i'm just having way too much fun right now

i wish i could do things right and i wish i had motivation to get up

I’m not exactly saying that I’ve been spending way too much of the past 48 hours drawing a sith!Puke version of the Miike Snow Genghis Khan music video for @jellyfishfire

but I’m not saying that I haven’t either

just, you know, fair warning

I don’t understand how some of y’all saw and listened to the Bangtan trailer and came away with “swag Min” or “ball is life” jokes. 花樣年華 was more intense, more emotional, and more impactful than the vast majority of Bangtan’s songs so far and (in my opinion) more than almost any of the songs on Namjoon’s mixtape other than maybe 각성.

I’ve seen a lot of people giving Yoongi the appreciation he deserves for this, don’t get me wrong. But the fact that this is the first time Yoongi’s work has been given the spotlight like this and a large section of the fandom is just rehashing tired “swag” jokes is kind of…frustrating to see.


Robert with that I really want to jump him right now face that I love so much. 

The first one realising how hot he is, surprised that he hadn’t seen it before.
The second one enjoying the fact that he knows he gets to have a good secret and forbidden taste of him later.
And the last one looking at Aaron remembering that he’s far more atracted to him that he’s willing to admit, that he’s so much more than just a guy to have some fun on the side with. 

catsoncoffee  asked:

First of all, LOVE your stuff. What do you do to get motivated? I'm in the biggest slump right now!

Hi!! Thank you so much!!

Motivation is super super super hard! There is no quick and dirty way to get motivated. Believe me, I work full-time and do freelancing and personal art on the side and sometimes I’m just too tired to do anything. Even though I’ll have stuff to do, I just can’t muster the energy to do any of it.

Here are some things that might help:

- If you have art that is “work stuff” that you can’t get motivated for, try drawing for fun instead. Maybe some fanart, maybe something in a crazy new style you haven’t tried, maybe a personal project you want to do someday. Shake yourself loose for a couple days. You might find that once you return to your “real” stuff it’ll seem more exciting and you’ll be able to see it with new eyes.
- Find exciting music! My friends recommend the Mad Max soundtrack. Maybe find a song that sparks an image in your head and try to draw it!
- Consume other media. Books, comics, movies, TV shows, whatever! Seeing other people’s work can be super fun and inspirational and might help you with your own.
- Relax! Don’t beat yourself up about it. Take a nap, hydrate, eat some good food, remind yourself that this slump isn’t forever and you’ll work through it. Everyone gets stuck sometimes, the important thing is to not get discouraged. You can make it through! Good luck!

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The breakup: A Lucaya Fanfic
  • Like many times before, Maya was mad at Lucas. Girls would try to ask him out or get him to do things for them, and as the gentleman he was, he wouldn't say no. And that was it for her. It was over.
  • Lucas: You're being ridiculous.
  • Maya: I'm not. You're being insensitive.
  • Lucas: she just asked me to help her with a phisics problem. You can't be jelous of that.
  • Maya: I'm not jelous. I told you that girl wants you for more than phisics...
  • Lucas: no, she doesn't. You're being paranoid.
  • Maya: what did you say?
  • Lucas: You're acting like a crazy paranoid gf.
  • Maya: Fine. If that is bothering you, go ahead and make your studdy dates with your new gf. Since I'm no longger.
  • Lucas: what?
  • Maya: You heard me Cowboy. You are free to date that skank. You are no longger mine.
  • Lucas: fine
  • Maya: perfect
  • Lucas: sure
  • Maya: cool.
  • Next week all high school was aware Lucas and Maya brokeup. Girls were trowing themselves at Lucas, he was so hot and the new promessing shining star of the football team. But Maya, guys her agr were scared of her, only older guys would ask her out. One of them the actual quarterback of the football team. A guy named Rob. Lucas not only knew him for his football skills but also his girl conquest. He was a casanova. He had a different girl almost every week. So when he heard in the locker room he was gonna ask Maya out, Lucas lost it. He became a mad man.
  • Rob: Guess who's gonna be mine this weekend?
  • Liam: who?
  • Rob: That freshmen little dinamite. You know... The fisty one... The one who dumped Friar...
  • Liam: the short one?
  • Rob: yeah... Marla I think is her name...
  • Lucas: Her name is Maya. And she would never go out with you. You're not her type.
  • Rob: Oh really? Cus she already said yes... And she was very eager to go with me to the auto-cinema this weekend. Some stick driving lessons... she'll be a pro in no time.
  • Lucas: she doesn't even likes to drive.
  • Rob: we won't be really driving... Is a metaphore of me teaching her how to play.
  • Lucas: Don't talk about her like that.
  • Rob: what? You broke up right? Not like is still yours.
  • Lucas: still. Not cool. Just don't do it.
  • Rob: dude, Too late. We already have a date after my round with Diana under the bleachers. Don't worry is not like I'm gonna be her first. I bet she knows some stuff too.
  • Lucas: dude, I'm warning you. Stop now. She's not that kind of girl.
  • Rob: No way... Is she a virgin? Don't tell me you didn't pop her cherry? Oh my, this is gonna be so special. I'm gonna have so much fun with this one... Mya was it?
  • Lucas was red with rage, he just punched him in the face. Broke his nose, got suspended from the team and for what? Nothing. Maya was going out with him in two days. He couldn't do anything to stop her. Or could he?
  • Maya: you asshole!
  • Lucas: Maya?
  • Maya: you just have to ruin things for me don't you.
  • Lucas: so you heard?
  • Maya: how could you attack Robbie out of jelousy?
  • Lucas: It wasn't-
  • Maya: we are over Lucas. I'm going out with him now. Get over it.
  • Lucas: I'm not jelous, he was being-
  • Maya: just leave me alone and stay out of my life!
  • Lucas: But he's a jerk!
  • Maya: So what? I'm not yours, go find someone else to overprotect. I can take care of myself.
  • That weekend Lucas was out, he drank some beers but all he could think about was that Rob, trying to touch Maya the wrong way and he became Raged once more. He was gonna stop it.
  • Maya: what are you doing here?
  • Lucas: I came for you.
  • Maya: are you drunk?
  • Lucas: no... I just had like 2 or 3 beers...
  • Maya: Lucas, go home. Robbie will be here Any minute now.
  • Lucas: yeah well. He's gonna miss you by a minute.
  • Maya: what are you talking ab- haaaaa! (Lucas took her over his shoulder like a potato sack) Put me down Friar!
  • (Lucas put Maya in his truck and left)
  • Maya: what do you think you're doing? This is kidnapping!
  • Lucas: You won't listen to me, so I had to do something.
  • Lucas took Maya to school, to the bleachers, but he was too late, neither Rob or Diana were there. He had no proof and Maya was very pissed at him. She was late for her date. And she was stucked with a crazy jelous ex-boyfriend.
  • Maya: now what? You've gone mad?
  • Lucas: I'm not crazy. Maya. I know he was here with her... He told me...
  • Maya: he was gonna be here with another girl?
  • Lucas: yeah...and then he was gonna make you do things. I had to stop him.
  • Maya: No, you didn't. Is not like I was gonna do whatever he wanted me to do. I'm not that kind of girl.
  • Lucas: that's what I said... But he kept saying this things he was gonna do with you... And I just... Lost it.
  • Maya: You can't keep acting all overprotective of me. I'm gonna be single for the rest of my life if you keep that. No one wants to date me! They are afraid of me, or my ex.
  • Lucas: good!
  • Maya: No! That's not good! I want a boyfriend!
  • Lucas: Can you just not?
  • Maya: No. I want to have dates and be like a normal girl.
  • Lucas: Pancake, you are so much more than any of those girls.
  • Maya: then why would you pay more atention to them when you were my boyfriend?
  • Lucas: because I'm stupid. And I didn't understand what if felt like.
  • Maya: what it felt like what?
  • Lucas: seeing the person you love with someone else. Having pictures in my mind of what was going to happen between you two. What it felt to loose the person you love and seeing them getting hurt.
  • Maya: You hurt me first.
  • Lucas: I know. I know that now Pancake. Do you think you can forgive me?
  • Maya: do you still love me?
  • Lucas: you know I do. I love you so much. I got suspended for you.
  • Maya: I forgive you, but you got suspended for acting like a crazy man.
  • Lucas: what was I supposed to do? He was being disrespectful to you...
  • Maya: you broke his nose... That was a little extreme.
  • Lucas: he deserved it!
  • Maya: and what about you?
  • Lucas: well. Since I saved you from being ravished. I think that deserve a reward. After all i was your hero today.
  • Maya pulls Lucas from his collar down to her and uses her low voice.
  • Maya: What do you want?
  • Lucas: you know what I want.
  • Maya: I won't do it.
  • Lucas: That's all I want. Just one time.
  • Maya: ok. Mad Dog.
  • Lucas: and?
  • Maya: I Love You.
  • Lucas: I love you more Shortstack. Can you please come back with me?
  • Maya: I can. But that doesn't mean I will.
  • Lucas: ok.
  • Maya: I was kidding. Gosh... For a guy who says he loves me, you gave up too fast.
  • Lucas: I didn't gave up. Was planning for a diffent strategy.
  • Maya: kiss kiss?
  • Lucas: Always. (Kisses her)