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“You smell like punch, Nii-chan…”

((Just a little thing to transition! I’ll be working on asks and Daily will be spending time with her dates now! Also I miss drawing Daily’s long hair pretend the curls fell out or something))

smh i’m trying to redecorate Wes’ loft and i realized i have like 0 rugs from cleaning out my cc a few months ago. i closed my game to go hunt for some but ended up downloading 200 items of cc.. none of them were rugs.


i’m still completely flabbergasted by the amount of people who think keith shouldn’t lead or might not lead/pilot the black lion. this is basically like reading the harry potter books up until book 4 and saying “harry isn’t really that incredible, i don’t think he’s going to be the one to put an end to voldemort” – every hint so far (keith piloting black in ep 1, shiro asking him TWICE about leading, keith showing leadership skills with hunk during the entire weblum situation, keith defending the black lion and taking second command MULTIPLE TIMES) has been pointing to the fact that keith is going to be built up and grow into leadership.

take harry for example. is hp an incredible wizard? not necessarily, compared to others. but a huge point of harry potter was to show how despite him being so ordinary, he has something that voldemort wasn’t expecting to be powerful - aka love - and to show his development into fully actualizing/wielding it. likewise, we’re only at season 2. keith has a lot of episodes to grow and develop even more so i mean, i don’t know what show y’all are watching but i’m pretty sure the writers don’t put those things in for jokes.

The X Clan Theory: tying it all together

I'm gonna try to keep this brief and just try to go over the main points and not read into it so much:

So I believe that Monsta X are in a simulation, they then break out and get into some trouble. Jooheon then collects everyone and locks them up and has them pass some sort of trial to be fully initiated into his group, “X Clan” or “The Clan” 

Undercut is “evidence” from the MVs that led me to this conclusion:

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           do you love hot cheerleaders who were closet lesbians   &   judgmental bitches ?   how about the harsh truth ?   ever desire a serious wake up call in the form of quick wit   &   bitch slaps ?   whether or not, look no further.   ──   from the angry youth in the closet to the confident woman stealing the show. the only straight santana lopez is, is straight up bitch.   &   who can resist that level of FLAWLESS ?       so feel inclined to like or reblog or follow,   &   i’ll check out your blog   !   selective   /   independent   /   crossover   &   oc friendly  !

ah dang okay so I was doing just dandy for like three months and now apparently my paranoia has decided to fuckin spike out of nowhere like oh ok we’re doing this again are we, we’re riding the rollercoaster of doom, lovely, just lovely, feels good, feels organic, how do I get off

anonymous asked:

i think i sent this ask when i was really discombobulated so i'll try again. can i have one where mat's a transguy who can't medically transition until he's like 26 (for financial reasons) and when he starts going on t/finally saves up enough money for top surgery he cries? ik it's really specific but i've been feeling kinda down lately and it would mean a lot (unless you don't want to write it! that's fine too) -🌹

There was an envelope tucked under Matt and Steph’s worn down mattress. It was full of money, crumpled $20’s and $50’s stuffed in whenever the couple could spare it. Despite that, even on their worst days when they were scrambling to pay rent and were living off of diced tomatoes and pasta for almost a week straight, they didn’t touch that envelope. Matt had suggested it once or twice, saying that taking $100 or so out wouldn’t be too bad, but each time Stephanie refused and said they’d make it work. Each time, Matthew loved her a little more for it.

Once a month, the two would pull the envelope out and lay the money across the bed and count it. They’d get excited together about the slowly closing gap between what they had and what they needed; $2000 difference, $1000 difference, $500 difference. This month, both of them were itching with anticipation for the 30th to roll around so they could count their savings, and as the two sat on the bed and counted they both felt like laughing and crying as they counted out $4500 in messy bills

“We did it.” Stephanie said softly and picked the money up into a bundle, running her fingers gently over it. “Matt, we finally did it.” Every single part of him wanted to scream or shout or run into the street and tell anyone who would listen ‘My girlfriend and I finally saved up enough to afford top surgery’. Instead, he started crying and hugged Stephanie tightly, burying his face in her shoulder and sobbing loud, relieved tears. “We can call and book an appointment tomorrow, it said keyhole surgery can be about $3000 to $4000 so this should be able to cover that plus any additional costs. We finally did it, Matthew.”

Matthew barely heard what Steph was saying, he was too busy dealing with the surge of emotions in his stomach. He could feel Stephanie running her fingers through his hair, pressing kisses to the top of his head. For a second, an entire life time of pain and anxiety seemed to disappear. Being shot down from trying out for male roles, trying to fit a binder under stage costumes, every moment of raised eyebrows and dirty looks and ‘she’ or his dead name faded away at the feeling of Stephanie holding him and the thick wad of money he could feel pressed against his back. “Finally.” He whispered against Steph’s neck, smiling through his tears. “Finally.”

So we just got a letter about how “Donald Trump is in, and a new neighborhood watch has been established” and how several houses in the neighborhood, including mine, have been “marked as suspicious”.

I don’t know what to do but I’m kind of freaking out???

aaaagh i am so done with reading, i just want to sleep for the next week

The show’s narrative: this character doesn’t handle relationships with people of lower status well

Me: makes a self insert oc of lower status for him to smooch ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I’ll start with the sad news first which is i ripped out my nose ring on accident while cleaning my face (a rarity tbh. i am ashamed but also depressed and stressed so i don’t care.) AND I COULDN’T FUCKING FIND THE INSIDE HOLE AND MY NOSE SWELLED UP LIKE A BALLOON. ANYWAY I GAVE UP AND THE FUCKING HOLE HEALED IN 8 HOUR





jfc. i knew they healed quickly but FUCK I DIDN’T REALIZE HOW QUICKLY. 

moving on.

My good news is that I got the beauty consultant job at my work AND I AM SO PSYCHED. I hate WHERE I work because my managers…..well that’s another story for another time. 

But I’m happy that I got this job because I feel it will suit me perfectly. I’m hoping anyway. 


if your goal is to become friends with me but you continuously respond with short, 5 word sentences, i’m sorry but it’s never going to happen 


PokeXmas Day 5: An Elegant Pokemon (Lilligant, Poinsettia version)

I chose Lilligant because… POINSETTIAS!!! I looove them ; A ; Also included a little bonus shot there becuase I was so happy with how the white leaves turned out but they get covered by the red leaves ;w; So that’s why that is there.

Anyway, I hope you like it!!