i'm just looking for a twitter icon

anonymous asked:

the houseofangelus twitter the icon is six in roman numerals do you thinks that because the album is coming out in June the 6th month?

That’s what I thought at first too but then @dontbetechnology figured out that the icon is actually a cropped version of The Lovers tarot card which fits in with the Romeo & Juliet theme. Maybe the VI represents both? Idk, I’m still betting on the album being released on June 6th

also is it just me or in the icon, does it look like the top of a bee’s head over top of the angel’s head?

iwaizumi-hajiime  asked:

Omg im so sorry but after seeing the ‘kuroo-sensei~’ pic i have to rant to you about how much i love this au with my entire being like OH! MY! GOD! This may take a few asks and im so sorry omg but I JUST GOTTA TELL YOU HOW MUCH IM IN LOVE WITH THIS。゚・ (>﹏<) ・゚。 so like when i first saw your icon, i was like? Oh? This looks cool and very halloween how neat and i saw your header on twitter and like!!!! When are they posting the full pic?? FUCK??? (1/5)

[more about tooruwizard under the cut ^^]

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