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  • Some people now: The Servamp fandom is so small, no one cares about this series
  • Me, a fandom dinosaur, recalling when it consisted of three people and didn't even have an AO3 tag: Oh My Sweet Summer Child

Fuck it. They cancelled a show that was important to a fucking lot of kids out there not only bc of lgbtq rep but also bc they had people of color doing great things. KIDS of color doing great things, getting their life together and building a future in spite of a society that was against them. Do they have a freaking hold of how important a message like this for teenagers and young adults is? Do they realize they just showed us that we were right and you have to be white to actually have someone listen to your voice? Which is the fucking contrary of the message The Get Down was trying to get thru. Do they fucking realize they disappointed deeply so many people? Cause really this is not just about caring for characters that were written and portrayed beautifully but also seeing someone like you succeeding in life, so you can have the motivation to think “hey, if they did it, I can do that too”. I’m really tired of watching all the whites have the good endings. I’m tired. Like, on the verge of losing my shit tired. What do I have to do to someone to put out there something I can relate to. Give me a fucking clean explanation about how a show that promotes positivity and originality doesn’t get a fucking second season but 13 Reasons Why does. Explain it to me. I need Netflix to come clean on this cause no one is convincing me this is not the result of racism.
Fuck Netflix I hope all the company together with all their mayo series flop and they delete themselves from existence.


What if Hannibal let hawks fly…

What if Matthew Brown had what he wanted?
What if Hannibal let the boy transform from the ripper to a hawk?

Would he become a bird-watcher?

-or a bird-hunter…?


My sketch part for the CHANGE WIP art game I recently took part in. 
It’s too late when I realized I had went too far with this ha ha.
My friend are really mad at me for doing this, I don’t blame them. I’m very sorry.
I would get what I deserved soon, they said.

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As someone who has distanced themselves from the 100 post- lexa death, I am sincerely shocked at how many fans of the show on here attach themselves to the Bellarke relationship. I vividly remember the reaction of the queer fanbase and how appreciative and passionate they were in response to the clexa storyline. To see this reaction now unfolding is baffling and really presents heteronormative standards in a extremely glaring perspective.