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Istaekookstillrealtho???! Btw this au is hot omg jungkook looks a goddamn prince god bless 🙏🙏🙏

JK: please save me

I know many of you are wondering, ‘where did that moontoffee chick go??’ 'Where is all her stuff??’ 'Please make more!!!!’
but I’m going to give it to you straight, slow down.
no I haven’t forgotten about them, and yes there will be sometime soon where I’ll draw them but please be patient.

Just….right now stuff like mercykill and allurivan is making me happy. Like, Really. Happy. ;-; so I’m just going to what my heart wants.

EXCLUSIVE: Ben Reilly is the Scarlet Spider (Again) In An All-New Series
Peter David opens up about the identity crisis the Scarlet Spider will be wrestling with, and shares the first Mark Bagley art from the series.

ok so beautiful cinnamon roll @crazyladykay asked for a sequel for the Jami/Little Brother AU so GUESS WHAT ITS HAPPENING

Part I | Part II

  • Jami made absolutely no friends in high school.
  • He had acquaintances, people who were in the same class that sometimes asked for a pen etc…, but almost everyone was terrified of him.
    • After the news of who his father was broke out in the media, even his teachers stayed away.
    • Plus he never talks? Even after he broke his no-talking streak with the Foxes, he just didn’t care enough to talk to his classmates or teachers.
    • And sometimes he would be picked up by a shiny black sports car in the middle of the day driven by none other than Andrew Minyard, the terrifying psychopathic goalkeeper for the Palmetto Foxes. 
    • Yeah, seriously, no one talked to Jami.
  • He practically lived in Fox Tower, and when it came time for parent/teacher conferences, Abby would go if Neil was busy.
  • So it was kind of a given that he would choose to go to Palmetto after his senior year.

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Mama I’m a Big Girl Now from Hairspray feat. Ruby Roo, Ragamuffin, and Thorgy Thor

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I find kind of funny and sad that even professionals who work at The Royal Collection get mixed up when it comes to Nicholas and George. But here you can clearly see George V…

Nope guys this not some lady but your Queen, you know Mary… even her back shines ‘I am royalty’