i'm just gonna go cry cus everything i do is shit

Emotions through Seasons: The Walking Dead
  • Season 1: Holy shit this is a great show. It's gonna be huge. An honest to god monster of a series. Look at Rick. Dude by now I would've stopped caring and he's trying so hard. Don't even lie to that horse though. He ain't seeing any other animals any time soon. Then this bitch Shane... CARL STAY IN THE HOUSE. Why would you even want to love Laurie after you know she's been banging your best friend??
  • Season 2: Um k. Great farm I mean... Cool Santa Claus. He seems nice... Oh... There goes the other old guy. Wait- Dale!? Noooooo!!!! How does Andrea get to live still?? She fucking shot Deryl! I hate this chick. She's useless... Oh Jesus there goes Shane. Carl. Baby. You just need a hug. It'll be okay. Oh and there goes the farm. And Andrea still fucking makes it out alive- Woah. Badass zombie chick with ninja swords.
  • Season 3: Okay so badass zombie chick is now friends with useless chick who is attempting to find other useless pregnant chick who is going to have a useless baby chick. Okay. I underst- who the hell is that handsome dude. Well Hi Mr mayorrrr and of course you end up with Andrea... Who spills the beans about everything... Michone is badass chicks name? Excellent. She is my favorite. Okay so prison. The safest place why? I mean it's hundreds of probably dead people in a cage ANND now you're living there. Great. Wait holy shit this governor guy is crazy. Andrea you need to- okay I was gonna say leave but having sex with a psycho works as well. Now psycho is vengeful on Rick cus why?? Oohhhh and there goes Laurie... Why does Carl have to kill fucking EVERYONE in this show?? Mr. One Eye over here is obviously a remorseless piece of garbage and he's also my favorite now... He killed Meryl. Bitch! You made the hot redneck cry!
  • Season 4: Okay so Santa is dead. Governor is dead. Lots of people are dead. Prison went bye bye. Now they are what? Back to square one except Ricks fucking lost his shit. Judith exists. Terminus. Obviously a GREAT idea. I mean, nothing bad like Woodbury will ever happen again. So, lets struggle for an entire season with- wtf the girl killed her sist- CAROL WTF?! Tyrese, you sweet soul... You're going to die. I'm feeling it. Or...or not. Thats cool. Take Beth instead.... I mean... Daryl and her didn't obviously care for one and other. You all managed to split up and still meet at your destination. Huh. Cool but oh my god what. They're cannibalistic?! Get out!! Get the fuck out!!!
  • Season 5: First scene of the first episode and its gorey as fuck. Neck slitting and people skinning and suddenly we are killing people again. Yes. YES. KILL THE PSYCHO LEADER CHICK. But please Michone be okay. Wait okay so Beth is alive and they are saving her from basically rogue cops and Beth... Beth what are you doing. No. NO. NOOOOOO!!!! YOU MORON WE WERE ROUTING FOR YOU. WE WERE ALL ROUTING FOR YOU. Shit. Now it's gonna be sad. So while these guys deal with her being dead, the others are going to Washington DC? I don't really like it but okay. Cure my ass but okay. Oh? Oh?? Another city full of seemingly decent people? This is going to go horribly wrong... Wait what? They have no idea what's happening in the outside world... And no clue how to deal with it?? What the fuck have they been doing this whole time??? Get schooled by professor Grimes. Jesus... Can't wait until the next season when this goes horribly wrong and- there goes the gate... FML.