i'm just old and out of the loop

The last time I opened my Red Streak Scrivener file was when Scrivener 3 was released (at the end of November) and I played around with it on my laptop (which is a Mac) but I didn’t title my different file versions very well so long story short now I’m sitting at my desktop (a PC) and I have no idea which file is even current or will work with Old Scrivener since Scrivener 3 has no known release date for Windows beyond “Shrug, sometime in 2018?” and the beta release was really wonky when I tried it before so I’m sitting here at my desktop digging through files like ha haaaa aaaaaaa guess I’m back to editing in Google Docs for a while??

I’m trying to figure out how painting colours and light work and it’s a mess and i don’t know what the fuck is happening when i do it haha. Like i don’t “understand” what i’m doing which is really frustrating ??? But I guess it’s a problem that can and will only be solved with practise and exercises !

Also to motivate myself keep up my daily drawing warmup/practise thingie I’m thinking about making a “digital sketchbook” with all the stuff i will have in 6 month or a year so that people can buy it (sth like 0+* or 1+$ price mayb) ?

  • Joe: "I heard you talked to,Barry."
  • [Iris doesn't respond]
  • Joe: "So this is what my cold shoulder treatment feels like."
  • Joe: "Baby, the way I went about things, maybe...no. I was wrong. I was just trying to keep you safe."
  • Iris: "You know that excuse is getting really old. First it was the police academy and then it was dating Eddie and now this."
  • Joe: "Sweetheart, you know what the man in yellow is capable of. He killed cops. He killed Mason Bridge!"
  • Iris: "Wells killed Mason? And you're covering that up?!"
  • Joe: "No! No, no, no, no, no! If the world finds out about Wells, they find out about Barry. I'm trying to keep him safe too."
  • Iris: "Did you ever stop to think that looping me in would keep me safe? That if I knew what was going on out there I could prepare for it. Maybe I could have helped you and Barry put the bad guys away instead of being in the way!"
  • Joe: "Believe me I asked myself that question everyday, everytime you posted something new about The Flash-"
  • Iris: "Dad, it's not just about Barry being The Flash! You knew how he felt about me for god knows how long and you didn't tell me that either!"
  • Joe: "That wasn't for me to tell, Iris."
  • Iris: "Well you know what if any of you had been honest with me, maybe Eddie would still be here. He wouldn't have gotten involved in all of this if I hadn't been dating him."
  • Joe: "You're saying if you'd known how Barry felt you'd-"
  • Iris: "What I am saying is that what happened to Eddie is your fault."
  • [The phone rings]
  • Joe: "This is work. We can finish this talk."
  • Iris: "Talking. Yeah that'll be new."

anonymous asked:

Sorry I'm totally out of the loop.. What does the hat thing mean? That the pic is old?

no it’s just harry had been wearing a hat for ages and louis was wearing one too..like EVERY DAY, and then harry revealed his hair yesterday and now Louis isn’t wearing a hat anymore

yugugli  asked:

Mr. Wheaton, i'm tired of looping old tabletops. Not actually, but can you say when we will have new episodes? Sorry for being such a dickbutt.

It isn’t up to me. Legendary decided to delay the release a few times this year, and I just stopped asking. It’s entirely out of my hands, and there’s nothing I can do about it. Sorry.