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I’d just like to say please don’t use or reprint any art by kobeni_hisako (Twitter) / mcbit2 (Tumblr). You can reblog their art on Tumblr, or like it on Twitter if you are following their account (since it is private right now, you cannot retweet). That is how you can show your appreciation of their art. They have made their policy extremely clear, but I still see people using their art as icons, headers, blog images, etc, with no permission and/or no credit. I believe this unauthorised usage of their art is why they made their Twitter account private, as many other artists have, although I could be wrong. Regardless, please respect their wishes.

I blurred out the name here because from what I can see they did take down the posts and icon, but please know that this is not an appropriate response if an artist ever tells you to take down their artwork. It’s not claiming that they’re your art that is the issue. Artists don’t want their work used or reprinted for various reasons. Please respect their wishes and be polite. ‘Liking it enough to share it’ is not a valid excuse and the artist will most likely not appreciate that as much as some people seem to think. (They’ll probably appreciate that you like their art, but not the way you went about showing that liking. There are other ways as said above that will not have a negative impact at all.) I’m saying this because I have seen the impact unauthorised usage/reprinting of art has had on some artists and it is really saddening. (Some have privatised all of their accounts, written “DO NOT REPOST” in bright red English letters everywhere they can on their visible profile, etc. You get the picture.)

In general, if you’re unsure of an artists’ stance on using their art as your icons, headers, reposting, etc, then either ask them directly or don’t do it. If you can’t find the original artist, don’t do it.

Thanks for reading. Please share if you can.

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Hello!! I just discovered your blog and yOUR ARE IS PROBABLY THE PRETTIEST THING EVER!! Do you have a Twitter account??

asjdlfdj thank you……….. ;v;
I haven’t used my twitter in…. months….. so let’s just say I don’t have one haha

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I just spent the last 48 hours binge-reading Tumbling Together, and I’ve got to say, I enjoyed it a lot more than I was expecting to.

I’m usually not one for Hero/Villain pairings, particularly unrepentant villains like Snart. People tend to write them in a way so that either the villain reforms or the hero goes bad. No one seems to think of the pair of them coming to a compromise in a morally grey area.

The way you’ve written them, though… I have to say, I’m impressed. It’s full of the complications that would actually realistically happen if such a pairing really occurred. The conflicts of interest, the clashes over the alternate halves of their lives, the mess of close associates in both halves finding out and being in the know about both halves and the necessary public-secret of the relationship…

It’s a very well thought out plot and a particularly well-written story on top of that. Bravissimo, Phyn. It is definitely officially one of my favorites, now, and saved in my bookmarks right along with the rest of them.

phetus groupchat

@volcaniclester and i, in case you didn’t know, made a groupchat ! all of the people i’m about to list have made it in and need to message one of us with their phone number/email so we can add them !! we didn’t make this list to rub it in others faces that they didn’t get in, we just didn’t want to forget anyone 💕💕











remember to message one of us with your info so you can be added 💕

hey guys i’m about to go to sleep right now so perfect time to do this lol but if you want to be friends please just send me an ask or message me i promise i’m not scary i’d really like to have more friends on here and talk to you more 💘

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I love (sarcasm) how their reasoning to "ive gotten a lot of reblogs recently of people accusing me of being a conniving fatphobic gremlin" is to just defend they're not rather than going "you know a lot of people have called me out on this so maybe I am in the wrong here and should make it right by looking at why they're saying that." Like if you have a lot of people calling you phobic of a certain group of people, then you probably are being phobic towards them tbh and they don't realize that

thats because, my friend, phobics never want to admit that they’re phobics. 

and newsflash, even if you’re actually fat in real life, you can still be a fatphobe. it’s called: internalized hatred. 

Okay so, would anyone be interested in a 1x1 rp with me? It would just be a simple thing about two people living in a city, discovering themselves and exploring life together. I already have Tabby and I would love to keep using her and expanding her character but I’m also open to creating a new character as well. Obviously I’m open to suggestions and ideas. Basically I want to RP and I think 1x1 would be one of the best ways to do it considering my schedule. So please message me if you’re interested!

white youtubers ppl are too muuuuuuuch. “don’t call me out on cultural appropriation if you’re not a part of that specific culture/race”

maaaann, i don’t wanna use my brain or nothin, but maybe, just maybe the people who are callin you out have done research, or have already been called out by a person of that culture or race, or, maybe, just MAYBE, they listen to the people of that culture/race and they are now relaying the message to you.

But nah. you would rather people put a strain on their mental health explaining to every YT ever about how and why cultural appropriation is wrong AND they have to do it nicely, otherwise you’re feelings are gonna get hurt.

where are the stories of recovered anorexics who aren’t still fucking stick thin where are the stories of recovered anorexics who have curves and maybe more fat on them than they would have originally liked but have learned to love their bodies

where are those stories because I got one girl right here who could really fucking use that


It’s the end of the year and instead of calling this a Follow Forever (because that’s such a misleading term in some cases), I’m just gonna do a list of my favorite people on Tumblr from this year because they really deserve a shoutout. I’ve made some of my best friends on here and they have helped me grow so much. This year has been a year of ups and downs, a whole lot of downs lately. But my friends from here really helped me get through it. 

So this is to say thanks to a few very special people who are close to me and give a shoutout to a few others who’s presence on my dash makes this place enjoyable. 

  • Brandon (ziamdix): Words can’t even express how much your friendship means to me man. We’ve become better friends this year and you’re without a doubt my best friend. You really helped me through a difficult time in my life a few weeks ago and you really cared, and that meant so much to me. I’m so glad we can talk about anything and everything. I’m so happy we really became closer this year and I’m so glad I can go to you with anything and and trust you. And thanks for introducing me to so many more crushes this year and always thirsting with me hahaha. Thank you for everything.
  • Caro (wankziams): We’ve really gotten to know each other very well in such a short period of time. It’s crazy to me that we’ve only been talking for the past few months. It’s so much fun to discuss and thirst about Zayn and Liam together and talk about other fun things. I’ve always looked forward to your replies and talking to you. I’m really glad we are friends. 
  • Sarah (supermanpayne): My Australian friend! I’m so happy we have found better way’s of communicating besides Tumblr messaging lol. I’m also so happy I have you to share in my love of that sexy Californian that causes me great amounts of pain and happiness hahaha. Anyway I am super glad we became friends I quite enjoy our topics of conversation. 
  • Sammi (paynekink): Can you imagine how long a book containing our insanely long text messages from this year would be?? Hahaha. In all seriousness though I do enjoy our conversations and I’m happy we’re friends. And I love that we share a few of the same opinions and same taste in fanfics when we find time to read those. It’s so awesome we can rant to each other regarding the fans and this band as well as other things. I’m glad we’re friends. 
  • Ashley (paynoholic): I know we don’t talk often, we’re very on and off, but I do appreciate your friendship. I like that we can talk about a variety of topics. You’re very caring and a really great person to talk to. I hope 2015 is a better year for you and I look forward to more conversations at random times.
  • Skye (frenchmezayn): First off, thank you for trusting me to update your blog for you when you’re away, I’m always happy to help if I can. I know we don’t talk all the time, but I do always enjoy the conversations we do have about college, guys, Zayn, anything really. And thanks for your support too when you find out about the recent bad news in my life, means a lot. 

In addition to my best friends listed above, I also want to acknowledge these awesome people below who help make my dash tolerable. Whether we talked a few times, or I admire them from a distance, or I just reblog from them a lot - these people are great and deserve a massive shoutout. I hope you all have an awesome 2015! 

1dasfaziamworldcolourmeziamcrownprincezayndailydoseofziamdarkangelzayndecemberziamechoziamgay4zayngetliamharoldmalikpaynehenleyliamjmcatsliamziamzayn ♥  lirrymalikmiami-liamparadisewithziamplayboyliamromancemesomeziamsexgodliamstahpthepayneuncutpaynexxcaribbeanzaniamszaynfrustrationszaynoldpaynezaynydayszetsy​ ♥ ziamchapelziamharderziamslubeziamthekings ♥ 

I’m sorry if I forgot to add anyone, which I know I did - here’s my blogroll and my personal blog blogroll (which is full of  some of my favorite nsfw & non-1D blogs). I didn’t add any of my non-1D fandom friends on this because they know me best on the other blog. But, thank you so much to everyone following me, I really don’t know why I have as many followers as I do. Thank you to anyone who has sent me a nice message this year, it really does make me smile. Or to anyone that reblogs or likes the posts I’ve made - thank you! If you ever wanna talk, feel free to leave me a message on either blog. 

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all have a great one! ♡



$12 each
(includes full res. transparent of pony & separate file of cutie mark)

Once purchased, you’re free to tweak the design / details of the character!

Ponies greyed out above and striked through below have been purchased.

Do not send money immediately!


SNAKE CHARMER : Earth Pony : Herpetologist (specifically snakes)
Quiet, thoughtful, brave. Special talent: Communicating with snakes.

PATTY O’ FURNITURE : Earth Pony : Patio Furniture Salespony
Loud, quick-witted, humorous. Special talent: Selling Patio Furniture

DREAM BOAT : Pegasus : Sailboat Captain
Charming, romantic, dreamy. Special talent: Sailing.. into the hearts of ponies.

AIR WAVES : Pegasus : Radio Host
Smooth, smart, mellow. Special talent: Hosting late-night radio talkshows.

FAIR FORECAST : Unicorn : Weather Forecaster
Charismatic, talkative, perfectionist. Special talent: Forecasting the weather

NEWSIE BLUES : Unicorn : Field Reporter
Assertive, thorough, a little morbid. Special talent: Reporting bad news.

Hello! I’ve gotten a couple of messages asking me how I got the lights to work, so i’m just gonna go ahead and make a quick tutorial. I didn’t take TOO many shots while doing this, so please forgive me! Half of this is me just…. trying things out and hoping for the best!

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