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When you go to Barnes and Nobles and you find yourself so immersed that it only feels like 10 minutes but then you walk out and suddenly you’ve got 50 missed calls from your mom, the teenagers that were outside are 80, the last of your friends are throwing you a funeral, and your baby sister grew up and is accepting a Nobel prize on tv as your brother you didn’t even know was born became the president

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I'm planning out a "short story" where my main character is a rich girl with a dad who buys her golden cars and stuff and she's an incredibly talented cheerleader and is super smart but I'm having trouble making her less 1 dimensional. I want her to be more than just the rich-bitch and I want to give her flaws but I don't know how to approach it. Any advice?

Hello there!  

This is one of my favorite types of characters, so I’m really glad you asked.  First and foremost I’ll direct you to my Traits of a Likable Hero post, as it talks about the foundation stones that I’ve observed almost all protagonists have.

For this particular archetype, however, here are my personal rules of thumb: 

1.  Make sure she cares about others!  

Think Charlotte from Princess and the Frog.  Nothing screams “rich girl with a heart of gold” more than one who unabashedly plays mama bear to all of her friends, particularly ones less privileged than her.  

Let her care about their feelings, treat them to lunches they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford, ride her ponies, go for joyrides with her in her expensive cars.

Also, allow her to extend empathy and friendship to people of a lower status than herself:  let’s say there’s a new chubby, nerdy, or socially awkward girl who’s being bullied.  A person of your character’s status could easily make that character’s life a lot better, so allow her to do so.  It will instantaneously make your character more sympathetic and likable.   

Just be sure said less-privileged character is an equally three-dimensional and lovable character, otherwise it will come off as a charity case. This will also give your readers a lovely friendship that they can root for.    

(On a side note, Rich and Privileged Character who Openly Cares About Her Loved Ones is legit one of my personal favorite tropes of all time.)

2.  Show how hard she works.

One of the main obstacles to making wealthy, privileged characters likable is the fact that they can come off as entitled, lazy, and often spoiled.  To combat this, show how hard your character works to get where she is. 

Cheerleading, for example, is a difficult sport, at least as much so as the football games they cheer on.  Pyramids, backflips, synchronization, etc. requires a lot of time and effort to master.

So give your readers a glimpse of your character while she’s practicing!  Be sure to describe the sweat, sore muscles, and fatigue that goes into doing what she loves.  This is also great, because female-dominated sports such as cheerleading are frequently dismissed as being less chalanging, so it’s a wonderful opportunity to show the reader otherwise.

Similarly, you mentioned your character to be smart.  So give the reader a glimpse of her studying!  Better yet, show her tutoring other students in her free time, as this will also make her more likable to the reader as well.

Other ways to make her more sympathetic would include her doing volunteer work, for example, contributing to charities, killing vampires, et cetera.  The more you show your character earning her status, the more likable she’ll be.

3.  Remember your character doesn’t have to be perfect!  

Thus far, we’ve established that your character is beautiful, wealthy, accomplished, and kind.  

This does not mean, however, that she’s automatically perfect;  your character will make mistakes, and these mistakes are integral both to creating a compelling plot, and to making her sympathetic and personable to your readers.

Maybe she makes slip ups based on her status, and then has to learn from them (e.g. assuming poor people are lazy because she heard it from the adults around her), or perhaps they’re completely unrelated.  Either way, don’t be afraid to let your character make gaffs, big or small;  just so long as she learns from them and emerges a better person because of it.  

This not only allows the audience to relate to your character, but may just help them grow as well.

(I had to include at least one Asami gif, as she’s one of my all time favorite Rich Girls With a Heart of Gold and also my gilfriend.  Don’t tell Korra.) 

Aside from that, treat her like any other character.  Her archetype doesn’t necessarily need to impact her quirks, her likes or dislikes, and it would probably be boring if it did (you know those cheesy old sitcoms where all the jokes revolved around the character’s “type?”  Yeah, you don’t want that.)

So for further reference, I’ll direct you to my How to Get to Know Your Characters post here, and my Female Characters to Avoid Post here.   

I hope this helps, and happy writing!  <3

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I want the protagonist of my story to be the chosen one but without the overused "offspring of an important person" as the reason, or the "I'm going to be the hero this world needs because I want to". Any suggestions? By the way, your blog is amazing!

I’m glad you like the blog! Thanks for saying so :)

The “Chosen One” Trope

Before I go further, let me turn your attention to a great post written by Penney not too long ago where she discusses the different types of “chosen ones,” as she talks about how it’s more than just fate or prophecy that can lead to someone becoming the chosen one in a particular story. If you missed it, check it out now: Penney’s “Chosen Ones” Post.

I also just want to add that the chosen one is a trope for a very good reason - readers LOVE it, regardless of how overused it might seem. In my mind, it’s only overused if the writer doesn’t take the time to plan the “rise of the chosen” thoughtfully. So if my anon, or anyone else reading this, is shying away from doing the trope in its traditional way because they think it’s expected or overdone, remember that it’s all in your execution. 

But okay, disclaimers out the way, let’s get down to the real discussion about this trope and the desire to do it. 

Putting the Cart Before the Horse

It’s difficult to give advice in this situation when I don’t really know what drew the anon to doing this trope to begin with. You mention that you want them to be chosen, but why? Does the story demand it? Or does the idea of a character rising from zero to hero appeal to you? Where are you in the process of developing this idea? Is it just a concept? Or are you working with plot? (for more about the difference between concept and plot, check out my post here).

Let me put it another way. How much are you considering your story’s plot in making this decision? I could throw out some ideas, but would they be relevant to your story? Was your character “chosen” to overthrow a government? To defeat a monster? To find a mystical portal and close it? These are important details when it comes to the “why” behind their chosen-ness. 

So before you start thinking outside the box, make sure you understand what you’ve currently got in the box. Write out precisely what they were chosen for, and why them versus someone else, and can their chosen purpose become something more? Let’s break that down using one of my favorite executions of the Chosen One trope, A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray (spoilers to follow). 

  • What were they chosen for? 

I’m using the word “chosen” very broadly here, so don’t get too hung up on semantics. When I say chosen, I don’t mean chosen by a god or powerful being or even nature. I mean chosen, as in, the person who has been put in this role to alter the outcome of the conflict. 

Start by making a list of the exact things this person was put in this role to change or affect. In A Thousand Pieces of You, the protagonist Marguerite is chosen to find who she believes to be her father’s murderer and bring him to justice. This list may just be one item long, or it may be two or three. Think about your conflicts and put the causes your character is chosen for into precise words. 

  • Why were they chosen?

In this step, answer why the character was “chosen” within the story. Marguerite was put in this role, because her father’s murderer has fled into an alternate dimension, one that only a handful of people know about and that have the technology to travel there. This means that the number of people that can chase this murderer is severely limited. 

Also consider, if the “why” is knowledge or possession based, why can’t this character turn their resources over to someone else? Marguerite’s knowledge is sensitive, not to mention outrageous. She cannot trust this information in just anyone’s hands, nor would that person have the expertise to know what to do if someone goes wrong. It’s also the type of information that most people may laugh in her face about. A police officer would think her theory about her dad’s killer vanishing into another dimension to be absolutely ludicrous. 

Was Marguerite anointed by some higher being? Did she step up to save the world? No! She found herself in this position for very personal reasons, and because she couldn’t trust anyone else with the knowledge and resources to do it. If she didn’t run after her father’s killer, no one else would. That makes her the chosen one out of necessity, because her love for her father will not allow her to sit and do nothing.  

Make a list of the circumstances that have put your character in this position. If you haven’t figured that out yet, then now is the time. Don’t worry if the circumstances are new or refreshing enough. Just focus on your story’s logic. Go back to what the character was chosen for and come up with the reasons why. At this stage, you might come up with conflicting reasons as you’re brainstorming, but this is good. It gives you a few different ways to take the story. 

  • Will their chosen purpose become something more?

In the case of Marguerite, she uncovers some pretty diabolical stuff in the search for her father’s killer, and she discovers that hopping to new universes affects her differently than it does others in her small circle. She doesn’t experience the same negative side effects that others do, and this immediately makes her a target of the antagonist, who wants her unique abilities for some terrible masterplan. With these abilities, and how closely she has now become to the events, her purpose has grown from uncovering the truth about her father’s death to stopping this evil plan from being put into motion. 

And while these “abilities” scream overplayed chosen one trope, Claudia Gray presents a backstory that is well hinted at throughout the novel until its reveal shows that Marguerite is a victim of some surreal accident, who seeks justice for her father, and discovers how those two situations collide, turning her from grief stricken daughter to chosen one through the course of the novel. 

So once you’ve thought about the reasons, consider if other reasons will come into play once the character has started on this journey. 

Mixing it Up (or not)

Ultimately, I don’t think chosen one tropes need mixing up. I think writers try too hard to be new and different, when it comes down to simply telling thoughtful stories. Chosen One stories fail when characters accept their role just because it was given to them, without thought, without question. And when the author fails to consider the why’s behind the character’s chosen-ness, the story loses its authenticity. 

Decide what they’re chosen for, why it has to be them and no one else, if that chosen purpose can grow into something bigger, and (the clincher) how your character will respond to these circumstances. Give the character their own personal reasons for giving into the role. Rather than saving the world, make it first about saving their family, their friends, or hell, even themselves. Fate might hand them a baton with Chosen One written on it, but if you give your character a personal reason to reach out and take it, you’re one step closer to an authentic story. 

I hope this was helpful to you. Bottom line is, tell the story the way you think it shoud be told. It’s not about the originality of the idea; it’s about the thoughtfulness you put into your execution of it. 

Good luck!


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Aww you responded so fast 😍 😄😄, thank you. (Jackson in a relationshpi). Do you mind doing one for Yoongi too? Again I really like your writing 👌👍

You’re welcome! Thank you lots for these asks, writing about these guys in relationships are giving me many feels. haha

I think he’d be really into people (since I don’t know his preferences) that are sweet (we’ve seen how flustered he gets when he sees cute people doing aegyo) and calm but that will have enough temper to deal with him. Will yell at him when he needs to be yelled at, answer back when he’s (unintentionally or not) rude. Will be fine by just hanging out at home or doing simple but cute things for dates (like, nothing too elaborate and no need to make huge public displays of affection). He needs someone that is as laid back as he is, you know? That will love to talk about many different subjects (the person has to be smart) but won’t be too agitated or constantly talkative. And has to be patient. lol Someone that will understand that he just likes to be quiet on his own sometimes, doing his work in peace. So the person definitely can’t be the jealous type, or the needy type. An independent person would be best. Not that he won’t be there for the person when they need it, he really will, but Yoongi certainly can’t handle drama. Someone that will quietly sit beside him when he’s sad about something that he doesn’t want to talk about. So someone that is clever at reading people since Yoongi won’t express himself efficiently. Will make him talk even when he doesn’t want to since keeping everything to himself is not healthy, but will also respect his space when it’s fit. Above all, someone that will be able to see under his bickering and that will be as good-hearted as he is. 

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(sounds like a lot of work but ISN’T THIS BABY WORTH IT?)

I don’t think he minds the appearance of the person too much, like… He probably has a type (I’d think it’s more of a lovely, cute type) but will only love the person if they have a great personality as well. Also sometimes I feel like he has some kind of oppa kink. lmao But that might not fit his personality at all, ‘cause he truly needs a mature person for the relationship to be healthy for both. I guess he’ll learn that with time.

Now, for him as a boyfriend: As much as he doesn’t want people so see that he is, Yoongi is an adorable person. He does have Pisces and Cancer in his chart, water signs that make the person very caring. We know how sweet he can be when he wants to be - he silently and proudly takes care of the members and they constantly make fun of him for it. So that’s pretty much how he’d be to his partner: a constant, calming and protective presence. Will listen to your problems and give the most honest advices (that will be good, but even the kind of advice you don’t wanna hear). Either his Moon being in Virgo or Libra, both are likely to want to protect and take care of who they love - since he doesn’t have an easy time expressing his feelings, you’d have to read into his little daily acts. Will text arguing because why hadn’t you gotten home yet if he feels like you’re working too much, will definitely be by your side if you get sick, will remember the tiniest things about you and will make those happen (like maybe once you mentioned that you loved the color purple and out of nowhere he’ll give you a purple necklace? little things like that). I don’t think he’s the jealous type but will want to protect you a lot, will take care of things for you without you having to ask. Don’t expect him to say how he feels though, and Yoongi will hate discussing the relationship. It will be necessary sometimes, of course, but he’ll just hate it. But when in love he’ll make an effort. As tough as he is, Yoongi is totally the kind that will melt for the person he loves - the kind of boyfriend that is made fun of by his friends since he ends up talking about you a little too much. Just like Jackson, though, he has a hard time understanding what’s love and what’s passion, so… It might take some time for Yoongi to find his true love. When he does, though, it will be quite a cute relationship to see.


You said I was the foundation, right? Look in the mirror. Even before you met Luke, you weren’t the type who could just stand by and watch, were you?

  • Me, getting to the area where I've already seen every post in the tag: well fuck what do I do now

Next in the awkward school photos: Kacchan to complete my core Bakusquad kiddos. That year Bakumom tried (and failed) to style his hair. He thought he looked stupid and refused to pose.

So, the gang is hanging out...
  • Leo: *grinning* Hey, Neeks, what does Aphrodite look like to you?
  • Nico: ...
  • Will: ...
  • Annabeth: Leo, maybe that isn't such a-
  • Nico: She looks a lot like Percy-
  • Annabeth: WHAT NOW
  • Percy: WAIT REALLY
  • Will: *looks down*
  • Nico: *completely poker-faced but slowly starting to grin*
  • Nico: You know, if Percy was taller, tanner, blond, blue-eyed-
  • Nico: Freckled, was a healer, was a son of Apollo, and much hotter.
  • Everyone but Percy: *dying of laughter*
  • Percy: Okay, that is just RUDE. *looks at Jason desperately* I'm still your type, right, bro?
  • Jason: *completely sincere* Of course, bro.
  • Percy: Bro...
  • Jason: Bro...
  • Piper: So... I'm still here... You know... Your girlfriend...
  • Annabeth: Welcome to the club.
  • Annabeth and Piper: *glare at Hazel and Calypso*

Honestly, I’d kill for more Marcus centric fics or any variation of these wrencus type scenarios that focuses more heavily on Marcus’ character.

• fake!married wrencus. Where Wrench isn’t the party that needs constant validation of his feelings. Instead it’s Marcus dealing with constant uncertainty in regards to his feelings towards Wrench, being black and queer + how living in San Francisco does little to dissuade the bullshit he has to face when dealt with both sides of that coin, and Wrench having to be the more proactive party to understand Marcus.

Lots of misconceptions, self discovery, and getting together. When they get married for real Miranda officiates the wedding and jimmy siska becomes the ring bearer.

• marcus getting to go to the Galilei museum on a date and getting excited about the exhibits on space ships or rockets.

• bottom Marcus (admittedly, I’ve thought about writing this for a while but just haven’t gotten serious until now. At least until I realized I can write decent smut.)

• Dedsec wondering where the hell Marcus is running off to on his off days until they find out he’s volunteering at the animal shelter. Specially to walk the dogs so they aren’t in their kennels all day.

• Marcus and Jordi doing anything together.

• Marcus dragging dedsec to a renfaire and everyone hating it but doing it solely for the purpose of seeing Marcus happy. They’re all forced to dress up.

• Marcus/horatio

• Marcus going on a wild ghost signals goose chase. He finds out Wrench is behind it but doesn’t get that upset since Wrench knows how excited he gets about deciphering codes and trying to figure out where the signals come from. Marcus mentions how there was one audio file he couldn’t decipher tho and Wrench is confused because he definitely didn’t make that file, they both end up trying to track the unknown ghost source.

• Marcus getting eaten out.

• Wrench and Marcus vigilante/super heroes au. All of dedsec has super powers and it’s more along the lines of kick-ass rather than straight up xmen type deal

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May I request a headcanon of Class 1-A finding out Aizawa is married to a Pro Hero with a type of singing quirk that usually gets out of hand when she gets like really into the song? I'm sorry for such a weird request!

-They all freak out at the very notion that Aizawa-sensei is married, and a few of them go to Present Mic to figure out if it’s true or not. A few of them congratulate him, even if it’s not recent, but the majority of the class is just shocked at the development.
-After learning that his wife is a Pro Hero, the whole class basically turns to Midoriya who obviously knows her. He says what he knows about her, and some of his classmates start to chime in, too. Unlike Aizawa, she’s pretty well-known.
-They all ask Aizawa for pictures or stories, and they always ask him question about her or try to convince him to introduce her to them. Ashido organizes an “independent field-trip” and as a class (or at least most of a class) they all try to follow him around and meet her.
-When that doesn’t work and they end up with cleaning duties, they go to Mic for help and, surprise surprise, he’s totally up for helping them!
-Mic basically ends up inviting her over himself, and though Aizawa seems pissed off, he introduces her to his class.
-From then on, she ends up coming to class quite often whenever she’s free, and sometimes sings for the class. One time though, the girls and her all got too excited while singing, and they all ended up having to pitch in some money to repair the windows.
-Aizawa ends up banning her from singing while at school, but he ends up inviting his class to one of her performances.

  • Fred: You think that that girl's Gogo?
  • Wasabi: Yeah, I'm pretty sure.
  • Fred: Okay, let's test her. I'm gonna ask her a question that only Gogo would know the answer to. *to Gogo* Are you Gogo Tomago?
  • Gogo: It's me, you moron.
  • Fred: Correct!
Look What I Found

Relevant words I found in ‘Jacksepticeye’:

Cake - because he loves cake xD

Key - because SPEED IS KEY!

Sticky - remember ‘sticky bomb’??

Cacti - because Wiishu likes them :P

Jest - because he jokes a lot :)

Act - because he likes voice acting xD

Pace - because he runs sometimes

Epic - because he just is an epic person

Say - because he talks a lot xD

Cape - because he is a hero to me and others too

Sky - because, you know, HIGH fives all round?? XD

Tips - because Jack has given some pretty good advice in videos

Space - because he’s friends with Mark XD

Type - we all know he uses a computer a lot

See - because JacksepticEYE?? :P

Eejit - purely because I’ve only really heard Irish people use this xD

Site - because, you know, internet and youtube and all that

Cap - cos merch

Feel free to add your own :P

@therealjacksepticeye this might interest you haha XD

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How do the allies treat their crush that a hard working single parent who has to work 2 jobs just to put food on the table for her 3 kids and basically gets just 4 hours of sleep a night.... I'm tried.


-You’re doing what now? Not on his watch. He’ll do whatever it takes to provide for you and your children so he can be your hero and save you from this type of life. You’ll never have to work again if he has anything to say about it.


-He’s not going to stand by and let you suffer. If you let him, he’ll whisk you and your kids away to his home and spoil all of you. You won’t have to lift a finger; he’ll take care of everything for you.


-It takes him a while to warm up to your kids, but he’ll do anything to keep you. He’ll take care of all of you to the best of his ability. You might want to handle all of the cooking, though.


-This is unacceptable. There’s no reason for you to struggle when he can take care of you. He’s actually pretty great with children, and is one of the best caregivers. 


-You’re going to let him take care of everything, no ifs, ands, or buts. You and your kids have moved into his home before long, and he’s providing for all of you. He tries his best to care for your children, but it’s a good idea to keep an eye on him. 

Done! Honestly, no one should have to struggle to care for themselves and their families. 


So I was talking to perrstein about this as we did an elementary re-watch, and it’s something we were wondering about. Is Moriarty actually aware of how much Joan Watson was responsible for her downfall? Sure, she knows about how it was Joan who figured out if they staged an overdose, she’d come running to the hospital. But does she know the full extent?

In the beginning of the penultimate episode—the episode before the finale—Joan, not Sherlock, is the one to go over the crime scene and find the rare yellow paint—it was called gamboge, and very few stores sell it. It’s how they were able to find Isaac Proctor, the man who pretended to be a tutor but was an assassin for Moriarty and before that worked for the CIA. The man who pretended to be Irene’s tormenter, Mr. Stapleton.

Just look at Moriarty in the photo. Sherlock and Joan think she’s angry because she’s without answers, while really, she’s plotting the murder of this man’s brother. Because of above all else, Moriarty despises incompetency, and in her mind right now her carefully laid plans are unraveling because of the actions of Isaac Proctor. Little does she know that this is all happening because she’s such an art snob, she absolutely had to have the most expensive paints for her projects.

This is the true face of Moriarty. Ruthless, calculating, cold. Absolutely lethal. They show her a picture of Isaac, asking if she knows him and, re-watching the episode, she almost gives herself away with “I just don’t know,” just barely holding back a smirk. God it sounds so mocking watching this again, knowing that there is no Irene, there is only Moriarty.

Once the NYPD tracked Isaac down, he met up with one of Moriarty’s men and he told Isaac “You were sloppy. The police never should have been able to trace that house back to you. Moriarty can’t abide that.” He then let Moriarty’s man go, so he could report back to her “that Sherlock Holmes is a dead man.”

The only reason the police were able to trace that house back to him is because Moriarty was the one who wanted the rare art supplies. He was following her orders. Now, if Isaac Proctor hadn’t been revealed, Moriarty wouldn’t have tried to have him killed. He would never have retaliated by going after Sherlock, and Moriarty would not have tipped her hand and revealed herself as Moriarty. Joan’s defeat of Moriarty goes far further than the fake overdose. Moriarty would have gotten away with it if she had never bought that one jar of paint.

It’s even more of a testament to Joan’s intellect, because if you listen to what she originally said when she picked up the jar of paint “I have these reading assignments, lately about art.” Joan was able to almost instantaneously make the connection of the paint’s importance to the case, from only a few months of deductive training.

In that flashback scene between Irene and Sherlock, Sherlock experienced a similar situation that Joan did with the paint. Except, he himself wasn’t able to pass it—he needed Irene’s help in determining whether or not the painting was a forgery and he wasn’t able to deduce that it had to be a forgery because of the presence of Turmeric, which Irene stated “was being rationed at the time because of your Afghani war.” Yes, eventually he would have gotten to that point, but he wasn’t able to immediately arrive there. He’s been teaching Joan only for a few months, and she was able to absorb the information better than even Sherlock, enough to instantly recognize the expensive paint and deduce from that very few places in NYC would sell it.

Joan Watson brought about Moriarty’s fall from grace long before the hospital. What I’m wondering is if Moriarty even knows how much damage Joan is responsible for. How she was able to account for everything- Sherlock, the police, the hospitals, because Moriarty was sent to a hospital where they marked significant psychological damage, not to mention that for Moriarty to be deemed physically fine a doctor must have examined her first, and I’m guessing there was no physical examination. Like Moriarty would ever let anyone see any possible weaknesses she might have. Not to mention she’d be very aware that some things would show up on a physical examination, like the fact that she had melanoma and at one point had a child. She would have done extensive research on Sherlock’s new companion- just because she dismisses her doesn’t mean Moriarty didn’t find out all she could about one Joan Watson. She would have known Joan Watson used to be a very capable surgeon, who would have known how to read a medical chart.

That chart would have been faked.

Not to mention Moriarty wouldn’t have just had one hospital under her purview, that’s something that too easily could have gone wrong. What if they sent her to another hospital? Maybe there was an emergency and since she would have been deemed as non-essential, they would have taken her to one that’s farther away. Unlikely, but not entirely impossible and this is Moriarty, she accounts for every conceivable possibility. She would have all the hospitals in the area in her pocket. Not to mention, she’s able to just walk into the hospital, despite the fact that police would have been crawling over the hospital. Not that Gregson or any of the group would have thought they’d be effective, but it would have told Moriarty that they were on to her. Appearances had to be kept up, and once in the hospital she would have needed to receive help from both the police and hospital staff to get to Sherlock’s room undetected.

She didn’t crawl through the window, or an air duct. You can hear the door open and she just strolls through uninhibited, without a scratch. The doctors would have known her by sight, because she didn’t talk to any of them. If she had talked to any of them, asked them to examine Sherlock it would have been obvious his drug overdose was false. She didn’t, she just strolled through, so sure of her superiority that in the end Moriarty was the one to get sloppy.

Moriarty accounted for every possible contingency, everything that could go wrong or disrupt her plan. She was so sure of her ascension to godhood that she was untouchable, but she forgot that even gods can be toppled down, as long as one determined hero has the courage and skill to try.

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Can I have a scenario with todoroki and his s/o in a crowded party and he sees his s/o quite uncomfortable and I guess getting quite panicky because they aren't used to being in a room full of people and interacting with strangers so todoroki excuses them both from the party and idk maybe just hang out in a quiet place and comfort his s/o? Lol I'm sorry if it sounds so vague this is actually my situation rn and I feel nervous around these people and my relatives are telling me to interact :(

You hated these types of parties almost as much as Shouto; you had only agreed to come to this stupid function to support him. But now he had abandoned you to make his own hero contacts, and you had found yourself alone at your table, trying not to make eye contact with anyone. Your strategy didn’t work as someone saw you sitting alone and decided to strike up a conversation.

“Oh, hello there,” the perky brunette sat down at the round table, looking intently at you. You tried to look anywhere at the woman.


She didn’t get the hint and kept talking. “Are you Todoroki’s girlfriend?” the woman pried.

You flushed, looking at the table. “Yes, Shouto and I are dating.” Speaking of, where was he? Why was he leaving you alone like this? Your hands started twitching, so you quickly shoved them in your lap.

“Well what do you think, dating the son of the No. 2 Hero, Endeavor?” The woman asked, leaning closer on her elbows. At the mention of that man’s name, you stood up sharply.
“Please, pardon me.” You excused yourself as best you could and ran off, trying to find Shouto. You saw Endeavor, surrounded by fans and other heroes and did your best to stay out of his sight, skirting around both him and his massive crowd.

The press of people only became thicker as the minutes passed, as did your anxiety. It seemed like everywhere you turned, more and more unfamiliar faces presented themselves before you, wanting to talk. You couldn’t seem to find that familiar face anywhere, and your chest was constricting; tears were burning in your eyes, threatening to blur your vision.

Before tears could fall, you felt a hand on your back, steering you through the throng of people. You looked up; Shouto’s face was a mask of concentration and focus. People parted before that look and soon enough he had found an abandoned room for the two of you. As soon as the door shut behind you, he pulled you to his chest.

“I’m so sorry, (y/n),” he mumbled against your hair.

You said nothing but instead wrapped your arms around his waist, holding the two of you together. You could feel your heart rate begin to slow and your throat loosened, letting out a tiny sob.

Shouto gripped you tighter, nuzzling your hair. “I shouldn’t have asked you to come with me tonight, it wasn’t fair to you to put you through this.”

You shook your head, clearing your throat. “No, Shouto, I wanted to be here for you. I’m just sorry I freaked out like that.”

Shouto pulled back and smiled slightly, his heterochromatic gaze meeting yours. He leaned in to lightly brush his lips over your forehead. “Thank you, (y/n), for being here. For me. But I think we’ve been here long enough.” He took your hand and opened the door back up. There was no one in sight. “Let’s go home.”

Series: Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)

Pairing: Todoroki Shouto/Yaoyorozu Momo

Title: Surprises

[[ God I hate title. Anyway, I recently got to attend a party on a yacht and got inspired by it. Kids are aged up a bit. //Throws this into the BNHA fandom and runs ]]


The party was her parents’ idea but Todoroki was on board with it since it would make Yaoyorozu happy. 

It took weeks to plan and set up in advance and despite it being her parents’ idea for the event, they insisted that the party be for Yaoyorozu and her friends only. They could always celebrate with their daughter the next day for a private family celebration. So at Yaoyorozu’s mother’s request, Todoroki helped with the invites and was able to get in contact with friends and former classmates from UA, though he got most of the help from Midoriya who had an incredible knack for keeping in touch with their former classmates. 

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