i'm just not feeling any inspiration lately

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do u have any bestfriend!5sos blurbs? i'm a hoe for those

same here babe!!! here are all the ones i’ve written:





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So I'm starting to play acnl! (About time lol) but I have no idea what to name my town at all, do you have any recommendations?

Better late than never! 👀

I really like to call my town(s) after their theme. 

Chouette, for example, is a more girlish themed town with a few foresty elements. It’s a french word and usually means owl but is as well used as an expresssion to call something gorgeous or sublime. I couldn’t imagine a better name for my town!

Well, I’ll just throw in some random ideas and hope you’ll feel a little inspired!

Forrest/Green/Nature/Rural: Abeille, Amaranto, Ametista, Aria, Aspen, Autunno, Bosco, Cannella, Cascata, Castano, Cerise, Cinnamon, Clementine, Concordia, Dawn, Emerald, Foglia, Ginger, Hazel, Marrone, Nocciola, Nocciolo, Roux, Skog, Smaragd, Smeraldo, Tranquillo, Verde

Cute/Girlish/Pastel/Pink: Belissima, Blanche, Cerise, Cinnamon, Cozy, Daisy, Dolce, Éclat, Edelweiss, Fawn, Fiore, Fleur, Fragola, Lavender, Lilac, Lily, Magnolia, Marigold, Marshmallow, Mauve, Meravigliosa, Mignon, Orchidea, Orchidée, Pâquerette, Peonia, Peony, Perla, Pivoine, Rose, Shea

Beach/Seaside/Summer/Tropical: Aria, Augusta, Bronzé, Calinda, Cannella, Cassia, Cayenne, Cinnamon, Coco, Constantia, Dawn, Estate, Frutta, Giallo, Hibiscus, Mare, Marigold, Mer, Pacifique, Papaya, Pesca, Plum, Pompelmo, Sable, Saffron, Seasalt, Shea, Sole, Soleil, Tranquillo, Zinnia

Other: Albero, Alma, Argento, Avorio, Cioccolato, Cotton, Cuore, Doux, Ébène, Ebony, Etoile, Gelato, Iris, Liquirizia, Lumière, Mist, Moonlight, Natía, Njáll, Noelle, Noir, Nokkve, Nova, Panna, Pavone, Plume, Pomme, Promise, Ribbon, Sirène, Sogno, Stardust, Turquoise, Velvet

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Hey Batwynn, hope you're feeling fine! I have a really big test tomorrow, and if I pass it I'll be in a really good advanced sciences program. I'm extremely worried and stressed out. Do you have any tips for calming down before and during the exam? Thank you so much. Your fics and art inspire me so much and really give me a reason to keep on fighting. Have a great day and stay safe!

 Oh shoot, I hope i’m not too late anon. [ Be reminded: Everyone handles this differently, this is just one possible way. ]

Here’s what I do before tests: 

[ This helps me make sure i’ve read all my notes, and not missed a page. That’s a load off my mind before an exam. *Also, don’t mix your knives in with your notes.

[ This is kind of a quick fix. **Don’t go on a Netflix binge, because you’ll probably end up awake all night and your brain will have absorbed way too much about what you’re watching and I don’t think there’s time lords on your exam–unless there are, in which case, go for it–but find something to laugh at, it helps relax you quite a bit. ]

[ Be careful with these. Deep, slow breaths will calm your heart-rate down, but you can also get too much oxygen, and get light-headed or faint.

[ I like to remind myself that, yes, I do know this. I learned the thing. **You know what you know, and that’s all you can do. Be confident with yourself.**

[ Sleep is good. Sleep is healthy. Please try to sleep. Think calming thoughts. Think of your favorite places. Think of cat beans. Think good thoughts about yourself. Just… sleeeep. **And make sure your alarm is set!

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i just bought my first journal but i literally have no idea what to draw/write in it. i look at pictures from tumblr but i dont want to draw the same things i want it to be filled in with my ideas. do you have any tips? :)

i personally have two journals. i use one for writing (from poems to how i’m feeling that day) and one for basically everything else (art, doodles, etc). i’m usually intimidated by new journals (especially art ones) because i feel like i’m going to mess it up in some way. if you have the same problem i suggest just ruining the first page (just scribbling on it will do the trick) and anything you put in it after that point will be better than the ‘ruined’ page!

here are some things that i do in my journal:
1. visual journal/diary entries! (draw how you’re feeling through images. include text too if you want!)
2. write letters! (to anyone/anything! your past self, your future self, your arch nemesis, whoever! letters you would never send/things you wish you could say, etc.)
3. listen to music and draw how it makes you feel! like a specific lyric? write it in and add an illustration!
4. read some poetry and illustrate it! have a favorite line? use it. make it fill the entire page. make it interesting.
5. make OCs - this is incredibly addicting and also just really fun. plus it’s just great practice.
6. make up some doodle games for yourself! make lines on the page and make rules for how you can connect them. see how it turns out! (or if you don’t want to make your own games check out any ‘doodling in math class’ vihart videos on youtube.)
7. collage! (it’s a really fun way to add color and text to a page.)
8. make comics! (about how you’re feeling, something that happened, anything!)

tumblr is a great place for inspiration! don’t copy other people, but use their ideas and make them your own.

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So I've been having some pretty severe issues with motivation for all my creative endeavors, not just writing. I've not been truly inspired or really caught up in the excitement of creating for what I think are years now. I'm starting to consider giving up on writing, music, etc all together. Do you have any advice on how to deal with feeling so burnt out and distant from my own work?

Gotta be honest here. Whatever advice I may write, instrospection is what you need, in the form of an honest talk with yourself (a calzón quitado, as we say here).

We all run out of motivation, reasons may vary, but we all do. Things don’t meet our expectations, people change their minds (that includes ourselves), and life goes on when we think it should take a pause. Just like there are many reasons why motivation fades, there are different reasons why we keep doing what we started and why we finish it. They will change, and in order for us to keep up with our projects, we need to change too.

Think of all the reasons why you started writing, even not having a reason counts as one, think of the life you had at the moment. Now expand the line and think about the time you stopped writing, and think about the world around you and yourself. Sometimes we change and we don’t realize it until we have to come back to what we used to do and we don’t feel about it the same way. It’s okay to get that feeling, I dare to say that it’s okay to even feel overwhelmed by it. Because some things are beyond our understanding, our non-physical self is one of them.

Don’t be too hard on yourself for lacking motivation, actually, don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t feel like writing anymore. The things we enjoyed years ago are not the same we enjoy now. Writing shouldn’t be a torture.

On the other hand, if you want to give it a try again, don’t look for the same things. Find new motivations, there’s always a reason to take a step forward, you just have to be comfortable with it.

How to deal with the feeling you’re currently having? That’s something only you can answer. Here we can give you guidelines, but the final exercise is for you to make. Whatever you choose, stay true to yourself, to what you want know, to what you want in the future and what you want to achieve. Don’t worry if the outlook seems blurry at first, it’ll get clear as soon as you make your choices.

May the force be with you, young padawan,