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before i forget this is the reference I made for the Takubun I did 

(this is embarrassing)

Imagine Woozi hugging you whilst reassuring you that things will be alright when you start getting overwhelmed.

essential hq hogwarts au questions you need to ask yourself
  • in terms of their character portrayal can oikawa be called a muggleborn and kageyama a pureblood?
  • can karasuno be called gryffindor, aobajosai -slytherin, nekoma - ravenclaw and fukurodani - hufflepuff?
  • would ushijima corner gryffindor oikawa and suggest he comes to slytherin?
  • would iwaizumi be a dueling champion? would he take the care for magical creatures? would he prevent oikawa eating all chocolate filled with love potion or would he just watch him fall into the trap?
  • would kenma’s hair be a consequence from an unfortunate accident of being paired up with lev during charms practice?
  • would BOKUTO’S hair be the result of him blowing up his cauldron all the time??
  • would suga be the one who is best friends with house elves and bring snacks with him to the common room?
  • would kenma know every secret door, stair and passage in the castle? would he wonder around them, playing with spells, and get lost, only for kuroo to always find him?
  • would akaashi take the divination class? muggle studies? ancient ruins? all of them? or is akaashi the top of his transfiguration class? what’s his favourite subject?
  • would oikawa be singing in the choir?
  • would kuroo’s cat and bokutp’s owl get in epic fights with each other?
  • would ushijima walk in the room of requirements by accident to see a nutritious garden full of fruits and vegetables??