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there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

One more from this long list of prompts, completely unprompted.

Number Eighty-Five: “They got you a present. Isn’t it sweet?”

“Der, we got another one!”

Derek sighed, put down his fork, and glared up at the doorway where Stiles was about to appear with the mail. It was bad enough the mailman rang the doorbell in the middle of breakfast, but for another damn proposal? They should’ve just pretended they weren’t home.

“It’s from the McMullen pack in…Montana, that’s a new one,” Stiles announced as he shuffled back into the kitchen in his boxers, a large box in his hands. “And look, they got you a present. Isn’t it sweet?”

Derek rolled his eyes and went back to his eggs. “Just throw it away.”

Stiles made no moves to throw it away. He set it down on the corner of the table between their plates, and Derek had to grab his coffee mug before it spilled.

“You’re not even going to open it?” He drummed his fingers on top of it excitedly. Stiles loved opening packages. “What if it’s something cool?”

“It’s never something cool.”

“That’s a lie. The last one was great.” He still looked thrilled over the badly cross-stitched Den, Sweet Den hanging over the toilet. Derek glared.

“As soon as I get Lydia here to clear out the ash, I’m taking it down and it’s going in the garbage.”

Stiles finally gave up and sat back down to his meal, leaving the box right where it was. “I can’t believe you would insult Marjorie’s hard work like that. You know she’s a powerful alpha from a powerful pack.”

The accompanying proposal letter had stated as much, a number of times.

Derek pointedly moved the box to the floor. “A powerful alpha, but not a skilled cross-stitcher.”

“Big words from the guy who buys new jeans every other week because he can’t fix a tiny tear.”

“I can, I just don’t want to. It looks tacky.” And unlike Stiles, who spent all of his college years learning to sew his clothes back together to save money, Derek could afford to buy new ones.

That, and the entire town was still kind of waiting for him to be hauled off in cuffs for murder, and wearing tattered and worn out clothes tended to make them whisper about that poor sheriff’s boy, he deserves someone nicer. They always learned shortly after that Derek was the nicer of the two when that poor sheriff’s boy turned around and cussed them out until Derek dragged him away.

Stiles scoffed. “Throwing away unopened gifts is tacky!”

“Sending proposals to an engaged man is tacky.”

“Can you really blame them for trying? I’d be all over that if I wasn’t already.” Stiles ran a hand up Derek’s thigh to punctuate his point, while taking a casual sip of his coffee as if he were doing nothing of the sort.

“I can and I will. And at the very least, we’re sending it back.”

Stiles pouted, brushing Derek’s thigh with his thumb like it would change his mind. “But what if it’s a new frying pan? We’ve been needing one of those.”

“I’ll buy you a new frying pan. We’re sending it back.”

“We might as well get something out of all this harassment.”

“How about the satisfaction of saying no to every single one?” That was enough for Derek, but apparently not for Stiles, who blinked at him imploringly. Combined with his rumpled bedhead, it almost worked.

“But I can’t make breakfast in satisfaction.”

Derek leaned over to give him a compensatory kiss. “You can barely make breakfast in a frying pan.”

Stiles’ hand dropped from his thigh and he narrowed his eyes.

“Wow, okay, see if I ever make you breakfast ever again.” Derek grinned, but that just egged him on. “Actually no, I’m going to make you shitty breakfasts all the time! In the proposal frying pan!”

“We don’t know it’s a pan, and we’re not keeping it even if it is.”

“Oh come on! We deserve gifts after all this bullshit.” He gestured with his fork to their life in general, which also included the large hole in the drywall from a cursed statuette an angry pack had sent last month after Derek politely returned their proposal.

Derek refused to give in. He was not going to play nice in response to insult after insult.

“Stiles, why the hell would I want to keep gifts from packs I’ve never met who are trying to bribe me away from my fiance?”

Stiles pressed his lips together to try not to smile, but he failed. The whole being engaged thing was still new, they were both still a little giddy about it.

“We should send wedding invitations to all of them,” he said gleefully, and there was his petty streak. He’d been taking all these formal proposals surprisingly well and in good humor considering they were all trying to lure Derek into bringing Hale prestige to their packs.

“No. Then they’ll just send bigger gifts to try to change my mind.”

Stiles smirked. “And I‘m going to keep all of them.”

Derek rolled his eyes but gave Stiles the kiss he was puckering up for.

dyebaby  asked:

I'm playing Dungeons and Dragons for the first time today. Any advice?

You’re going to have a roll of the dice that appears to be a failure. But it really isn’t! It’s an opportunity to narrate why your character didn’t succeed at whatever they were trying to do, and that’s where you find the story you’re telling as you play.

So just have fun, make bold choices, and don’t be afraid to ask questions from the more experienced players in the game.

10 years into the future
  • me, a chem teacher: so kids, how was your spring break?
  • me: *softly gasps. a single tear rolls down my cheek* attack on titan season 3....

(( OOC: Lots can happen in a year, if the past 365 days are anything to go by. If my calculations are correct, I ventured into this not-so-little community a year ago today.

I started a little bit sceptical and hella confused. I had no idea how this thing worked pretty sure I still don’t. But a year on I’ve got a very strange new hobby that I absolutely love, and most importantly, a whole new bunch of friends.

They are the very friendliest of friends, and I am more than a little fond of them. Out of all the things that have happened over the past year, finding them has been the best thing I’ve done. I’d definitely forget someone if I tried to tag all of you, but I hope you know who you are.

So thank you to my friendly friends, who are more talented and clever and funny than I let them know (don’t want to give them a big head, after all). And thanks to you guys for sicking around. I hope you enjoy the stuff I do as much as I enjoy making it. ))

listen i love my husband for many reasons but a big one ?? is that he totally ships the same things i do more often than not

for example, today while we were watching star trek (more specifically, Amok Time from the original series), he was quiet through the episode but then suddenly burst out at the end of it: “so we are honestly meant to believe that spock was a sex crazed maniac but then he rolled around in the dirt with jim for a bit and now he’s fine and they’re ‘just friends’?? i’m calling bullshit” 

(this is the same man who yelled at dean while watching spn last week to ‘go talk to his husband’, in reference to cas. seriously, i love this man)

Right now, I am both the strongest and weakest I’ve ever been.

I’m weak because I’m always running on empty, my muscles just don’t have much left in them.

I’m strong because it took all of my willpower just to get out of bed today.

I am strong because I refuse to give up. Even on the days where I am not able to do anything, I’m putting myself first by not forcing it.

I am strong for saying no.


Happy 1st Anniversary (and Valentine’s Day) Hesokuri Wars !!

Yes, it’s finally here, Version 2.2 is finally hereand we can finally change the blog’s avatar to Choro, y e s, and it comes PACKED.

Packed in the sense that we’re also getting Valentine’s Day NEET Fest with all this joke, you guys have no idea all the things that are going on as you are reading this, but I’ll get into that on a second post.

Version 2.2

Soooo, you guys maybe have already opened your game, checked your tab and went all like – wth are those new symbols ??  Do not, fret, here I am to explain it as well as nicely as possible !!

  • The Smiling Sun symbol
    It opens you this window and it’s divided in two tabs.  Both of the distribute prizes you can get if the pink botton is not locked.  This is just a hypothesis coming from me, but I think this prizes (at least the ones of the blue tab) can only be unlocked via achievements ??  So you can probably open the blue tab rn and get diamonds, coins and golden oden until you become as rich as me.
  • The Paper symbol
    It opens what’s going to be your player profile.  It distributed everything you need, from your Nickname, one of your units as your pic, your favorite Matsu, your team, the Matsus you have (plus total card number and golden cards number), etc.  That’s basically it, your own little profile as a player of this Hell of a game.
  • Chibita’s Tab
    It distributes the campaigns withing Chibita’s shop, to be more especific, what you can get witheeach diamond purchase (from coins to items, the usual).  We have a campaign going on due to Version 2.2 being a thing, so this tab will be visible until said campaign is over (on February 20th at 7:59 MST).
  • Your Gatcha News

In Gatcha-related news …

  • NEET Fest’s Valentine’s Day gatcha
    So, yeah, NEET Fest is back, and it brought us this beautiful FLYING gatcha (aka, the Valentine’s Day Set is 100% flying-type).  Knowign that it’s NEET Fest you guys know what it means right ?? …
    The Marching Band (Pazzmatsu) and Traveling (Tabimatsu) sets are back.

So, yeah, hope you guys have fun this days, hope you enjoy the new Choro ava and the new features, just enjoy EVERYTHING, guys, Happy (upcoming) Valentine’s Day and good luck rolling !!

all the awards, holy hell, @bluestale hell yes hell YES HC ACCEPTED

i literally dropped the animation i was working on because i got emotional just reading your message earlier today at the memories of that song - then i listened to it, and immediately doomed myself - soooo here, here you all go, please join me in having feelings about Blue?? it’s a storyboard-style video but i had to do something with all of these feelings aw geez.

(also go listen to the full song here if you haven’t heard it)

30 Days Idol Challenge - Day 3

I stumbled upon the 30 Days Idol Challenge on Tumblr and decided to do it for Tom (though I realize that it was most probably meant for female Bollywood stars).

Every single day is excruciating, but today is going to kill me deadest of all, I think. *lol* Because Hiddles porn and food porn rolled into one is too much to handle.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Tagging my partners in crime, @hiddlesbumlustalot and @noclevernamelbr

@tinchentitri Some Germany!Tom

@bemynightmanager I just about managed to tag you

@avenger-nerd-mom This is the worst best…

  • Female character: *is generally kind to everyone, sweet, good manners, isn't a troublemaker*
  • Fandom: can we plz get more interesting female characters???? I hate these goody goody Mary Sues who never sass adults or kick puppies like strong characters should!!1!!
  • Male character: *is generally kind to everyone, sweet, good manners, isn't a troublemaker*

“I’ve been more hurt on this movie than I ever have. I haven’t broken a bone, but you get hurt. There was a bunch of fight sequences on this movie where you’re like, ‘Wow, I just destroyed my knee today doing the same roll four or five times,’ but nothing that ice and Advil can’t fix, I suppose.- Chris Evans




turns out after i told him where i was he came to the building i was studying in but he was in a different room getting his more important stuff/heavier assignments (aka the ones he actually needs to focus to do well on) done and then after he was done with that he came over to where i was 

it was kind of like a scene from a drama?? haha like i was studying literally with my face in my book when i heard these footsteps. i didn’t look up because i didn’t want anyone to come over and sit with me, but then i heard his voice and he was like,

“you’re still here? 👀”

and i turned and it was him!! i was like ??? lol so i was like what are you doing here? and then he told me he came a couple of hours ago and was studying in one of the adjacent rooms getting some stuff done. he told me that he knew he wouldn’t be able to get it done if he stayed with me from the start because all we do when we “study” together is talk LOL (which is true, i can’t blame the guy for prioritizing his school work in that sense lol)

but yeah the reason i was ranting in my previous text posts was because i was kind of testing him by telling him to come and study with me. he kept saying that it was hot and his room was cool and then he kept avoided giving me a straight up answer of whether he would come or not. then he told me he was going to take a nap so i was like uhh okay wtf he obviously isn’t interested in me/hanging out with me (because i’m CLEARLY giving him an opening to do so) and yeah that kind of hurt me. but after his nap he must have come to the building i was in, got his stuff done so he could talk to me without being pressured by school work, and then actually sat with me to “study.” 

i was at a loss of words when he actually came because idk… it’s those actions that speak louder than words. he came… and i really thought he wouldn’t. that means he wanted to hang out with me, right? it’s safe to say that right?? the interest might be mutual?

augh i don’t know, but eitherway I’m glad he got his homework done before hand though because we literally just talked for the whole two hours we were together haha. he’s interesting.