i'm just hating

how is it possible that i have all four books of the raven cycle, eight sticks of sealing wax, a fortune cookie, a newspaper clipping from 1920, a map of India, and a plane ticket from 2009 in my backpack and yet, not one pen

“you look like billy ray cyrus”

I made this for @wayward-mirage in MS Paint. pls don’t look at it for too long, you’ll want to burn out your eyes.

I’m so sorry.

Is there anything more enraging than when someone you live with is needlessly rude to you so as the Bigger Person (and internationally recognised fucking delight!) in the relationship who Rises Above It you leave the room to avoid turning it into a fight, only for them to accuse you of sulking?????? You think this is sulking, sunshine? I’ll show you fucking sulking, I’ll sulk so hard you won’t know what hit you! Suck it up!

So I have a date on Saturday

And I’m so nervous

I have awful social anxiety and I can’t deal

I told my friends and they barely reacted like it’s no big deal which is well and good for them because they have sex with essential strangers so a mere date to them is nothing

But this will be my first date in three years and only my second date ever and my only other date I’ve ever been on was a DISASTER and the guy decided afterwards that he wanted to date my friend instead because she’s prettier and skinnier than I am

So this is in fact a big deal for me

And I matched with this guy on a dating app so he’s basically a stranger so I’m so worried that he’s gonna see me and not think I’m cute or it’ll be really awkward (I am aware that I sound like a 12 year old when in fact I am 23)

And I’m so anxious I can’t even sleep :’(