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Shiro canonically being six and a quarter years old is the best news I’ve heard this entire year.

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A few days ago there was talk about Magnus's money i guess ,i just rewatched episode 7 and Magnus is paying 100 dollar (it had benjamin franklin face on it) for a drink in the hunter's moon when he was talking with maia !!!!!! Is that how is it !! ((I'm not from America or a countrey with a bar ))'so i just wanted to know is he being extra or is it normal !!!

lmaooo he did he tipped her a $100 bill and it’s not normal that’s a massive tip. usually you tip like a couple dollars per drink. actually the exchange was pretty cute bc maia said the drink was “on the house” (i.e. free) but magnus tipped her 10x what that drink was worth in the first place.

anyway I like to think maia buys all those cute jackets she has using his tips. she called him her best tipper so we can assume he does this on the regular.

exclusionists: wow, it’s pretty telling that everyone who supports ace inclusion is cishet ://// really makes you think

inclusionists: wow, it’s almost like anyone is cishet if you misgender them and invalidate their sexuality

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dude I'm tryna get into the whole witch thing and it's cool and all but??? I can't??? Figure out??? A path??? Am I a cosmic witch, a green witch, a diviner??? One of the fifty thousand types of witch??? How do I find my calling???Who do I pray to? What deity do I look to? What spells do I start with? All these things like here's a spell for a ___ witch! Use colors associated with your type of craft! But I just don't have a connection to any specific one yet, they're all pretty cool... thanks!!!

I’d say go with being an Eclectic witch! That basically means you don’t stick to a specific area of witchcraft, but follow several types. Labels don’t really matter, they don’t make you more or less of a witch!

I do suggest figuring out what kind of relationship you want with your deity(ies). Personally, I don’t worship any deities but I’m more like a colleague with them.

Umm... Aleister...

I hate to be that person but when Aleister said “How about Chopin’s Nocturne?” 

I immediately thought “Chopin wrote more than one Nocturne…”

One Google search later…

klshdgakahgsd;g; Aleister at this point I’m assuming meant “Chopin’s Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2″ (the famous one) and I’m surprised Rourke Sr. didn’t call him out

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Hey so I'm hearing a lot about dom, fix, and blind when talking about instinctual variants and I was wondering if you could explain what these words mean?

except for “blind/blindness” those other words are just borrowed from MBTI (dom) and Tritype theory (fix) but they are pretty useful in the context of instincts so we just adopted them

dom = officially called “primary”, being concerned with this essential human need the most
“sp-dom” = sp-primary = being dominantly concerned with self preservation related needs. includes both sp/so and sp/sx

fix = having this instinct in your stacking
“sp-fix” = sp/so, sp/sx, so/sp and sx/sp
“so-fix” is also sometimes called “sock” when referring to it in a derogatory way

blind/blindness = not having this instinct in your stacking / not being concerned with this human need
“sp-blind” = so/sx and sx/so

I was talking with @elinmaries yesterday about Ryuu and Kinshiro hanging out together, Ryuu dragging him around for shopping and Kinshiro’s reactions being pretty neutral, but then he saw this pullover and his reaction was slightly more excited so Ryuu bought it for him the following day :o 

… Or whatever. Just call it an excuse for drawing Kinchan in some warm turtleneck xD

[Elin’s version with Ryuu]

so at first i was super against a white american light yagami bc omg Whitewashing and other related buzzwords and then when i actually sat down and thought about it for a couple minutes

it makes perfect sense that light’s white in the us version. and, in fact, it’s very important. japanese light yagami is a member of the racial majority in his own country. he’s also male, super-smart, and very attractive. this is a guy who has never personally experienced racism, sexism, societal rejection or personal rejection. he fits in without any struggle. that colors the way he sees himself in relation to other people, the way he sees himself in relation to the society he lives in, and the way others see him in relation to themselves, society, and, importantly, L.

L was not japanese. he was british. well, i think HTR13 said he was like half english, a quarter japanese, and a quarter russian or something but he was distinctly not japanese. light was japanese. the whole task force was japanese. light was the Prototypical Perfect Japanese Teen, and L was the weird unsettling outsider. this very clearly had an influence on what people believed about light.

having light be the Perfect White American Teenager while L is a strange awkward black man calling light kira without any conclusive evidence (or, actually, any evidence) is, in my mind, not whitewashing. it’s creating an analogue for what the situation was in the japanese version. the. the whole (white) task force is like “No. No way. light’s too pretty and smart and perfect to be a mass murderer, L must be wrong, there’s no way, light’s too perfect” would all those white people say exactly that about a non-white teen? i mean it’s true maybe they’d say that about an asian american kid but they would say it for different reasons.

so, i guess i agree with the people who are saying “it’s a US adaptation, it’s not that big of a deal” not because the argument there is Everyone In The US Is White or All Protagonists In The US Should Be White or…anything like that. it’s just that if you’re going to take someone who’s in the racial majority in one version, and make him a minority in another version, there’s a lot you’re going to have to tweak re that person’s relationship to himself/others/society. i understand the desire to keep those relationships analogous (i won’t say the same, because of course they’re not).

of course that said there’s still so much that i find Terrible about death noteflix but that’s all just…why does the trailer look and sound like an action thriller, why is kira called kira if he’s in the US, what is a japanese god of death doing in seattle, why does the cutural translation look so half-assed, etc. etc. (also nat wolff is NOT pretty enough to be light i’m not hating i’m just saying)

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In the beginning when Lexa was still an asshole to Clarke it was all just a con to deny her feelings. In reality though, she'd go home and gush to Anya and talk about how pretty Clarke was and how she just really wants her to be happy. Then Anya is like 🙄 then stood being a dick to her. Then Lexa's like noo I'm not enough for her she deserves the entire world and ugh she's so perfect. Anya is over here plotting a way to get them together calling Aden and shit.

Lexa was such a loser like she used to take extra long in the mornings to get ready and Anya would roll her eyes bc she’s taking SO long to get ready just to impress Clarke lmao

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sasuke never rejected sakura to her face??? lol is that anon reading the same manga as us or?? cause i'm pretty sure sasuke rejected sakura twice in canon, not to mention calling her annoying and stuff

I think they meant when Sasuke said he didn’t love sakura, he’s talking to kakashi, although obviously he’s also letting sakura know, but he’s not talking face to face with her. anyway, even if Sasuke did shout at Sakura face to face that he never loved her and never will, SS would still brush it off saying he’s being tsundere. SS are crazy, they think sakura is so beautiful lol, and they just can’t accept there’re dudes who aren’t attracted to her.

I feel people who’re into romance are kinda dumb, why do they get excited about the most mundane and banal things? they’re like “WOW! they looked at each other!” “they had sex!” -_-

Zootopia Sentence Starters (Part Two):
  • "You can only be what you are."
  • "I am not a dumb bunny."
  • "Right. And that's not wet cement."
  • "Oh, for sure, we're a naturalist club!"
  • "These guys? They be naked."
  • "Does this make you uncomfortable? Because if so, there's no shame in calling it quits."
  • "Oh ho, pretty sneaky, slick!"
  • "But I have a friend at City Hall who might!"
  • "Clear my afternoon, I'm going out."
  • "It is possible, so we must be vigilant."
  • "What is being done to protect us?"
  • "That's all the time we have. No more questions."
  • "I'm so proud of you."
  • "You did just a super job."
  • "How did you know where to find us?"
  • "I don't have to be a lonely hunter anymore."
  • "Today I can hunt for tax exemptions."
  • "I'm gonna be an actuary!"
  • "Um... A what?"
  • "Oh, there you went, you little dickens!"
  • "I should get to role call. So, which way do I..."
  • "I was thirty seconds over!"
  • "You're a real hero."
  • "My mommy says she wishes you were dead."
  • "What do you think happened?"
  • "Oh now, wait a minute."
  • "I know whose car this is, we gotta go!"
  • "I was so proud."
  • "Deliver the oath."
  • "What did I do wrong, you guys?"
  • "Right now, they're just really scared. You're a hero to them. They trust you."
  • "I'm not... I'm not a hero. I came here to make the world a better place, but I think I broke it."
  • "Don't give yourself so much credit."
  • "Alright, alright, enough. Shut it!"
  • "Who cares?"
  • "So, are all rabbits bad drivers or is it just you?"
Actual Convo that took place after Chris got the Season Finale scripts
  • Chris: Umm Julie I don't mean to bother you, but I have a question.
  • Julie: Yes, you beautiful piece of man meat.
  • Chris: Whoa totally inappropriate but I just can't understand why Kai would do this?
  • Julie: Do what?
  • Chris: Slaughter everyone Red wedding style, like why would I kill Jo and her babies that's just fucked up. I mean yeah I'm a huge fan of Game of Thrones and this would be awesome but it doesn't make any sense. Oh and you do realize this is a pretty much a rip off from Game of Thrones, right?
  • Julie: You can't copyright a scenario, you beautiful fool. And it makes sense you're a psychopath, unless you've forgotten?
  • Chris: No I remember. It's just did you forget that I had a whole redemption arc?
  • Julie: Yeah but that was all bs.
  • Chris: No it wasn't, Luke is still a part of me. And plus I had that huge crush on Bonnie. I'm sure you've heard about us being called Bonkai.
  • Julie: Don't speak to me about Bonkai!
  • Chris: I just thought we we're going in that direction, considering it makes sense and Kat and I love working together.
  • Julie (whining): Kat, Kat, Kat everyone wants to work with Kat because she's just so great. "I want Kat to be my romantic interest next season." Jesus you sound just like Ian and everyone else who seems to be stuffed up Kat's ass.
  • Chris has a small mental lapse: Have you seen her ass?..... I mean...
  • Julie: Yes I know it's huge, why do you think we don't allow her in skimpy clothing the viewers wouldn't be able to handle it. And don't tell me,you have a crush on her too.
  • Chris: ...But you put Elena in skimpy things.
  • Julie: Are you judging me because I don't like being judged.
  • Chris: ... No.
  • Julie: You know what Chris just figure out the script on your own your a smart boy and on top of that your a good boy. Pretty good boys I keep in my pocket, and you know what happens to bad boys?
  • Chris: ... No.
  • Julie: Well do you see Nate Buzz who also had a crush on Kat around here?
  • Chris: No.
  • Julie: Exactly.

So some scumbag I used to date hit me up and was being an asshole but then suddenly changed and was calling me pretty and I was like ???? K and he tried convincing me he wasn’t like other guys and then he slowly tried to get me to send him nudes. I’m so pissed off and offended. To think that a guy would actually respect me. When I sent him a funny picture instead of nudes he said “just let me see your tits bitch”…then posted about wanting to date another girl (not me)…I’m genuinely upset why are men so mean

this is pretty shit ok not gonna lie 

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this is part two to this

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A month before s7 starts and already sick of the fandom defending negan from being a rapist, I'm just glad you and others are calling people out, just one more reason not to watch 7a!

This was already expected really. I mean, I really hope Kirkman and Gimple call him for what he is and don’t try to downplay what his character is.

But we’ll have people defending him because it’s easier to worship him if you pretend he is not a rapist.

I’m all here for a complex character showing all kinds of shit regarding human race, because truth is, we have some pretty bad apples among us.

But I’m not here for people excusing them and thinking that finding a character interesting means that you worship everything he does and excuses everything he does, or agree with everything he does. I know JDM will rock in this role, I’m a huge fan of his. But the character in itself is a villian and should be treated like one.

no but

i’m emotional

because Combeferre obviously figure they weren’t coming, he knew what the general and such were. He’s not surprised.

and Feuilly is so angry and bitter and dissapointed? too much to not have trusted them, believed they were going to come to help.

so you have Feuilly, who grew up - and lived pretty much all of his live - in poverty and struggling and out of all of les amis he would have the most reasons to be cynical - or even just a realist, because I wouldn’t call Combeferre cynical, not even by a  stretch - but he’s so far from it he almost comes off as being naively optimistic.

oh, Feuilly, you precious cinnamon roll.

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You mentioned bothering East TN congresspeople on Twitter, and as an East Tennessean this is something I want to do too, and I have other willing people, but I'm deathly afraid of dealing with the phone calls. Any tips, esp. East TN-specific ones?

Dan-O did a really good primer. As for being afraid of phone calls - just get used to it. Having a script in front of you helps. It doesn’t take much training, and staffers are generally pretty nice. But phone calls are the most effective - just knuckle down and do it. 

copy catting that "signs as thing i've heard them say" post
  • aries: you more than set that up. it's like you built a jenga tower and guided my hand towards it to knock it over.
  • taurus: you better learn to like women.
  • gemini: writing is what makes me happy. i can't go a single day without it.
  • cancer: i am pretty volatile.
  • leo: dealing with myself is the absolute worst but everyone is gonna fall in love with me anyway.
  • virgo: it's okay to put yourself first.
  • libra: i have no problem admitting i am a human being and i have needs.
  • scorpio: don't call me crazy. call me crazy and i'll show you crazy.
  • sagittarius: i wanna go on an adventure but neither of us have a car.
  • capricorn: i thought i was a robot until i met you.
  • aquarius: i'm a control freak. i get it from my mother.
  • pisces: i'm just having a hard time responding to anything.

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I can't believe some people are upset about maggie having a gf and blowing alex off? I'm like booiiiiii, have you seen television? this is like perfect endgame 101. also maggie didn't even introduce her to alex, she might not even remember the poor girl's name and jstu calls her babe. plus she was jealous of Kara before so. I'm so here for this!!


listen it’s gonna give us alex feeling jealous and probably getting snippy with maggie bc….wow she rly thought….and kara being like ‘what’s got you so down’ and alex just not wanting to talk abt it bc she deadass put herself out there and got rejected by a pretty cop with a girlfriend who held her hand. we’re gna get maggie and alex getting closer as ‘friends’ and they’re gonna realize that they’re never going to work as friends but they have to try anyway because this is the only way they can keep each other in their lives. we’re going to get stolen moments that can’t continue bc maggie has a girlfriend and wow she should not be thinking about be thinking so much about alex. we’re going to get alex swallowing the confession that always seems to be on the tip of her tongue because she’s not going to ruin a relationship, that’s not who she is, but this pull towards maggie just won’t go away. we’re gonna get MAGGIE CHOOSING ALEX. and that’s the most important thing to me.

  • Henry: Mom!
  • *Emma and Regina come running down the stairs*
  • Henry (laughs): I meant Regina Mom. I need help with my homework.
  • Emma: Kid I love you but you need to get a better system.
  • Henry: Huh?
  • Regina: I think what Emma means is that this is quite exhausting. Whenever you yell Mom we both come running. It's tiring especially if you end up being the one who has to walk back up again.
  • Emma: Plus it's confusing.
  • Henry: You realise this is your fault.
  • Regina: How?
  • Henry: I always call you both Mom. It's only because you guys decided to move in together, which by the way is totally awesome, that it got confusing.
  • Emma: Can't you just call us Mom 1 and Mom 2?
  • Henry: No feels too impersonal and kinda like I'm saying one of you is better when you're both pretty awesome.
  • Regina: Mom and Momma? You used to call me Momma.
  • Henry: When I was 3. I'm 13 now.
  • Emma: Call one of us Ma.
  • Regina: You.
  • Emma: Why?
  • Regina: Because it can be short for Emma too.
  • Henry: Okay. Well now that's settled can you come look at my homework?
  • *He goes back to the kitchen*
  • Emma: Does this mean I have to go all the way back upstairs?
  • Regina: You can help me help Henry. I'd rather you save your energy for upstairs later Em.
  • Emma: I'll help as long as it's not Maths.
  • Regina: Oh if it's Maths he's doomed.