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“Everything about this woman was both hard yet soft, delicate yet bold, wild yet calm. She was a storm that called to Cassian; it beckoned him into its grasp. A storm that he didn’t want to avoid anymore. He wanted to give in to the urges that pulled him to Nesta and he wanted her to do the same. So he let go of all pretense, closed his eyes, and leaned in to finally, finally, kiss the catastrophically beautiful woman below him.”

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When we’d break, I’d nip outside for a cigarette and he’d always follow me, despite not smoking himself, and we’d just talk about stuff.

Taron Egerton on his mentor, Colin Firth

I read the quote from an old interview and immediately thought of this behind-the-scene photo for Kingsman 2, which was supposedly taken in between shoots.  Colin, you’re the sweetest.  Please take this wild child back under your wing.


i have forgotten how to be gentle, i think, or else i’m a different kind of gentle now. the kind of gentle that can kill. the kind of gentle that asks to be killed.

i’m the kind of gentle that begs everything that’s listening for death but it doesn’t come, or it does but then i wake up not knowing where i am, my bedroom or yours, or the bottom of the ocean and it’s not fair, do you hear me, it’s not fair to want something so bad and only get to taste it—

i think i’m the poorly-executed drawing on the fridge of the universe and god’s too sadistic to take it down. saying look at this, look at what you did, look at what you are, look at it forever.

i crawl into your bed because it’s the closest i can get to dying anymore. i crawl into your bed for all the romantic gestures like gentle choking, gentle bruising,

i think you know that.

how i use you for pain and not pleasure, or sometimes both, sometimes, if i want it to really hurt. if i think i deserve it. you say i’m too young to feel this way and i say i’ll get older, i say when i grow up i want to be a corpse six feet under so you can walk over my body, dirt in my eyes, seeing nothing.

i think i have forgotten how to be gentle. i think i’m sorry.

—  e.k.t., “leave bruises or just leave” (@slaughtervoid, @p-ercolating)

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That explanation about names in YOI was super detailed so thank you for that! The only correction I have is that, whilst Viktor /would/ be the correct spelling in Russia, the character's name is officially spelled Victor. There are really no rules as to what somebody's name could be so if Kubo-sensei calls him Victor, it says Victor in the anime and all the official merch says Victor, I think it should be spelled with a C. ^^ could be bc it's closer to the word victory which would make sense

Disclaimer: This is nothing personal and I do appreciate you looking out for me & spreading information. And I appreciate you saying that it is correct in Russia. You did good in messaging me; I’m just of different opinion, and this is just my two pence.

Side note: I would like to add that even if I did prefer Victor, it still would have made more sense for me to use Viktor in the post as it is being used as a general reference outside of YoI; my transliterating Виктор as Victor would have been spreading culturally-false info outside of this fandom.

I’m going to try and keep it short, but basically this argument is culturally correct vs canon, as in the fandom will never agree and we’re gonna keep seeing k and c because it’s just from personal preference. Different people are going to place one above the other, & we should be chill with that. Especially because this transliteration is already debated on in academic circles; why can’t we let fandom chill for a while.

Now, personally, I’m always gonna opt for culturally correct (especially with a language I’m so intimately familiar with), no matter what canon is. So here’s my reasoning:

Why I don’t use Victor:
- An unreliable creator
: Kubo has stated before not to take her word at all times because her thoughts get muddled, we know this. Add this to how ‘Niliforov’ made it into the animation and how Otabek, Hero of Kazakhstan, has an Uzbek name, I’m not sure how much I want to trust canon on that ‘c’.
- Incorrect translations: This has already been done by Russian fans, but yeah, there have been mistakes in the Russian used in the anime. Add that to how much they skipped in naming conventions (ie lack of patronymics, no consistent grasp on diminutives) and again, I really don’t want to trust canon. Victor could just be another translation mistake that hasn’t been caught.
- Creators are not all-knowing: Mistakes are made. It’s not a bad thing that the fandom corrects knowledge, it helps stop false-information.

Why I use Viktor:
- It is and has been the transliteration for Виктор: Outside of fandom, I will fite you over this, because ‘Victor’ is very rarely applied to Russians. Not only is Виктор listed as ‘Viktor’ time and again throughout dictionaries/academic sources/etc. but it is applied in real life for Eastern Slavs. Viktor Tsoi, Viktor Yushchenko, etc.
- Slavic linguistic reasons: This is my favorite argument and I disagree with proposals to Anglicize names like Виктор because of these reasons. If we’re going to be transliterating Cyrillic into Latin, it’s not a bad thing to look at other Slavic groups who do use Latin. So: Wiktor (Polish) and Viktor (Czech, Slovak, Slovene). See the pattern? In Slavic groups that use the Latin alphabet, k is consistently used. So why should I transliterate Cyrillic to fit Anglo-American standards when I already have a Latin alphabet base? Why should I throw off Slavic custom because a person with little knowledge of this says so?
- For transliterative purposes: Cyrillic is difficult enough to transliterate effectively. Don’t take away the ‘k’, too.
- Recent trends AGAINST Anglocizing foreign names: Yeah, remember all those recent posts telling people not to Americanize names, to not accomodate Western society? Obviously this is different from those posts, but considering Eastern Europe is on the peripheral / the Bad Guy of Western society, I don’t see why Russian should have to accomodate either. It already has had to accomodate; Americans butcher Russian a lot, though you may not realize this. Canon just more or less Westernized a Russian name (when pronunciation wise, it did not need to), can you see where this might hit a nerve? How it’d be so much nicer to see Виктор, who has defied so many negative Eastern European stereotypes, get to keep the culturally correct form of his name, too, instead of Westernizing it?

I know the creators don’t know most of this, I know it’s just a ‘c’ vs a ‘k’, but can you see why I’m holding onto Viktor personally even when canon is telling me otherwise? I’m not saying that everyone should conform to this just because I say so, or because of my reasons, this is just my opinion. I’m not here to start the discourse again. I just wanted to explain why I, personally, don’t feel right using Victor. Why between canon and culture, I choose culture.

But, as some have said, at the end of the day he’s not Victor or Viktor, he’s Виктор. So let’s be civil over the c/k usage in this fandom, everyone has their own reasonings for it & we’re both wrong/correct in different ways.

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Ok, three different things, but all the same pairing: What if UF!Sans's crush just came up and sat on his lap for no apparent reason while they were watching TV or a movie? What if said crush mentions at one point (probably in response to something on the TV) that they find fangs sexy? What if at some point after this (probably days to weeks later) said crush got drunk and LICKED UF!Sans' gold tooth. Just. Leaned over and licked it.

:D OH MY GOD IT’S THIS ONE!  This ask circulates through the imagine blogs, almost everybody has gotten it!  I feel like a real imagines blog now!  I’m legit!

He’s a little surprised when you just sit in his lap.  If he’s your crush chances are he’s flirted with you, but he honestly didn’t expect you to reciprocate it that much; he thinks you’re way out of his league.  His hands hang in the air for a moment, itching to settle on your warm soft waist, before he gives in.  Humans are so… nice to the touch.  He’s wanted to do this for a while actually, wondering how your flesh feels, but he’s been playing it cool with you.  Flirting with somebody he actually likes is tricky.  It’s just as nice as he’d dreamed it would be, and he actually relaxes into this.  No, it’s even better than he imagined.  Nah, he isn’t cuddlin ya, whaddya take him for?  Some kinda sap?

When you mention idly that you think fangs are sexy his grin gives a little nervous twitch, eyelights flicking to look at you.  His arms tighten a little around your waist, (when did they wrap around you like that?) and he seriously considers asking if they’d like try to them out.  His eyes go from their eyes to their neck, that beautiful soft neck, he just has to lean forward…  “heh, maybe you’ll feel em some day.”  And like that he settles back into the movie, every nerve on end.  There, not too hard, not too soft, God he doesn’t want to scare you away. 

But he hasn’t stopped thinking about it.  Not once, and ever since then his eyes will flick to your neck now and then.  A couple days later you’re at Grillby’s, the nice secluded little booth he likes best, and you two are having a great time.  It’s when he’s staring at your neck again that you make your move, dragging your tongue over his tooth.  His sockets snap open in shock, turning still as a statue, and for a second you think you’ve broken him.  Until suddenly everything is a blur and you’re not in Grillby’s anymore, this is his room.

He grows and slams you on the bed, one hand on that waist, his hands have been tingling from how warm it is for days.  The other is just resting on your neck, keeping you nice and pinned in place.  “heh, you’ve got a taste for gold, sweet cheeks?  or fer me?  c’mon babe, you can get a better taste of that.  an’ my silver tongue.  maybe i’ll even copper a feel.”  He leans forward, and is still for a beat, looking into your eyes… and when he doesn’t see any fear, you really want this, want him, then he finally gives you a passionate kiss.  He nips gently at your lip, tongue slipping past to tangle with yours.  When he pulls away he buries his face in the crook of your neck immediately, running his fangs over your skin and making goosebumps rise.  There are more nips, a lick, and then finally a good bite.  He groans low, sockets half lidded, and when he pulls away even though he doesn’t have lungs he’s panting like he just ran a mile.  “you’re sooo sweet fer me.  i wanna taste ya more, babe.  gonna give ya all the teeth ya can handle.”

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Hey there!!! I just wanted to let you know that Feathers is also up on AO3. I use the same user name (runwildwithme) over there too! I'm also gonna be putting all the other little stories I write up over there! Again, thank you SO MUCH for letting everyone play in your sandbox. :D

All of you should go see Feathers and all the other stories under the Elsewhere tag on AO3! They are universally such Quality.

So, I figure right now is as good a time as any to explain some things that I’m just not comfortable with anymore. This might be lengthy, but I will provide a tl;dr for the lazy.

TL;DR: My gender is male, but I’m still comfortable with being called whatever - pronouns don’t matter to me.

Explanation under the cut:

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Yoo Youngjae’s Birthday Countdown - Day 3

C is for Confidence

Apparently you can handwrite messages in iMessage now? And the strokes are made for faux calligraphy so I thought I’d have some fun with it (ft. the OTP of course)

There’s no eraser tool, and the pressure strokes can be a tad iffy, so you can end up creating monstrosities like this:

Yea, makes for good fun still though! Something to occupy myself on the train back home!


Hey everyone! I was tagged to the the selfie challenge thing and I was tagged by some beautiful people!!! : @harryplease @harryxinfinity @harrystattoos and @iwouldharry Don’t I look pretty? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


I’m just gonna tag people, not just to do it, but just to see m’face XD If you wanna do it, do it!! and tag me in it I wanna see your beautiful face
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Follower Milestone Celebration!

hello friends!! I said I’d open up prompts again on my next follower milestone, and guess what’s just happened! I can’t believe there are so many of you and I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to be a part of your dashboard Experience. so let’s frickin do this thing shall we

Send me a prompt and I’ll write you a minific!

Tagged by @lourecati . I’m seriously backlogged on a lot of things I’ve been tagged in, but I’m just gonna do this one because it’s very long.

Rules: answer all questions, add one question of your own and tag as many people as there are questions.

Tag 50 people?? are you crazy?? I’ll tag people I’ve chatted with recently @thisismylifecollage @orangeyouglad8 @allyfree87 @weasal + anyone else that wants to do it.

I’m gonna put most of these under a cut because it’s v long and I don’t want to put you guys through that.

1. Coke or Pepsi: Coke.
2. Disney or Dreamworks: Disney.
3. Coffee or tea: Both. But not at the same time. Well, actually dirty chai lattes are good too??
4. Books or movies: Books.
5. Windows or mac: Mac
6. DC or marvel: Whichever is pissing me off less.
7. Xbox or PlayStation: PlayStation.
8. Dragon age or mass effect: Never played either, but I want toooo
9. Night owl or early riser: I always want to say night owl, but in truth at like 11 o’clock I will be passed out and not give af.
10. Cards or chess: Chess. All about strategy games.
11. Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate.
12. Vans or converse: Both. Vans mostly though? Like I always have a pair of vans around. Current pair is a set of white vans that I dip dyed blue.
13. Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash, or Adaar: what
14. Fluff or angst: Fluff. I’m a sucker for a sappy story. I doubt this is surprising.
15. Beach or forest: Beach, but not like hot beaches. I’m all for overcast beaches where the water makes your feet go numb.
16. Dogs or cats: Both.

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          ❛    we could pretend to get ENGAGED so we can get free dessert. you know you wanna. ❜ // OPEN.

ryokuhaku week, day 7: smiles (free prompt)

dsadjgfugh haHA um this is gonna sound so lame and cheesy but i just wanted to draw a pic where they were both smiling… also i couldn’t figure out which version i liked better so have both:

this was a fun week; i’m happy that i got to see so much lovely work of these two!! also i can’t believe i actually finished a drawing for each day. sorry for spamming and thanks for all the likes, reblogs, and lovely tags :)