i'm just one of those cool kids

Flashback Friday.

Remember when I went to Rock In Rio and secret session people I talked to before that excluded me and my friends because we weren’t part of that squad? Aka the “cool kids”.

And instead of helping those people that hadn’t met Taylor, they reblogged the shit out of their own posts in attempt to meet her again?

And the next day when my friend and I got excluded when we were literally right next to two of them at BBMAs when I was the one that gave them free tickets to see the award show?

And instead of being happy for the people that got to meet Taylor across the red carpet for the first time, they were annoyed because it wasn’t them meeting her AGAIN?

Same. Lol. Tbh some of you praise some swifties so much and they’re not really the perfect people you set them out to be. Just saying.