i'm just laughing here


what i gather from this:

  • keith disposed of his clothing before lance
  • keith looked back and waited for lance to finish 
  • (((unlike pidge he is with both feet on solid ground - pidge also looked back but is clearly in the process of walking)))
  • once lance was finished keith left, not waiting for hunk
  • lance didn’t wait for hunk either, he was clearly in a hurry to catch up to someone

?????? what does this all mean, i wonder?? 👀

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! guuuuyzzzzz!!! I did it! I actually DID it!

I went on vacation today, packed myself, arrived, went out to hav fun, AND STILL MANAGED TO MAKE ART TODAY!!! I’m freaking sonic!

Also, art may not appear so often for a few dayz, since ykno… vacation and stuff XD, but since i’m on try hard mode i don’t think you’ll feel the difference ;))

integrity by @camilaart


He exists with the legacy of a noble house upon his shoulders and keeps them rightfully squared; the last living member of the House Scientia, he walks with the poise of a hundred generations of highborn dignitaries and retainers, and the knowledge of the Crown’s dependence upon him forged an iron resolve, an energetic air of purpose in every stride he takes. To be rational and tact is not to be passive and silent — fiery purpose has burned in the boy’s eyes since he came to Lucis.

eternal mood: James’ screams of horror every time Aleks landed a shot in balsamic vinegar beer pong


listen, the fact that koth decides to not put up with a shitty outlander is one of the best and most sensible things to come out of kotfe ok

anonymous asked:

We should ask for a musical episode instead of ships XD. Just saying

Pleeeeeeaaase give me the musical episode I’d die of happiness omggg :’D There’d be those that just kind of sing their words and then there’d be Lance who would absolutely take care to make every word rhyme lmao

Movistar asked some riders about their favorite songs…

(Dani said he listened to this a lot the year he broke both his ankles, when recovering from injuries and OMG DANIEL YOU TINY CHEESY MAN I’M CRYING)

“We all have the galaxy in our hearts. But there are some people who never find that out until they die. I wish you would find your own galaxy.” - Namjoon