i'm just in love with the 3d

Guys… GUYS… I just discovered AMAZING PAPERCRAFTS by @minterwint​. You get to make mini figures of Victor, Yuuri, Yurio, Phichit, and more!!!! You get to have your own 3D papercraft army of figure skaters!!

minterwint, your templates are amazing and I can’t wait to make them! I’ll update with a photo of my army tomorrow. :3 (Hopefully I won’t be terrible at making them.)

FYI, I’m about to flood everyone’s dash with the templates because I think they’re awesome and people need to know about this. The templates need more notes!! Now, everyone can have their own army of figure skaters. :D

FISH (Mark Tuan cut) [3D]
  • FISH (Mark Tuan cut) [3D]
  • Got7 x Mark Tuan


shall i say, sex?


This is a small gift for @henriettalamb

I just wanted to say that this is a sign to show how i just love them!

And sure i love the artist behind them for creating the comic! That i really inhaled in a minute! I’m not often so hard into a story but this one has me in chains!

Can’t wait to see even more of it!

I was drawing this with colors!3D on my DS so i hadn’t much to work with but i gotta say that I’m proud of myself… That’s my first fan art and my first good Furry art!

Henriettalamb is a big inspiration <3

@damnhitsuzen tagged me in this, I don’t know if anyone else would be interested in my life but here ya go~

Rules: tag nine people you want to get to know better.

Relationship Status: Taken, by my 3D boyfriend and 2D harem of assorted gorgeous characters (all genders accepted). My boyfriend is a dork and I love him for it. XD

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick because my lips get chapped really easily. My favorite lipbalm is probably the strawberry eos one, just because it smells and tastes like candy. I like lipstick too though, and wear dark shades like plum a lot because I channel my inner goth.  

Last song I listened to:  I can’t really remember since I listen to music ALL THE TIME, but the last song in my youtube history is “By The Kiss”- by M83. 

Movie I watched: The last full movie I watched was The Aristocats.

Three TV shows: Very hard. Too hard. I’ve seen so many, and enjoyed so many equally, I don’t have a favorite.. But I’ll just pick a random three out of all the ones I like: Parks & Recreation, Gintama, and Stranger Things.

Three Characters: Newt Scamander, Prince Zuko (ATLA), Eowyn (from LOTR) 

Ships: I’m a multishipper and I’ve seen so many shows that in all honesty naming all of my ships would take years. So I’ll only name my recent ships.

Yuri x Victor (YOI)

Keith x Lance (Voltron)

Scorpius x Albus (Cursed Child)

Lapis x Peridot (SU)

Serinuma x Mutsumi (Watashi ga Motete Dosunda)

Serinuma x  Nishina (Wastashi ga Motete Dosunda)

I tag: @fandomance @ammonoids @attackonmikaelson @hailtheallmightyglowcloud @lokilaufeyson666 @ditz-world @shall @serious-fandom-trash @lets-get-frickin-zazzed-m8 

Idk, I just tagged the names I recognized. Sorry if you’ve already answered this!

So…. I had a thought on the Miraculous Ladybug 2D PV

What if it existed within the 3D-verse as a fan project created by Nathanaël because, you know, he’s sort of head over heels for Ladybug after everything that happened with Evillustrator? Which is why Felix is such a dick. Because Nathanaël is projecting his jealousy towards Chat Noir as a rival in love onto his idea of who he thinks would be behind the mask (and anyone who treats civilian!Ladybug with such apathy and distaste does not deserve her like he does!! Pick me, Ladybug!!).

So he represents Chat Noir as being a lot more over the top than he is in reality and just assumes that his alter ego is a jerk while Ladybug’s just cool and badass and her alter ego is too good, too pure for this world… bc honestly Ladybug must be perfect in and out of costume… gosh… Ladybug…. doki doki

And he submits it to the Ladyblog and it gets pretty viral and Adrien sees it and it’s really cool, but also why does he seem like such a jerk?? So he just sort of comments like ‘I always thought Chat Noir would be a great guy out of costume because he’s a hero??’ and Nath is just 'This is my right as an artist I didn’t ask for critiques’ lmao

Marinette sees it and is just like “Yeah that’s probably how Chat is out of the mask” (cue a random pang in Adrien’s chest)


i’m modeling my oni for one of my final projects for this semester!!! i just learned to use Zbrush this semester and it was one of the coolest thing i’ve ever used! (i hate 3D btw, so this is a big step for me)

i’m still going to give some color to Red and I need to finish Blue! next year I’m going to make 2 more oni! (the yellow one if anyone remembers and maybe a new one)

plus i need to make an illustration for each one so ye rip me.

(BTW I HAVE A MINI FIGURE OF RED NOW!!! it’s really cute ; ___; i’m going to paint hm when i have the time!)

→ barely two months ago i was sitting at like 300-something followers, and even then i thought about how the frick i had so many followers. that was already overwhelming for little old reblogging me.

around my birthday, i had a sudden sURGE OF FOLLOWERS AND THEY JUST NEVER STOPPED EVER SINCE. i thank the 3d edits for that mostly but who knows? maybe you guys followed me to follow me.

thanks to twolflovers, i was able to break 2.5k followers! of course, i want to keep on surpassing that, but my god, thank you all so much. it means a lot to me that this was even possible. i love all of you guys so much. xoxo

now to do my forever follow list because i’ve always wanted to do this and of course the people i follow deserve some lovin’.

bolded are faves because of their blogs and/or because they just are.
everyone else i wanna talk to you, even if i’m not following you. i like talking to people and answering stuff!

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Journey to FUN!

It’s here! It’s been over 6 years since any Bionicle animation longer than 3 minutes has come out, and there’s clearly been a significant budget increase to this G2 reboot’s episode-style format. We’ve got 3D animated toa and villagers alike, along with a lively crew of creatures and a villain who manages to simultaneously be Starscream and Megatron (sorry, I had to, but the link is a StamperTV comedy sketch that is as relevant as it is not safe for work).

If you’ve played or seen screenshots from the Mask of Control mobile game, you know basically where the overarching story is headed. The two and a half episodes we have are the full tread of the winter wave, and end on a “cliffhanger” for summer that’s of course entirely blown out of the water by leaks. As usual though, it’s the moments in between that really shine and liven things up. Journey to One is definitely many things at once, but above all it succeeds at being fun!

Just don’t let the ramblings of this over-devoted fanboy be your first experiences with this show; it’s got tons of charm that can only be expressed by a visual medium! Spoilers and such abound below, so Netflix binge excessively and then come back, won’t you?

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OMG I’m already hooked to this! It’s already airing in Korea, and so happy that my korean is sufficient!

Miraculous Ladybug is a project with multiple partners from Japan, Korea, France, and other countries. I love the show so far. I’ve yet to see new episodes or watch the first 2, since the only ones available in Korean were episodes 3+4.
From what I’ve seen, the 3d is not bad. I especially like the action scenes, and the character Ladybug and Cat Noir  are just lovable when they’re in the same scene. Is it anything new and refreshing? Probably not. But it’s pretty fun as hell to me. There’s an english trailer, but don’t let the slightly cringing 5 seconds ruin your opinion of the show. 

Apparently they are airing in Nickolodeon sometime this winter, I believe. 
[EDIT] It’s also airing on Disney as well ^^

And that’s not all. If the CG version of this show is successful, Japan will make a 2D anime version as a webtoon EEEEE! You wanna know what it looks like?

Oh wait, didn’t I already share this? Oh who cares! It’s freaking gorgeous! 

For the people who love to hate on 3D, please try not to be biased. The 3D is not bad at all. CGI and traditional animation, are mediums that help get the message, vision, or story across. Plus, you hate on the 3D? Then guess what, there wont’ EVER be a 2D anime. So there. I too was heartbroken and pissed that they were going with CGI, but that doesn’t stop me from liking the concept, character, and story. If you love this show, then it shouldn’t bother you how it’s done. As long as it’s done right. So far, it looks like they’re doing good…for now. It’s still a new cartoon, so only time will tell.

Hmmm….should I drop everything I’m doing and make some fanart of these 2 adorkable superheroes?