i'm just gonna tag him because why not

OtaYuri after ep 10

-after their date was interrupted, and everyone returned to the hotel, Yurio and Otabek exchange numbers and text all night
-Yurio telling him how annoying Yuuri and Victor can be sometimes, and that it started since that night at the banquet
-“you saw it right? Here I still have the photos of it I’ll send them to you”
-and Otabek is just ???why do u still have them if you say–oh here’s you dancing
-he saves all the photos of Yuri dancing because he thinks he looks cool
-Otabek: wanna go dancing sometime
Yuri: it’s embarrassing
Otabek: okay but will you do it
Yuri: hell yes
-Yuri: hey wanna try that coffee thing again sometime? Let’s be discreet so those idiots won’t find us this time
Otabek: sure

Remington’s turn sheet (or maybe ‘turn shit’ because it’s only his head :/ but I tried x) apparently it wasn’t my drawing day)
My OC if anyone has any doubt. It’s not Remus Lupin. I mean it, it’s not. I checked twice (☉-☉)

I feel like it doesn’t get enough attention that patrick stump literally wrote a song called coast (it’s gonna get better). Like the entire song is just a message to his fans that even though their lives might suck atm to stick with him and keep going. No digging around for the meaning, no single lines that might be about one thing might be about another, it’s written simply in every lyric. I honestly can’t name one other musician ever that has done that and it’s one of the main reasons I care about him so much

this is a wip!! bye bye art block, i’m finally drawing something. i’ve seen a lot of people drawing dan in a skirt/dress so i thought “why not” and drew him in a skirt too!! because i think he looks really cute in dresses.