so much as a bruise, the companion swooped in and killed the nasty raider. They patted the girl's head before giving her back her teddy bear. They told her to get back into hiding, and the companion went back into the firefight. (The ones that can speak/pat heads anyways) When the very last raider was down, the companion collapsed on the ground, exhausted. They only got a second to breath though. As soon as they could, every child from the settlement tackled the companion. They called them awesome and cool while giving the companion hugs, or high fives.<p/><b>Ada:</b> "That is quite enough children. You are welcome, but I really need to get back to my duties." The kids keep pestering poor Ada until she relents and answers a few questions. She only stays long enough for the children to be satisfied with the answers they got. She leaves to go hide somewhere while she runs a diagnostics on herself.<p/><b>Cait:</b> She felt pretty good about herself up until she thought the kids were getting to annoying. "Alright kids. That's enough. Bugger of now!" She almost felt bad about sending them away, but the kids didn't seem to mind as they were acting out what had just happened. That made Cait glad. She wouldn't even want to think about what Sole would do to her if she made a kid cry.<p/><b>Codsworth:</b> "By jove!" Codsworth was surprised when he got knocked down by the children. He just sat there slightly dumbfounded as to why the children were so awe-struck. He kindly answered any questions they had until the kids got bored and moved on to play at the playground. Though he could see the little girl he saved sporting a bowler hat identical to Codsworth' later that day. If he had a face, he would've smiled.<p/><b>Curie:</b> She was very pleased to have the kids think that she was cool. She answered honestly when she was asked how she felt while fighting. "Well... I was definitely scared. I probably couldn't have done it if I wasn't trying to protect you all." That made some of the kids tear up. Curie almost panicked, but managed to calm them down by giving them some candy she had found a while back.<p/><b>Danse:</b> Danse didn't get knocked down due to his power armour but the kids swarmed around his legs, making him lose his footing and fall. The force of it made some kids fall, and made two of the younger ones cry. Danse teared up himself. He hated seeing innocent kids cry. He quickly recovered, and scooped the crying children up and ran them over to Curie, so that she could cheer them up. The rest of the children hung on to his back. Curie cheered them up, and now the kids thought that Danse's strength was more impressive than anything. He gave them all piggyback rides the rest of the day as a way to make up for his screw up.<p/><b>Deacon:</b> Right away, Deacon told the crowd of kids extravagant lies about his more awesome adventures. "I once fought twice that many deathclaws barehanded!" He liked having someone believe his dumb lies for once. He kept it up until Sole came back to a Deacon with his own little group following him everywhere. They told him to quit it before the kids get any wild ideas.<p/><b>Dogmeat:</b> Dogmeat is absolutely ecstatic that he is getting all of this attention. He enjoys the belly rubs and 'good boys' that the children give him. He returns the favour by giving them thank you licks on their hands.<p/><b>Gage:</b> Gage is low-key terrified of children, so he doesn't even try to interact with them. He just runs. That leads to a chase where the kids think its a game. He eventually can't continue running, and neither can the kids, so he just collapses onto the ground. The children fall on and around him, and he can't find the strength to push them off, so he just falls asleep like that. Sole comes back to see that they're still asleep in that position, and finds it absolutely adorable. They don't hesitate to tease him about it later.<p/><b>Hancock:</b> When he gets tackled, he hits his head, making him black out for a second. The kids go silent, and one asks if he's dead. Hancock just sits up and starts laughing. "Don't worry about it, you little tykes. As you just saw, it takes more than that to off me!" The kids cheer, and start apologising a bunch. It takes Hancock a while before the kids will part from him. He enjoys having the kids follow him around like a miniature army. He finds it cute.<p/><b>Longfellow:</b> Instead of taking the praise the children offer him, he sits them all down to tell them really excited stories from when he was young. As the stories get more and more suspenseful, the children get more and more drawn in by them. When Longfellow is all done, the kids are even more awe-struck than before.<p/><b>MacCready:</b> He hugs and high-fives the kids right back. He's just happy he saved them, but he supposed it couldn't hurt to accept the children's thanks. If Duncan is in the crowd, then MacCready makes sure to act like killing all those raiders single-handedly is no big deal. He wants to show off for his son.<p/><b>Nick Valentine:</b> He ruffled a few of the kid's instead of a hug. They call him "the most awesomest person ever, " but he refuses the title. "Listen up kiddos. I'm not all that great. But you guys? You're the real cool ones. You didn't panic when the raiders came, and I bet that when you're older, you'll be able to kick twice as much butt as I did today." He smiles as the children's beaming faces. They all think of how cool it would be to actually do that.<p/><b>Piper:</b> Is so happy that the children thinks she's cool. She gets called a lot of things, but never cool. She doesn't hesitate to give all the kids hugs, telling them what a great job they did staying calm even when their home was being attacked. If Nat is there, she makes sure to drag a compliment out of her sister. She begrudgingly does, but in her mind, she's thinking of how awesome her sister is.<p/><b>Preston:</b> Preston is practically glowing with happiness. He's so glad that the children are looking up to him. Especially since he did something that's a good influence on the kids. He doesn't hesitate to tell them about the Minutemen and how they help people too. "Listen up kiddies. When you grow up, and you want to help and be awesome just like I was, then you should join the Minutemen." Some of the kids keep that in mind.<p/><b>Strong:</b> Needles to say, Strong is confused when a bunch of tiny humans crowd around him. They're all taking at once, so he can't understand a single one. Strong roars as loud as he can, effectively scaring them off. All of them except the girl with the teddy that is. She just stands there and says "awesome" in a barely audible voice. Surprisingly, Strong takes a liking to this fearless child and the two become friends. The little girl rides around on Strong's shoulders all day while he tells her stories about the killing he's done with his bothers. The strange creatures he's eaten, and the milk of human kindness are mentioned as well. When Sole comes back and sees them, they don't even question it.<p/><b>X6-88:</b> He's already waking away before the kids even reach him. He ignores them before they get in the way of his path. He sighs and tells them to speak. They do, and he almost regrets it. Their questions come rushing forth, some of them, he can't even answer. He stumbles over his words, and is just all around confused until Sole comes back and dismisses the kids. They look at X6 with a smirk on their face, amused that children can get him so easily frazzled. He's so close to hugging them in thanks, but decides against it. He opts for a simple "Thank you sir/ma'am." Sole chuckles and goes about their business.<p/></p><p/></p><p/><b></b> @ishtar0110<p/></p>
2ps play: Huniepop
  • 2p America: 2d boobs!! I guess is a start for the day!!
  • 2p England: Fairies do stalking devices? Those little brats, hiding things from me...
  • 2p France: Hitting on imaginary girls playing Candy Crush? And they say I'm the weird.
  • 2p Russia: Why this girl is a cat? How she has a tai-oh God is on her private parts!! SOMEONE CALL A PSYCHOLOGIST FOR THIS KID!!!
  • 2p China: Are you sure that Kuro is not the one who created this thing?
  • 2p Canada: This Nikki or something like that is cool... But she'd be better if, you know, she was a real person.
  • 2p Italy: All this work and money just to fuck someone once? Really? One fuck and some lewd pics? What a waste of time.
  • 2p Germany: *talking with Audrey* Is she Luci's relative?
  • 2p Japan: I don't even care for the cringe I'M JUST HERE FOR THE ANIME BOOBS!
  • 2p South Italy: Why a college girl is wearing a japanese schoolgirl uniform? And why the oriental chick is wearing a tie with those clothes?? I get the kink but you could at leats not be super fucking tacky.
  • 2p Austria: They had time for all the stereotypes, except for the goth chick? Shame on you game, shame on you.
  • 2p Prussia: Nope nope nope nope!! This is not a good way of treating girls!!!!

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idk why but you look like one of those cool kids in movies that skips class all the time and is always in detention but then i see your videos and I'm like " oh no, she's just a cute puppy in the inside "

yeah basically!

The Smart One?
  • (For those who've been asking how ENTJ and I met...) I was 6 and ENTJ was 7 years old. There was some school thing and I was standing in the corner watching everyone being ridiculous when ENTJ came over and...
  • ENTJ: Hi, I'm ENTJ and I'm smarter than the other kids.
  • INTJ: ...
  • ENTJ: No really! I can prove it! I already know my multiplication tables and they don't start those till next year!
  • INTJ: ...
  • ENTJ: The other kids aren't smart. Are YOU smart?
  • INTJ: ...yes.
  • ENTJ: Cool, but not as smart as I am... because I'm the smart one. But we can be friends anyway. Even if you're not as smart as me.
  • INTJ: (years later ends up completing her high school requirements a year before ENTJ despite being younger)
  • INTJ's Graduation Day
  • INTJ: ...
  • ENTJ: ...
  • ENTJ: ...You purposefully did this just to prove that YOU'RE the smart one, didn't you!
Misc. Word Vomit
  • BOOMER: Why can't we have a cover?
  • BRICK: We don't need a cover.
  • BOOMER: Fine, I need it. For my emotional satisfaction. Of course we don't need it. I just think it'd be fun. Next time I wanna do one. We could be selling newspapers, or Boy Scout cookies.
  • BRICK: Those are Girl Scouts, dumbass.
  • BOOMER: What the fuck do Boy Scouts sell, then?
  • BRICK: I dunno. Homophobia?
  • BOOMER: Lame. Girls always get cool stuff.
  • BRICK: Yeah. Like pregnant. And periods.
  • BOOMER: Are you kidding? They spit blood for a week without dying. That's some rockstar shit right there.
  • BRICK: I'm pretty sure it's just biology. Anyway, you're full of shit. You don't wanna be a girl. Shut up.
  • BOOMER: I do too wanna be a girl. Penises are fucking ugly. They have cute little vaggies.
  • BRICK: Oh my God.
  • BOOMER: Vaggies are cute. I'm into that.
  • BUTCH: Ha! "Into vaginas."
  • BOOMER: ... Maybe I wouldn't wanna be a girl. Then I'd have to put up with getting hit on by shitheads like Butch.
  • BUTCH: Bitch, like you'd be my type.
  • (from http: //essbeejay.livejournal.com/146887.html?view=1318343)
Dessert related: AU Ideas;
  • 'that's kind of my favorite dessert in the entire world and this store is the only place in the city that sells them but I live an hour away and can you please just let me have the last one I had a tough day' AU
  • 'Baking is my favorite thing to do in the entire world but I get carried away and hey do you want a cookie' AU
  • 'I know that we're supposed to hate each other and all but I don't know anyone else in this store can you lend me some money so I can buy that birthday cake' AU
  • 'So hi I don't know you but those blondies smell really good can I have one?' AU
  • 'I work as a baker and you come in here every single day and buy at least a dozen treats how are you still so good looking' AU
  • 'I've been secretly in love with you for like eight and a half years and you have no idea who I am but I brought homemade cupcakes to school for my friends birthday and you're begging for one so I'm going to say no to keep you talking' AU
  • 'I am just a cashier working for minimum wage at this place so I couldn't care less if you steal those doughnuts but for gods sake at least try to be a little discreet,' AU
  • 'You're the best baker ever but you're also a really cool kid and it'd ruin your image if anyone found out but oops I accidently saw you pulling cookies out of the school oven and those smell great can I have one?' AU