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what i gather from this:

  • keith disposed of his clothing before lance
  • keith looked back and waited for lance to finish 
  • (((unlike pidge he is with both feet on solid ground - pidge also looked back but is clearly in the process of walking)))
  • once lance was finished keith left, not waiting for hunk
  • lance didn’t wait for hunk either, he was clearly in a hurry to catch up to someone

?????? what does this all mean, i wonder?? 👀

  • Jimin: What am I to you?
  • Jimin: I'm serious.
  • Jungkook:
  • Jungkook: You just wanna hear compliments from me again
  • Jimin: yeah
  • Jungkook: and I'm gonna be weak again and give in to you
  • Jimin: I hope so
  • Jungkook: I love you
  • Taehyung: That's not even a compliment, Kook. Also, go up to your room, we're trying to eat here.

can we talk about how Billie Joe has livestreamed every day in the past three days? not only does he do it when he’s alone, but he started like two live streams while other people were around and he gets so excited about it like “HEY THIS IS MY FAMILY AND THESE ARE MY FRIENDS, SAY HI, AND THIS IS THE BOOK I’M READING RIGHT NOW”, like in the middle of the day while hanging out with other people he just goes “damn I want to talk to my fans right now” and he just does it and he reads the comments and talks to other people about us like “yeah it’s them!! they’re talking to me on here!! they’re saying X and Y”

I’m just so god fucking emotional right now I love him so much I want to cry because 16 year old me freaked out when she found out he had twitter so she could get a glimpse into his life and now he’s doing THIS????? how am I even ALIVE in these times, seriously

Viktuuri Cheating
  • Viktor: Yuuri we need to have a serious talk.
  • Yuuri: Oh no here it comes...
  • Viktor: It's just that...
  • Yuuri: *tearing up* You don't love me anymore
  • Viktor: Well...I cheated...
  • Yuuri: And he wants me to leave...
  • Viktor:
  • Yuuri:
  • Yuuri: Wait you did what?!
  • Viktor: I didn't mean to! It's just I'm so competitive and I love family game night and I NEEDED To win Monopoly!
  • Yuuri: Viktor Nikiforov you selfish, two timing ass~
  • Yuuri: Wait at Monopoly?
  • Viktor: *nods terrified*
  • Yuuri: Oh...well I cheated at Clue so we're even
On selkie linguistics

[I’m working on something longer for other characters, but here, have selie!Grantaire and dragon!Enjolras being cute and not sulky or grumpy @deboracabral ]

“Is Grantaire your real name?”

Grantaire raises his eyebrows at Enjolras. “What do you mean?”

“Is it the proper pronunciation I mean,” Enjolras says seriously. “I’ve heard you speak selkie with Éponine, is your name originally in selkie?”

“Selkie isn’t exactly a language,” Grantaire grins. “We speak seal or human. We’re all multilingual.”

“Can’t you speak human when you’re in seal form?” Enjolras asks curiously.

“We can,” Grantaire shrugs. “But it’s hard and the sounds don’t carry well under water.”

“But as a pup you can’t transform yet,” Enjolras points out. “So your name must be in selkie- I mean seal.”

Grantaire gives Enjolras a bemused expression. “Why does it matter?”

“It doesn’t,” Enjolras says hastily. “I just, I want to make sure I am getting your name right. It’s important. Names are important.”

Grantaire smiles. Why does Enjolras always get so worked up over details? “Most of my friends call me R,” he says. “That’s a little closer to what I was called as a pup.”

“Just R?” Enjolras asks with a slight frown.

“No,” Grantaire says, grinning at his insistence. “More like R.” Seal sounds sound unnatural coming from a human mouth and Grantaire laughs at the surprise on Enjolras’ face.

“That’s your name?” he says. “I’ve heard Matéo and Judoc yelling that.”

“Yeah,” Grantaire sighs. “They like to wear it out.”

Enjolras moves his lips silently, frowning slightly. “So your name is R,” he tries.

Grantaire splutters with amusement. “Oh man,” he laughs. “Do that again!”

“What?” Enjolras protests. “That’s what you just said. Did I do it wrong?”

“You purred,” Grantaire snorts. “I didn’t know you could do that!”

“I did not,” Enjolras huffs. “You made a sound at the back of your throat, so did I!”

“Yes but I didn’t roll it!” Grantaire cries, he’s swallows his laughter, because Enjolras is starting to look rather defensive. “It was closer though,” he says encouragingly. “To my name in seal. You’ll probably get it if you keep trying.”

“You’re just saying that because you want me to do it again,” Enjolras say accusingly, but there’s a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth.

“I’m not,” Grantaire says innocently. “Honest.”

“You’re a bad liar, R,” Enjolras says smilingly.

Grantaire bites his lip to hold in his laughter. “Stars, you’re-” He swallows the word ‘cute’. He shakes his head. “Dragons purr, that is the best thing I’ve ever learned.”

“Shut up,” Enjolras chides and he gives him a friendly shove.

“Wait,” Grantaire says, eyes opening wide in delight. “Is there a dragon language? Does your name sound different in that too? Does it consists only of purring?”

“I was raised and named by humans,” Enjolras reminds him with another huff. “And no it doesn’t.”

“Prove it,” Grantaire grins. Teasing is easy, teasing is safe.

“No,” Enjolras refuses, trying not to laugh.

“Aw,” he whines. “Come on…”


“Hey Enj,” Grantaire says, wiggling his eyebrows. “Talk dragon to me.”

Enjolras chokes and spits out a cloud of sparks.

Grantaire bursts out laughing and Enjolras uses his lapse in attention to actually push him off his rock this time.

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my friend said she spilled my little tea on shawn here and i had to see what she said exactly. she exaggerated. choose to believe it or not, but truth's simple. we share a mutual friend, but never talked once. at the party, he snorted some coke and drank. that's it. nothing else. someone got a video, however, i would love to see the sun rise tomorrow so i won't pull some strings to show it. tea spreads quickly around here and everyone says shawn's a good boy. no need to worry.

Originally posted by plasticbagbarbie

now yal know i’m nice 99.99% of the time… so i hope you’ll excuse me while i call bullshit right quick…

anon, let me know if i got this right… your friend came on the internet and spilled anonymous tea behind your back, putting your integrity and your chances of ever being invited to said “hollywood parties” again in jeopardy… then that friend went back to you and admitted that she indeed took the liberty of spilling your tea on your behalf, unbeknownst to you… then you proceeded to follow her tracks to find out exactly what tea this big mouthed friend spilled while you weren’t looking (because for some odd reason, your friend was willing to tell you that she spilled but not what she spilled…)… and instead of just checking in on the tea, you felt compelled to jump on anon your damn self, on a mission to try and back up the very tea that you didn’t even intend to have spilled in the first place – tea that was supposedly spilled  without your knowledge – by making mention of receipts that you cant actually show…


i’d bet my bottom dollar that: (A.) you and your friend are actually the same person (B.) you were never at any such party with any such shawn mendes. and (C.) you could’ve found something better to do with your friday than this foolishness.

good talk, beloved. take care.


“You’re not Fallen, are you?” The question pops out of my mouth before my head can censor it.
From everything I’ve heard, that would just make me more sexy to you Daughters of Men.” He finishes taping the last bit of the blanket. “What is it that you all see in bad boys?
I’m asking the questions here, Raffe. This is serious.”

dedicated to heather <3

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OH MY GOD THAT LAST HEADCANON IS JUST SO SO SO CUTE!! Please I'm begging you if you ever have some spare time left and want to make a desperate anon die of happiness, please make a drawing or little comic or literally whatever artsy thing of that last headcanon, its killing me and its so cute and bless you for coming up with that youre so good and cool! (Also, on a more serious note, I just love the headcanons a lot, but do not feel pressured to draw anything if you dont want to) BLESS YOU!!

this took me a while to finish but here ya go!!

(read L>R)

Why I love each sign
  • Aries: You are so unbelievably loving and loyal. I see what everyone says about you being aggressive and whatnot but that shouldn't overshadow the fact that you are the kindest, most loving, and innocent soul I've ever met.
  • Taurus: I love how energetic and blindly optimistic you are. You always keep me on my toes and you always push me to be better.
  • Gemini: You always know how to make me smile, but you also know how to keep me on track. I admire your honesty and wit.
  • Cancer: You love so hard. You try your hardest to be there for others even if they're never there for you. I love your passion and devotion. Never take anyone's shit and never change who you are. You deserve the world.
  • Leo: I love your vibrance and spirit. You're always the loudest, kindest, brightest person in the room. You seem to have all the answers. Whenever I need a person, you're my person. Thank you for sticking with me for so long. I appreciate you so much.
  • Virgo: You are so open and straight forward and pure. You bring out the best in me. You make me feel important. You make me feel like I should be alive.
  • Libra: You make me feel calm when I feel like the whole world is against me. I feel like you've known me forever. You make me feel understood.
  • Scorpio: You are so grounded and put together. Whenever I feel like I can't breathe, you know exactly how to calm me down. You know my soul inside and out. Your energy is so radiant and powerful. I love how strong and loyal you are.
  • Sagittarius: You make me let go of everything and just smile. I feel like I could joke around and laugh with you, but also have a deep conversation about the universe and why we're here. You're the smartest and kindest soul I've ever met.
  • Capricorn: You see right through me. And though we may fight a lot, you always seem to draw me to you. You can range anywhere from stubbornly serious to playfully happy. The world falls away when I'm with you.
  • Aquarius: Spunky, energetic, creative, loyal, loving, and overall amazing. You make me feel like a kid again. Completely carefree and alive and I love you for that.
  • Pisces: I feel like I've known you my whole life. I'm not afraid to open my soul up to you. You listen to all my crazy stories and laugh at my faults instead of criticize them. You're so understanding and overall wonderful. You deserve to be happy.

I feel morally obligated to make at least one shitpost a week

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Hi! So, if you're willing to get prompt, I'm here :) How about Cassian taking care of Jyn because she's been injuried (nothing serious, but very annoying, like a broken leg/arm and she can't do anything by herself) or just the two of them being nerds like trying to slice faster than the other or something. Any domestic fluff is good too. Or Jyn teaching Cassian how to swim (I was totally obsess with this idea while on vacation). Good luck!

Thank you so much for following! I love writing grumpy, stubborn Jyn :D

“I’m fine,” Jyn growled as Cassian looked back over his shoulder at her for what felt like the millionth time.

He shook his head with a half-smile and carried on walking, his stupid long legs walking at a stupid pace through the stupid forest that they had to be in because they had run away from stupid Stormtroopers, which was when she had tripped over a stupid rock. Jyn bit back a gasp as her traitorous ankle twinged with her next step. Pain shot up through her calf, bounced off her knee and went right back down to her ankle with a painful throb. This time Cassian didn’t look back, and though she had snapped at him a dozen times that she was fine and didn’t need his help she suddenly wished he would offer.

Jyn knew she was being stubborn, and felt a touch petulant. It was Saw who had taught her to never ask for help no matter what - first through his training, then his abandonment. I’ve made it through worse on my own, no point in getting used to having someone there.

She recovered and walked on, making it a few more steps before her full weight landed on an uneven lump of ground causing her ankle to wobble in a way that wouldn’t have hurt were it not already injured, but whichever ligament she had pulled or torn screamed at the motion and she stumbled.

This time she did cry out, and Cassian did turn. His concern turned to amusement when he saw that she was alright. Jyn didn’t find it quite so funny as she sat on the damp ground holding her ankle and waiting for the pain to pass. She scowled up at him.

“I’m - ” she snapped.

“Don’t even say it,” Cassian said as he held out his hand. She took it with reluctance and let him pull her up to stand on her one good foot. “I’m going to help you.”

“I can do this myself,” and it felt like a stupid thing to say as she clung to his shirt for balance rather than risk putting her injured foot on the ground.

“I know you can,” Cassian said, and Jyn squawked as he slipped one arm around her shoulders and the other behind her knees. Jyn felt her cheeks flush hot with anger and embarrassment and something else that made her heart pound a little faster as he lifted her against him. He started walking and she had no choice but the wrap her arms around his neck to stop herself from tumbling to the ground. “But as long as I’m here you don’t have to.”

Jyn - tired and with both wounded pride and ankle - huffed against his chest. He smelled like blaster oil and rain, and she was in a perfect position to press her face into his neck. “Fine,” she muttered but could not longer put any heat into the words. “But only so we can get out of here faster.”

Cassian chuckled, and it sent tremors through her body. Maybe needing help isn’t so bad after all.

give me the classic “listen bruh we’re high (or drunk) but your lips look sort of appealing rn so i’m gonna kiss you ok?? ok nice now we’re fucking && holy shit, that night was only supposed to be a one time thing but here we are again — wait, we’re just friends, y'know that right?? cool, cool, let’s do this && oh fuck, you’re making breakfast in your underwear and looking damn fucking beautiful, i think i’m in love with you even though we’ve only been doing this for a couple of months — but wait !! you’re seeing someone?? why didn’t you tell me?? i mean, idc bc we were nothing serious but ///: holy fuck i’m in love with you” plot pls

  • Kuroo: *very serious tone* I love you.
  • Kuroo: so, much.
  • Kuroo: and I really want to kiss you
  • Kuroo: not just on the lips, but all over your face.
  • Kuroo: and cuddle rest of the day with you
  • Tsuki: ...
  • Kuroo: I'm not kidding
  • Kuroo: let's do it right here
  • Kuroo: right now

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*breathes heavily and makes the boi hand gesture* Have you ever thought about doing a novel? Because your fans would love-hate you for the amazing stories you can create and the perfect mix of angst and fluff you can do within 'em. And yes I'm dead serious

Aw haha thanks, cutie pie! I’ve actually written two novels (which will never see the light of day because they are AWFUL), and I plan to continue writing. So hopefully one day it’ll happen.

I’ve actually got an idea in the works, but I just have so little time to promote towards a project that big. So, we’ll see how that goes. But in the meantime, writing on here gives me a lot of great practice, and I just love interacting with you guys and creating stories about these boys!

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I just finished a fic that unexpectedly ended up demonizing my career for no apparent reason, so I'm kind of in a funk. Do you know any fics where either of the boys, but preferably Steve, is a journalist and actually loves his job? Even a freelance writer. I've already been through your author! tags so not those, please. I know I've read some where Steve was a political journalist / blogger and was really good at it, but I can't find any now!

here are some journalist/reporter!stucky recs for you

Off The Record by Brenda

“This is a serious coup, James. Steve Rogers has never sat down with a member of the press and given an interview. Ever. Do you know how rare that is for the fourth-string star on a cable reality show, much less the biggest movie star in the world?”

Embracing the Beast by llenorion

Five years ago the heir to Barnes Genetics returned home from war after being tortured for several months. Among the citizens he was considered the ‘Prince of New York’ due to his wealth, charm, and adoration of the upper and lower class who lived there. Once a charming, reckless, musically gifted young man, the Prince had become a recluse at his large home in the Hamptons. Rumors spread that he had been disfigured and lost his mind. For five years the Prince had refused to speak to anyone other than his close staff. Until last week when freelancing journalist Steve was presented the opportunity by a cryptic guy with an eye patch write the Prince’s story. What Steve initially saw as a chance to launch his career would become a search for redemption, love and hope.

Me + You by mambo (/others)

High school was a waking nightmare for Steve Rogers, whose one highlight was meeting a mysterious guy at the end of his senior year. Years later, he’s asked to go back to high school on a journalistic assignment. He doesn’t expect a familiar face to be teaching his math class.

(A Never Been Kissed-inspired AU that you do not need to know the source material for, and which aims to be less creepy than.)

If We Are Ready To Make This Something by EllaWinchester24

The AU I’ve been dying to write- protective!cop!Steve, twink!reporter!Bucky who loves to take risks like personally meeting criminals in disguise for his stories. When the two meet, something definitely ignites. In the best way.

Investigative Journalism by GoodbyeBlues

When gossip reporter Bucky Barnes is tasked with finding out more about a rumoured engagement for one of the famous Rogers brothers, he jumps at the chance to spend a week with Steve Rogers when the opportunity falls into his lap (or, actually, when Bucky falls into the opportunity. Literally.) Unfortunately, the more time he spends with Steve, the less he seems to want to write his exposé. Especially when his tell-all would be devastating to his new ‘boyfriend.’ …But those feelings are just pretend, right?

Blue and White and Read All Over by aurilly (WIP, /others)

Mild-mannered reporter by day, superhero by… other parts of the day.

The one where Captain America has a day job, Bucky spends most of his time with superheroes and supervillains, and nothing is quite as normal as it seems.

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There's usually this weight I see in Iwaizumi, whether in art or writing. Maybe it's how broad he's usually portrayed, or his muscles, or his usual role as Oi's anchor. But Fairy King!Iwa is so light and airy to me (like angel food cake!) even in armor and argh, I love it so! He feels like the stereotypical winged fairy, like Tinkerbell or something. I'm just reveling in the contrast. I hope I haven't offended or anything. I love your art style I wanted you to know it's giving me such FEELS.

IT’S THE LAUGHTER AND SMILING. He’s always So Serious yet here, we just meet him and he’s nonchalant and laughing. OMG.

thank you! I’m really glad you like him <3

I guess it depends on the image every person has of the character. The strongest image I have of him is like this. Iwachan who has fun with small things!

i just…love how DC is like ‘right we need some drama here, let’s give wally a serious heart condition and then kill him! but hmm…how do we give him one that’s enough of a threat?’ 

percy, probably: *holds up damian wayne like the holy grail of throwing character development out the window* i got you covered!


listen here

iris - the goo goo dolls // better together - jack johnson // the scientist - coldplay // silhouette - aquilo // you are in love - travis atreo // say something - a great big world (ft. christina aguilera) // kiss me - ed sheeran // sleeping in my t-shirt - zak waters // thinking about you - edwin raphael // tennyson - adam barnes // i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie // love at first sight - the brobecks // she is love - parachute

People I love:

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And I’m pretty sure I missed some people 


  • Yohane: Damn that Zuramaru! Looking down on me for being a little bit nervous sometimes!
  • Yohane: Does she think I don't wanna kiss her? Of course I want to kiss her! Who wouldn't! But kissing is a serious thing! A big deal!
  • Yohane: I, I just don't wanna do anything she'd dislike! I want to be together with her forever! What if I...
  • Yohane: Aaahh!! Damn it! I just love her so much, I... I'm gonna try hard--
  • Hanamaru:
  • Hanamaru: I, um, I heard a cat in the bushes and... when I followed the sound I heard you talking about being nervous and...
  • Yohane: (CRAP)
  • Hanamaru: Is it true? What you just said?
  • Yohane: Y-yeah...
  • Hanamaru: I had no idea! I'm so sorry for making fun of you, Yoshiko!
  • Yohane: N-no, no, I'm sorry, I, um...
  • Dia, hiding in the bushes: (No need to thank me, kids)
  • Dia: (Unless you have pudding, I'll take pudding)