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More Characters under the cut!

 Here it is! The character sketches for the YouTube AU I’ve been working on for months! I’ve got a hell lot of headcanons in my mind for this AU and I’m really grateful to @qi-tana who is going to collaborate with me on this! When I don’t have an upcoming comic, she will have a short (most probably illustrated) fic ready!

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When we’d break, I’d nip outside for a cigarette and he’d always follow me, despite not smoking himself, and we’d just talk about stuff.

Taron Egerton on his mentor, Colin Firth

I read the quote from an old interview and immediately thought of this behind-the-scene photo for Kingsman 2, which was supposedly taken in between shoots.  Colin, you’re the sweetest.  Please take this wild child back under your wing.


Ereri Hate

SO! I have been made aware that recently, my ship’s tag has been spammed with a bunch of immature idiots who have nothing better to do with their lives, therefore will go troll on other people and be assholes for the best of it. 

BUT!! I just think they may be feeling a little under the weather. What do you guys think? ;) 

In this case, why don’t we give them a little something to cheer them up eh? HERE WE GO

Some kissing

Some more kissing

Just a liiiiiiiitle more


We can’t forget the cuddles now, can we?

No. No we most certainly cannot. 

How could we?

Aw come on, one more for extra measure.

AND LASTLY, THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. A nice, good, hicky. After all, what’s a relationship without one? :3

Feeling better now? :D


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I just remembered a dream I had like three years ago where me and Billie Joe were sitting on a bench outside this barbecue place and suddenly my phone started lighting up and buzzing because Pennywise, the clown from It, was commenting mean and scary things on all my instagram posts and I started screaming and crying and freaking out and Billie Joe was like “bitch calm down… just block him omfg,,, look I’ll do it for you boop” and he blocked him for me and saved my life


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Please tell me where vasy fits into bolts hogwarts I'm dying to know

Oh snap Vasy is a student obvs, a Ravenclaw. He loves hanging out with Bish, the Care of Magical Creatures professor. Vasy’s also really good at Herbology, he’s just really really good at nature. Magical creatures love him and flock to him. He’s always sneaking them into the castle. A bit of a prodigy tbh

Vasy: Oh lump on the bed? Is nothing, Brownie.

JT: That doesn’t look like nothing, that looks like a baby unicorn badly hidden under your blanket. I can see its horn

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Your life with your husbands is a sitcom and we're all your wacky neighbours. Everybody has a catchphrase and Living with both Josuke and Rohan under the same roof goes just about as well as you think it would. Kak and Caesar respect each other though, every time someone says their catchphrase a laughtrack plays

all I can think of is the Cherry Bra Incident and I’m crying

Wow I’m being so slow about doing these. But I promise I’ll get them done one way or another if it kills me. So here’s a nerd, again left side is “lights out” right side is “lights on”. 

Sollux Captor is the electronic glitch that is just too purposeful, just too unsettling to be an ordinary corruption or a coincidence. Although the stories of him are less common his impact on his targets are long lasting. He’s why certain people will never play a certain game for the remainder of their lives no matter how much they previously enjoyed it. He’s the cause of all those “haunted game cartridge” stories that pop up on internet forums. 

He’s also the one who will get bored while his targets are away at school and play their video games, or if he’s feeling malicious, download a virus or two onto your computer. Either way they don’t remember that being their last high score and they don’t remember the sound of air horns playing every time they press a key on their keyboard before they went to school. He’s also very, very apathetic and lazy a majority of the time so he rarely actually does his job, that being the reason he’s so rarely experienced. He will also sometimes do things like waiting until you’re just about to finish off a final boss in a game and then flash a picture of Pepe the frog over the screen, thus making you screw up and lose.

credit to daveactualstrider  for the au

Karkat / Sollux / Kanaya /Gamzee  

Imagine Togami getting super into one of Fukawas books that he argues with people over the Internet about it (under a different username of course) and one day he finishes ever single one of her books and he’s just lost because obviously nothing can be better than Fukawas books. So he like tries to talk her into writing another book because if she doesn’t all her creativity will go to waste and she’s like “anything for my Byakuya-Sama” and he is just so happy on the inside because he’s trash for her books and she has no clue.

I don’t know where the hell I was going with this but you get the jist of it.

I’m always in togafuka hell

I am just Dead Sea-levels of salty right now. Jasper has been struggling with PTSD, depression, neglect, abuse, and loss for three seasons. And some folks cut him no slack. None. Nothing. No matter what he does:


Saves Octavia from over-grown lamprey and then they sleep together peacefully under a tree? Whoa slow down there, Nice Guy ™.  Gets an important role and story arc in Mount Weather? That doesn’t belong to you fuckboy. Emotional overload from PTSD all the shit that comes with plus the trauma of the Mount Weather massacre? Oh my god, so annoying, just die already. Saves Raven Reyes? Fuckboy has uses. Tells Clarke what she needs to hear? This fuckboy shouldn’t be breathing.

He’s never betrayed his friends. He’s never massacred people without reason. He’s never killed without cause. He’s never snapped and committed murder.

But all the characters who have done these things are defended with sword and axe.

If Clarke had all the issues Jasper had, she’d be coddled even more severely than she is today. And if anyone said half the things you say about Jasper, you lot would send them death threats.

And I keep hearing the same “the Mount Weather arc was better for someone else”. Okay, why don’t hear that at all for Clarke’s current arc? Because that story belongs to Octavia. Why don’t I hear anyone yodeling about how Clarke stole an arc that was much better suited for Octavia, who has been involved with Grounders and Grounder culture in a harmonious fashion since day-fucking-one?

All Jasper has ever done is say rude things when he snaps. And self harm. And it’s just so frustrating because so many of the people who fancy themselves part of the Mental Health Defense Squad say, “I wish he’d just die.” Like, whoa, where’d your so-called empathy go?

PS: To those of you who keep saying that Jasper “rose above” his mental illnesses: Take if from someone who has been slogging through an assortment of physical, mental, and emotional abuse, mental disabilities, and depression for most of their conscious life – you don’t rise above your illnesses, they go with you no matter how high you climb.

~We’re rolling the dice on whatever’s left ‘Cause God only knows that we could use the rest…