i'm just gonna tag him because why not


I’m sure some people know this already, but since I think I made a huge discovery, I’m gonna share this.. And such..

I was rewatching Durarara! because why not.. And in episode 20, around 14:17, I came across this.

If you look closer..

looks familiar??


Lol jk.


Claude get out of here. You’re in the wrong anime.

ok but if i’m not best friends with chanyeol and i’m not constantly sending him memes and goofing off with him and falling asleep in his little home studio while trying to stay up with him until 5 a.m again because “i’m gonna go to sleep i just need to tweak this song it’s not right yet” and if i’m not going to theme parks and tagging along for his little adventures and taking pictures of him playing with puppies and helping him decide if he needs to buy a new hoodie (yes for the love of god YES chanyeol you have money you just bought a new fucking mercedes and paid IN CASH buy another hoodie please) and helping him get into his fursuit then WHY am i alive right now ??

Remington’s turn sheet (or maybe ‘turn shit’ because it’s only his head :/ but I tried x) apparently it wasn’t my drawing day)
My OC if anyone has any doubt. It’s not Remus Lupin. I mean it, it’s not. I checked twice (☉-☉)

tbh that whole “jotaro feels immense awkwardness around people who idealize him or put him on a pedestal” thing is the exact reason i’m so ehhhh about jotakak in general but SUPER INTO JOTAPOL FRIENDSHIP 5EVER bc polnareff treats everyone the exact same way including jotaro??? while kakyoin definitely has a certain respect and deference for jotaro that doesn’t occur when kak is interacting with pol bc kak can just be his natural asshole self with him

i have a lot of feelings about jotaro feeling weirdly jealous of pol in this way because he likes kakyoin a lot, but doesn’t know really how to treat him and and he sees that kakyoin acts so much more naturally around pol but there’s that awkwardness between the two of them, and without polnareff around, i feel like jotaro has a really hard time bridging gaps like that and that’s why i don’t ever see them working super well romantically

I feel like it doesn’t get enough attention that patrick stump literally wrote a song called coast (it’s gonna get better). Like the entire song is just a message to his fans that even though their lives might suck atm to stick with him and keep going. No digging around for the meaning, no single lines that might be about one thing might be about another, it’s written simply in every lyric. I honestly can’t name one other musician ever that has done that and it’s one of the main reasons I care about him so much

this is a wip!! bye bye art block, i’m finally drawing something. i’ve seen a lot of people drawing dan in a skirt/dress so i thought “why not” and drew him in a skirt too!! because i think he looks really cute in dresses.

He was so so so nice and I felt like I was bothering him (he was eating lunch w his friends??) but he was so sweet and kind and I told him that we watched Snervous and loved it a lot and just wow he was so nice I’m still not over it. And he looked so good wow. And OH MY GOD he was eating at a place called Tyler’s?!? Could you get any more cute?? No I don’t think so?? And also it’s hard to see in the pic but his sweatshirt is custom made it says wild on it and I’m just???? Still shaking because he’s one of my favorite people and I love him lots. ((And I’m gonna tag him @tyleroakley bc why not?? Thank you so much for making my dreams come true wow!!!))